How To Ask A Taurus Man Out – 6 Tips To Boost Your Courage

by Anna-Kovach, relationship astrologer
Asking a Taurus man out is a matter of making him feel comfortable. Read ahead to learn the top 6 tips on how to ask a Taurus man out.

Are you interested in a sexy Taurus and wondering what to do and how to ask a Taurus man out? This guy needs to be within his comfort zone and feel like he has control before he shows his romantic side. Use astrology to make the right move and get a date with a Taurus man.

Taurus men are sensual, stubborn and driven by their need to accumulate social, material and emotional security. They are extremely sensitive and their emotions are just under their skin, but they also like to be in charge and in control in the dating game.

Asking them out is a matter of making them feel comfortable or allowing them to think it was their idea in the first place. Read ahead to learn what makes a Taurus man happy and how to get him exactly where you want him without him suspecting a thing.

Choose an experience that is sensual

Taurus is ruled by Venus the Roman goddess of beauty and the arts, pleasure, emotions. In astrology, Venus’ influence inclines toward a love of luxury and creativity.

If you want to share a meal with a Taurus man you need to think of things that indulge the senses in terms of smell, taste and touch and sound. Go for exotic foods that must be eaten with your fingers, or fine dining with live music, but avoid the safer places you might normally choose for a date.

To get him there tell him that you have always wanted to try, for instance, Lebanese or Korean food, and see how he reacts. If he likes the idea he will find a good venue and invite you on a date to try it with him. This way you let him feel in control and you have him in a setting he will love.

Cater to his love of luxury

how to ask a taurus man out

The best way to coax a Taurus man out of being defensive and wary is to understand his appreciation for the finer things in life. He loves expensive foods, luxurious settings, and fine wines, so tell him that you want to learn more about wine, or single malt whiskey and leave it up to him to take the lead and suggest a date that will educate and please you.

He loves being appreciated, so don’t forget to tell him how thrilled and excited you are by his choices. If he doesn’t take the hint, find out about the hottest new restaurant in town that offers a tasting plate menu, or is offering a special meal for two.

Tell him you are dying to try it but you would love to have this luxurious experience with someone like him, who really understands fine foods. He will be delighted to say yes, and when he is cast as the expert whose help is needed, he won’t go all stiff and strange as he can when he feels he is under romantic pressure.

Ask him to organize a wild night out

Taurus men love to indulge their senses, and while the classic romantic date settings make them insecure, nervous and weird, a night of wild dancing and debauchery is just up their street. They usually know the coolest clubs and exactly where to go, so you just have to set the scene to get him to ask you out.

Tell him that it has been ages since you had a real night out, and that you need him to show you how it is done. Flatter him by telling him how cool and well connected he is, and beg him to bestow his wisdom and experience on you. He will protest at first (Taurus men are very girly) but I am certain that he will take the bait and organize a romantic night of revelry just for you.

Don’t try to coax him out of his comfort zone

how to ask a taurus man out

Taurus men don’t do well in settings that are unfamiliar or where they don’t feel like they have full control. This is not to say they can’t be passive, they can, but only if they have negotiated the terms of their surrender in a way where they have all the control.

Don’t even think of taking this man on any new adventure like ballooning or deep sea diving as he will get anxious and find all the excuses under the sun to get out of a scenario where he suspects he may end up looking silly or scared or out of his depth.

Find out what he considers as his expertise

Every Taurus man thinks he is the world’s foremost expert in one or two areas. If you can discover what this is, ask him to introduce his great knowledge to you. He will go to elaborate lengths to show you how vast and impressive his knowledge of that area is, and he will invite you to discover his special insight on what could pass as a date.

He will find a way to introduce you to his pet topic that may not feel like a date to you but will be – in his eyes anyway – the most intimate of occasions where you get to see him bare his soul. Be appreciative and hang on his every word, as this is the best chance to win his heart that you will probably ever get.

Invite him home to try your signature dish

Taurus men are homebodies who love the sense of warmth and comfort that comes from preparing and sharing a special family meal. If you have a culinary tradition in your family that you feel confident enough to prepare, invite him over to try this special dish and make it clear you are going to some lengths to make it especially for him.

Taurus men will judge you on how your home looks, feels and smells, so you need to pay attention to the ambiance, and make sure your home is clean, inviting and warm. Light candles, have fragrant flowers on the tables and make sure your bathroom is clean.

If all of that feels like too much trouble, then do some research on his cultural background and find out what his culinary traditions are, then challenge him to cook his secret family recipe for you. He will feel flattered and appreciated either way.

To conclude…

When getting a Taurus man out on a date, you need to always try to make him think it was his idea all along. These sensitive souls feel uncomfortable and under pressure, if you jump the gun and ask them out in a direct way. Let him take the lead and ask you out, and if that fails, ask him to share his superior knowledge with you. He will safe enough to let his guard down, and then the rest is up to you.

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