5 Ways To Develop A Deeper Bond With Your Taurus Man

by Anna-Kovach, relationship astrologer
Continue reading to discover all my secret tips and tricks to get a Taurus man to open up to you and develop a deeper bond with him. How exciting!

So, you have your eye on a Taurus man, but perhaps are a little unsure how to get things moving with this steady stud? A Taurus man takes things slow, especially when his heart is on the line, but this can be quite frustrating when you’re into so into him!

He really is like an immovable force, going at his own pace and it is nearly impossible to get him to open up. Patience is something you really need to learn when dealing with a Taurus man. There is no way to get him to do something he doesn’t feel ready to do.

It is hard for him to go with the flow, and just let his emotions do the talking. This man really needs to feel safe if he is going to open up and feel okay with developing a deeper bond with a woman.

He needs to be in control at all times and seriously hates change. One of his greatest fears is falling in love with someone and it all coming to an end. He really struggles when things don’t go according to his plan. 

So how exactly can you develop a deeper bond with a man if he is so stubborn and unwilling to change? Well, seeing as I’m married to a Taurus, I can confidently say that I’m an expert in this field. 

Continue reading to discover all my secret tips and tricks to get a Taurus man to open up to you and develop a deeper bond with him. How exciting!

5 Ways To Develop A Deeper Bond With Your Taurus Man

1. Let Him Take The Lead

Taurus Man Taking The Lead

The number one thing a Taurus man wants in his life is serious stability and security. He just wants everything to work according to plan because having too much chaos in his life can truly upset him.

He really likes following a routine, this gives him a feeling of safety. Knowing what he needs to do and when makes him feel like he is in control of his life. He isn’t that fond of surprises, so don’t expect too much spontaneity from him.

It is best to let him take the lead and decide what plans the two of you need to follow. This will make him feel like he is in control, and he needs this to feel secure in his life. Let him make the decisions and you’ll have a very happy Taurus on your hands.

He can get quite scared off when women are too pushy and aggressive in their approach. He doesn’t mind a strong and independent woman, but it is a bit much when her behavior pushes him outside of his comfort zone.

When he feels safe in your presence he will slowly, and I really do mean slowly start opening up to you. You might be with him for years and not know everything about him. He really plays his cards close to his chest. 

So, stay patient and don’t get frustrated because he follows a slower tempo than you. There is no rushing this man, and if you do, you’ll see his stubborn side that is for sure!

2. Feed Him

A Taurus man is exceptionally sensuous and loves to feel all kinds of pleasure. One of his favorite pastimes is enjoying good food. He knows all the best restaurants and always buys the best ingredients for his meals.

This man really knows how to indulge and enjoy himself. One of the best ways to get him to put his walls down is by feeding him. Yes, this tactic is pretty simple, but you need to remember that your Taurus is a simple man. 

If you’re a good cook, you should really think about treating him to one of your famous meals, or if you’re not too blessed in the kitchen then take him to one of the restaurants he’s been raving about. 

As the two of you enjoy a good meal and a fine glass of wine, you’ll slowly see him unwind and start to feel more comfortable in your presence. Seriously, if you’re ever in an argument with any Taurus, you should just feed them.

Food is really the way to their heart. It helps them open up and become more vulnerable. If you want to take things even further you could even suggest cooking together. This activity will surely bring the two of you closer together and help you to develop a deeper bond with your Taurus man. What more could you want?

3. Accept Him As He Is

Ways To Make A Strong Bond With Taurus Man

A Taurus man is seriously set in his ways. He knows what he wants and he goes for it. He is usually quite happy-go-lucky and doesn’t find it boring to be comfortable in his routine. This can be frustrating for some of the more adventurous types out there.

If your Taurus man has a plan, and you want to do something else good luck trying to get him to change his mind because it seriously isn’t going to happen. He is persistent and wants to do what he wants to do. 

Don’t even bother trying to change him, in fact, there is nothing that annoys him more than a woman who can’t accept him for who he is. Don’t try to change him because this will not fare very well.

He wants a woman who can love him unconditionally, it is as simple as that. If he even gets a hint that you’re trying to change him into someone he isn’t then all his walls will go up and you’ll be nowhere near being closer to him.

The best you can do is to just accept him, and realize he isn’t going to change unless he wants to. This man is seriously stubborn, so you need to decide if he is the right match for you, because if you can’t let it go, you’ll just be disappointed. 

4. Spoil Him With Gifts

Did you know that Taurus is an Earth sign? Earth signs are known for their physicality, so the material world is of utmost importance to them. Your Taurus man likes shiny things. Every Taurus male has a vice he likes to spend his money on.

It can be anything from clothing to books, to gadgets or even cars. He really likes to be able to see and experience his wealth. He wants to be able to enjoy the money he has worked so hard for. He can quite materialistic, in fact!

If you really want to make him happy and build a deeper bond with him, then you should pay attention to the things he really enjoys and then buy him gifts related to this. Receiving gifts is seriously one of his love languages.

He’ll deeply appreciate that you took the time to think of him and by buying him a gift. He likes physical tokens of gratitude. This makes him feel loved and adored by you. Without a doubt, he’ll be like putty in your hands whenever you gift him something.  

5. Touch Him Every Chance You Get

This relates to the previous point that a Taurus man is known for his physicality. He is super sensuous and needs to be touched. He really enjoys hugs and physical affection. One of the best ways to develop a deeper bond with him is by offering to give him a massage.

This will make him feel good and help him relax. And a bonus is he is likely to get turned on, and a Taurus man has quite a high sex drive. So, if you want to get really close to him make sure the two of you spend enough time in the bedroom.

All your Taurus guy really needs to feel loved and appreciated is for you to reach out and touch his arm or when you embrace him with a long and loving hug. Give him all the physical attention he needs and he’ll remain happy and want to grow closer to you. 

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My Final Thoughts On How To Develop A Deeper Bond With Your Taurus Man

Your Taurus guy has really simple needs. Make him feel loved by feeding him and by giving him enough affection and he’ll be as happy as happy can be. He really doesn’t need much, but you need to remember he isn’t an overly emotional guy.

He isn’t going to express his feelings to you every chance he gets, but he will help you out whenever you need. This is a guy with practical sensibilities. He shows his love through acts of service, but you’re unlikely to get a poem out of him anytime soon. 

When a Taurus man sticks around, well then, you’re already closer to him than most. 

Are you dating a Taurus man? What are some of the tricks you used to grow closer to him? Please let me know in the comment section below. I am so curious to hear your stories!

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Wishing you love and happiness.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

Anna Kovach

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2 thoughts on “5 Ways To Develop A Deeper Bond With Your Taurus Man

  1. I need some help, I’ve been friends with a Taurus guy for 20yrs and recently this year I have fallen in love with him, I’ve been open and honest with him about my feelings but only through txt as we live interstate from each other now for the past 5yrs, I went down to visit him back in April and he took me out for dinner a couple of times, on one of those occasions I discovered he had his foot on top of my foot under the table but I’m not sure if it was an accident or not, the night before I left when we got back to his house after dinner he let me give him a 2hr foot massage while sitting on his couch and on my last day there he dropped me off to the train station and on the way in the car I put my hand on his leg it’s was sitting on his leg for about 20min he didn’t grab a hold of it nor did he move it away, a few months later I asked him if he loves me yet and all he said was ‘why’ and I said to him because I love you, and I still didn’t get an answer, at the moment I’m currently blocked because after a few drinks I tend to just keep sending message after message and I’m scared that I might have lost him… I’m planing on a trip down there soon in hopes that I will get my answer so is there any advice you can offer me in the mean time. Thankyou

    1. Hi Melissa!

      That’s odd that he actually blocked you and acted the way he did. It sounds like he’s really upset with you for something that he never made you aware of OR he’s beginning to pull away due to lack of interest. There is something going on he’s not telling you. Blocking you is definitely a red flag as is him not being responsive to you when you had your hand on his leg. You’re going to have to give him time and see what happens. If you try to reach out to him even to say “I’m sorry for whatever I did that upset you. I’d love to know what I did wrong”… he may see that as added pressure. Wait a while and give him time to process whatever is going on. If he truly cares for you or loves, you won’t be gone too long. If you need any other tips on Taurus man, check out my guides on Taurus Man Secrets. I wish you the best!

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