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How To Get A Taurus Man To Initiate Contact With You

You have probably already heard that dating the stubborn Taurus man can be anything but easy, especially when you were trying to get him to contact you first. 

When it comes to the Taurus man and relationships, he is slow paced and methodical. He likes to take his time.

Being a die-hard Earth sign, the Taurus man is as Earth-minded as they come. With his practical and devoted nature, he doesn’t take relationships lightly, so don’t be surprised if he doesn’t immediately make the first move.

So how do you get the practical Taurus man to look away from his work and comfortable armchair long enough to notice you? 

Should you make a scene to catch his attention? Or should you stay reserved and play hard to get?

Well, luckily for you, I know all about what it takes to get the Taurus man to feel the spark and initiate contact.

In this article, I am sharing four simple, stress-free ways to get the Taurus man to ring your line without feeling desperate or playing a silly mind game.

Keep reading to find out more!

4 Ways To Get A Taurus Man To Initiate Contact With You

1. Let Him Know That You’re Interested

Ways To Get A Taurus Man To Initiate Contact With You

Ever heard the saying, a closed mouth doesn’t get fed? Well, whomever coined that slogan must have known something about dating the Taurus man. Because when it comes to dating Taurus men, they are about as direct as they come. 

Also, Taurus men are known as the truth seekers of the Zodiac, and those men are the truth tellers. So, if you want to catch this unassuming man’s attention, you better speak up. 

Now, one reason you may have to directly tell the Taurus man you are interested is because he’s super respectful and sometimes, old-fashioned. So even if he knows you like him, he may feel as if he should hold back his emotions and passion for you if he feels it is inappropriate.

So, to break the ice and get the connection flowing, be straightforward in a non-aggressive way. Let the Taurus man know that you would like to get to know him more. Let him know that you would like to see where things can go. 

You’ll never know what his response will be until you try! 

2. Don’t Make It Easy For Him

Taurus Man Initiating Contact With A Woman

Now letting the Taurus man know you are interested in him is one thing, but throwing yourself at him is something else. Your job after reading this article is learning the difference.

As a fixed earth sign (meaning he is grounded and stuck in his ways), the Taurus man is particular about the kind of woman he dates, and this man likes a challenge. 

Rather than calling up a Taurus man and asking him what he’s doing, make it known that you want to see him and leave it at that. Leave it up to him to come to you.

If you message him and he says he’s busy, say okay and then don’t text back. Let him be the one to reschedule and find a suitable time that works for you.

If you have taken my advice, you may be wondering how long you should wait before you double back and reach out to him again?

Before you make another move, make sure you did what I said in point number one and let him know that you are interested. If you did that, and you one hundred percent know he received the message, let it go and let time do it’s thing.

3. Show Him That You’re Different From The Rest

Attracting A Taurus Man

When it comes to choosing a partner, Taurus men can be show offs. These Venus-ruled men are turned on by beauty and creativity. They are strong appreciators of the arts.

However, the Taurus man’s love for beauty is deeper than just skin. As a loyal and hard-working earth sign, the Taurus man is attracted to the woman who can stand out in the crowd, both mentally and physically.

He wants a woman that is attractive but also smart, charming, and independent. He wants someone who is trustworthy and reliable, someone who’s not afraid to uphold her values and always be her authentic self.

If the Taurus man feels like he has met that woman, he won’t hesitate to ask for her phone number. But even if he doesn’t get her phone number, we will find a way to write a letter just to initiate contact and reach out. There is no limit to this man’s love and interest. 

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4. Be Patient (Even If You Want To Contact Him First – Don’t!)

I know you may not want to hear this, but you need to stop texting him first. Yes, it’s true that Taurus men love a consistent woman, but they love a confident woman even more.

So much like their sister sign Scorpio, Taurus men like the mystery of privacy. They like space to relax and think, and if you were always texting and calling him then you can get in the way of that.

So, to switch the roles and have him contact you, be patient and let him reach out first. Try not to be the one who is always texting first.

By doing this, you establish a natural sense of confidence and respect in the Taurus man’s mind, and this instantly turns him on. He will be so excited to connect!

Now that you have my top four ways to get a Taurus man to reach out to initiate contact with you, what are some of your Taurus man communication stories? 

Have you ever tried to get a Taurus man to reach out to you and it worked? Why or why not? Please share with me in the comments! I love to hear from you. 

And now that you’ve got your Taurus man texting and contacting you, aren’t you a little bit curious how the two of you will turn out? Try my free compatibility quiz here to find out!

Sending you all the love in the universe. 

Your sister and friend,

Anna Kovach 

2 thoughts on “How To Get A Taurus Man To Initiate Contact With You

  1. I know a Taurus man we are in fwb situation although I see him like once every 2 weeks . We both agreed not be like that bc he claims he does not want hurt me… we have a solid friendship , we share personal and intimate things to one another. Even if it’s been few months we have not talked we catch up when we do see each other. He never wants me leave right away … but he has made it clear nothing between us . I put my feelings side on back burner bc he told me once he don’t do relationships bc he got hurt really bad but he has also told me I’m only woman he can talk to about anything… I’m confused does he like me or not bc I feel like he only calls for intimacy …I’m confused bc he has told me it’s only lust but sometimes his actions and things he says are different .. like he mentioned that if I ever met his sister we get along … I’ve never met his family only brother and close friends.he has told me before he don’t want hurt me bc he knows my past … but I try resist and he keeps pushing and I give in .. what are your thoughts ?

    1. Hi Maria!

      He likes you but he doesn’t want to commit because he doesn’t want to get hurt. Having a fwb keeps it so that he can have you and spend time with you but without strings or any hope of any strings. I’m sorry to say but unless he starts to care for you deeper and is fearful of losing you, he’s not fully invested. I would tell him what you want and if he isn’t on the same page then you need to move on so you can find someone who does want to commit to you. If you would like more Taurus tips, check out my books on Taurus Man Secrets.

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