Will A Taurus Man Reach Out? 5 Ways To Encourage Him To Make A Move

by Anna-Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you confused with your Taurus man, and wondering if he will reach out when he likes you? Continue reading to find out more...

Hey, ladies! Are you wondering will a Taurus man reach out and make the first move? These guys are pretty slow moving and it can sometimes be kind of difficult to really know if they are interested or not.

If you’re tired of waiting for a Taurus man to make the first move, then you have come to the right place. I understand Taurus men really well because my husband Frank happens to be a Taurus man.

When a Taurus man doesn’t initiate contact it can make you feel unwanted and unsure about his feelings. Why does he move so slowly? I get it, it used to drive me crazy!

But don’t worry, there are ways to get a Taurus man to make the first move. Keep on reading to find out five of my best tips to get a Taurus man to make the first move.

Will A Taurus Man Reach Out?

You have no idea how often I get emails from my clients asking me “Will a Taurus man make the first move?” So many women complain about how slow moving these guys are.

I know how frustrating this is. You probably just want to speed the process along and get to know him on a deeper level. But Taurus men really just take their time when it comes to pursuing a romantic interest.

Taurus men like to feel secure and comfortable before making a move, so they may not reach out as quickly as you would like. It takes them a moment to warm up and feel totally comfortable around new people.

It may take a little work from your side to show him that you are interested in him. Your Taurus man needs a green light to see that you actually want him to pursue you and make the first move.

How To Get A Taurus Man To Make The First Move (5 Ways)

Getting a Taurus man to make the first move can be a bit challenging, but it’s definitely possible. Here are five ways to get a Taurus man to make the first move:

1. Let Him Know That You’re Interested

Ever heard the saying, a closed mouth doesn’t get fed? Well, whoever coined that slogan must have known something about dating the Taurus man. Because when it comes to dating Taurus men, they are about as direct as they come. 

Also, Taurus men are known as the truth seekers of the Zodiac, and those men are the truth tellers. So, if you want to catch this unassuming man’s attention, you better speak up. 

Now, one reason you may have to directly tell the Taurus man you are interested is because he’s super respectful and sometimes, old-fashioned. So even if he knows you like him, he may feel as if he should hold back his emotions and passion for you if he feels it is inappropriate.

So, to break the ice and get the connection flowing, be straightforward in a non-aggressive way. Let the Taurus man know that you would like to get to know him more. Let him know that you would like to see where things can go. 

You’ll never know what his response will be until you try! 

2. Don’t Make It Easy For Him

Now letting the Taurus man know you are interested in him is one thing, but throwing yourself at him is something else. Your job after reading this article is to learn the difference.

As a fixed earth sign (meaning he is grounded and stuck in his ways), the Taurus man is particular about the kind of woman he dates, and this man likes a challenge. 

Rather than calling up a Taurus man and asking him what he’s doing, make it known that you want to see him and leave it at that. Leave it up to him to come to you.

If you message him and he says he’s busy, say okay, and then don’t text back. Let him be the one to reschedule and find a suitable time that works for you.

If you have taken my advice, you may be wondering how long you should wait for a Taurus man before you double back and reach out to him again. Before you make another move, make sure you did what I said in point number one and let him know that you are interested.

If you did that, and you one hundred percent know he received the message, let it go and let time do its thing.

3. Show Him That You’re Different From The Rest

When it comes to choosing a partner, Taurus men can be show offs. These Venus-ruled men are turned on by beauty and creativity. They are strong appreciators of the arts.

However, the Taurus man’s love for beauty is deeper than just skin. As a loyal and hard-working earth sign, the Taurus man is attracted to a woman who can stand out in the crowd, both mentally and physically.

He wants a woman that is attractive but also smart, charming, and independent. He wants someone who is trustworthy and reliable, someone who’s not afraid to uphold her values and always be her authentic self.

If the Taurus man feels like he has met that woman, he won’t hesitate to ask for her phone number. But even if he doesn’t get her phone number, we will find a way to write a letter just to initiate contact and reach out. There is no limit to this man’s love and interest. 

4. Be Patient (Even If You Want To Contact Him First – Don’t!)

I know you may not want to hear this, but you need to stop texting him first. Yes, it’s true that Taurus men love a consistent woman, but they love a confident woman even more.

So much like their sister sign Scorpio, Taurus men like the mystery of privacy. They like space to relax and think, and if you were always texting and calling him then you can get in the way of that.

So, to switch the roles and have your Taurus man contact you, be patient and let him reach out first. Try not to be the one who is always texting first.

By doing this, you establish a natural sense of confidence and respect in the Taurus man’s mind, and this instantly turns him on. He will be so excited to connect!

5. Know Your Worth And What You Deserve

One of the traits that people often overlook when it comes to Taurus men, in general, is that they have very good taste and they value quality in all aspects of life.

A Taurus man places a great deal of importance on value and this really shines through in his relationships. He wants to be with someone of value, someone who is a cut above the rest.

It can be so attractive to a Taurus man when a woman knows her worth and carries herself with confidence. Why would he want to be with someone who doesn’t recognize her own value and settle for less than she deserves?

If you are someone who has confidence in yourself and you let that shine through, then you are bound to make a good impression on him. Try to avoid always being the one to message or call first.

Have a lot of things you keep yourself busy with and let him see that you have a fulfilling life outside of the relationship. And most importantly, don’t settle for a Taurus man who isn’t making you happy anymore.

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FAQs About A Taurus Man Initiating Contact

You might have more questions about a Taurus man initiating contact. Here are some FAQs about a Taurus man initiating contact:

My Taurus Man Says He Likes Me But Never Initiates Contact, Why Is That?

When a Taurus man says he likes you but never initiates contact, it could be due to a few reasons like him respecting your boundaries. These guys do tend to be more traditional and old-fashioned.

He might simply be taking his time or he might be waiting for a clearer signal from you that you are interested in him pursuing you. You need to make it quite obvious to him.

Sometimes they are also a little slow in recognizing the signs that a woman is interested in them. If a Taurus man says he likes you but never initiates contact, it may be because he is waiting for clearer signals from you or he could be unsure of how to approach you.

When A Taurus Man Responds But Doesn’t Initiate Contact, Is He Busy Or Not Interested?

Taurus men are definitely known for being hardworking and tend to get sucked into their work. It can sometimes be difficult for them to get a good balance between work and personal life, so it is possible that he is simply busy and not able to initiate contact as often as you would like.

Especially if it is in the early days of you getting to know him, he might still be assessing his level of interest in you and figuring out if he wants to pursue a relationship.

How Long Should You Wait For A Taurus Man To Contact You?

As Taurus men can be patient and may take their time, it could be reasonable to wait a week or two to see if he reaches out. However, if this pattern continues and you find yourself always waiting for him to initiate contact, it might be worth reassessing the situation and considering if the relationship meets your needs.

When you start feeling unhappy or neglected then it might be the right time for you to step away. Especially if the dynamic is gnawing away at your self-esteem and overall happiness.

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If Your Taurus Man Pulls Away, DON’T Do This…

I’ve heard from so many of my clients that their Taurus man is AMAZING when they are in person with him…

So charming, sweet, funny, and really connected!

But he can tend to pull away when you’re not with him.

It’s a super frustrating situation for any woman. And if you are like my other clients who have been through this, you’re probably feeling REALLY confused.

“Why is he so hot and cold through text?”

“Why does he back off when we aren’t together?”

And most importantly…

“What can I DO about this?”

First, I want to share the things you definitely should NOT do in this situation…

  1. Don’t get clingy or needy and ask him if something is wrong or beg to see him
  2. Don’t force closure if you’ve had some conflict. Wait until you can talk in person about important issues. Text can EASILY lead to miscommunication.
  3. Don’t assume that there IS a problem. He could just be really busy.
  4. Don’t get upset with him or freak out. This will only push your Taurus man away.
  5. Don’t ignore him so he can “see what it feels like.”

So what SHOULD you do instead?

  1. Take some time out to reflect on the situation and consider logical reasons for his actions.
  2. Date other men if you aren’t exclusive. Don’t lock yourself down with him if you aren’t yet in a committed relationship with him.
  3. Give him space and time with zero pressure. He might be overwhelmed with work or not be feeling well. 
  4. Focus on your own life. If you don’t have an epic life filled with hobbies and time with friends or family, you need to build that.

Your Taurus man should be the sprinkles on the cupcake of your awesome life, not the cupcake itself.

  1. Let him reach out to you when he’s ready. Taurus men like to lead. You need to let him do that!
  2. When your Taurus man comes back, welcome him lovingly with open arms. If you are angry, he’ll want to run.
  3. When you are in person, let him know (kindly) the things that make you feel valued and adored.

Text can be challenging, and I don’t want you to feel alone in this.

I don’t want you to lie in bed unable to sleep because you are worried about why your Taurus man is pulling away.

And there is no need for you to do that.

Especially when I can guide you on how to deeply connect with his heart through text messages… 

Because when you know SPECIFICALLY what to text him based on his astrology… 

He WON’T be pulling away anymore.

And you’ll never again have to worry about what to say to your lovely Taurus man through text anymore.

Click here to see what I mean…

So your Taurus man never pulls away again.

Sending you love,

Your sister and relationship astrologer, 

Anna Kovach

Anna Kovach

Hi, this is Anna Kovach. I am a professional Relationship Astrologer and author of dozens of bestselling books and programs. For over a decade I’ve been advising commitment-seeking women like you and helping them understand, attract and keep the man of their dreams using the astonishing power of astrology. Join over 250K subscribers on my newsletter or follow me on social media! Learn more about me and how I can help you here.

17 thoughts on “Will A Taurus Man Reach Out? 5 Ways To Encourage Him To Make A Move

  1. I know a Taurus man we are in fwb situation although I see him like once every 2 weeks . We both agreed not be like that bc he claims he does not want hurt me… we have a solid friendship , we share personal and intimate things to one another. Even if it’s been few months we have not talked we catch up when we do see each other. He never wants me leave right away … but he has made it clear nothing between us . I put my feelings side on back burner bc he told me once he don’t do relationships bc he got hurt really bad but he has also told me I’m only woman he can talk to about anything… I’m confused does he like me or not bc I feel like he only calls for intimacy …I’m confused bc he has told me it’s only lust but sometimes his actions and things he says are different .. like he mentioned that if I ever met his sister we get along … I’ve never met his family only brother and close friends.he has told me before he don’t want hurt me bc he knows my past … but I try resist and he keeps pushing and I give in .. what are your thoughts ?

    1. Hi Maria!

      He likes you but he doesn’t want to commit because he doesn’t want to get hurt. Having a fwb keeps it so that he can have you and spend time with you but without strings or any hope of any strings. I’m sorry to say but unless he starts to care for you deeper and is fearful of losing you, he’s not fully invested. I would tell him what you want and if he isn’t on the same page then you need to move on so you can find someone who does want to commit to you. If you would like more Taurus tips, check out my books on Taurus Man Secrets.

  2. Hi there, I have met this charming Taurus, older than me, widower. We had immediate connection and chemistry was obvious. After the first date He represented him self as a player, but loves spending time talking with me and he says I make him feel strong emotions, but being a woman chaser, he just thinks I deserve a better man. He apologized for not making any move, cause he doesn’t want to hurt me, he even said he would be with me if we were the same age. After all, me being freshly divorced, I do not need another relationship and drama, but I do need a man who is fun like him. I didn’t tell him that, but given the chemistry and him not making any actual moves to kiss me, I wonder if he is not being honest about emotion? He said he would get back in touch, after two weeks not sound of him. Do you have any advice?

    1. Hi Ana Djordjevic!

      It sounds like he has lots of excuses for why he cannot get closer to you. I’d say that maybe his self esteem isn’t in the right place making him feel you deserve better. He could just be saying that to so that he sounds caring. If you simply want to be friends with him and have fun with him then simply tell him. It’s that easy really. If he’s alright with doing that then he will definitely start spending time with you. Give it a try. Reach out and tell him you’d like to be friends. I think you’ll find he’s ok with that. I wish you all the luck of the universe!

      1. Hi Anna, his main excuse is not wanting to hurt me. When we text, he is very polite and shows affection. His text responses are immediate, but in the recent past, he (almost) never initiated contact. I have deep respect for him, so asking him to do something together, is frightening cause I think he will turn it down.

        1. HI Twin-sister!

          I would suggest to you to wait longer and be patient. He’s trying to take it slow so he can figure out if this is what he wants or not. I wouldn’t criticize him for not contacting as much. I have to tell you that it’s a normal Taurus man thing to slow way down on texting. They simply don’t like it. They’d rather talk on the phone or in person. It’s an old fashioned thing that all the Earth signs seem to have. If you want more Taurus help, check out my guides on Taurus Man Secrets. I wish you the best!

  3. I met this Taurus guy not up to one month yet. Initially, he was all Over me and always says he loves me, calls and chats me but after sometime he stopped doing all that when I tried to reach out to him he said he can’t tell what he feels about us, and he can’t tell what he feels about me that he thinks we are better apart and need time to think and know what he feels for me and about us. In the process we had little argument and for 5 days now we haven’t spoken to each other. He hasn’t reached out to me yet and I love him and want him back.

    1. Hi Peace Nlebem!

      Yikes it sounds like he thought he was in love in the beginning which turned out to not be the real deal. He figured out he was simply infatuated and smitten with the new beginning. In time he didn’t feel the same anymore so he pulled back. That’s what happen if a Taurus man rushes in. He should take his time but they don’t always do that. They learn by trial and error but sadly, you got caught in the crossfire sweetheart. Give him some time without talking and see what happens over the course of a few months. Take good care of yourself in the meantime!

  4. It sounds like we are all confused because we are dating the same man, one who is good at getting women to fall for them emotionally while encouraging her to settle for FWB. My Taurus is similar- just out of a divorce when we started dating so he wanted to move slow (as suggested by this article). I was cool with that, but I felt like I wasn’t getting an equal return on my efforts, so I left the situation, which had become more like a relationship because we were together daily/nightly. Fast forward to now (a couple years later), we are FWB but he keeps saying he wants more but is afraid of how his feelings could move so fast with me. He claims he loves me, but knows that he isn’t ready for the responsibility of a relationship. I get that and I respect his honesty, but I just want more and even though I know it’s not a relationship, I just want the connection that I miss on the days he doesn’t call or when he doesn’t respond. There’s too much overthinking involved and I think we can respect these guys, but also respectfully move onto a relationship that is not so confusing.

    1. Hi So Cool!

      Not all Taurus men are into FWB. It really depends on their other chart aspects as to what kind of man they are. Some have high standards and will not engage in one night stands or have friends with benefits. They prefer taking it slow and waiting to see if the person they’re into is the right one. Some of them won’t have sex right away either. As far as not giving you as much while he was dealing with a divorce.. very normal. Taurus men are not good at juggling. He still has to purge himself of baggage from that marriage otherwise he cannot give you all you deserve. If you relax things may change. If he does go to another woman, she’ll be a rebound and it won’t last. If you would like more Taurus man tips, check out my guides on Taurus Man Secrets! I wish you the best!

  5. Hi there, what would you say about a friendly Taurus guy who sends a photo of himself on the beach with private parts covered with his hand :D? It was out of the blue for me cause I thought he was not that much interested. When we meet and have nice talks he tells me he would be with me if things were different and I make him feel like 15 years old boy. Being he was never faithful to his ex-wife (a story he told me), he doesn’t want to hurt my feelings. Is he just a player?

    1. Hi No contact!

      Well goodness… that sounds like a flirt to me. I don’t think he would send a photo like that if he wasn’t interested in you. What is it he thinks should be different? Age? I think you should ask him what it is he thinks would need to be different for the two of you to get closer? Then you’ll know if it’s something that can be worked on or if he’s just out for playing. Sometimes you have to be very blunt with Taurus especially when you ask them questions. Need more tips? Check out my Taurus man Guides on “Taurus Man Secrets”. I wish you all the luck of the stars!

      1. He thinks he needs to change, actually he likes to chase women, and being with me he will have to give up the freedom to go to bed with whomever he likes. He’s not ready for that. He didn’t even try kissing me, even though his eyes were smitten and he was touching me all the time. His words: hes afraid one night will ruin what we have… So confusing…

  6. Hi, i recently dated a Taurus man. We had a string connection, he kept holding my hand and was very affectionate. We even kissed a few times. He and i are going they a similar relationship situation wherein our exs cheated on us. He’s 4 months and i am 7 mos out of our previous relationships. After our date i told how i felt that he’s still hurting although i can feel that he’s trying to get thru it. I told him we can go at whatever pace he’s comfortable with and I’m here to help him heal. A couple of days later he texted me and said i was right and that he’s still healing and it feels like the pain will never go away. He opened up and i was really happy. We’re at a super slow pace and even with communication esp from him. But he would apologizes about being distant and explained that he’s working on himself and keeping himself busy trying to work on himself and meditating a lot. I feel this unbelievably strong pull towards him and i barely know him. My question is, would a Taurus man be honest and say if he’s not ready? I told him that all he has to do is be honest with me. We haven’t seen each other since our first date and i understand that this must be a lot for him. I too is still healing therefore don’t mind that things are a bit stagnant between us. Thank you for time.

  7. Hi Anna,
    I have known this Taurus man since I was 15 years old and am now about to be 39. We started our friendship/relationship with childhood hormones disconnected for 10 or more years. Then while we were both dealing with divorces we reconnected as FWB life got in the way 6years passed and we are back to FWB because he is going through his second divorce. I have tried to disconnect and have told him why. It is because I am in love with him. The attraction, chemistry while Being intimate, the in person communication and the comparability with our birth charts is nothing I have ever felt. He says I don’t know how he feels and he doesn’t want to tell me and lead me on or give me false hope But he has said the same thing for years. There is also one factor that is always hanging over my head. I am biracial (black and white) he is white we are from small country towns so there are not many black people at all. I am the only person of color he has ever had any type of anything with. When I look at his instagram every beautiful woman is brunette and white and blonde and white ina no one of color. Am I just a forbidden toy to play with or am I being paranoid. He recently said he is just one of the boy toys on my list. I told him there is no list. I repeated exactly what he said and he looked at me and said do you think I could handle more than one of you? Then after we hook up he is silent until I reach out to him. He responds almost immediately then buy after that I wait forever for a response. When we are together he checks his phone constantly and I see him reply to whomever and I think I must just be a piece of ass until he gets whoever he is talking to. his replies to me are dry and kind of cold. I ask him to go to my family cabin because he loves the woods or if he would like to do something on a weekend and he is always busy. I have patience and try not to let my feelings get in the way but am I just wasting my time? He is hot and cold, affectionate and so confusing. What does it all mean? What should I do? I have most of your books and I am still so lost.
    Eternally confused

    1. Hi Tonie!

      He sounds insecure which would cause him to have lots of female friends to boost him up while accusing you of having boy toys or that he is one of them. Due to the fact that he’s acting rather cold around you tells me that he doesn’t think it’s going to work with the two of you so he’s acting out. It’s probably not true that it wouldn’t work but in his mind, he either thinks he’s not worthy in some way. He assumes you’ll leave him at some point. I think that you should try going silent for awhile and see if he reaches out to you. Don’t “hook up” unless he’s giving you more. You basically have to get him in line to where he knows that if he wants to keep you then he has to do better. He’s not your only choice in this lifetime. I wish you a lifetime of love and joy!

  8. Hi,
    I have known a Taurus a few years ago online, we met up a few times, and I felt like there was a lot of chemistry in the few times that we met up, but he never took things forward, and I thought maybe I was being overly positive about it… and so I stopped initiating any form of communication.
    Then, over the past few years, he would occasionally send me a message every few months to check in to ask me how I am or see how I’m doing. Then just last year (2022) he did the same, and I made it clear I prefer he stops communicating, as it makes me over interpret the situation, and I wanted to end the communication so I could get over it.
    However, just a few weeks ago, he initiates random conversation again. At first I just casually replied to his greetings and “how are you?” with 1-2 word answers to quickly end the convo, but he takes my answers and dives deeper to ask about other aspects of my life, so the conversation wasn’t coming to an end. He then eventually asked me to have dinner, but I wasn’t able to attend because I made plans already so I had to decline the invite. Then he stopped suggesting other alternative meetup dates ever since.
    I actually kind of want to go to dinner with him, but should I initiate the dinner again? or should I just wait a bit?
    He keeps sending these mixed signals… so hard to read…


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