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When a Taurus Man Is Hurt You Have to Do One of These Things

You’ve managed to hurt a Taurus man and now aren’t sure what you should do to make it up to him or win his trust again. When a Taurus man is hurt, you’ve got to understand his point of view and do these other important things. Keep reading to find out what you can do to possibly save the love you have with him.

When a Taurus Man Is Hurt

If you’ve hurt your Taurus man, he’s probably already let you know in certain ways. He’s either ignoring you, is dodging your calls, is spending less time with you, or is making excuses to not talk to you.

He seems a bit like a little kid who didn’t get his way. He doesn’t know how to deal with his feelings so he just shuts himself down from the person who did the injury in the first place.

If this is the case, you’re going to have to work through it with him if you want to save the relationship you’ve cultivated with him whether that be close friendship, dating, or serious relationship.

Aside from ignoring you, he may dismiss you when you talk to him as though he doesn’t want to hear anything you have to say. He won’t find your jokes funny and basically he’ll be ice cold.

Knowing what to look for when he’s hurt is the first step in the process. You’ve got to recognize it, acknowledge it and then start taking steps to show him that you’re sorry for what happened.

Say You Are Sorry

Saying Sorry To A Taurus Man

If you have mistakenly hurt your Taurus man’s feelings without realizing you did it, you’ve got to own up to what you’ve done. The thing is, Taurus is untrusting of words alone, he needs to SEE that you’re serious.

However, the first step once you realize that you messed up and he’s hurting, is to tell him you are truly very sorry for having hurt him and that you really didn’t mean it. Explain what you meant by what you said or did.

Perhaps explaining to him what was meant by your words or actions, he’ll understand better and be more willing to work past it. Taurus doesn’t wound easy but when he does, he hangs onto it.

Taurus is one who holds grudges and if you don’t tell him how sorry you are, he will think you are cold hearted. He’ll also think that you did that to him on purpose therefore he’ll hold it against you.

The last thing you want is for him to hold it against you and be unforgiving. Even if he stays with you, he’ll keep bringing it up and throwing it back in your face if he cannot let it go.

Best is to squash it by making sure he really HEARS that you are sorry for whatever it was that happened and it was a mistake.

Play Naive

What this means is if you’ve hurt him but really don’t understand why, act as though you aren’t even sure what you did. Ask him something like “I can tell you are upset but what is it I did or said that has you so hurt? Please tell me because I can’t fix anything if I don’t know”.

When you say it, you’ll need to have a very gentle sound to it. If you say it and yet sound like you’re purposefully playing dumb, he’ll see through it and call you on your bluff with “you know damned well what you did”.

Remind him that communication is very important and you want to know what you can do to make it better. If you want to show him that you didn’t mean what you said or did, you can ask him for a chance to prove it to him.

Taurus men would rather see you never do or say what you did than just saying sorry and moving on. He has to know that you’re not going to be repeating some kind of pattern.

After You’ve Apologized

After You’ve Apologized To A Taurus Man

You’re going to need to give him a little space and time so he can cool down and think things over. Once you’ve actually let him know that you truly are sorry and didn’t mean it. He has to consider what you’ve told him.

He needs to think about himself, why he got upset in the first place, and if it’s something he can work past so that it doesn’t upset him again in the future, especially if it’s some kind of small personality conflict.

Be prepared to give him a little solitude. I wouldn’t suggest doing it for too long though because if you don’t reach out to him after a few says just to touch base, he may think you’re not into him anymore.

He’s an odd one as he wants space when he’s upset but if you let go for too long, he thinks you’ve moved on and then he’ll start shutting down again or he’ll be the one to move on.

You’ve got to be really careful how you tread. Tell him what needs to be said and then let him have some time to process everything. If he can tell that you truly made a mistake, he’ll soften up and forgive you.

If he perceives that you are not genuine in your apology, he may hang onto it and approach it at another inconvenient time. Of course if you really hurt him to the core, it may take even more time, if he will forgive you at all.

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Hurt By Others or Situations

If your Taurus man is hurt by other outer circumstances that had nothing at all to do with you, you can soften his mood by being sweet, making him laugh, cooking for him, or bringing him a sweet considerate gift.

You can cheer him up by being a warm woman who cares for him deeply. Showing him this will help him understand the good of you being around him.

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

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2 thoughts on “When a Taurus Man Is Hurt You Have to Do One of These Things

  1. I would love some help if anyone has advice. I met a Taurus on on-line dating. We have been talking for about 2 months. We haven’t actually met, and he “hasn’t been able” to get video chat to work. He did friend me on FB So I can see pictures of him. When I talked about really enjoying talking to him and that I really liked him, he said “You can’t know that until we meet- you may see something you don’t like… or I might”. He has changed a great deal in the photos and I think he is sick. Things he has said also make me believe this, and I think it might be disfiguring whatever it is. We were finally supposed to meet 2 days ago and he cancelled at the very last minute (when he should have been leaving his house). I tried to tell him how hurt I was because I was really looking forward to finally seeing him, and he ended it in a text. He said this isn’t working for either one of us. I don’t blame you or me- it is just too hard with the pandemic and the distance (2 hour drive).
    I really liked this guy and everything else we always agreed! Except Christmas lights- I like colored, he likes white. We are at the same place in our lives ( I am also sick and dealing with how it is changing my life) he talked more about age changing what he is able to do, except once he said “before my illness” after which I said “you didn’t tell me you had an illness” and I didn’t say it accusingly- I was hoping he would actually tell me more but he said ” No, not an illness, I had covid, I was talking about when I had covid”. SO- he has completely shut down after his text, won’t answer the phone or a text. I feel most bad that he feels I won’t want him after I see him! I don’t want anyone to feel that way about themselves! Is there ANY hope of getting this guy back?!?!?

    1. Hi Linda!

      If he hasn’t gotten video chat working and is coming up with other excuses then it sounds like he’s catfishing you. He’s not who he says he is otherwise he’d get on there and show you who he is. It honestly sounding like he’s telling you what you want to hear but is hiding something. Sorry to sound suspicious but I’ve seen this happen far too often on dating sites. This would also be why he would shut down when you called him out. He’s a scammer honey. You should probably move on and find someone who actually wants to be with you. I doubt he even has Covid. Sounds too convenient. If you want a real Taurus man, check out my series “Taurus Man Secrets”.

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