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Subtle Signs a Taurus Man Likes You – Don’t Miss It!

Are you friends with a Taurus man and think he may actually like you for more than that? Perhaps you’re interested in a Taurus man whom you think digs you but you aren’t totally clear. Keep reading for more information on the subtle signs a Taurus man likes you.

His Presence Is Important

When a Taurus man is interested in a woman, he typically will actually try to be around her as often as he can. Even if they are only friends or office mates, he wants to be in her presence.

He may show up where he knows you’ll be or one of your favorite places. He wants to see what you’re like when you’re out and having a good time. He also wants you to take note of his presence.

Taurus men tend to make themselves very obvious when they are interested in a woman. If you work together, he may ask you to go have lunch but won’t act like it’s a date. However, he will talk to you in order to get to know you.

He may ask you out on group outings so he can be around you without the pressure of anyone thinking it’s more than friendship. If you notice the Taurus man keeps showing up where you are, he likes you.

Basically in some way he wants to get to you know you better, find out what makes you tick, find out what you really like, and then find the right time to make his move. He will also look for signs that you’re into him.

Considerate Gestures

The Taurus man wants to do things that improve your life or make you feel happy. In this way, he’ll go out of HIS way to do things to make you feel special. He may bring you coffee, he may offer to pick up your favorite snack, or he may bring you your mail (if you work together).

He is not above doing chores that are for your benefit. This is one of the ways he shows a woman that he cares for her and wants to see what else may be there. He’s hoping by showing you that he cares, you’ll perhaps let him know you like him.

Taurus men aren’t the type to chase a woman typically. They tend to wait until a woman somehow indicates that she’s interested in him before he’ll bust a move. Sometimes he’ll let her make the first move.

In the meantime though, he’ll go ahead and do things that show you that he likes you. He’ll bring you a newspaper, save you a parking spot, help you change a tire, or many other things that will help you and shows he digs you.

Basically he will show how considerate he is because he wants you to like him if you don’t already. If you do, then it’s just another push to let you see where his head is at so you can act accordingly.

Subtle Clues

Subtle Clues A Taurus Man Likes You

As though what I mentioned so far isn’t enough of a hint, he will do other things in order to impress you or show him that he’s someone worthy of your time. If he knows you need something, he may get it for you or help you to get it.

Perhaps you’ve talked about your car needing an oil change. He may offer to do it for you or take it to have it done. It seems so small but this gesture is one that he’s sacrificing his time and efforts for you.

He’s a humanitarian, yes. However, he’s also a lover and wants to let you know that he’s into you. His ability to want to take care of things or help you is his method of letting you know how he feels.

He will try to make you laugh, he’ll try to make you comfortable being around him, and he’ll tell you really interesting stories just so he can be around you and see you smile.

He may forfeit lunch to spend time with you if you work in the same place. He may also drive across time and take an extended lunch to be around you if you don’t work together.

Taurus man truly is a sweetheart and his gestures may seem small but when you really add them all up, you’ll see how much he likes you and is desperately waiting for you to tell him you like him or nudge him in the right direction.

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Always There For You

Taurus man loves to help the lady in distress. He also likes to help the woman of whom his interest lies. That means that no matter what you’re going through, talk to him. He will do his best to help.

Of course once the two of you get together, you need to be self sufficient. He will still help you but only if you’re helping yourself. He isn’t someone that can be used or walked on.

Taurus man will do whatever he has to in order to insure your safety, security, and that your desires are tended to. He’s an old fashioned guy that likes to court a woman. This is what makes him take a great deal of time to progress things.

If he hasn’t told you in some way that he’s into you then you can certainly look for any of these very subtle signs that the Taurus man likes you. He’s fairly obvious and adorable. He’s a bit like a school boy with a crush.

He will probably be somewhat bashful when he talks to you but he’ll go out of his way to be there and help you whenever you need it. That’s yet something else that makes him a wonderfully dependable man to fall madly in love with.

He can be frustrating when he does the hot and cold routine but there are reasons behind that. In the beginning however, he will make sure you know he likes you.

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