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How Does A Taurus Man Feel After a Break Up: Shaken or Cheerful

There is no such thing as a peaceful break up for any couple. However, when it comes to Taurus men, this process can become a bit complicated to be understood.

So, how does a Taurus man feel after a breakup?

How Men Think and Feel

First of all, you have to understand that there are some significant differences between thinking and mainly emotional processes going on in males and females bodies. We are all driven by our hormones, and men have higher levels of testosterone than women.

This has a powerful impact on the way men perceive reality and adjust their actions. Everything is a struggle, and everything which has some value must be taken by fight or overpowered. This is the basic way men, in general, conquer their physical and psychological territories.

For you, this means that he has to be the one to pursue you and to invest some efforts to win your heart because this will be the only way to value your relationship.

If you act like an easy target or even pursue him, then your bond won’t be healthy and being the easy target you will also be someone who is easy to let go.

Generally, this rule applies for most men, but Taurus guys are known as conservative lovers and tend to stay with women who were somewhat hard to get in the beginning.

So, if your “value” is high, then you are the “investment” which is precious and worthy of his pride and fight. So, how does a Taurus man feel after a breakup will depend on what you had?

Easy Connection – Easy Separation

How Does A Taurus Man Feel After a Break Up

In the case the relationship, or better to say, romance, started too fast, Taurus guy didn’t feel like he was genuinely rewarded for his efforts and he got something for nothing.

“Something for nothing” usually is not worth at all, because there is no free lunch, as we all know, and after he satisfied his instincts and desires, he felt relieved to leave without any explanation.

Situations like this seem very logical to understand, but still, many women fall into the trap of modern ways of seeing relationships, and this causes them to feel hurt and confused later on. There is nothing modern or conservative when it comes to bonding between male and female.

Everything is biologically induced, and the whole game of seducing is played for the best genes to be carried to the next generations. He will have to be her protector and provider to spread his genetic material. If she is easy to get, then her genetic material is not so valuable either. This is what our cell programming is telling us all along.

If he didn’t respect you right from the start, then breaking up and moving on won’t be a spectacular event in his life. He had some excellent experiences, and now he is ready to find another target or to find the special woman for his future family.

Hard times for Taurus man After Deep and Devoted Love

In the case the relationship was committed, at least determined from his side, Taurus man will be out of his mind when everything ends.

And usually, he won’t be the one to leave first. In the spirit of a Taurus guy, you are his “investment,” and this is not perceived just in a material way.

He invested his emotions and time also, building something precious in his life and now everything crashed down just like that. This is a horrible situation in any man’s mind, but it’s especially heightened for Taurus guys because they are extremely territorial.

He might be able to understand the fact that you are leaving him because he wasn’t good enough or he has some problems with harmful habits, for instance, but he won’t ever be able to understand that you are leaving him because you feel like you have to start something new, change your life or merely sense that you shouldn’t be together.

The depthless and confusion of a female mind is the horror scene for him and his whole world, his plans for the future and happiness disappeared in a second for no reason. In his heart, this is the end of the world.

After a great love, how a Taurus man will feel after a breakup is: anger. On the contrary to women, who will instantly feel deep pain, men usually feel rage, and they are ready to crush everything on their way.

So, to release it, Taurus guy will immediately go to the gym, practice martial arts and by night, he will be frequent in clubs, perhaps even overdoing alcohol, and certainly chasing other women, hoping that they will help him to prove himself as a great lover.


How Does A Taurus Man Feel After a Break Up

The initial impression could easily be that he is having the time of his life going out; mingling with so many girls every night, but this is so far from the truth. He will need some time to release this inner pressure to be able to feel the pain and finally heal.

Few months down the road, this big, sexy Taurus heartbreaker will wake up one morning and start to cry, and this will be his way to make a closure. Of course, he will need some time more to overcome the past, but day after day he will feel better and ready to find another special girl.

What do you think? How does a Taurus man feel after a breakup?

Let me know in the comment section below!

Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach


13 thoughts on “How Does A Taurus Man Feel After a Break Up: Shaken or Cheerful

  1. My Taurus man decided to break our relationship off.. we where together for 2yrs.. we worked together and we became intimate, due to a previous relationship I was end wasn’t working out.. the first yrs or so we didn’t spend much time cause I was in a relationship with some else. So he said I had to chose. And I chose him…so for almost a yr he has been at my apartment… so a few months ago I asked him did he love me.. he said NO and loudly.. but I stayed.. he said he care about me.. and I thought we where bonding since I backed off the subject…and last Thursday he said it was over… I admit that I was clingy, didn’t trust him, and so.. but I do love him…sometimes he could be so cold towards me.. and my question is.. so I hope and look for better days.. is it really over, do he just need time… my heart is hurting so bad.. and I just wanna die..

    1. Hi Kay!

      There is no way to know at this point if he may come back to you or not. All you can do is focus on yourself and your life. If he does decide he wants to be with you, he will certainly let you know but you shouldn’t wait around for someone who clearly told you he didn’t want what you want. That being said, you need to decide if he’s worth waiting around for or if you’re ready to let go and open your heart for someone who will come in and give you the world. Wishing you the best!

  2. My Taurus man also said he didn’t love me and that it was over. Just like that! After a 4 year relationship and three years of marriage!!! I, like Kay, am also looking for answers. That’s why I am reading this page. Trying to figure out how someone could do that. How someone could treat their wife, whom they claimed was the “love of their life” like that. I would appreciate any additional insight into this matter if anyone has it! Also, I am an Aquarius. that might be helpful information. 🙂



    1. As Taurus man who was dating an Aquarius woman, idk where y’all problems were but wit me and her we argued damn never every time we disagreed but tbh the argument was never over the disagreement. We argued how it was handled. One thing I can tell you that I was tryin to get thru to her is with both of us being set in ways for a long time, we have to find balance on things. So my advice is seek balance. Compromise with each other. And oh God listen to him like you want him to listen to you. Truly communicate to understand and not to just be heard. Treat em how you want to be treated in every area. And make sure he knows he’s secured.

    2. Hi Deanna!

      Yikes! It sounds like h had things going on in his head that he didn’t share with you. They don’t just pull this out of thin air or randomly even though it really feels like it when they do it. They act relatively normal but if you look back, I bet you were small red flags you didn’t notice because of your love for him. They plan this type of things months in advance because they want to do it right and because they want to be sure for themselves that they really do want out. They don’t like hurting anyone but when they’re unhappy with themselves, they often will project onto the partner what they don’t like or find flaw with. Personally, I’d totally ask him what the hell happened and why he ended it. Ask him for closure. Perhaps it can still be fixed but then again maybe not. You won’t know though unless you get your answers darling. Go get them!

  3. Same here…my Taurus was my best friend … we weren’t in a committed relationship due to come complications, however our feelings were shared & he even said he had fallen in love with me – that he loved me on multiple different occasions…. then right before Christmas he got mad cause I ask some questions when he wanted to be left alone. Sent me a message & said he had had a crap day, things weren’t going well & was a little pissed I kept asking things when he went quite… I apologized & waited. The holidays rolled around & nothing… so I tried reaching out & messaging again. He deactivated his FB & told me to stop messaging him… I’m at a loss. I miss my best friend & love him. I think some heavy stuff went down & he is lashing out…retreating into his shell… I don’t know what to do.

    I don’t want to make things worse, I want to be there for him & I also want to shake the ever living crap outta him. This is what friends are for, this is what being in love is about…being there for one another, not shutting doors & breaking my heart.

    So yes, what do I do?
    I’m a Leo…if that helps

    1. HI Kay!

      Yikes, Leo wants love and attention. Taurus avoids drama and pressure whenever he can. He probably felt you were pressuring him by asking questions he didn’t want to answer. Then by continuously messaging him when he was quiet made him get very annoyed and he just decided you were filling his world with drama thus him cutting you off. Once they tell you to stop contacting them, they’re pretty well done and it would be VERY difficult to win them back. You may have to let him go as much as I hate to say it. If he ever did care, he may come back on his own terms later but I wouldn’t bank on it. I’m so sorry sweetheart. You deserve a lot better!

  4. My man is a Taurus we been together for a year and a half but he is argumentative and he likes to accuse me of things I am not doing he is also controlling so I packed up all my stuff ready to move then he looked crazy so he wanted to work it out but it’s no better it’s the same bull I am confused I don’t think he wants to be in a relationship but he doesn’t want me to be with anyone else

    1. Hi Shakia!

      He sounds very insecure which would mean that he was likely burned by someone badly which is why he’s terrified now. What you need to do is find out what his fears are and where they come from. It’s quite possible a past relationship really messed him up which makes it hard for him to trust. Clearly he wants to be with you as per him telling you he wants to work it out. Be patient and try to talk to him. Ask him why it is that he accuses you of things you aren’t doing. He should open up and talk to you about what has happened to make him that way. Maybe you can find a way to make him feel more secure in the relationship you two share by letting him talk to you. I wish you the best!

    2. Your time is precious ladies (especially if you want to have kids). Don’t waste it on a man who doesn’t know how to care for you as he should. Trust me, I wish I had an experienced woman in my life to tell me this when I was younger.

      I’ve spent over a decade and a half (mainly all of my youth) trying to work it out with an insecure Taurus man who continued to stab me in the heart over and over again. These were important years I could’ve spent doing better on my own and attracting everything I wanted in life. Instead, I’m now over 40 having to rebuild my entire life from the ground up because I accepted this treatment.

      Taurus men are a completely different animal than Taurus women (I’m one). And an insecure, immature Taurus man will tear your heart and soul down and drain you emotionally until there’s nothing left. Mine was not damaged from a previous relationship but from childhood emotional neglect (that he still has no self-awareness of and refuses to work on).

      Shakia’s comment is right, this kind of man will freak out when you’ve had enough and want to leave but it’s only because he doesn’t want you to be with anyone else, not because he’s truly emotionally ready to be in a healthy relationship.

      Focus on loving yourself, pursuing your dreams, and living your best life FOR YOU. If he truly loves you, you won’t have to do anything else. He’ll see your value and do his best to show you that he’s serious about opening his heart to you.

      Let the lyrics to Madonna’s “Express Yourself” play on repeat in your head every time you consider letting him back in without proof of his commitment to an equally supportive partnership.

      1. And forgot to add that my experience with my Taurus guy was the same as Shakia’s. He was argumentative, controlling, and projected his issues onto me (accusing me of negative behavior that he was actually doing). I even went to therapy to try to understand and learn more about myself, something to this day he won’t do for himself.

  5. yes my taurus man went and divorced me after 10 years and a child im gemini im reading this trying to figure how his mind works trully heartsore

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