Living With A Taurus Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
You and your Taurus man have decided to move in together. Here is everything you need to know if you are planing on living with a Taurus man.

Living with a Taurus man can come quickly in a relationship, or just at the right time. There is never a bad time to move in with a Taurus man, especially if you’re in love.

Taurus men have very few flaws, and living with them every day, those flaws will come out, but you’ll also get to see a side of them that you haven’t seen before. Living with a Taurus man can be pure and utter magic, especially if you see a future for the two of you together.


Shot of a passionate loving couple

While you’re living with a Taurus man, his feelings for you will be shown more than ever. Now is his chance to show you and tell you every day how much you mean to him, and he won’t let an opportunity to do so slip by him. The new closeness you two will share will make your relationship stronger than ever.

You’ve passed the honeymoon stage in your relationship and now you’re in a serious part of your lives, but moving in together will spark something else and you’ll feel like teenagers sneaking around, you’ll feel like you just met again, you’ll have that honeymoon feel surrounding you again.

Having this feeling emerge again will create a sense of wonder and nostalgia to in your relationship. Having this feeling occur gain will let you to explore more of each other’s personalities and you’ll get closer. Romance is something many Taureans have down pat, so you’ll definitely be in for the ride of your life.

Familial Closeness

Taurus men are very family-oriented people and they’ll likely have some pictures of their family and close friends laying around. Asking questions about his family will get him into a heated discussion filled with passion and smiling eyes. Chances are that your Taurus man loves his family, and he wants you to love them too.

If you haven’t met each other’s families already, you better get to planning a trip out to. Meeting the family of the love of his life will make him feel closer to you. This will also give him a chance to get on good terms with your side, while he’s sitting there with them being himself and racking up the brownie points.

While on the topics of family and moving closer together, sometime soon the topic of children and marriage will probably pop up. It could be planned or not, but the conversation will happen eventually. It’s very likely that any Taurus man wants a family, and if you don’t want kids, that is something you’ll both have to talk about, but if you do, that confession alone will make him so happy and overjoyed that he may just start planning everything right at that second.


Couple having an argument

When you’re with a Taurus man, romantically or not, they become territorial. What they want is to be considered theirs and nobody else’s. When you move to the next step in your relationship, which is moving in together you share parts of each other that you would have otherwise not known just by being together.

His jealous side will show and he won’t hold back on you if he suspects something. He may confront you right as he sees you with someone else, even if it’s just a friend, he might think that something is going on. He may also sit on it and think about what’s happening. This isn’t the prettiest side of them, but it can be endearing if you manage to take it well.


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One of the better qualities a Taurus has is that they won’t fight you over things. They will talk it out with you and you’ll eventually come out to an agreement everyone can be happy with. Sacrifices will be made, but in the end, you’ll both be happy with what you agreed upon.

Taurus men have this amazing quality and it is enviable by other signs. If you need something and he’s not catching on, speak to him softly and directly, and he’ll get the message you’re sending.

Moving in with a Taurus can be intimidating. They’re sweet people, but fear of the future is a big deal. Get your stories straight with each other before you make a big commitment and there’ll be smooth sailing for the rest of your relationship.

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6 thoughts on “Living With A Taurus Man

  1. Yea right hes a cheater liar wont clean just a mess addicted to corn trick off on other women married

    1. Hi there “hurting”,

      While one Taurus man may cheat, many of them do not. They commit themselves and they stick to it. There plenty of examples of that including my own Taurus husband. Yes, there are some that have aspects in their charts or a particular upbringing that makes them want to cheat. Just realize they are not all the same and no one should rule them all out for a few bad seeds. Check out my series “Taurus Man Secrets”.

    2. the same thing happened to me hurting feeling from now on, and i was with him for over 15 years until we moved in together and he was cheating on me with two women

      1. Hi Twana MCcants,

        I’m so sorry to hear this happened to you sweetheart. Any man is capable of doing this. I really hope you don’t cast out all Taurus men because some of them are pretty amazing. I married one of them. If I can find one, so can you. Every sign can cheat and lie so just remember that honey. Know that you deserve far better than a jerk like that. Be strong and stand up!

  2. He is a Taurus, alcoholic, and wants things his way how do you live with someone like that? The wanting everything his way is really starting to cause problems.

    1. Dear Shelley Jones,
      He probably has an influential Neptune in his chart, because he can easily develop a habit such as drinking. People with this aspect are not familiar with limits and where this may take them. Wherever there is a vice involved, you should stay away because he could drag you down his whirlpool.
      Rare are the cases of those who quit their bad habits, but this is only because they wanted to help themselves.
      If he is not showing any effort in supporting himself in getting rid of his drinking problem, then this can only cause trouble for you.
      I wish you all the best.

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