5 Secrets To Understanding Your Moon in Taurus Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Moon in Taurus natives are individuals who are born when the moon is in the sign of Taurus. Continue reading to better understand your Moon in Taurus man!

Mystified by your moon in Taurus man? Our quick guide to this placement will break it all down for you with 5 secrets to unlocking his sensitive soul!

Moon in Taurus natives are individuals who are born when the moon is in the sign of Taurus. At the astral level, this indicates that the emotional, sensitive, and romantic lunar energy which influences the inner-self is stabilized by the practical, and earthy influence of Taurus.

Put simply, this placement imparts a soft, soulful center to your man without compromising his stalwart composure and inner strength.

Navigating this placement can be a bit tricky, as it requires a penetrating insight into your man’s more subtle, emotional needs lying beneath his generally rugged character.

These 5 secrets will help you to nurture your man with the proper emotional outlets he needs to give expression to his inner-self. 

1. He’s Stubborn…

The strong stubborn streak in Moon in Taurus natives can be very difficult for people close to them to handle–but do not think they are so unwavering only for the sake of being obstinate.

Your Moon in Taurus man’s unwavering nature and obsessive need to see his will carried out at any cost comes from a deeply rooted desire for a grounded life.

Moon in Taurus natives love the familiarity of daily routines, and desire a stable, predictable future for the long term.

If he comes across as too bull-headed at times, rest assured that it is coming from a place of protectiveness and a desire to deter any possibility of chaos.

Comfort him by reassuring him that the status quo is still intact, and by demonstrating that all is in order in other potential areas of concern.

2. He is Long-Term Oriented…

Men with this placement are extremely long term relationship oriented. The Taurean desire for permanence and immovability (it is a fixed sign, after all) is certainly translated into the realm of romance in Moon in Taurus natives.

When he decides that he will commit to you, he is set for life.

From his end, there is no mountain that is too high, no valley that is too deep, or no river that cannot be crossed for the sake of preserving your relationship.

The loyalty and the steadfastness of Moon in Taurus natives in love truly knows no bounds!

3. He’s Incredibly Sensual…

Taurus men are famous for their sensuality, and their omnipresent desire for sensory stimulation in nearly every area of their lives. Moon in Taurus natives takes this sensuality to the extreme, as the lunar and Taurean influences heighten the sense perceptions of these natives.

Moon in Taurus men are known for their strong, often correct instincts, and their powerful sense of smell.

Many of my clients often ask me how to keep the interests of natives with strong Taurus influences in their chart sensually satisfied at all times.

Variety is the spice of life, but Moon in Taurus natives (or Taureans in general) don’t typically enjoy surprises.

Keep your man constantly stimulated with new sensory experiences in the familiar setting of the home. Cook new meals frequently, redecorate, paint or even change the lighting, burn some new incense, add some new flowers to the garden–get creative!

Individuals born with this placement are also keen outdoor enthusiasts and will relish any opportunity to immerse themselves in nature. Why not consider taking him out for a hike, going canoeing, or heading off for romantic weekend camping trip?

All of these are simple ways of keeping your Moon in Taurus man’s senses stimulated without going too far outside of his comfort zone (or yours)!

4. He’s Loyal…

One of the most positive traits of individuals born with strong Taurean influence in their chart is their dependability, and Moon in Taurus natives are certainly no exception.

He will impress you with his commitment and loyalty early on, and will gladly go out of his way to help you with anything that you might need if you call upon him–especially for mundane issues like household and automobile maintenance.

Make sure to avoid an over-reliance on him though, as he will not appreciate the disruption in his routine. He may even perceive this to be an act of abusing his willingness to help you, and you definitely don’t want him to have that impression.

Take it slowly at first by allowing him to help you without with small daily tasks, without asking too much of him. When he realizes that he can trust you he will gladly excuse infrequent breaks in his beloved routine to heed your beck and call!

5. He’s Careful With His Heart

To understand Moon in Taurus natives, you must also understand that they are deeply romantic individuals.

Your Moon in Taurus man is a sentimentalist, even if he doesn’t show it. He is extremely protective of his heart and will guard it until he is comfortable enough to trust you with it.

You’ll have to give him patience and warmth to enable him to comfortably open up to you, but once he does, his gentle and loving nature will show itself in beautiful ways—like an engagement ring, or a baby bump!

These 5 simple secrets to better understanding this complex placement will help you to better relate to your Moon in Taurus man.

With the placement of peaceful, romantic, stabilizing, and harmonious influences, with him, you can expect a serene, loving, and committed partner as long as you are willing to go the extra mile to prove your loyalty. 

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All the luck in the world on your journey,

Anna Kovach

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