Taurus Man Dating Style Can Be Strange – Be Ready for This

by Anna-Kovach, relationship astrologer
What is the Taurus man’s dating style exactly? Keep reading for some really useful information to help you navigate the way with your Taurus man.

What is dating a Taurus man like? What is the Taurus man’s dating style exactly? There are some things you should know about this sexy and reliable guy. Keep reading for some really useful information to help you navigate the way with your bully boy.

Takes a Lot of Time

The Taurus man isn’t normally the type to dive into a relationship quickly. He is picky, he knows what he wants (mostly), and he will act according to what he’s been through in his past.

If he’s been burned, he’ll be a bit more jaded and could take him that much longer to figure out if commitment is what he wants to do again. When he finds the right person though, he’ll let go and roll with it.

Women really don’t dig the discomfort they feel when they have to wait around for a Taurus man to reach out more, spend more time with them, or even to finally form a commitment.

It’s not a fun process for a woman who is crazy about a Taurus man. She wants to see some action and often will have a lack of patience to wait for this guy to figure his crap out.

The thing is, he wants to be totally sure he’s making the right choice. His past experiences will determine how long it may take him to figure out if he wants a commitment or if he wants to just have a simple relationship that is “free”.

No Title or Labels Please

Dating Style Of A Taurus Man

Most people want to know what their relationship actually IS. When dating a Taurus man, he may not actually want to place a title on it. His theory is that if he says it or declares it, it makes it real and that’s scary.

Don’t get me wrong, when he knows it’s the right time, he’ll step up and call it what it is. However, in the meantime, he’s going to drag it around and tell his perspective woman that he isn’t ready to label what he has with her.

This is often very disappointing and frustrating for the woman that has deeper feelings for than he has for her. Taurus man feels vulnerable when he meets someone he really likes.

Instead of going with the flow and calling it what it is, he will pull back, act as though it’s not really what it is and make a woman sweat it out until he’s comfortable enough with it.

When a woman tries to push him to put a label on it, he feels pressured, he feels guilt, and he could even feel insecure when he really thinks about it. He’ll sometimes think he’s maybe not good enough to give her what she wants.

If he goes down that road, he will often play the hot and cold game where he pulls back after things have been hot and heavy. He just doesn’t know fully what he wants therefore acts weird in confusion.

Taurus Man Emotionally Zipped Up

Taurus Man Emmotionaly Zipped Up

What I mean by emotionally zipped up is that when he’s dating someone, he will be limited on how much of his deep personal information is shared with his new lady. Trust has to be built and for him, that will take time.

When he’s going through something personal in his life that doesn’t have anything to do with his relationship, he’ll often go quiet and seem as though he’s not interested anymore.

It’s not that he’s not interested; it’s more that he has other things on his mind and his priorities aren’t always organized very well. He’ll put his relationships on the back burner until he’s taken care of whatever came his way causing issues for him.

I’ve had so many women write in to me about their Taurus guy seeming to care for them deeply has suddenly gone very quiet. They are confused because they think he’s possibly done with her or lost interest.

Normally that’s not the case. It’s his inability to open up to his partner that causes a real problem. He doesn’t want to talk to her about it so he goes quiet until he’s done dealing with whatever it is.

He also tends to prioritize his work/career because he wants to be sure that he has something stable to offer a partner for the future. He is building a nest egg that he and his family can live off of.

It’s important for him to feel like a man and if he doesn’t feel quite himself, he will emotionally close himself off thus seeming as though he’s not into it anymore even if that isn’t the case.

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When Taurus Man Goes Quiet

Taurus Man Goes Quiet

If things were great then he suddenly went into Casper the friendly ghost mode, he likely has something going on in his life he doesn’t want to discuss just yet. If you are patient and kind, he will likely tell you.

It may take him days or weeks to get back to you but if he really cares for you, he will absolutely let you know what happened and will also likely apologize because he knows it was wrong for him to go silent like that.

Taurus men aren’t good at handling their own emotions and they know if they tell their partner about what they’re going through, they’re going to look at them differently or try to advise them.

Taurus men want to make their own choices unless they ask for help. They want to stay strong and appear strong to their partner. They don’t want to be seen as weak or emotional.

That being said, this is why Taurus men can go quiet sometimes without a warning. Hang in there, don’t stop reaching out, and show him that you’re a stable partner for him that he can rely on.

In truth, some Taurus men do this little ploy in order to see what a woman is made of. If she will still stick around and show him she’s in it for the long haul or if she’ll get frustrated and take off. If you care, hang in there!

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Wishing you all the luck of the universe

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Anna Kovach

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  1. I love this information. It helps me to have a better understanding with my man since I have experienced all this strange behavior of him. Thank you Anna always.


    1. Hi Ms Capricorn!

      Thank you for chiming in sweetheart. I’m glad you found the article to be enlightening for you. I do my best for women so that they don’t have to suffer trying to figure Taurus man out. These are meant to break it all down so she knows what she’s dealing with and how best to handle it. The are tremendous men for sure but they do have quirks like anyone else but knowing what they are definitely helps. Again, thank you for your comments. I wish you the best!

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