How To Flirt With A Taurus Man — All You Need To Know About His Flirting Style

by Anna-Kovach, relationship astrologer
Have you met a hot Taurus man but you aren’t sure about how to flirt with him? Keep reading for some helpful information about Taurus man flirting style.

Have you met a smoking hot Taurus man that you’d like to get to know better or even to date but you aren’t sure if he’s flirting with you or picking on you? Have you ever wondered how to flirt with a Taurus man?

Taurus man approaches dating and relationships with two things in mind: stability and sensuality. He values comfort and seeks a woman who can provide him with both things.

A Taurus man flirting style is smooth and charismatic. He enjoys the art of flirting and perhaps seems really friendly, but you aren’t sure if that’s how he is or if he’s digging on you. Nevertheless, one thing is certain: he is going to pay all his attention to you!

When flirting, the Taurus man uses physical contact, so make sure to learn his love language.

Keep reading for some helpful information about Taurus man flirting style.

Do Taurus Men Prefer Courting Over Casual Dating?

Taurus men are known for being traditional, sensual, practical, and indulgent. They’re more into intimacy, communication, and a real connection than seeing someone naked or having sex with them.

They value things that actually matter for a better quality of life, like companionship, trust, respect, love, and communication, so courting in the eyes of a Taurus man wins over casual dating.

Taurus men court with patience and sensuality. They use their creativity to woo their women. Taurus men prefer traditional forms of courtship, such as romantic dates with gifts included, and expressing feelings with words and gestures.

As for casual dating, this is not a good choice for Taurus men. They may be more hesitant to start a casual relationship because they prefer to take their time getting to know someone before committing.

Taurus Man Flirting Style — How Do Taurus Man Flirt?

The Taurus man is more traditional and old fashioned. He wants to take things slow and let things happen naturally. This means he will want to start with friendship and then try to develop it from there.

He may ask you out to do things that friends might do. He may even ask you to go do something with him in a group setting. It’s his way of doing something fun with you and getting to know you without having to be too intimately alone.

When he feels comfortable enough, a Taurus guy will then start asking you out on dates. Until he gets to that point though, he will play the role of an awesome friend who makes you laugh, makes you feel comfortable, and makes you want more.

How To Know If A Taurus Man Is Flirting? Is He Into Me Or Just Being Nice?

A Taurus man is warm, easy to talk to, and a joy to be around. However, unless he does something to accompany his talk, he’ll be misunderstood and sometimes misses some key opportunities when it comes to dating and you may think he is just being nice.

This all seems really strange in this day and age, but Taurus man is a classic type of guy. He knows what he’s looking for and will accept nothing less. Sometimes, he can even speak like he’s older than what he is. He’s timeless.

Taurus man is romantic. He may bring you a gift of some kind that is very low key but again, you won’t know if he’s doing that being a friend or if he’s trying to romance you. He doesn’t realize he has to give you more of a hint.

If you would like to look out for the surefire signs about Taurus man intentions about you, check out my recent blogpost.

How To Flirt With A Taurus Man 5 Secrets To Tease Him Into Liking You

Taurus man actually wants a woman to stand up and tell him what she wants and that she’s interested in him. This takes the pressure off and then he’s able to set up a date. He won’t even mind if SHE sets one up.

He’d rather have a woman making her intentions clear than a woman who is too meek to speak up. It confuses HIM and then again, he’ll keep moving on to someone else who is more aggressive.

This is how you will make a Taurus man like you:

  • Be confident. Taurus men are attracted to confident women who know what they want from life, so making him aware that you have clear goals set in front of you and that you are self-aware and self-assured is a huge turn on for a Taurus man.
  • Show him that you are interested in him. Be interested in his hobbies and show him that you would like to learn as much as possible about him. Don’t make him think you are prioritizing him, but showing general interest in him could secure a match point!
  • Indulge his senses. Taurus men enjoy good food, drink and luxurious experiences. A home-cooked meal is something he would never turn down. This is the way to show him that you are nourishing and caring.
  • Be reliable. Taurus man loves stability and dependability. Never promise something you cannot deliver and be there for him whenever he needs you. This is crucial for a Tarus man.
  • Connect with him physically. Taurus men are big teddy bears, they thrive on kisses and cuddles. Make sure to touch him gently on his arm or shoulder. This will definitely awake his interest in you and this shows him you are demonstrating love for him.

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How To Flirt With A Taurus Man Over Text?

Taurus isn’t a huge dreamer, but that doesn’t mean that he dislikes fun! He is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and pleasure. Venus loves a good time and humor is one of her specialties.

This is a great reason to punctuate your conversations with humor and sweetness. Taurus actually does love some warm and loving flirting, though it takes him a while to get there. He’s a big teddy bear, essentially.

Being too serious in texts is going to turn the Taurus off and have him taking forever to message you back. He’s a sucker for good vibes! Take advantage of his soft nature and send some flirty and heartwarming texts that come straight from the heart.

>> Find out right here how to flirt with a Taurus man over text (with cute and clever examples).

FAQ On Taurus Man’s Flirting Styles

Are you struggling to figure out what to do about your Taurus man and how he feels about you? Well, luckily for you I have compiled a list of questions that might come up in your relationship.

Hopefully, this can help you navigate your relationship with him.

Do Taurus Get Attached Quickly?

No. Taurus man needs time to form a close bond. He is very cautious and not in a hurry. He wants to take things slow in getting to know a woman before committing to her.

Are Taurus Men Flirtatious With Others While They’re In A Relationship?

A Taurus man flirting with another woman is not a commonly seen scenario. The truth is, Taurus men can be flirty but not in a committed relationship. They prefer showing affection through consistency and reliability. 

Married Taurus Man Flirting With Me — What Should I Do?

Walk away. Never allow him to make you his second choice. Do not respond to Taurus man courting style. This is not appropriate behavior and could be damaging to all people affected by this situation. 

Are Taurus Men Slow To Commit?

Yes. Taurus men are slow movers. They need to be sure that the relationship is giving them what they want in terms of stability and security before they are willing to commit.

They do not like to rush into things and they want to be sure that they’ve made the right decision.

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How Does A Taurus Man Flirt — Final Thoughts

A Taurus man won’t typically flirt or go after a woman that he doesn’t think is into him as he knows that’s a waste of his precious energy and time. He’ll sort of dangle confusing bait for a woman and then wait to see what she does with it.

He doesn’t get how perplexing his flirting is though and so if she doesn’t “get it” then he tends to think she’s not really into him and thus he moves on to find someone else instead of clarifying himself.

Taurus man can act like a goofy teenager at times when it comes to dating women. He could be the type that slugs you lightly in the shoulder, pulls or plays with your hair, or pats you on the back.

If he’s touching you, he’s more than likely into you. I’m not going to say this is true 100% of the time but if you combine it with him always coming around, spending time with you, and talking to you… yep.

Looking at it from this perspective, you should have a clear idea now of what to look for if a Taurus man is actually into you. Once you have gathered enough data, you can then begin making a play for him if you want him.

I’m not by any means endorsing bugging him to death with texts. Moderation is key ladies. Now you know if he’s flirting and you can work with it!

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