100 Quotes and Sayings About Taurus Male

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
If you want to learn more and better understand a Taurus, then read these 100 Taurus quotes and discover the truth about a Taurus's world.

“Even after being hurt, Taurus will still be insanely loyal to you!”

If you are serious about learning more and better understanding yourself, as a Taurus, or a Taurus man you like, then these 100 Taurus (man) quotes will be very, very revealing. In each quote you will learn a bit more about what a Taurus wants, how he truly feels, why a Taurus does what he does, what his behavior really means and what’s going on in his mind.

If you every find yourself confused or ignored by a Taurus and his actions, these revealing quotes will prove helpful and often very, very true.

Do you AGREE OR DISAGREE with some of these Taurus quotes?

Tell me about it and don’t forget to add your own little true Taurus quote in the comment section below!


Taurus is naturally suspicious of new situations or people and has an “I’ll be live it when I see it” mentality.


Taurus is a physical creature who needs human contact to feel a real connection.


If you are looking for a strong, stable, loyal and loving partner, look no further than a Taurus.


Taurus has a memory that just doesn’t quit. Cross them and they’ll put a mark in your “permanent record.”


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Taurus isn’t always serious, they have a goofy side that loves to laugh.


Once a Taurus commits to something to someone they give it 110%.


When two Taurus partners go at it, it’s like watching a fight between an immovable object and an unstoppable force.


Taurus is not forgiving when they’ve been betrayed. In fact, they might just burn your playground down.


Taurus is naturally an excellent lover and expects you to be, as well.


Taurus is dependable and will fulfill any promises, but they will do so at their convenience.


If you sit around waiting for a Taurus to call you might miss your chance with them.


There’s nothing a Taurus hates more than passive aggressive mind games. Be upfront.


Changing the mind of a Taurus is a futile effort, but they will let you keep trying to tire you out.


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To a Taurus their things are their treasures. Don’t touch their treasures.


Something only Taurus do: think about someone all day but won’t text them.


Taurus are hard to find, hard to keep and hard to forget!


Taurus only hangout with people that are on the same wavelength as them. They don’t need anyone that’s going to bring drama.


There are three things that a Taurus will fight you over: Food, Sleep, Money.


Like a bull grazing in a pasture, Taurus isn’t looking for a fight, but it would be a mistake for anyone to challenge you.

“If it isn’t broke don’t fix it” is a motto that Taurus can get behind.


Taurus needs to maintain a sense of order in their life and can get anxious when things become chaotic.


A Taurus will defend you until the very end, even if it isn’t their fight.


Taurus may seem lazy, but the truth is they just can’t see the importance in some tasks so they choose to not do them.


Taurus isn’t looking to settle down with just anybody, they want to settle down with somebody who truly makes them feel something.


A Taurus will listen to all of your points without interruption. They want to give you the benefit of the doubt even when they think you might be mistaken.


Taurus doesn’t listen to gossip. They wants to see things and determine the truth for themselves.


Taurus is slow to fall in love but holds on tight once they find it.


Empty words mean nothing to a Taurus, they can see through your bullsh*t.


Taurus is a tactile person and loves to give massages and be in physical contact with their partner.


A Taurus will do something unimportant to them just because you told them it couldn’t be done.


Taurus stay up late every night, regret it every morning and then do it all over again.


When you hurt a Taurus, you shatter a part of their soul.


Taurus loves to be dominated but not controlled.


Every time Taurus say “I’m done” they find themselves trying again.


As a Taurus you keep your anger inside until you have a big explosion of rage.


Family is everything to a Taurus.


Taurus will be honest about their feelings, even if it ends up hurting yours.


Taurus are great at distancing themselves from people.


Taurus aren’t going to make an effort if you’re not.


A Taurus feels no need to rush… Ever!


Taurus hashtags should be like:

  • #TiredButNotTired
  • #ImSoInLove
  • #LeaveMeTheF*ckAlone


What gets you down: Investing your time and energy into something that just turns out to be a complete waste of time.


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I respect Taurus because they have a good heart and do whatever they can to make someone feel comfortable and safe from judgement.


Taurus are intelligent, down to earth, and independent. Don’t try control one, they are their own masters.


No matter how calm a Taurus is, never underestimate the Beast that is hidden under the surface.


A Taurus will bend over backwards to please you, until you tell that first lie.


Taurus do not hate and will never try to hurt someone’s feelings out of nowhere. They must provoked first.


When a Taurus is annoyed with you, they will do everything in their power to block you from their life.


Taurus are solid, practical, have determination and lots of will power. No one will ever drive them, they drive themselves.


Taurus loves to be alone sometimes. They like peace and quiet.



Only attention a Taurus needs is from the people that matter the most to them.


Taurus: Most sensual, sexual, loyal, and most desirable of the whole damn zodiac.


You have a temper which sometimes can get out of control, once you are fired up, it’s hard to calm you down again.


Wants: Peace and quiet. To be useful to others. To get away for a while. To do things in their own time.

Needs: A space for themselves. To vent anger in a healthy way. To notice when being taken advantage of.


A Taurus is good at being there when you need them the most.


A Taurus often seek silence through nature or music.


A Taurus will do anything for their partner but that does not mean they will let you make a fool out of them.


Taurus holds on to fond memories stronger than any other sign.


Never doubt the Taurus. They’re capable of magical things.


Taurus care about appearance but don’t care what you think of them.


Taurus loves to love and be loved!


Even if a Taurus had a million reasons to leave you they would still look for one to stay.


6-word motto: “I only believe in your actions.”


Taurus know that they are not perfect. That’s what make them so real.


A Taurus will never, ever allow someone to talk to them any kind of way. They have to much respect for themselves to be disrespect by another person.


Taurus don’t love easily. They like a lot, but rarely love. Once they do love, you’ll never see another love like it.


A Taurus won’t be attracted to someone who is a pushover, they need a partner who can hang and who won’t be pushed around.


Taurus never backs down from a challenge. They know they stand a good chance of winning and they can outlast just about anyone in a battle of wills.


Taurus has a darker side, and if you draw this out of them the result will either be very exciting or very frightening.


Taurus won’t be the one to go out and find a new place, but they will be the one to make this new place a home.


Taurus is sensible and practical when it comes to love, but on the inside is yearning for something that is magical and romantic.


Interrupting a Taurus when they’re busy can make you feel like they don’t even register that you exist.


Taurus may seem like they are into a casual fling, but deep down they really want something that lasts.


Taurus has trouble expressing themselves verbally, but will show their love for you through acts of generosity.


If conversation with a Taurus ever starts to become boring you can always change the topic to money and finance and see their eyes light up almost immediately.


Taurus is possessive and jealous over their things. This includes those they are in a relationship with.


If Taurus sees something and expresses their admiration for it, you’ll earn major cool points if you get it for them as a surprise.


You won’t find a Taurus who’s be id lacking in comfy blankets and pillows. This is one of their favorite places in the world.


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Whatever their financial position, Taurus will make sure there is a little extra in the budget for their favorite delicacies.


Every Taurus has a unique collection of things that make them happy.


Taurus is tenacious when going after a goal and won’t stop until they’ve reached it.


From the outside Taurus’ home may not look like much, but once inside you’ll find a unique world full of creature comforts and little treasures.


Taurus loves to make out and can be driven wild if you blow in their ear.


Never surprise Taurus with a sudden change in plans. They will not be amused.


The best way to smooth things over with a Taurus is to give them their space and not try to force them to come around.


Taurus has a cool, calm and collected demeanor, but beneath the surface burns an intensity that can reach nuclear levels when pushed too far.


Never rush a Taurus or you will not like the outcome.


Taurus doesn’t try to be the center of attention but has a presence that others cannot ignore.


Taurus doesn’t care if you can talk the talk, they care if you can walk the walk and be genuine in doing so.


Taurus is a loving partner and friend who would do anything for you, but they won’t do for you what you aren’t willing to do for yourself.


Taurus will get up and leave the moment the drama starts. They don’t need this bullshit in their life.


If Taurus isn’t in the mood to talk about something, they won’t.


Taurus doesn’t handle failure well and will slip into a depressed state if they think they are not up to par.


Taurus is the most relaxed in their own home surrounded by their favorite things.


Taurus is a peaceful creature, but can be vengeful if they feel their trust has been misplaced.


Taurus can seem very solid on the outside but on the inside they are softies.


Taurus really just wants to settle down and have a family they can love and protect.


Taurus works hard to build a strong foundation for their life and can panic if that foundation becomes shaken for any reason.


Taurus will mirror the level of love and nurturing they receive. If you want to be doted on, do this for your Taurus.

So what do you think? Did you learn more about a Taurus, and specifically about a Taurus man from these quotes? Do you AGREE or DISAGREE? Share your own little Taurus quote or truth. What do you believe to be true for a Taurus man?

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15 thoughts on “100 Quotes and Sayings About Taurus Male

  1. I agree with all the quotes. I am dating a taurus man. I am taurus myself. I am confused by him. He sometimes doesn’t speak to me for days at a time, and then speaks to me like nothing. Help.

    1. Hi Angela!

      Try telling him that it bothers you when he does this. Be honest with him. You’re a Taurus woman, you know exactly how to open up and tell it like it is. Do that with him. Don’t be afraid. He needs to know it bothers you so that he doesn’t keep doing it. Taurus men can be a bit dense at times and don’t really know what is going on with you unless you tell him. Open up and let him know the way it is!

  2. Most of the quotes are pretty accurate in my opinion. Here are some that I find to be quite true as well.

    “Calling a Taurus protective is a gross understatement.”
    – The level of disrespect that a Taurus will tolerate against himself is a lot more than what he will tolerate against a loved one. It would be a grave mistake to attack a loved one of a Taurus.

    1. Hi Kyle! I’m glad you found the information I’ve provided to be quite on point. Though there is a lot more that I’ve written regarding the Taurus man, who he is, what he’s like, how to love him, and how to truly be with him. If you’d like to read more, I would highly recommend you check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

  3. I am currently in a status of “mutual understanding” with a Taurus man. I do like him a lot, more than like rather that’s why this website caught my attention and interest. I just want to learn more about dating a Taurus man.

  4. So true!
    I think it applies to women too. I have a Taurus sister and a lot of quotes described her here.
    thank you for the list of quotes!

  5. Hello Anna I want to purchase your book but I am unable to find my : Rwanda kindly advise what to do, I am confused by the Taurus man I am in love with, and I feel like he is my soulmate

    1. Hi Kirana Kay!

      Oh yes, I can imagine it seems like looking at yourself in a mirror. The thing is… you two have hormonal differences that can change things. You also have different aspects in your chart that may make things a bit different. You should try having both your charts looked at to find out more!

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