6 Flirty Texts That Will Get A Taurus’s Attention Fast And Make Him Want To Text Back

by Anna-Kovach, relationship astrologer
I am grateful to be able to share with you six flirty texts that I guarantee will have the Taurus man answering quickly, and maybe even double texting! You’ll find that these texts appeal to the Taurus’ unique psychology. If you’re ready to dive in and see what texts really make a Taurus man tick, then read on! 

The rumors are true, ladies. Taurus is a really hard sign to flirt with! His sensible demeanor does wonders for him at work, but it can make you scratch your head when attempting to seduce him. 

I’m sure that you’re wondering how you can get the Taurus’ attention – and fast. He doesn’t give it away easily, so how do you ensure that your texts are on his radar? What is his flirting style like? What aspects of the Taurus should you be appealing to when you’re flirting? 

I’m Anna Kovach, a long-time Relationship Astrologer. I am grateful to be able to share with you six flirty texts that I guarantee will have the Taurus man answering quickly, and maybe even double texting! You’ll find that these texts appeal to the Taurus’ unique psychology. 

This is valuable information, so I am thrilled that I am able to share it with you. If you’re ready to dive in and see what texts really make a Taurus man tick, then read on! 

6 Flirty Texts That Will Get A Taurus’s Attention Fast And Make Him Want To Text Back

1. “I am so proud of all the hard work you’ve been doing. Can I take you out for a good meal and then maybe some dessert 😉?”

Flirty Text Messages That Make Taurus Man Text You Back

This text plays on the Earth sign quality of the Taurus man. He is a practical guy who deeply appreciates the great feeling of a job well done. However, Taurus is extremely humble. He won’t brag about his effort. He’ll steadfastly show up for work without praise, every day. 

When you lead a text with a sentiment that appreciates all of his effort then he’ll be immediately hooked. It’s not every day that he gets called out for his good work, after all!

Following up with a plan for how to show your appreciation amplifies the effect of your compliment and sets you up to reward him in a coy and flirtatious manner. He’ll be looking forward to dessert all day… (and maybe dinner too, I guess). 

2. “It’s so cold today. Come get under my blankets and warm me up.”

Taurus likes a plan he can sink his teeth into. Implications are not his thing. Being subtle over text might not hit home with a Taurus. If you want to speak to his flirting style then explain the actions that he should be taking for you. 

Telling Taurus that you want him to come and warm you up under blankets accomplishes a few goals. He’s all about comfort, so this plan appeals to him on that level. On top of that, the mention of your bed allows his imagination to run wild… thinking about all that could come after warming you up!

The Taurus guy will be fond of a straightforward plan to get his hands on you. Being a sensory guy, the thought of snuggling up with you is going to compel him to say YES right away!

3. “What would you say if I invited you over to my place?”

Flirty Texting With A Taurus Man

This one is interesting because it performs a few flirty functions to inspire the Taurus. You’re asking him a direct question, something the Taurus can appreciate. It shows your desire while also giving him room to react authentically, which is important since Taurus won’t respond well to unneeded pressure. 

This also adds an air of flirty mystery to the conversation. You’re not committing to asking him over, you’re just posing the question of what if he did. This means that you’re playing a little hard to get while also implying that the Taurus is on your mind. 

Lastly, the Taurus is going to be happy that you gave him room to voice his opinion. He’s likely going to say that he heartily agrees, but it gives him a chance to keep the flirty tone up by answering with something like: “hmmm tell me what you had in mind. 😉”

4. “I had a dream about you last night, but it was dirty… do you want me to tell you?”

This text has special impact that will hit home. The implications in this one are obvious… he’s on your mind so much that he’s snuck into your subconscious. This will turn on ANYONE all by itself. When you sprinkle in that the dream was a filthy one? He won’t be getting this text off of his mind anytime soon!

Taurus is a sensual man – more than most. Talking about sex in detail, mentioning the sensory feelings, is going to make him go crazy for you. He’ll be helpless to the details of your sexy dream. 

Adding the air of mystery and alluding to how nasty your dream was will have him chomping at the bit to make the fantasy a reality. Try sending this one his way while he’s at work. The sexual tension that he feels when he can’t do anything about it is going to have him craving you even more.

On top of all of this, he’s going to reply ASAP to something as saucy as this text. Taurus isn’t fast at much but I think he’s going to make an exception for this. 

5. “My bed still smells like you and it’s driving me crazy.”

A Taurus is a simple guy. He lives firmly in the physical world, which is why captivating his attention depends on your ability to evoke imagery and senses. Building a scene for him is something he’ll be hooked by. 

This is exactly why you should be mentioning things that you can see, smell, feel, and taste in your texts. You can substitute the one that I have presented here with any other sensory message that paints a picture for the Taurus. 

Activating the concept of smell and all of the imagery that you lying in bed is likely to bring to his mind will entice him with little effort. 

If you’d prefer, you can use a phrase like “I miss the taste of your mouth,” “I can’t wait to run my hands all over your body,” or “I need to hear you whispering in my ear again.” All of these phrases will surely have the Taurus replying to your message fast. 

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6. “I miss having you by my side, but I would take you on top of me too.”

I can’t say this enough: with Taurus it is so important that your words create a scene that he can imagine himself in. This one is a good one since it instantly conjures an image in the Taurus’ brain with zero effort. 

This text is witty and really cute at first but quickly turns dirty. Taurus is ruled by Venus so he enjoys adorable, loving relationship banter. However, Taurus also puts sex just as high as the warm fuzzies.

Taurus also tends to enjoy being on top. He’s a fixed Earth sign meaning that he knows what he wants and will put in the work to go get it. This absolutely extends to sex. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how fast he’s got you pinned on the bed after you send this spicy text! 

How do you plan on using these texts to your advantage? Which ones are you most excited to try out on your Taurus man? You know I have to ask, so let me know down below what you’re thinking. 

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Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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