How To Text A Taurus Man — A Complete Guide To Texting A Taurus Man

by Anna-Kovach, relationship astrologer
How to text a Taurus man? Read more to learn the three essential texts that make a Taurus man’s heart melt. You’ll never be the same, and neither will he!

How to text a Taurus man is a question I often get from my lovely readers, and I can understand why. These gorgeous gentlemen are the perfect lovers and it makes sense that so many women covet being with one of these bulls. 

Texting a Taurus man should be straightforward, but if you’re like me, then overthinking and wanting to come across as the perfect partner always gets in the way. 

But seeing as I am married to a Taurus man I have learned everything I could possibly want to know about Taurus man texting habits. I have come to learn the ins and outs of what goes on in the mind of a Taurus man. 

Texting has become such a game-changer in modern romance, right? It turns out that science backs up our love-hate relationship with those messages.

In a study named “Mobile Romance,” guess what they found? Relationships that kicked off and blossomed through texting might just have that extra sprinkle of lasting love potential. It’s kind of like when a Taurus guy goes silent on your texts, leaving you wondering and overthinking. When he’s all in your notifications one day and ghosting the next, it can sting. The world of texting in love? It’s a wild ride, both thrilling and baffling!

This is why I have decided to write this guide to help every woman out there learn the perfect way to text a Taurus man. I can promise you that there is no other guide out there like this one.

In this guide, you will learn exactly what to say in every possible situation you may experience when texting a Taurus man. No other guide can compare to this because you’ll get to learn absolutely everything there is to know to help you create the most beautiful relationship with your Taurus man.

So if this sounds exactly like what you would like to find more about, then keep on reading to find out how to text a Taurus man and make him yours forever.

Texting A Taurus Man — Basics — Where To Start?

First Things First — Common Taurus Man Texting Style

Taurus men have a very special way of communicating. If you think of his personality, which is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty by the way, you can understand that he is sweet, charming, and stable. 

A Taurus man tends to take his time when it comes to love and relationships because he likes to be absolutely sure that he is making the right decision. This is often reflected in his texting habits. 

He isn’t the most chatty (unless he has a Mercury in Gemini, of course), this guy tends to take his time and only communicates when he has something important he has to say. Chit-chat isn’t for him because it may feel like it is lacking in substance in some way. 

The Taurus man texts in a way which is brief and to the point. He is fearful that when he says too much it might put the other person in his life off or scare them away and this is why he likes to keep things short and sweet. 

He is definitely a bit of a realist, so he tends to be a bit more serious in his texting style than being super goofy and silly. He can definitely be flirty, but this may take some time for him to warm up.

The most important thing to note about texting a Taurus man is that he is going to take things slow… Don’t pressure him or get too serious or have too many expectations of him too soon. Just relax and let things unfold naturally. 

A Taurus man can also be a little slow in understanding what you mean sometimes, so my suggestion for you would be to be as straightforward as you possibly can or else he might easily misunderstand you. 

Be a little careful and cautious when texting him, especially if you’re still only getting to know him.

Taurus Man’s Texting Habits — Where Does He Place Texting In His Mind?

A Taurus man isn’t the biggest communicator in the dating game, so when he first is getting to know someone he is likely to be more inclined to text intermittently. 

When things start getting serious he is usually the guy to pick up the phone and make a phone call to check in on the woman he is dating. He isn’t someone who texts often, especially not to chit-chat. 

The Taurus man is awfully pragmatic – he’ll text to make plans or text about something specific in certain situations. You need to be aware, a Taurus man isn’t the type of guy to prioritize texting in his relationships. He is more interested in spending time with you in person. 

And if you think you have a man on your hands who will text back in an instant, then you are mistaken. A Taurus man will take ages to reply, so please don’t take this personally or think that he isn’t interested. This is just the way he is. 

Will A Taurus Man Text You First?

A Taurus man is definitely quite classic when it comes to love. This man is old-fashioned and enjoys a traditional way of approaching his romantic relationships. 

This means that a Taurus man is quite likely to chase the woman he is interested in. However, there is a slight bit of insecurity that all Taurus men struggle with… He will only make the first move if you show him signs that you are interested in him first. This man is very scared of rejection. 

You might have to text him first a few times to show that you like him, but once he knows that you are all in he won’t struggle to text you first and initiate dates with you. Remember, he will want to see you in person over texting any time. 

Should You Text A Taurus Man First?

I am definitely not of the belief that you should never text a Taurus man first. There are always certain situations which make it totally fine to text a Taurus man first. Here are some examples:

1. To Say Thank You After A Date

If you have just been out on a date with your Taurus man then it would be perfectly okay for you to reach out and thank him for a lovely time. You can be brief and tell him you had a good time. Then lean back and let him take it from there. 

2. He Is Your Boyfriend

If you already have an established relationship with your Taurus man then it is totally okay to text him first. You know where you stand with him, however, I wouldn’t overdo it because you being needy can also push him away. 

3. You Need Logistical Information

If you and your Taurus man have plans for a date but you are unsure of what time and when then texting him and asking him about the logistics is totally okay. Sometimes it is good to be proactive, but don’t make a habit out of it. 

So, should you text a Taurus man first? You definitely should in certain situations, and you can also learn about the strategies to make a Taurus man text you first.

I have designed a quiz to help you navigate when it is okay for you to text a Taurus man. Check this out to make sure that you are texting him at the right time!

How Often To Text A Taurus Man?

The frequency you text your Taurus man is all dependent on where you are in your relationship with him. If you have just met him I would suggest letting him come to you first. Let him reach out and you can respond. 

However, if your Taurus man is your boyfriend or husband then you can definitely text him first. Don’t overwhelm him with too much banter as he is one of the signs that isn’t that fond of texting. 

A good rule of thumb to follow is to let him take the lead. This is the best approach as it will make you seem very independent and give an air of mystery. But don’t be too elusive, you want him to know that you are interested, but not desperate.

If he is texting you often then this means he likes you a lot and you don’t really have to worry about how much you are reaching out to him. But like I said before, you need to let him lead. 

The Biggest Texting Mistakes Women Make With Taurus Men

There are some critical texting no-no’s I see women make over and over when texting a Taurus man. Here is a list of mistakes when texting a Taurus man you need to be aware of.

1. Sending Multiple Texts

Taurus men are simple creatures when it comes to communication. Tauruses aren’t usually big users of texting, instant messaging, or social media all day every day. 

So just imagine how Taurus feels when he keeps getting trains of thought pings from you all day long, especially while he is in the middle of working or relaxing. This is going to exhaust him and make him feel turned off! 

Only text him if it’s really important because this man seriously hates having his time wasted by insignificant nonsense. For Taurus, the phone is for questions and making plans. If you’re following up on a date, for example, keep it short, sassy, and to the point. 

2. Getting Overly Emotional Over Text

A lot of people don’t like emotional conversations. In spite of this, some signs will initiate these over text, out of impulse or because they feel urgently necessary.

Taurus guys already have a little trouble with emotional displays, both in giving and receiving. They don’t know how to handle this and it makes them feel super freaked out.

His tendency to stonewall is well known, even when he doesn’t realize it. He might be unconsciously responding to your emotional messages by not saying anything at all.

Whenever possible, simplify your woes to a few strong statements, then approach him in person, ideally in a quiet place so both of you are alone. Personal matters are best kept private for Taurus. 

3. The Content Of Your Texts Are Too Complicated

Taurus men aren’t the mental acrobats of the zodiac like Geminis or Virgos. They’re more the doers of the Zodiac, intellectual sports isn’t his strong suit. 

The best way to communicate something that requires a lot of conversation or logistics is to call him. Or better yet, meet him in person. 

Try preparing him with a single heads-up text a few days in advance. Tauruses dislike surprises and often avoid situations that could lead to them. 

Form basic questions with limits and parameters. Rhetorical stuff and open-ended statements are not acceptable. This is too complicated for him and will make him feel overwhelmed. 

Irresistible Texts To Send To A Taurus Man

There are some things you can say to your Taurus man that will drive him absolutely crazy. And who wouldn’t want this? I have a secret I want to share that will give you great ideas on what to text your Taurus man. 

There is nothing more exciting than knowing exactly what to say to your Taurus man to get him to actually chase you because he can’t seem to get enough of you!

If you want to master your Taurus man’s texting style and know what the best texts are to send your Taurus man then there is only one thing you should do. Check out my Taurus Text Magic Guide. 

Everything you could ever want is in this guide. This is the only product out there that will give you all the answers you could ever want when it comes to texting your Taurus man and making him yours successfully. 

How To Get A Taurus Man’s Attention Through Texts? — What To Text A Taurus Man To Get His Attention

Taurus men are incredibly stubborn, and this is just one of the reasons why it is so difficult to grab his attention. He thinks he knows what he likes, but sometimes as a woman, you need to show him. 

Looking to get his attention through text? Then these are some of the things you need to do to make him find you irresistible. 

1. A Woman Who Cares

Taurus men are a lot more sensitive than what they might come across. They put up walls because they are so afraid of getting hurt when letting their guard down. It is just easier for a Taurus man to assume that no one cares about him. 

So when a Taurus man does find a woman who cares about him, it really grabs his attention and makes him want more. Text him and ask him how he is doing or how his meeting at work went. 

This show of care will go a lot further than you might realize. You need to make him see that you are there for him and that you want to be a supportive presence in his life. 

2. Be A Little Flirty… But Subtly

Taurus is one of the signs that is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and relationships. This is a man who can be deeply romantic and flirtatious, he just needs a woman who can awaken this in him. 

It is never a bad idea to flirt with a Taurus man over text. Perhaps by subtly iniviting him over for a meal or Netflix and Chill. You don’t have to be vulgar or overly sexual in your flirtation. 

Just make him aware that you are interested in spending time with him, without any pressure. You need him to warm up to the idea of wanting to see you. Remember, you need to take things slow with a Taurus man!

3. Let Him Know He Is On Your Mind

If you have been dating your Taurus man for a while, then it is more than okay to let your Taurus man know that he is on your mind. You can tell him that you miss him perhaps by saying you’ve dreamt of him, or that you can’t get the memory of the two of you making love out of your head. 

This will plant a seed of desire in his mind and make him feel obsessed with you. This is a very sensual man and it is important that he has his physical needs met. When it seems like you want to give this to him, it’ll drive him absolutely crazy. 

You can try some of the ready-to-send flirty texts for a Taurus man and see how he responds. I can almost guarantee this is exactly what you need to say to drive him wild with passion.

How To Keep A Taurus Man In The Conversation 

I am sure you know that every Taurus man you have ever met is unique and special. But have you noticed that some are a bit more chatty and communicative than others?

This is because of their Mercury sign. Mercury is the planet of communication and messages. A Taurus man’s Mercury will be in either Aries, Taurus, or Gemini. The least talkative of the lot would be a Taurus man with a Mercury in Taurus. 

A Taurus man with Mercury in Aries will be very forward and direct, while you will never get a Taurus man with Gemini Mercury to ever shut up, these guys love to chat!

Knowing what your Taurus man’s Mercury sign is, is absolutely vital to know how to communicate with him properly! Take a look at these communication hooks based on his Mercury sign to know exactly what you need to say to your Taurus man!

How To Flirt With A Taurus Man Over Text?

Taurus men aren’t always the biggest flirters. This isn’t something they would just do with anyone. When a Taurus man flirts with a woman it is likely because he feels something for her. 

Remember, his ruling planet is Venus so sensuality is important to him, but it has to feel right. When the Taurus man meets the right woman he will have no problem flirting with her over text, he may in fact even come to enjoy it. 

The best tactic to get a Taurus man to chase you is to drop some subtle, yet sensual hints that you are interested in him and then give him some space. Don’t reply too quickly. 

You want to come across as mysterious and alluring. This will definitely pique his interest and make him want you more! There are some specific flirty texts you can learn to drive him crazy. 

How To Attract A Taurus Man And Make Him Crazy For You 

Taurus men are among the most erotic men in the zodiac. Venus rules this sign, which represents romance and love. Tauruses are very sensual, they know how to make themselves and their partners feel good.

In bed, a Taurus man is slow, patient, and enjoys taking their time. Their goal is to set a scene and make the experience as aesthetic as possible. From the music playing in the background to the color of the candles burning on the table, everything is taken into account. 

When you are with a Taurus man, you will feel like you have stepped into some kind of pleasure haven. Food may very well make an appearance when a Taurus is involved in making love. Even a glass of bubbly will do. 

A Taurus loves aphrodisiacs, and they might even prefer food over sex, so when the two are combined, they make for a killer combination, and a very happy Taurus man. They find the most pleasure in sensuality.

How to make a Taurus man fall in love with you over text?  I’ve curated some more insights in another article for you. Want to know the secrets to sending texts that’ll make his heart skip a beat? Dive into these tips and learn just what to type to keep his pulse racing.

Texts That Make A Taurus Man’s Heart Melt

Taurus men are honestly very simple creatures. Once you have crept into a Taurus man’s heart, then you have won him forever. At the end of the day, a Taurus man really just wants a companion who wants to love and take care of him. 

All a Taurus man is really looking for is a woman who he knows he can depend on and rely upon. He is looking for loyalty and commitment, and of course, some serious sensuality. This is the perfect recipe to make a Taurus man’s heart melt. 

There are some things you should learn to say over text that’ll make your Taurus man understand that you are exactly what he is looking for. If you’re sweet to your Taurus man, he’ll give you all the affection you could ever desire.

A simple text such as, “I’ve been thinking about you,” or, “you’ve been in my head,” will warm the Taurus man’s heart for sure. It lets him know that he means something to you. It may also intrigue him enough to ask you: “in what way?”

A little mystery is a good thing! Getting him to ask you questions is a form of flirtation with this brainy guy.

You can also say, “Have a great week, handsome,” if you don’t want to text daily. Personally, I think doing this every other day is a good practice if you want to show interest in your Taurus.

Sending this every single day may seem too eager or needy but if you send it every other day or every couple of days, it sets the tone of a healthy connection.

The idea with this approach is that you’re letting him know you are thinking of him, you care about him, and you think he’s good-looking. If that doesn’t melt his heart then nothing will!

Check this out for more compliments that will melt a Taurus man’s heart.

If you use some of these texts as good morning texts to your Taurus man, you’ll make him absolutely swoon.

Taurus Man Texting Situationships — Decode His Strange Behavior And Learn What To Do

Taurus Man Stopped Texting Or Never Texts You Back

I know all too well how painful it is to not hear back from a man once you’ve developed an interest or even feelings for him. However, Taurus men are notorious for not texting back – they’re a bit lazy you see! Here are some reasons why a Taurus man stopped texting:

  1. He’s too busy with work
  2. He has forgotten
  3. He is trying to spend less time on his phone
  4. He has lost interest in pursuing you
  5. He has other more pressing things on his mind

There are things you can do when a Taurus man ignores your texts, if that’s your current situation, keep reading.

Taurus Man Avoids Your Texts — He’s Ignoring Your Texts — Why?

Having a Taurus man go hot and cold can be incredibly confusing, especially when you thought he was a sure thing! You might be wondering why is a Taurus man not responding to texts? 

The reasons could be absolutely anything! He might have other priorities going on at the moment and is a little distracted or he might feel overwhelmed by how often you text him. 

A Taurus man ignoring messages, is usually not the best sign – he may very well be upset with you about something you said or did.

Want to know why a Taurus man would avoid you? I Invite you to discover the number one reason is why a Taurus man will ignore your texts.

Should You Ignore A Taurus Man’s Texts? 

Ignoring a Taurus man’s texts can either work out brilliantly, or backfire in your face in a epic way. This is a man who really doesn’t appreciate games or a woman who plays hard to get. He just wants the romance to flow naturally. 

I think when it comes to a Taurus man, having a balance in how often you text him and how often you stay quiet is crucial. I would suggest to make you life as busy as possible so that you only really keep in touch with him when you get a moment. 

This isn’t intentional ignoring, it just shows that you are a high value woman with a lot on your plate! Keeping busy is the secret to keeping your Taurus man interested! This also means you won’t have time to worry about him texting you back either!

Taurus Ex Messages You Out Of The Blue — What Does It Mean?

I have mentioned this many times when it comes to Taurus men, but they are very sensual and need a lot of physical stimulation in their lives to be satisfied. But, they’re also a bit lazy and would rather reach out to an ex than have to put in the work with someone new. 

When a Taurus ex reaches out and messages you out of the blue, it usually means one thing and that he is probably looking for a bit of a booty call. 

Taurus Man Never Initiates Conversation Or Texts You First 

Taurus men have a real issue with laziness, sometimes they just can’t be bothered – especially when he is still figuring out how they feel about you. It is much easier for them if you put in all the work and reach out first. 

You’ve noticed that he always responds to your texts, but he actually never initiates sending you a message first. I know that this can actually be very hurtful and make you feel like he has no interest in getting close to you at all…

This may be problematic when you first start dating him because it can be reflective of how he feels about you and how invested he actually is. I think all women want a man who shows his interest and desire in you. 

I think it is okay if he doesn’t initiate conversations when you are already in a relationship because hopefully the two of you are spending so much time together that you wouldn’t need to! 

Taurus Man Takes Forever To Respond / a.k.a. Slow Texter 

By reading this article I am sure you realize now that Taurus men are not very big texters and they will often take ages to get back to you. This is something you need to accept about them – they are very slow texters. 

So when a Taurus man takes a while to respond to you, know that this is definitely not something you should take personally. This is him simply being himself. 

It is not in his nature to text right away. However, you need to also read between the lines when he does text back. Does he seem happy to hear from you, or are his replies a little short and unenthusiastic. 

Depending on this, I would decide how to move forward. If he just isn’t putting in the effort, then what is the point in trying to convince him you are worthy? He should know!

Taurus Man Texting Me Everyday — Should I Be Happy About It?

Absolutely! When a Taurus man texts you everyday, it must mean that he really likes you and that he enjoys keeping in touch with you. It shows that he wants to grow closer to him and that you are someone special in his life. Revel in it, girl!

What To Text A Taurus Man After A Breakup

Taurus men do not handle breakups very well. When they get into a relationship with a woman it is usually because he thinks she is the one, so when he is proven wrong, it can really devastate him, unfortunately. 

He’ll either beg for you to come back to him, or he’ll be incredibly stubborn and never speak to you again. There is really no middle ground with him. He is an all-or-nothing type of guy!

You might find it really hard to talk to a Taurus man after a breakup, he’s either going to guilt trip you into leaving him, or totally stonewall you and you’ll never hear from him again. 

It is important to know what to say and what to text a Taurus man after a break-up to move things in the direction you desire. This isn’t going to be an easy process, but have faith that this will work!

How To Text A Taurus Man After An Argument?

Dealing with a stubborn Taurus man after an argument can feel near impossible at times. This man is super willful and determined, once he’s made up his mind there really is no going back. 

The only thing you can possibly do is lean back and not chase after him. Let him lick his own wounds and make him understand what it would feel like to lose you and not have you in his life. 

Don’t be the first one to reach out because this will make him believe he has won the argument. Here is what you should do:

  • Give him space to calm down
  • Gather your own thoughts and think about why this argument has happened in the first place
  • Think about how you would like to improve things
  • Once he has reached out be open to having a conversation with him
  • Be sure to apologize if you think you might have been in the wrong
  • Figure out a plan on how the two of you can compromise to make sure this will never happen between the two of you again

3 Signs A Taurus Man Likes You Through Text

How does a Taurus man text when he likes you is a question I often get as an Astrologer. These guys are a bit of a mystery as they don’t always reveal their cards and are quite slow to make a move. This is why it is really good to know what the signs are a Taurus man likes you through text like:

  1. He makes the effort to text you first. If a Taurus man is interested in you, he may initiate text conversations with you or find ways to keep the conversation going.
  2. He asks you how your day is going. A Taurus man who likes you may go out of his way to be thoughtful and considerate in his texts, asking about your day or sending you kind and supportive messages.
  3. He responds to your texts quickly and consistently. If a Taurus man likes you, he will likely make an effort to reply to your texts in a timely manner and have regular communication with you through text.

You can discover more about signs a Taurus man likes you through text by checking out this article.

Your Taurus Man Will Text You Quickly When You Do This…

It can be so frustrating to send your Taurus man a text message and see “seen”…

But then have no reply for hours or maybe even days.

Why in the world would he do this?

You might start feeling anxious or wondering if he even cares at ALL!

Unfortunately, a lot of dating advice written for men in general just WON’T work with a Taurus.

They are wired a bit differently than men of other sun signs.

And if you treat your Taurus man the same as other men, you might lose him forever.

There are so many dating coaches that tell you exactly what to do when you text your man…

And what NOT to do.

Unfortunately, their advice can REALLY backfire with a Taurus.

And there are three specific mistakes you NEVER want to make when texting your Taurus.

I don’t want you to drive him away,

Especially when it can be incredibly easy to capture his heart through text messages… 

IF you know what you are doing!

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back!

When you know EXACTLY what to text him… and what to NEVER text him…

He will be putty in your hands.

And he’ll make sure to reply to you quickly and lovingly.

Go check out what I mean here now so you keep him in your life forever.



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