The Reasons Why A Taurus Man And Cancer Woman Break Up

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you a Cancer woman possibly on the verge of a break up with your Taurus man? Learn everything about Taurus man and Cancer woman breakup.

Are you a Cancer woman possibly on the verge of a break up with your Taurus man? Maybe you’ve already broken up and wonder what happens now? Whatever the case may be, hopefully this information will help you.

Excellent Union but…

It’s hard to believe that anything would break these two up but there is always a possibility looming somewhere right? There are things like moon signs and ascendant signs that could play a role.

Taurus man and Cancer woman is one of the most perfect matches. However; there are times where one or both partners just aren’t feeling the magic anymore in some way.

They both crave stability and loyalty which is something they can provide to one another. However if either of them become unhappy, sometimes they can also become less interested.

This could lead one or both of them to cheat on one another. You see; both of these signs will completely commit themselves to someone but if they feel as though it’s not working well anymore, they pull back.

They are both temperamental and could cause major friction. They both have a tendency to pull back and give the silent treatment. While they have much in common, this piece isn’t a virtue.

If you aren’t talking then you aren’t working things out. If something is seriously wrong and one or both of you are pulling back; this could be a recipe for disaster. It’s time to re-evaluate everything.

Emotional Ties and Woes

Couple of teenagers arguing sitting on the floor in a dark place - Taurus Man And Cancer Woman Breakup

Both Taurus and Cancer can be moody at times. The Cancer woman will have more emotional outbursts typically than the Taurus man. If the Cancer woman becomes overly sensitive, it could rub Taurus man the wrong way.

Normally the Taurus man can handle the Cancer woman’s emotional waves. However; he too has limits and if they get crossed; it could become too much for him to handle.

It takes quite a bit to piss off a Taurus man but once you get him there; there is no turning back. Cancer woman will have to always watch her own temper as to not push the wrong buttons.

Too much of that can cause the Taurus man to snap and if he snaps; you’re done. That means it could be his breaking point and make him want to break it off.

Cancer women can also have a natural tendency to have addictions in some form. If she adapts something that Taurus thinks is really bad for her; he may nag her. After awhile of being nagged, the Cancer woman will pinch him with her claws.

Most couples of these signs will not get to this point but these are some examples of why it may not go well.

More Possibilities Of Why It’s Not Working

It’s really hard to find differences that would part these two. Taurus men and Cancer women are typically an excellent fit. Yet there is always the stray Taurus man with hang ups or the Cancer woman with walls built up.

Taurus and Cancer both have a tendency to let things escalate over time instead of discussing it and getting it out. If this happens, this could lead to an eventual break up that comes with an explosion.

If you’re a Cancer woman, you should try to find a way to open up to your Taurus man more about the important issues in your life. This will teach him to also do the same.

This could help you both avoid a build up and possibly a break up. If you cannot get him to open up to you; this presents a problem that could be long term or could cause a parting of ways.

Both signs need to be at capacity at who they are and feel comfortable. Most of the time this works well between these two but there are those weird times where it doesn’t.

When it doesn’t; compromise and talking it through has to happen. If this still isn’t possible then it may be time to call it quits. Once you hit rock bottom; it’s time to let go.

Time To Move On

Cancer women walk away for seperate from Taurus men - Taurus Man And Cancer Woman Breakup

When a Cancer woman knows that her Taurus man just isn’t going to change to help their relationship; she’s likely to decide to move on. Again, not a common thing to happen but it IS possible.

The Cancer woman wants someone who really understands her feelings and can cope with her mood swings. Taurus men can typically do this but if he has his own baggage or has built up resentment; he won’t bend.

Taurus men are very stubborn and if he is the one that needs to be more flexible; good luck. It’s not impossible but it would take lots of hard work to make him see why he needs to.

If you’ve both reached the point where you’ve hit your limit with one another, it may be time to go ahead and move on. It will not be an easy departure by any means.

You two were likely so tightly knit that parting ways will be like peeling your skin off. However; if settling things is no longer an option then peel away. You need to do what you need to do.

The Cancer woman will no doubt feel heartbroken if she has to break it off with her Taurus man but she needs to do what is best for her. If it’s the Taurus man that breaks it off, it will be painful for both as well.

Taurus man will feel as though he failed his Cancer lady and this will weigh heavy on him for a long time going forward.

No matter which way you slice it; this union was meant to be a keeper. If it isn’t; it will still be a hard departure for both signs equally. It may be worth a second look though before you end it.

Whatever you do Cancer woman; do not initiate the break up unless you are 100% sure otherwise, he will go through with it and there may be no looking back.

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12 thoughts on “The Reasons Why A Taurus Man And Cancer Woman Break Up

  1. This is exactly what happened to me. I had my outburst and said some mean things. And now he’s moved on and I’m stuck . I wish I knew this before, because I miss him so much. My heart cannot take anymore pain.

    1. Dear Andrea, I assume that you are Taurus and your partner is Cancer. This is such a common occurrence and it has happened to me with two best friends who were were Cancer. The good news is that time does heal, but you will have to be patient. It can take years and you have to weigh up whether it is worth waiting. You must also bear in mind that Cancerians are suffering an opposition from transiting Pluto in Capricorn (I am not sure when his birthday is or when you broke up, but it is a reasonable assumption to think he has this) and that is causing him to have quite a few serious questions about his life and that may have made him addedly sensitive. He has quite a lot to work through (stuff he may not even have talked about) and I think he may have overreacted. As Pluto will moves on, there is a change that he recognises his mistake in overreacting and you can with kindness win him back. Cancerians do sulk and brood and you have to give them time. If he is going to be that sensitive, then other women like Aries and Scorpio will also have outbursts and hurt him. I would be patient, but I urge you not to put your life on hold as Taurus need to have outburts and if you suppress that part of you to keep him happy, you will be unhappy.

  2. This is kinda what happened to me… She was a cancer and she was the light of my world since we met then the unexpected happened. I came back from a business trip and had a couple missed texts from her. With things like I don’t feel same about us and how she does not love me the same anymore when merely days before I left she told me “I love you with all my heart and nothing can change that.” And me being the classy Taurus bought her a rose and wrote her a poem expressing how much I am grateful for her and all she does. So this text was really surprising to me. Next after that I practically screwed things up by saying things how she means nothing to me and then after that I returned everything I gave her thinking that will help me and it turned out it didn’t. But mean while I was doing this she was still wanting to be chill with me and I completely screwed everything up by giving her the silent treatment (which was an awful idea) and telling stories and spreading lies about what happened between us. but all my actions were because she changed on me first (which again was a bad idea). I also said that she can’t call me her Homie which her and I have called each other as a cute little nickname(Which again was another bad idea)

    In between the months of us breaking up she was sad all the time and I went on a downward spiral like I got in trouble with the law twice and regretted everything, and then fell into a slum about everything. And in this time my playlist changed from 2Pac’s Changes and Biggie’s Juicy to Brian McKnight’s still and anytime.
    *Two month time lapse*

    She and I are not on speaking terms and it has been killing me because I finally realized she is still the love of my life and that I cannot get over her and how she is really the other half of me I can’t live without. And that giving her up was like giving up oxygen I can’t live or breathe without her. I try to speak to her and say I am sorry but she wants nothing to do with me and avoids me whenever I see her. She completely shut me off of her life forever with intent of hating me for life which she has told all of her friends she does. So I felt like any other Taurus would feel that I let her down indefinitely. Then I remembered what her and I used to when we were in our early stages of our relationship: wrote her a letter. And with that letter I gave her a chocolate rose. In this letter I wrote her the biggest sorry letter anyone could ever receive. I thought that would be enough but it wasn’t. So I cowered in my own thoughts about how she will never forgive me and then it was back to the Brian McKnight songs and depression. Then I was to find out she hated me over the fact she thought I lied to her about almost being sent away because of my job. Then I ended up not leaving and she thought I was playing with her heart for some sort of purpose. And that was the motivation of my next action.

    *Week Past*

    While eating comfort food I got the idea to try again and that it should be the last time I do. So I bought her favorite candy bar which is a Symphony bar without toffee. And I wrote her the most heart felt note about how I am sorry for my reaction and everything I have done to upset her at anytime because that last thing I wanted was to hurt her in anyway. Then it came with a Poem which read:

    I love all of you I really do

    I don’t just love the best of you like the way your eyes light up a whole room the way your laugh makes me smile the you hand fits in mine the way your personality stands out the way your smile gives me butterflies every time. The way we say goodnight.

    I love all of I really do

    I also love your scars the you make sarcastic remarks the way you start everyday the way you could cry about something years ago the way you can sometimes get angry or the way you want to be alone.

    I love all of you I really do

    I love the great in you I like the “Bad” you see yourself, but the bad you see is the great that I see because I love all of you every part of you every bit.

    I love all of you I really do

    That was yesterday to be exact. So then I saw her today and she was making remarks in front of me about how her boyfriend is in this and this building when her friends have told me she doesn’t have one and I know she doesn’t have one because she even denied it. And she actually laughed at one of my kinda funny remarks. And before she never made any eye contact with me and today she made eye contact with me. So now she has more communication with me.

    So the thing I wanted to know is Why the Sudden Change?

    1. Hey,

      the right thing you should have done was sat her down and asked her what caused the shift. there is a likely chance that she tried to tell you the issues that she was having with you two and as a taurus,you either brushed it off as ”overreacting” or you ignored her. give her time,then call her and let her know you would like to sit down and talk about your Relationship because you miss her and love her. listen to what she needs from you,apologize where you should,explain where you should and ask her what she needs from you.

    2. Hi Maxx P!

      Cancer women can be a bit erratic because they have strong feelings. Their emotions can be all over the place and you’re never really sure what their mood is. So actually, it’s not that uncommon for one to do exactly what you’ve experienced. I do believe you need to talk to her about this and flat out ask her why the change and ask her what exactly she wants so you two can figure things out.

  3. I met a Taurus guy 4 months ago. He lives in Italy , I live in England. I visited Italy for finding the place to move to within 1 year. I met him during this visit. He chased me fir 2 weeks. We and my friend sent loads of times together while was in Italy. Eventually we made love. He visited me in England and we had 4 beautiful days and nights together. I visited him 6 weeks later in Italy. He seemed distance and invited friends around, rather than being us together. I was confused and asked him what is going on. He said he can’t promise me anything for the future only fr the present. We decide to enjoy the week and that’s it. We made love every night. During the day we visited places , while he needed to attend work. He took me everywhere with him. On my last day when he took me to the airport he held my hand for 40 minutes driving on the motorway. When I got back I realised I fallen in love with him. I messaged him and his reply was he does not love me. I got angry and told him, he is just like any other man, plays with his toy and when he had enough throw it away and better we go on our separate way. He blocked me. I tried to reach him on other platforms to explain that he gave me mixed messages. He said sorry If i hurt and blocked me on every single platform. I am still confused what happened??

    1. Hi Suzie!

      I think this was actually more about him than it was about you. I think that he made it clear he couldn’t give you all that you wanted and deserved which means that he knew already that he really liked you but couldn’t return the feelings he was feeling coming from you. Trust me he felt them even if you didn’t say anything. He knows he cannot maintain anything and is why he told you he doesn’t love you. Then when you reacted the way you did, he decided it was best to just cut it off. Blocking you from everything is his way of saying that he’s done and it’s best you move on. I’m so sorry!

  4. Hello Anna, this article describes me an my ex fiance’ to the “T”! Everything from detail,to detail. I can’t believe how you hit this on the mark,I felt like you were describing our relationship seriously. I messed up,an he was the one to walk out. I didn’t literally mess up,things just started changing. I saw him getting ahead,while I’m just barely making it across the starting line. I think he felt like he wanted more out of life at the moment. We have one child together, a 10 year old daughter. An she is not handling it well at all. He moved us out of our home,after being together for 10 years,back in October 2018. An my whole world crumbled when he made the decision to part ways. So me an our daughter moved in with my Mom. Don’t ask me how that worked out, long story short. Were not haven’t lived together since 2018, nor been sexually involved since Father’s Day June 2018. That’s when it sunk in,we hit a rough patch,an we couldn’t get pass it. I started drinking heavily,an fell into depression. Our separation, I feel was needed we were becoming toxic for each other. I feel it has got better since the separation. I’ve learned how to release things,that tend to weaken my growth. An vice versa,what’s meant to be will be. We still talk,he calls me an checks on me on a daily basis. He video calls,I have our daughter all the time. The other day,he told me he loves me, it suprised me. I really wish that we can work things out,I believe it van still work. Can you give me some advice Anna,shed a little light? I really truly don’t know why he chose to go this route,separating our family. Knowing the damage it would do,an the affect it would have on our daughter, and all we builtphonrjust ripped my heart out,he walked away knowing I had nothing but what we built together. He still calls me giving words of encouragement, telling me he knows what I’m capable of. And all the good things about me,an he will call to talk to our kid. Tells her he loves her an me,so I’m not sure whether to move on or wait. He calls sometimes,just to sit on the phone an listen to me breathe. We run out of things to talk about,an majority of the time when he calls its not about our kid its to check on me. Not saying he doesn’t check on her as well. Its just confusing,like do I still have a chance to win him back so we can build our family again,or do I just move on♀‍

    1. Hi Nadeya Kyle!

      Based on what you’ve told me, I do think there IS still a chance. Telling you he loves you is no small thing. I think that he needs time and patience to really work through it with you. Keep doing what you’re doing, keep talking to him, keep doing video chats. Start talking about the things you used to do together when you first met. Bring back some excitement. Maybe talk about things that would be fun for you two to do now together. Don’t throw in the towel just yet. I feel there may still be opportunity to fix things but it’s going to take time.

  5. Hello:
    I am a cancer and had a 3 month relationship with a Taurus man. I am so in love with him. His stepfather recently passed away leaving him with the job of moving his mother closer to family. He recently sent me text saying that it wasn’t a good time to date, that I would hopefully understand and wished me well. I told him I understand and that was it. I am crushed. He was perfect for me. I don’t understand it . For 3 months he was saying things like “I don’t want you replacing me” “I miss you” and that I was amazing.
    I am hoping after things settle with him and his family that he will come around and reach out to me. I will give him his space because I know how important that is for a Taurus.
    Can you give me any insights on this?
    Thank you so much.

  6. I’ve been dating a Taurus man for almost 2 yrs, we had a rocky start in ways but things mellowed out and we started to enjoy each a lot. We have talked in details on planning for the future. The shift with us started when he got fired from his job, he was looking for a job for a month and a half while I worked from home. We had to talk early on bc his presence being home all the time was an adjustment, he didn’t like that. He found a job and seemed back on track. Then I felt a shift he was more moody than usual, snippy and almost anything I said annoyed him. He said he was tired of hearing me tell him what he should be doing, he knows already. The maternal cancer instinct always kicked in, and I felt bad when I finally understood his frustration. He pulled away more and when I asked what’s wrong, he said “you”. I tried to reassure him I cared and wanted things to work. We tried talking but he was resistant, saying to fix it we would break up and he would move out. Which he didn’t, just cold. I told him I loved him and he said, didn’t know he felt for me anymore and didn’t know why. Another week went by , we are cordial but all sparks are gone. He spent more time outside of the house. I suspected another woman, he didn’t like that but what explanation could I give for the always wants to be home on the weekend Taurus getting dressed up to take himself to the movies. Now this week, still cold but I asked are we still together. He said he guess. No intimacy, no real effort from him so I think is time. Just want to hear thoughts on what I could have done differently.

  7. The complete opposite happen to be I dated a Taurus and they left me for someone else I still love them but once I have moved on

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