8 Worst Parts About Dating A Taurus Man

by Anna-Kovach, relationship astrologer
What are the worst parts of dating a Taurus man? Here’s a list of the eight worst parts of dating a Taurus man, gathered from my years of experience.

Wondering what the worst parts of dating a Taurus man can be? Want to be prepared in advance, or know what to expect over time? Everyone has flaws, but it’s nice to know what we are in for when dating someone new. Here’s what makes him not all that perfect: 

Taurus men can be some of the loveliest, most romantic signs of the Zodiac. After all, this is a sign ruled by Venus, planet of love and beauty! He’s usually rather gorgeous, tasteful, and oh-so cuddly, not to mention his ability to provide for you and make you feel secure! 

However, Taurus men can also be frustrating and annoying (just like all guys). It just depends on what you’re willing to put up with in the face of his good qualities, too. After all, perhaps you can handle some stubbornness in exchange for that wonderful feeling of safety! 

Here’s a list of the eight worst parts of dating a Taurus man, gathered from my years of experience as a Relationship Astrologer: 

8 Worst Parts About Dating A Taurus Man

1. He’s So Lazy!

Lazy Man - Worst Parts About Dating A Taurus Man

The truth is, ladies, the Taurus guy is horribly lazy. He only works for the sake of money, so that he can be lazy on the couch when he gets home. 

It’s not great quality, and one you really need to prepare yourself for, especially if you ever plan to live together! He can spend days lying around, eating and watching reruns of his favorite shows, letting mess pile up around him. 

However, some Taurus men do have the ability to be predictive when it suits them – especially if it involves food! They are often amazing cooks, and have great taste. So, if they’re in the mood, they can whirl through the house and make it a delightful place to come home to. 

However, if he has a full-time job, don’t expect too much – just a heads up! 

2. He Can Be Very, Very Boring

Taurus men have the tendency to be really boring. They like doing the same things all the time, going to the same favorite restaurant on the same day, living in the same neighborhood forever and doing the same travelling trip over and over again. 

For some ladies, this can be comforting. If you’re craving safety, predictability, then this actually feels really comforting and lovely – like a special ritual. Taurus men love their rituals, and you can too! 

However, there may be times where you wish you could just shake him out of his comfort zone and make him try something new. Which leads us to the next point…

3. He Is The Most Stubborn Person Ever!

Taurus Man Most Stubborn Person Ever

One well-known fact of Taurus men is that they are intensely stubborn. Like a mountain, you can’t move them for anything at all – he has to decide in his own time what he wants to do! 

For many of us, this can feel like a bit of a deal-breaker. Unless you are someone who’s patient, and good at working him in at most sublet of ways. In this way, it can become a game, where you find his softer side and work on that. 

If you’re very patient, you may wear him down, slowly, over the years, until he finally comes over to your side. When he does, he’s committed for life, so that stubbornness can be a good thing too! 

Try and remember that the next time you’re tearing your hair our and wondering if you should leave him! 

4. He’s Prone To Overindulging

Uh-oh! Is your waistline getting a bit of extra padding there? It’s definitely his fault! One of the worst parts about dating a Taurus man is the fact that he pretty much never stops eating. His biggest pleasure in life is delicious food, and he does indulge – a lot! 

Whether it’s chocolate on a Friday night on the couch (remember, he loves his routines!) or a lush lunch at a fancy place, he will tend to go overboard. He might even drink a little bit too much, which for some ladies can be a bit off-putting. 

However, if you’re also someone who loves the physical pleasures of life, then this could be your perfect relationship! 

5. He Can Be Selfish With His Money

As much as the Taurus guy loves to indulge and have a nice house with pretty things, he does still tend to be a bit of a scrooge. It’s confusing, because at the same time, he’ll blow huge money at a restaurant, for example. 

But you’ll soon see that he grumbles about it. He hates using his hard-earned cash, but also hates living a life of no pleasure. He isn’t really the type to lavish you without some serious thought about it, which can be a little bit off putting for some of you! 

Put it this way – he’s not the generous type, and if he is, he will be grumpy about it! 

6. He’s Possessive

One of the words associated with the Zodiac sign of Taurus is “mine.” He loves owning things. whether it’s his house, his car, or his comfy and expensive sofa. 

This also translates to owning you, in case you were wondering! Once you are dating and properly in a relationship – you belong to him. You can’t flirt much anymore without stoking his jealous side. 

Most Taurus men don’t show this possessive side, but some do. And that can be a turn off for some woman, whereas for some of us, we like to feel as if our man owns us. Whatever floats your boat, ladies! 

7. He’s Overly Cautious

One of the most infuriating things about dating a Taurus guy is his intense cautiousness. He seldom ventures out of his comfort zone, and he takes forever to make any kind of decision. This can mean days and weeks of aiding around, needing to be patient. 

It does mean that he makes good decisions, most of the time, even if it’s annoying. You are one of those decisions, so once he makes up his mind, it’s for good. 

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8. He Avoids Emotions

Taurus men hate drama. And for him, emotions might mean exactly that – drama. Hence, he may not be that great at understanding your deeper feelings or even relating to you. At worst, he might avoid emotions entirely, even his own. 

However, he does make an excellent rock to lean on. He’s very calm, very patient, and very kind. He won’t be Mr. Empathetic, but he will be Mr. Anchor. It’s also nice to have someone around who doesn’t react to your every feeling, who can “hold space,” so to speak! 

And that’s it, ladies! What do you think? Do any of these traits ring true for you? What have you experienced when dating a Taurus man? What drives you absolutely crazy about him, and what do you think are his very worst qualities (and his best)? 

Please feel free to leave your comments in the box below – your stories are valuable to me, and I’d love to hear them! 

And find out more about this lovingly loyal Taurus man in my book, Taurus Man Secrets. You can check it out here.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

Anna Kovach

Hi, this is Anna Kovach. I am a professional Relationship Astrologer and author of dozens of bestselling books and programs. For over a decade I’ve been advising commitment-seeking women like you and helping them understand, attract and keep the man of their dreams using the astonishing power of astrology. Join over 250K subscribers on my newsletter or follow me on social media! Learn more about me and how I can help you here.

9 thoughts on “8 Worst Parts About Dating A Taurus Man

  1. yeah – thats the thing. If you’re an emotional intense person, taurus are boring AF! It drives me nuts over time. Its like being stuck in the mud – nothing moves. YAAAWN…On the other side they are SOLID ..

    1. Hi Sara Maria Nærbø!

      I see where you are coming from sweetheart. Taurus men are somewhat routine but thank goodness they aren’t all that way. There are some that have a Moon sign that brings in more excitement such as one of the fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). That shakes things up. Keep this in mind because you may come across a Taurus man that loves adventure and travel!

  2. I been seeing a Taurus men for almost two years. I’m a Taurus too. I’m so bored with this Taurus man, he never talk about nothing. We do the same thing over and over. He never tells me nothing about hisself. I don’t know what to think at first I thought he was living a double life. Because he always wanted to come over my house. And he never would invite me over. So he started inviting me over. So he’s not living a double life. So why is he so secretive? And don’t he Express his emotions? I’m thinking about running for the hills. What can you tell me about this?

    1. Hi Sharita!

      It must be difficult for you since you are Taurus as he is. The thing is, you’ve got to ask him questions otherwise he’s not going to bring up anything. It’s not so much secretive it’s rather that he figures that if you wanted to know then you would inquire. That’s how you get him to talk. You also have to offer up things from your side without him having to ask. Sharing is caring and would work for you two. If you need a reading though, you can book a VIP consultation with me. I wish you all the very best.

  3. My guy, of nearly 2 years is all of the above. *insert sad face*. I’m an intense and emotional Scorpio, so imagine my struggle. Don’t get me wrong, I love him like crazy…so much that it hurts sometimes (the scorpio way) and I can’t fathom a reason to leave him but dang! I’m so very bored with him. We are supposed to be celebrating his birthday this weekend. He is in bed, AT THE HOTEL, asleep! In two days we have been in bed most of the time, except to get my nails done and go to lunch. I have come to the conclusion that if I want to have fun with him, I will have to plan the outings and just tell him when to be ready. I’m so frustrated right now. :O(

    1. Hi Yuna!

      I think you need to actually talk to him about how you feel because if you don’t one or both of you will get very hurt. If you get more bored then you may end up leaving for that reason alone. Tell him that you’d like to start planning fun things together. Make some suggestions or ask him for some. Things can change but you both need to communicate to make it happen. I wish you all the very best!

  4. I know this Taurus Man for 1 year now. It started with living in 2 different cities, so we could catch up only every 2-4 weeks when he was in my city of work. It was all really nice and we had many great dates. When he finally started opening up to me about some personal issues he is going through I was really happy that we are on that point to have more deeper conversations. But that was also the moment when he startet to become suddenly more quiet and distant. I was very confused (till this point we were never intimate, bc I wanted to wait and he was really patient, we only cuddled and kissed a lot). I also tried to back down, bc I did not want to push him. The thing is we never communicated about what we are looking for, bc we also both knew that his time in my city will be over in a few months. I was already catching feelings, but I never showed him and told him. When he had his last week in my city we did not had a goodbye (I think he is also a person, that avoids situations where he has to show his emotions). Before we catched up some more times and also were intimate after 6 months of dating. Now 4 month later I m living in the same city like he is bc of work reasons and so an and he heard about it through someone and contacted me bc he wants so see me again. We watched up 2 times for dinner and a 1 time also more and it was all good, but I know that he is still looking around for other woman, so I really don’t know what to do. We were supposed to meet last week, but I cancelled. After our last date he seemed to be quite silent and passive and I also perceived some of his messages a bit cold. So I decided to write him a message, about how I feel (for the first time ever since we know each other) and also how I felt back then and that this friends with benefits situation (its how I feel about it I told him) is not good for me and I also suggested to talk in person when he is back from vacation (he will be in vacation soon). He was really surprised and agreed to a conversation and replied quite short. I really don’t know what his intentions are and if that is a typical Taurus Man behaviour. It feels like a roller coaster 🙁 Do u have any thoughts on it and maybe some advise for our first honest conversation?

  5. I am dating a Taurus now for only like 6 months. I’m a Pisces woman with a Taurus moon and boy are we opposite. I’m very traditional and so is he which is by far the best part. 21 years difference in our age but it doesn’t really seem as such. The biggest issue I’m having with him is I am very emotional and he is not. He doesn’t love me yet and that’s fine, but when I ask him how he feels about me he says he “has love for me” or he “cares deeply” and it kinda sucks. He has said “I love you back” but recants it by saying he’s growing to love me. I’m like which one is it dude??? I love him and I’ve expressed it but he’s moving sooooo precise, I’m sure the world will end before I ever hear it. Any time I try to express my feelings to him, he gets defensive and insists I’m trying to argue, no matter my tone or demeanor. He’s very stuck in his ways. Same restaurants, eats an omelette every single day for breakfast cooked the exact same way. I can almost guess what he’s having for dinner before he even knows, he’s so predictable. At first it was kind of cute going into his favorite spots where everyone knows him, but now it’s like please can we go somewhere else for Pete’s sake. I just don’t see our relationship going any further anytime soon. Sucks I really have fallen for him and I’ve invested fully. I see my future with him but I’m just not sure we are as balanced as I thought. I was thinking we were opposites attracting in a way but it has left a sour taste in my mouth. I can’t live my life in a boring loop with someone too stubborn to meet me half way at times. I’ll drive myself crazy even attempting. I’m not sure what to do…

    1. Dear Sallice,
      If a Taurus man falls in love instantly with a Pisces woman, he will wait before he tells her because he has to make sure that what he is feeling is genuine and not just a crush or lust.
      Naturally he’ll be extremely attracted to her without fully know the reason why. This is what causes him to second guess himself and try to take things slowly so he can fortify what he’s feeling. This is why he is not revealing his true feelings for you. You need to be patient and give him time.
      Listen to how he talks to you, wait to see if he introduces you to the people closest to him, and allow your intuition to guide you. It doesn’t matter if he likes his routine. Even better! This means he is used to having you around and being in his life. I hope all goes well for you both!

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