7 Reasons Why Taurus Men Stay Committed And Interested

by Anna-Kovach, relationship astrologer
What will keep a Taurus man committed is knowing his priorities and valuing them. An earth sign values honesty, dependability, and practicality.

You’ve got your Taurus man—now how can you keep him? Here’s an inside look at what makes a Taurus man feel safe in a relationship and what will keep him coming back.

When you find that perfect Taurus man, of course you want to keep him around! The first thing I tell clients who ask me how to do that is: you must know that he is very different than say a Leo or Sagittarius who need lots of fun, socializing, and new experiences to stay happy in a relationship.

A Taurus feels most comfortable with routine and predictability. We know he can take forever to make decisions, so it’s a big mistake to pester him about being spontaneous. You need to learn to love who he is and make him feel appreciated.

Part of making your relationship last is understanding the earth signs. What will keep a Taurus man committed is knowing his priorities and valuing them. An earth sign values honesty, dependability, and practicality.

What Keeps a Taurus Committed

Bulls like to know what to expect. They don’t like big surprises and constant changes. They love people who have follow-through and consistency—dependable people who show up on time, do what they say, and don’t make promises they can’t keep.

When a Taurus makes life decisions, he’s in it for the long haul. Don’t ask him to move cities, change jobs, or turn into someone different. Steady and stable is his game, so the more you can create that in your relationship, the longer its chances are of lasting. 

Think of Taurus celebrity Al Pacino. He didn’t play a huge variety of roles in his life. He found one type that worked for him and stuck with that and made a career out of it. Similarly, a Taurus man likes to find something he can do well and not stray off the course. If you pressure him to make big changes, he will likely feel uncomfortable in the relationship, and the romance can dwindle.

Taurus Needs Someone to Nurture

Reasons Why A Taurus Man Stays Committed

While you may not see it right when you first meet them, the deeper part of Bulls is that they are very nurturing. If you never let them help you, they won’t feel fulfilled. 

Don’t be too stubborn to ask for help, and don’t try to be the one with all the answers in your relationship. A Taurus needs to be needed to feel his best with you.

Know Why a Taurus Doesn’t Stay Committed

Nothing will scare a Taurus away quicker than you not being willing to stop and smell the roses. Because Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, he wants to enjoy life with you. 

If you become a workaholic and stop finding time for the simple pleasures in life, you will suck the life out of his desire! A Taurus loves to indulge, whether that’s in food, clothes, a nice home, or romantic intimacy.

If you keep making an effort to enjoy life with your Taurus man, he will feel like the flame is alive. If you go on autopilot and stop letting yourself enjoy the flavors and colors of life, he will start to feel like things are dying between you.

The Best Ways to Keep Your Taurus Man Committed

I created this list to help you when you start worrying about the future with your Taurus man. Read through it when you feel like things are getting shaky or if you are feeling unsure about what to do to keep him interested. These are time-tested astrological secrets, ladies!

  • They Appreciate When You Go the Extra Mile to Make Things Nice. This doesn’t have to mean grand gestures. This is about the little everyday things you do like bringing flowers into the house, baking homemade cookies, or decorating for a special occasion. Even a nice bottle of wine just because will help keep the romance alive.
  • They Love How You Insist on Relaxing Be someone who can slow down and just enjoy the moment. Notice what makes him feel at ease and try to bring that into your time together. Try jazz music, a favorite dessert, or perhaps a certain style of film that he loves.
  • They Are Addicted to Romance You don’t live in sweatpants unless they are bedazzled and super stylish. You are conscious of personal hygiene and enjoy making romantic gestures like a candlelit dinner, seeing a show, or rose petals on the bed. You keep the passion alive, and it keeps him feeling your love.
  • They Trust You Because You Have A Plan I can’t stress this enough. Don’t just live day by day or hour by hour. Structure your time for work and play and set goals. This will help him continue to fall for you as you stick to your plan, which shows that resilience and fortitude that he loves.
  • They Adore How Reliable You Are Year After Year. They will love you more when you show them that you follow through with plans, whether that means finishing what you start or really trying to find ways to make things work, he will keep falling for you when you make sure to keep your promises.
  • They Fall More in Love When You’re Stable Under Pressure. Let’s face it, some years are tougher than others. Anything can happen and create stress that can make us feel like picking up and fleeing to a remote island to live on the beach—but that is not going to keep your Taurus man around. When life gets tough, don’t make impulsive decisions or surprise him with major life changes. Keep his trust and love by keeping a level head.
  • They’ve Seen How You Continue to Show Up For Your Friends. He pays attention to how you treat other people. If you show the ones you love that you care for them and don’t forget about the important relationships in your life, he will continue to have eyes only for you.

Here’s an Example of What Works

I know a woman married to a Taurus. The couple has so much passion you would think they are newlyweds. They have a great sex life and really look forward to their time together—it always feels fresh.

So how do they keep the flame of passion alive between them? It’s all in the little details. Their home is gorgeous, like a work of art. They made their home a place that inspires love and romance.

They also have maintained their own passions through their work, friendships, and family. They take time to beautify themselves to keep the romance strong. They make an effort every day. Whether that means exercising, ironing out the wrinkles, putting on some fun accessories, or smelling extra nice, they go that extra mile.

The Really Good News About Taurus Men

Good News About The Taurus Man

Ladies, here’s the best part about dating a Bull: Taurus men are some of the best at staying in a long-term relationship. They like to have a life partner and are resistant to change.

If you’ve found yourself with men who fear commitment, a Taurus will make you feel loved and cherished. He does want commitment, and that’s one of the main traits of a Taurus man.

What If My Taurus Man Keeps Pulling Away?

We are not just our sun signs, ladies. We have an entire birth chart influencing our personality and behaviors, although the sun dictates our core characteristics.

If your Taurus man seems to want to be free and single, he may have other signs weighing on his psyche that make him a bit more of a hybrid.

If you look at his chart and see lots of earth signs, he’s likely to be good with commitment, whereas lots of fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) and air (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra) influences might make long-term commitment more difficult for him.

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My Final Words of Advice On Keeping Your Taurus Committed

Keep studying the traits of a Taurus and getting to know what makes him tick. Observe other Taurus men and notice similar values and habits. 

Talk to your friends about the Taurus men they know and read more about them. A Taurus can seem like a total enigma if you don’t understand the sign, which is why I wrote Taurus Man Secrets, my best-selling book. It will tell you everything you need to know and more about a Taurus man.

Find out whether you two are compatible with my compatibility calculator. Please share if you’ve put this advice into action and how it worked for you in the comments below.

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