Taurus Man & Sagittarius Woman: Can They Work?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Do you wonder if a relationship between a Taurus man and a Sagittarius woman can work? Here's all you need to know about this couple and their chances.

Are you an adventurous Sagittarius woman who is considering getting involved with a Taurus man? Perhaps you’ve got your eye on a certain Taurus that has entered your life? Whatever the case may be; this information may be useful for you.

At First Sight…

The Taurus man will be intrigued by the mysterious aura the Sagittarius woman gives off. She’s a marvel and typically quite lovely. He will want to get near her to find out more about her.

The great thing about Sagittarius women is that they’re not usually one to give all their secrets away easily or quickly. You may never truly know who she is at the core. She’ll always leave some mystery.

He will love that she is adventurous and loves the outdoors as much as he does if not more. Initially, her confidence and love for life will appeal to him. It will be a turn on. It’s refreshing for him and makes him smile.

She will be easy to listen to as she likes to talk about what she’s passionate about. Often times Sagittarius women are orators in whatever business they are involved in.

Sitting and having an intellectual conversation will not be a problem for the Sagittarius woman and thus appealing very much to the Taurus need for brain stimulation.

Getting To Her Core

couple in love kissing - What Does A Taurus Man Like About A Sagittarius Woman

The Taurus man LOVES the mystery Sagittarius inside her. However; if it causes a ripple in his need for routine, he may start to develop a dislike for how much he doesn’t know. It’s a catch 22 for this guy.

Taurus men crave stability and the Sagittarius woman may give him a run for his money. It’s not that Sagittarius women do not want to commit; it’s that they really have a deep appreciation for personal freedom.

He will appreciate the Sagittarius woman’s flirty side until it becomes diverted to other people. Sagittarius is a natural flirt and pretty much will flirt with anyone even if only friends or acquaintances.

It’s not that she wants to get together with everyone in a relationship. She just is a personable person and easily gets along well with others. Sagittarius woman has a natural ability to make other people feel good.

She, in turn, feels better about herself at the same time. So when she flirts; it’s typically a very harmless thing. Taurus will not see it like that and will assume she’s going to take it too far one day.

The Taurus man wants stability while the Sagittarius woman wants to feel understood and cared for. There is the middle ground between these two if they want to work at finding where it is.

Perhaps if Taurus can come out of his den to go do things with his Sagittarius woman; she would appreciate his need to stay home a little more. If they both give; they can both feel good about the possibility of a real relationship.

Fair Weathered Relationship?

While there is the possibility of a long-lasting love here; they have to look at every angle. They will both have to really work at trying to make this something they can both be happy with.

It may not be easy but it IS possible. The Taurus man will have a hard time expressing himself to his Sagittarius woman as he feels that maybe she won’t understand him.

The Sagittarius woman is afraid to fully be who she is when she’s with her Taurus man because she knows he isn’t as outgoing and adventurous as she is. Again, there are always exceptions.

Some Taurus men are actually Ok with going out of town sometimes and doing fun things. They may not want to go as much a Sagittarius does but there is a goal that can be achieved if the two can work on an agreement.

In bed, they can be quite hot under the covers. The Sagittarius would love to try new things and positions. The Taurus man is into it and is up for just about anything she’d like to do.

The both of them probably enjoy outdoor sex or nearly in public where they could get caught. Having sex while camping; isn’t uncommon for this couple. There is something about being outdoors that just turns the heat up a notch.

It’s unlikely that the two of them will have any problems when it comes to being with each other sexually. The Taurus man will love the fact that his Sagittarius woman comes up with some really creative scenarios to play out.

For this connection to be there though; the Sagittarius woman will have to be there for him more often. Not that she has to clip her wings but; she’ll need to take it down a notch if she truly loves him.

I cannot stress this enough; if they want it to work, they will have to work hard. It IS possible but it’s going to depend on what each of them truly wants. Otherwise, this relationship could fall by the wayside.

Further Down The Road…

Sad couple worried about home finances - What Does A Taurus Man Like About A Sagittarius Woman

Is it likely that a Taurus man and Sagittarius woman relationship can make it long term or even marriage? Yes! It would take a whole lot of compromise and effort to do it but it can be done.

The best thing they can both do is focus on their strengths and work on their weaknesses one at a time. By doing this they can be somewhat methodical which is good for Taurus.

Sagittarius can learn more about stability and not being quite so antsy to get up and go all the time. She can learn to be happy at home just as much as she is when she travels.

Taurus will have to learn to let his Sagittarius have her own free time and interaction with her friends. If he can give her this freedom; she will be true to him and give him the love he wants.

They CAN get there if they truly want it. The question then becomes; how much do they want it?

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Anna Kovach

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13 thoughts on “Taurus Man & Sagittarius Woman: Can They Work?

  1. I am a cancer women.. I have two Taurus men in my life. One is long distance and one just coming out a divorce. It’s so difficult with them. I’m confused. Their so distance.

    1. Hi Deneen!

      It sounds like you’ve got your hands full with unavailable men. One is at a distance and one is emotionally unavailable due to his divorce. You’re drawing in unavailable men because you’re not ready to have someone who is all yours and present. When you find that you ARE ready, you won’t want to be with unavailable men. Think about it. Focus on yourself and your life’s path. Things will fall into place much better for you.

  2. I’m also cancer woman who knows a taurus man who is also distant but pops up every now and a gain why??

    1. Hi Josie!

      He may be unclear about he feels or he remembers good memories about you so he checks in to see how things are going. He wants to know if you’re single or is testing himself to see what he feels and if he’s willing to commit. If he realizes he’s not or that something is missing, he disappears again. You have to put your foot down and say “are you coming in or going out? pick one”.

  3. I’m a saggittaurs women been in relationship with Taurus Guy 1and half years, I don’t understand him always fighting and blaming, if a Guy is in relationship and never afraid of doing any harm to her, he troubles and want to be in Relationship again with me oh my god, what is this, with whom he will be good which zodiac sign I don’t think he will be good with anyone,im confused

    1. Hi Pavi!

      I understand your confusion, I really do. Sagittarius can work with Taurus as long as they are open with each other. You have to be able to communicate without it leading to an argument. That means sitting down and approaching a problem with logic instead of emotion. He’ll be more willing to listen and give you feedback so that you can solve issues. If you cannot do this then yes, it will be likely to fail. Not all Taurus men are exactly the same either.

  4. I’m involved with a Tarius man despite what I’ve read on line and I’m a Sagittarius. Relationships are what you make it and we have a beautiful one physically, mentally and sizzling flaming hot sexually.

    1. Hi Len!

      That is fantastic! Thanks for chiming in and reminding people that relationships are definitely something chosen between two people. Communication has to be present. When it is, things can succeed no matter what sign the two people may be. It’s work and two people have to be willing to do the work. I’m happy for you!

  5. I’m a Sag woman dating Taurus the BS Bull!!! wow very materialistic, critical and stubborn is what I’ve experienced. He flips situations around because he cant handle the truth and would then become the VICTIM…omg obviously he’s not aware of the Sag fire sign woman that I have…NO TIME FOR THE BS…positive side bedroom thumbs up he makes sure I’m satisfied multiple, multiple, multiple, multiple times…did I say multiple…and takes his time that’s a plus…but I don’t like the now I’ve done for you, you do for me game tactics…I’m drawn to being romantic on my own terms, not making to be something I’m required to do or have to do…if you want a Sag woman to flee!! that would be the reason(s)..

    1. You are dead on! I’m a Sag & Was engaged to a Taurus man. He always told me that I didn’t talk enough for him but I’m a quiet & really laid back person & I don’t really require a lot of attention… him on the other hand can never get too much attention & that tit for tat, I did for you now you do for me attitude & always wanting me home with him craziness made me haul ass!!!

  6. I am a Sag woman and I seek out Taurus men. I’m just as compatible with a Taurus as a Leo (the two are my fave). I’ve never had bad sex with a Taurus. It’s always explosive and magical. I also find them so easy going, fun to talk to and calming to be around. I am less antsy around them and find them warm and affectionate in a way that’s nurturing and grounding. Only issue I’ve seen is jealousy with me being a flirt so I’m careful around them in that way.

    1. Hi Rebecca!

      I wonder if maybe your Mars in your birth chart is Taurus or an earth sign. If so then that would explain why you’re drawn to them. It would also be worth looking at your Moon as well as his. There are free websites you can plug in your info and his that will give you the moon signs so that you can figure out why you mesh well. I’m glad that the Taurus me you’ve encountered have been so lovely and passionate. Jealousy is typically a prob with them but not always. It really does depend on their secondary characteristics (moon & rising sign).

  7. Hi Renee!

    Yikes! It would seem that your Taurus guy is a narcissist. Not all Taurus men are this way. Some can easily fall into this mentality though if they aren’t careful. They have to keep their selves in check and they have to be called out when they’re doing things that are unsavory. Yes Sagittarius can bring it out but with Narcissists, it doesn’t work. With a normal Taurus man, it does. Trust me, my Taurus man is amazing and not at all a narcissist. It took time to cultivate the wonderful relationship we have but it was worth the work.

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