Taurus Man & Capricorn Woman: Is There A Lasting Bond?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Do you wonder what does a Taurus man like in a Capricorn woman? This information may be useful for you if you want to understand him better.

Are you a Capricorn lady who is interested in a Taurus man? Perhaps you’re already involved with one and wondering where it’s going. Here is some information that just may help you figure it all out.

What Does A Taurus Man Like In A Capricorn Woman?

When these two meet, they can tell that there is some magic happening between them almost instantly. There is an unspoken language that occurs with these two. The Taurus man can already tell that this woman will give him what he wants most.

What would that be? Well, he wants a domestic goddess type. The Capricorn woman fits this bill because she’s stable, secure, can hold her own, takes her work and life seriously, makes a terrific wife as well as a mother.

The Capricorn woman can do it all. She may not be the most emotional person but she is loyal and expresses her love in other ways. This is one of the matches that are actually quite lucrative.

It’s likely that these two will find their common interests something that will draw them into each other. The possibility for them to build a solid relationship appeals to them both.

The Taurus man can tell that the Capricorn’s no-nonsense attitude will be something he’ll appreciate for a long time to come. Now he’s into getting to know more.

Working On Solidarity

couple in love having spritz time with lake view - What Does a Taurus Man Like in a Capricorn Woman

These two are a really amazing match for each other. I already mentioned qualities that Taurus really likes about Capricorn. She’s just about everything he could ever wish for.

The problems they have may be from the Capricorn’s lack of ability to be emotional. She may not empathize with him very well or she may not be able to express herself in a way he gets.

This could be an obstacle for them if they aren’t careful with themselves or each other. She will have to take a step back and look at what she wants to say to him before she actually does say it.

The Taurus man will also need to try not to take what she says or doesn’t say to heart. He’s not normally super sensitive but he is more than she, so he could get hurt feelings at the hands of the Capricorn woman.

She sometimes delivers her thoughts and feelings in a very rigid or complicated way which can be confusing for her Taurus. Needless to say, communication is going to be a huge tool for the two of them to use.

To make things more solid for each other going forward, they will have to learn techniques of effective communication. They can learn this via lectures, webinars, or possible counseling if it’s necessary.

Zero Bedroom Problems

Hey, some great news here! These two typically get along very well in the bedroom. Capricorn is a kinky one. Although she isn’t emotional, she IS expressive when it comes to sex.

She’s a closet freak which means most people may not know that she likes doing naughty things. It’s not something she will typically share with the world. The Taurus man is up for trying most new things.

He isn’t her level of kink but he’s willing to give it a shot because he has some of the best and hottest sexual experiences of his life. Where other areas of their life may need work, the bedroom isn’t one of them.

These two may actually work out some of their problems courtesy of some passionate love play with sexual stimulation. This is Capricorn’s best way of expressing herself anyway.

They are satisfied with each other and the Taurus man will love that his Capricorn woman is so open and free in the bedroom. He will never want for a good time outside of her.

Lasting Bond?

Romantic couple having beautiful moments of happiness and joy in the autumn park - What Does a Taurus Man Like in a Capricorn Woman

Can these two actually have an amazing relationship outside of the bedroom? Yes! They absolutely can, because they have so much in common that the things they do not have in common are small in comparison.

These two zodiac signs are both the type to want to have the best of everything but they’re also cautious about their money. They work really hard and have no issue with doing multiple jobs if that’s what it takes.

If the Capricorn woman is a stay at home mom; she will take that very seriously. She will also likely try to find jobs she can do from home so she can still pull in some income.

The Taurus man will work hard to bring home the bacon. If he doesn’t there is likely something wrong with him that he will have to figure out, since most Taurus men are adamant about doing a good job.

When these two get together, they can actually go into business together if there is something they’re both interested in and feel they can profit from it. So there is that possibility also.

These two can work together well as a couple and as business partners. It just depends on whether or not they do find something they both want to do and decide to make business with it.

This is a dynamic duo type of couple. They can work through any problem they may have between each other by simply learning how to communicate. I know that may actually not seem that simple but given the alternative, but I’d say it’s worth it.

When they truly look at the relationship they realize that this is one of the best matches they’re going to have in their life. Unless they want to keep looking; it may just be easier to put the effort in and fix it.

They are both willing to work hard at their jobs and if the stop to think about it and they can do the same with their love relationship. They both have staying power and neither likes to surrender.

This is a highly evolved match and should be considered to be near perfection. It still will take effort and honesty but if they truly love each other, then they’ll figure it out.

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9 thoughts on “Taurus Man & Capricorn Woman: Is There A Lasting Bond?

  1. My taurus man says he loves me but he is saying that there is no chance for us to get married and when i ask why he just answers that one day he’ll tell me and i will understand that that very reason and now he suddenly broke up with me again .i dont know whether he truly loves me or was just playing with me plzz help i want him back too
    I m a capricorn woman

    1. Hi J.S!

      It sounds like he may have gotten cold feet. If he already told you there is no chance of ever getting married is because he’s already been burned by marriage OR he’s already got someone else in mind. There is also the possibility that he knew things were not working out with you from his side of things and is why he said that since he did turn around and break it off. I’m so sorry honey. He sounds pre-occupied and there isn’t much you can do to change that. It’s time to move forward and find someone who will give you the world.

  2. I’m Capricorn and he is a powerful Taurus that looks so weak and not masculine at first sight. I can’t explain in words how I feel being next to this man. I feel fully secured, so much sexually pleased, emotionally complete. He is the only man I can talk out about anything I have in my heart & brain, in my wild dreams and he seems to understand it so well and follow it. In bed I would say it’s the best match ever. I never been so open to any other man in sexual way and never felt so good as being strong woman. We understand each other without any long discussions and he is only type that can feel up all the sexual hidden desires of Capricorn woman. I am in my forties and had a lot of different experiences in my life and now I feel so complete with this guy. I got everything I wished to in bedroom for so many men for many long years after some point, gosh I am so thankful that there is at least one sign that can understand us at full and make us happy to maximum. He means a world to me at this time and it’s amazing to feel it!

    1. Hi Almurka!

      Thank you for writing in and sharing your experience. It sounds like you’ve figured out the right formula for being with your Taurus man. Congratulations on your success and I hope that it continues throughout the years.

  3. Hey guys, I really appreciate all those kind advices you give so i thought maybe you can help me…(sorry for mistakes, I’m from Germany so english is not my native language).

    So actually I am in the most wonderful relationship with my taurus man for about 1.5 years now and I really love him with all my heart and he says the same about me. But lately, for a few weeks now, he is somehow different to me. For example he doesnt’ text that often like he used to, he doesn’t take my hand in public anymore and kisses in public get rarer. Then he took it for granted that I pay for his coffee and drive him home and stuff…that are things he used to asked for in a very sweet way and “only if it is okay for you” and stuff…so sometimes these days I feel like I am nothing “special” for him anymore.
    Additionally I know that he is really stressed out right know because he started to do his masters but also has to work besides which seems to be exhausting for him…

    So the question now is: Is it only honeymoon which is over now…or do you think maybe it is because he’s so stressed out? Or do you think maybe he fell in love with an other women at uni? I am so confused and I can’t really sleep for days now…

    I also asked him and wanted to talk so I said ‘I have the feeling that something is different with you since a few weeks and you are somehow very thoughtful and sometimes absent. Can I do something for you? Is everything ok?’ First he didn’t really say anything but then he admitted that he is so concerned about uni and if he is good enough to make it and that he also wants enough time for us…

    Usually I really trust him but something makes me feel that this isn’t the whole truth…he also started to do a lot of sports like ging for a jog (because he said that is kind of an equalizer for him) and bought some new clothes…

    Maybe he just wants to make a good impression at uni because he just started and he also said in the beginnig that he is so exited to meet new people with the same interests because he used to be a ‘loner’ and was actually pretty clingy with me and always wanted to spend time only with me…so basically I dont know if he changed his behaviour because (1) he is so stressed out and doesnt want to burden me with his stress or (2) if the honeymoon phase is over now or (3) if he met a new girl (in a german panel a read that tauruses are supposed to be the most faithful zodiac signs but non of the 10 girls there had one who was really faithful and most of them got betrayed so this makes me somehow insecure)…

    Maybe it is also important to say that i will spend half a year abroad in 4 months and we probably won’t see each other in that time…maybe this also makes him insecure or anything?

    Oh and one last question: My taurus told me that I am the big love of his wife (when we were together half a year) and I believe that, but he also was somehow suspectible to look at other women, not in a noticeable way butI just registrated that…But I also heard that this is something Tauruses always do and that it is a habit you should not worry about to much…

    So guys, what do you think? I’m sorry for asking so many questions but I’m just so confused…we are both 23 and it’s my first “real” relationship. I really could imagine building my future with him so it is so important for me to understand and to support him…

    1. Hi Soraja!

      Thank you for writing in. I would agree that seems your guy is super stressed any doesn’t have any room for pressure. The best thing you can do is relax and let him talk to you when he can. He will eventually be in a place where things are calmer and he’ll get back to giving you better attention. Be patient with him and show him you are his rock.

  4. First of all we are met in a tution and then we make a good friendship! Then I fall in love with her…This story is from 2011 and still now she can’t telling me yes! But she always smile to me when we saw each other! But we are not talking each other from years…I wants to know that she is love me or not!!!! I am a Taurus boy wants to know about Capricorn girl

  5. Hi Aditya!

    Thank you for writing in as a Taurus man. The only way you’re going to find out the truth about your Capricorn lady is to point blank ask her how she feels and what she wants. If you keep communication open like this then you will never have to wonder what is going on with her. Get the answers you need by reaching out to her.

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