Why Married Taurus Men Cheat — And How to Prevent It

by Anna, relationship astrologer
Unfortunately, unexpected things can take place, so let's see why does a married Taurus man cheat and is there something you can do?

Usually, the Taurus men are the symbol of stability and safety when it comes to committed relationships and marriage. However, unexpected things can take place, so let’s see why does a married

Taurus man cheat and is there something you can do?

Is There Such a Thing as a “Natural Born Cheater”?

In an astrological sense – there is, of course. Any person with the tense aspects between Venus and Moon, Mercury, Uranus or Neptune in a natal chart can slip once or even more times if some risky situations appear, no matter how firm and noble his or her moral beliefs are.

Venus and Moon in oppositions or squares, describe someone who does one thing but loves another. So, he might adore nice and good women, but he will fall for naughty ladies without any exception. The same aspects between Venus and Mercury will indicate someone who will “trade” the love feelings.

For instance, he could be in love with one woman, but have side relationship from time to time, because it “pays him off” in some sense, he feels excited, more appreciated or just drawn to that other woman, so why not?

Uranus and Neptune are big players in the games of cheating because the affairs might appear and disappear suddenly like this is the case with the influence of Uranus. Or, the fraud is caused by some illusion, middle age crisis or desire for something more uplifting, like this, is the case with Neptune.

This might not happen often, but when it does, it can create scandals, ugly divorces and ruin the reputation.

What Does Marriage Mean for a Taurus Man?

Why Does A Married Taurus Man Cheat

The marriage is the form of safety for any Taurus guy. His house of marriage or the seventh house in horoscope belongs to the sign of Scorpio which is all about protection. This is not just physical protection, and it can also be related to the security of his ego, his values, and his inner emotions.

However, besides that kind of safety, Taurus and Scorpio houses are financial areas of any chart. And the material side of any relationship, a business partnership also falls in this category, is exceptionally important for any Taurus guy.

Men are “territorial” in general, but this is hugely emphasized in the mind of any Taurus man. His career, incomes, network, but most of all, his family and especially his wife, are all essential parts of his territory, his empire.

Destiny Produced Cheating

Yes, there are some situations which really can’t be prevented nor even seen in some cases. Things can happen, and if the natal charts show that the times of crisis will hit the marriage involving the third party, there are minimal chances that this can be eliminated on time. However, those situations are infrequent.

If you are facing this type of crisis in your marriage, before creating the disaster through the ugly divorce which can ruin you both in many ways, you can try to talk honestly or even better, to visit the marriage counselor.

Cheating is not such a big deal when it comes to men in general, because they usually don’t invest their emotions in that act. Odd as it may sound, men don’t give their hearts so quickly as they let their ego and hormones play from time to time.

Why Taurus men Cheat?

There are several reasons, but they all have the same foundation. Taurus man cheats when he doesn’t feel respected, appreciated or loved, and therefore protected emotionally enough. More than any other astrological sign, Taurus guy needs to be praised by his special woman so he could feel special too.

By the act of cheating, he proves to himself that he is sexually attractive, highly respected, adored or needed. And in this sense, be aware that most affairs don’t happen just like that, all of a sudden.

They start with the small signs of admiration and dedication, few compliments and before you know it, the fire of love is burning between your man and some other woman.

How to Prevent Taurus Man from Cheating

Why Does A Married Taurus Man Cheat

With all those principals stated above, now we can easily make the proper strategy to keep your Taurus man from even thinking of being unfaithful to you.

As said before, men are territorial, especially Taurus men. Having that in mind, you as his essential psychological territory, have to look and behave like a feminine woman.

This is not just about your physical appearance, although it can play a significant role too, but also your inner femininity and sensitivity.

Every Taurus man feels proud when he has a beautiful woman by his side, the one who is pleased to wear expensive clothes and jewelry, showing how she thrives in every way in her life provided by this mighty Taurus.

However, nothing excites him more than the fact that this beautiful woman is vulnerable, kind and sensitive flower who needs to be protected by him.

This is the eternal and most potent aphrodisiac for Taurus man.

The second important fact is food. We all know that food or material resources are fundamental ground for any Taurus guy. So, yes, you have to know how to cook and to do this in style also.


Finally, he needs the food for his ego, and this is why you have to learn to praise him each day for anything he does.

Affirming how much he means to you and your family, how much he sacrifices himself, how strong, smart, sexy or kind he is, you will nurture his ego first and his heart the second, and this will be the best safety lock on his heart which will keep him faithful for all times. 

>> Click here for more details on him.

What do you think? Why does a married Taurus man cheat?

Let me know in the comment section below.

Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

Anna Kovach

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17 thoughts on “Why Married Taurus Men Cheat — And How to Prevent It

  1. I am a scorpio widow, I was wrapped up in a shell so hard nothing could crack it, then one day a man invited me to break. For some reason, I trusted him. I was drawn to him with a magnetism I had never experienced. It’s like he cracked the shell and started to peel back the layers. I was exposed! Vulnerable. In a place I never thought I would want to be in. PANIC ATTACK…. where do I run? Where can I hide? Then one day he told me he was married. I was crushed! Where is my shell? Oh please someone…anyone…help me. God forgive me, I found myself not caring. In my mind, he was mine. I had 2 minutes alone with him. He held me, he kissed my neck. I ran….later that week I started thinking about how it felt when my husband touched me. I COULDNT REMEMBER HIS TOUCH!! I was with him for 23 years and i couldn’t remember how his touch felt. I felt so guilty. I was at break, someone started talking about someone who had died. I felt i was choking, i couldnt breathe. I ran back. Through myself in to work. I wanted to cry, but i couldnt remember how to cry. Just then, my Tauras walked up and asked if i was ok. I turned to him and said”i have this horrible guilt, I was with him for 23 years and I cant remember how it felt for him to touch me. I was with someone I hardly know and he touched me for two minutes and I cant forget it . I walked away. I didnt see him again for a few days, I dont know what’s going on. The guilt is gone. I feel closer to him than ever now that I said that to him. Please advise. I dont want to lose him.

    1. Hi Carol!

      Well if the guilt is present it’s telling you something isn’t right. If this Taurus guy is married, he’s not likely to leave his marriage for you or anyone else and if he did, he wouldn’t stay loyal to you later. Taurus men shouldn’t cheat for any reason but if they do, they break the trust with the person who trusted them most. When you think from his wife’s side of it, you wouldn’t want him to do it to you right? I know you care for him and it feels good but you deserve to be someone’s first choice, not their other choice. As to your departed husband, he doesn’t hold anything against you. They don’t do that on the other side. They let all that go once they cross through the light. Do what is right for you and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise sweetheart!

  2. Hi. I caught my Taurus man sexting a lady he knows nothing about. And while he was showing her naked pictures of himself
    I saw he was online. I asked him if he wanted sex
    He said he has to sleep he’s tired and ita 4 am. While he was texting me, he was ALSO texting her sending each other naughty pics. I know this because i saw everything
    That lady is a friend. I caught him in the act. So Anna , my question is that we really do love each other. He said he neve wants to lose me until death due us part. However. after this i cant believe ANYTHING he says. What is your advice? Do i try to save what we have or drop it like a hot potato??? Thank you so much. I respect your opinion.

    1. Hi Rachel C!

      That has to be a question you have to ask him. “Do you honestly still love me or should we just throw in the towel?”. Taurus men will stay committed but they seem to think that as long as they are doing their duty, they can sneak around on the side. Not all are like this. In fact, most are not. Some want to see what it’s like with someone else to make sure they have the right woman. It’s stupid. Give him an ultimatum so you can find out where his head is at but I’m guessing it’s in his arse. Tell him it’s unacceptable to have infidelity like this. If he still can’t get it together then drop him. If you need more Taurus help then check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

      1. Hi , i found out that my taurus guy i assume found his soulmate a virgo.and i give him time to think and decide…im feeling frustrated.its been going on for 4 years now.this taurus haven’t decide anything yet.he is still with me .but i have a feeling that he still not forgetting that virgowhat should i do.im feeling fed up and what to give up

  3. Hi there
    My Taurus man has a girlfriend before meeting me. And I didn’t know until I accepted to date him, we both talked about ourselves and then he told him the girl was misbehaving that she was not always there and that they talk nor see for 3 months. He said she is not coming back and he was sure of it. Months after we started dating he told me one day that she came back begging she still wants to be in his life. He accepted her back and told me that he wants to give her a second chance. I threatened to leave the relationship but he begged me to stay and he doesn’t want to loose me. Right now I’m confused and don’t know what to do. I need advice please.

    1. Hi Gem!

      He told you she’s misbehaving? Was she his girlfriend or daughter? That’s a red flag darling. Please do be careful. When a man talks like that, it means he’s dominant and perhaps controlling. No man should ever say his lady is misbehaving. It wreaks of father figure types. Giving her a second chance? What??!! this guy is playing with your heart if he’s begged you to stay while he’s with her. I think you should move on honey. Hands down. Save yourself for someone who makes you his one and only, not your plan B. Check out my books on Taurus men. It may help you going forward.

    2. After nine years with a Taurus and seven years of life as a couple, I, a Scorpio, found myself deeply invested, having a daughter from a previous marriage and a son with my Taurus partner. I held him in high regard, almost above myself. However, last month, I discovered that he had been unfaithful on a serial level, leading a double life, engaging with every woman I had ever suspected, while simultaneously gaslighting me. He even went so far as to introduce one of his girlfriends to me under the guise of friendship, gave away my belongings to another, and endangered both me and my daughter. Shockingly, I also learned of his recent six-month relationship with a woman who revealed that he had misled her, claiming he sought a wife and child and pleading for her hand in marriage. The revelation shattered me, leaving me in disbelief, as if trapped in a terrible dream. He had spent the past seven years ostensibly working overtime, only to be sleeping at various girlfriends’ homes, and had gone as far as to pilfer emails in search of women whose husbands were out of town. What’s most distressing is that he didn’t fit the profile of someone capable of such betrayal, and I had entrusted him with my very life. Beware of those with puppy-dog eyes; they are adept at deception and can maintain a facade for years, all while harboring a dark and destructive nature. They are the true embodiment of evil.

      1. Dear Ruth,
        I am sorry this happened to you, but this is not a typical Taurus man.
        Not all depends on his Sun sign. The rising sign, the Moon sign, and, of course, planetary placements play important roles as well.
        This gives us powerful insights, but the free will and the path someone has chosen to follow play an important part in one’s life.
        Be grateful for such a valuable lesson in life that looks can be deceiving.
        Best of luck to you!

  4. I was talking too my Taurus man yesterday, 1st off he wAs acting funny then all the sudden he cut our call , definitely he is with some1 how do I act when he calls me , I dnt want to start asking so many question because we just got back to our relationship, I dnt want to chase him away and at the same time I want him to feel guilty

    1. Hi Crystal!

      Wait a minute… you just got back together and yet you think he’s with someone else? If that’s the case then he should feel guilty honey. Are you alright with him being with you and someone else at the same time? What would you be chasing away? His bad behavior and inability to commit? Why would that be bad? You need to go ahead and confront you if you really care and want him to be only yours. It’s not wrong and not selfish to ask for that. If you lose him, that’s on him and he didn’t deserve you.

  5. Hi , i found out that my taurus guy i assume found his soulmate a virgo.and i give him time to think and decide…im feeling frustrated.its been going on for 4 years now.this taurus haven’t decide anything yet.he is still with me .but i have a feeling that he still not forgetting that virgowhat should i do.im feeling fed up and what to give up

    1. Hi An!

      Here’s what you do… walk away. Do a no contact thing for a bit and see where it goes. If he wants to be with you, he will come back around with apologies for having put you through this. If he doesn’t then he never was fully committed and well… you deserve better than that. Test him and then see what you want to do next based on his actions or lack thereof. I wish you all the luck of the universe!

  6. Every Taurus man I’ve ever met and or known has always been a cheater!! They are super sly and use their charm to make you think twice for even questioning them. Don’t fall for it. He’s more than likely cheating and or has at least a couple women on the side to keep him purposely distracted.

    1. Hi Katrina!

      I’m sorry to hear that. It sounds like there is something in you that is attracting the wrong guys. It might be worth it to find out what it is so that the pattern doesn’t keep happening to you. Find out what you need to change so you can draw the right one to you. You should have your chart looked at sweetheart. I truly wish you all the best!

  7. Hi I have a turus friend for 4 years. We been friends all that time. We both been married with someone else. But suddenly we start feelings for each other. He told me what is he feels like when he felt my feelings changed towards him. I know it isn’t right because we both married with someone else. But he wants to leave everything for me. But I don’t wants that because I know its not right. He’s been not happy with his wife for a very long time I know this because we are bestfriends for years so he share with me and we share everything with each others. He never try to touch me before just be like a friend for 3 and half year but sunddenly he felt somthing for me and start getting possessive about me. But now I don’t want to lose him because he is my only friend but can’t move on with him as well because I don’t want our relationship with our partners finish. He’s not happy with his wife but I’m okay with my husband. My husband never show his love to me but he show his care. My husband is not romantic at all but that turus guy attracts me because he very romantic. I’m so much stuck i don’t know what to do please reply back

    1. Dear Nel,
      I would not advise leaving your husband. Walking away from a marriage should be considered when there is a consistent lack of effort or willingness to address issues, an inability to compromise or adapt to the needs of the marriage, a pattern of emotional or physical abuse, or when the marriage becomes toxic and unhealthy with no signs of improvement.
      If this is not the case with you, but it is a case with your Taurus man’s marriage, then you should not be his safe haven. If your husband respects you and cares for you, you should not leave him. Don’t ever allow another man’s marriage to ruin yours. To me, it looks like your Taurus man uses you to switch from one relationship to another. Don’t ever settle for that. Best of luck to you!

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