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5 Questions to Ask When a Taurus Man Sends You Mixed Signals

Are you unsure if your Taurus man is still into you? Are you wondering whether the Taurus man in your life might want to take things to the next level? Here are five questions you can ask that will clear things up.

It’s no secret that a Taurus man can be hard to read—take celebrity Bull George Clooney, who is famously private about his personal life. Even though your Taurus man is a natural romantic, he also sometimes holds his feelings close to his heart. And that can be frustrating. 

How to Read a Taurus Man

If you really want to know what a Taurus man is thinking, you need to be specific when you ask him questions. Asking, “How do you feel?” will earn you an honest and literal response—likely nothing more than “tired” or “hungry.”  A Taurus is very literal and will often miss the subtle hints that you want to go out to dinner, or that you changed your hair, so you just have to ask him directly, “Do you like my new hair color?”  You’ll get extra brownie points with a Taurus for being upfront with him instead of acting standoffish or passive aggressive because you’re confused about the vibe he’s giving off. He thrives around people who don’t play games because he ultimately wants the security of a stable, committed relationship.

My Tips to Get the Clarity You Want

Clients often ask me how to read mixed signals from their Taurus man. Is their man happy with them? Does he want to start a committed relationship? Might he be ready to take the plunge into marriage? He may be spending lots of time with you but quickly changes the subject if you start talking about meeting the parents or moving in together. He may be taking some space from you or not calling so much, which doesn’t necessarily mean he’s not interested; he may just feel more comfortable and trust that you two are solid. In order to unlock the mystery and know where you stand, start with five specific questions that will help you clearly state what you want to know without beating around the bush.

  • Do you think you and I make a good match? This is a good question if you’re getting signals that he may be interested in you but you’re not sure. It’s also appropriate to ask once you’ve been hanging out for some time and want to know if he is warming up to the idea of being exclusive with you. It’s a direct question that addresses his feelings about your compatibility and not about if he is physically attracted to you, which is a separate thing in a man’s mind.
  • How much time do you ideally want to spend with your partner in a healthy relationship? This question can help clear up that awkwardness about how much time you should be spending together. Some people want to be together a lot, while others actually do better when they have equal alone time or time with friends. 

Being upfront about what you want and what he wants will help you reach that balance without all the mystery. Then you don’t have to worry about bothering him or being too clingy. Setting expectations around how much time you both want to spend together will remove that unwanted tension.

  • What types of activities do you look forward to doing together in a relationship? Sometimes a Taurus man will send mixed signals because he really doesn’t like going to the movies, concerts, and art galleries—but he’s doing it anyway. If you haven’t really asked him what he likes to do with his partner, you may just be pushing him into what you think couples should do. 

Each sign has its own unique preferences, and not all activities fit each person. He may be trying to please you but not really enjoying himself, so ask him what he likes and be sure to incorporate more of that. This builds open communication around how you spend your time together and encourages complete honesty.

  • What can I do to make you feel appreciated and cared for? Each sign likes to be cared for in their unique way, and offering the same affection or type of love you gave someone else may not be what gets a response from your Taurus man. Ask him what makes him feel special and you will know how to best express your affection.

If you feel like your Taurus man doesn’t like the usual things a Taurus is “supposed” to like, you may want to look into his Moon sign, which often reveals a person’s emotional needs. This is a great segue to ask what he likes in the bedroom, but for that, ask a more specific question like “What do you most enjoy during sex?”

  • Do you want a long-term relationship or something casual? There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking this question, and I wish more of my clients would be clear about this to avoid getting into relationships with people who want something different than they do. 

Definitely ask this before you get physically involved with someone or if you are wondering if their feelings have changed, which does happen sometimes. If your Taurus man is flirting with you like crazy and you don’t know how to read it, just ask him what he wants. If he doesn’t know yet, give him time to think and spare yourself heartbreak later. Do you see how these questions are very specific but don’t make accusations or frame your thoughts negatively? You never want to ask questions put him on the defensive. Don’t ask: “Do you not text me back because you don’t like me?” or “Do you not hold my hand because you’re trying to hide our relationship?”  You don’t want to pose a question assuming he has bad intentions or doesn’t like you because often there is a logical reason for what he’s doing. Approaching it from a neutral place will keep you from getting into a fight or offending him. 

2 Things to Keep in Mind About Taurus Men

Things To Keep In Mind About Taurus Man Taurus is an Earth sign, which means they like to have steady routines and thorough plans. If you’re cancelling at the last minute or behaving unpredictably, while this might not bother other signs, this can be a big turn-off for a Taurus and lead to mixed signals. This is why I tell my clients part of making love last is knowing what your Taurus man wants and needs.  Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, which is the planet of love and beauty. If you want to move forward with someone who seems interested but may be on the fence, wear something sexy and dress to impress because he enjoys when a woman engages in the dance of flirtation. He is drawn to beauty, and spending some time picking out a fun outfit instead of sweatpants might make him warm up! Read next: 7 Text Messages That Get a Taurus Man To Chase You Again

My Final Words of Advice

For anyone who is dating or considering dating a Taurus man, I have compiled the most important information about getting along with a Bull in my best-selling book Taurus Man Secrets. When you read it, you’ll unlock the ways to understand how your Taurus man thinks, what he wants, and the things to avoid doing if you want to keep him around.  We all want and deserve relationships that are fun and stable. The number-one thing you can do to make that happen is understand your man’s sign. I’ve laid out all the information you need in a simple, to-the-point format that skips over all the astrological jargon that would put you to sleep.  In my opinion, astrology should be helpful and accessible, which is what my clients say I do best when helping them sort out their love lives.  Please share your own Taurus story in the comment section or let me know if you’ve put this advice into action and how it worked for you! Is he right for you? To find your current compatibility score, use my calculator.

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