How To Turn A Taurus Man On: 4 Amazing Tips

by Anna-Kovach, relationship astrologer
I know that you’re dying to find out my best tips and tricks for turning on a Taurus man, so keep reading for my four best pieces of advice for keeping the Taurus man eternally turned on for you! 

If you’ve never been with a Taurus man before, then I know you’ve got some questions! You could be wondering: how do I turn on a Taurus man? What is he looking for from me in bed? How do I best provide what will make him go absolutely crazy in the bedroom? 

Luckily, I have been a Relationship Astrologer for a long time, and I know just what it takes to get a Taurus man to go absolutely WILD for you in the bedroom! I know of a few fail-proof ways to keep your Taurus man aroused for years to come.

I know that you’re dying to find out my best tips and tricks for turning on a Taurus man, so keep reading for my four best pieces of advice for keeping the Taurus man eternally turned on for you! 

How To Turn A Taurus Man On: 4 Amazing Tips

1. Make Your Bed A Sanctuary

Turn Ons For Taurus Man

The Taurus is associated most strongly with the second house of the Zodiac, the area of the chart that rules over material objects as well as money and fineries. You’ll notice that your Taurus man is particular about his objects… the brands that he buys, the types of items he prefers, and the quality of items he purchases are all on the forefront of his mind. 

This should clue you in to how important his physical surroundings are in ANY situation, including one where things could get sexy! One good way to sensibly upgrade your lovemaking area is to invest in some top-notch sheets and a killer mattress.

Some Egyptian cotton threads and a quality mattress is going to set up a great space for sexy time. You’ll find that your Taurus is much better able to relax on high quality material. You know that this means that he’s much more able to wind down into a more romantic mood. 

My advice is to keep the bedroom a classy space with nice, comfortable furnishings. This is going to fully prime the Taurus to get him in the mood. If you’re trying to turn a Taurus on polyester sheets then you’ll find the only thing coming up fast is a roadblock to fun times! 

2. Focus On His Neck And Mouth

Turn On For Taurus Man

Every sign of the Zodiac rules a body part or body parts. It’s always a good idea to show these spots some love if you want to be at an advantage at turning a sign on. With Taurus, you’ll be most successful at turning him on when you give attention to his neck.

Taurus ruling the neck means that any touch there is going to speak to a part of him that he can’t even put a finger on. He’ll be at attention to your every move when his neck area is being stimulated. This begs the question, what are the best things to do to a Taurus’ neck area to get him in the mood?

Kissing his neck is obvious! Soft, slow, sensual kisses will send shockwaves through all parts of his body. You should also think about giving his neck a squeeze every once in a while. Putting pressure on the sides of the neck while relaxing it on his windpipe is best. You can also flutter your eyelashes on his neck for gentle stimulation. 

Get creative, too. There are a lot of things that you can do to create a sensation of pleasure… consider what would work for the neck area and see if your Taurus is down! 

3. Woo Him With Great Food

Taurus Man Turn Ons Food

Taurus is the type of sign who enjoys gustatory pleasures, aka: he loves good food! Taurus is all about the joy of eating. Taurus is an extremely sensory sign who has incredibly attuned to pleasure of the body. A Taurus would almost rather go hungry than munch of food that doesn’t make him happy to eat. 

Taurus men will get very excited when they know that their partner can cook… he usually does all the cooking because his is the food he knows is up to snuff. If the Taurus appreciates your cooking, then show it off and cook him something wonderful right before you’d like to have a passionate tryst.

This is something that will prime his senses to receive ultimate pleasure. Sensory objects and food that stimulates him will make him start thinking about dessert… maybe you’re on the menu? He’s sure hoping so! 

Go all out and cook something luxurious that he’ll really like, or maybe try a copycat of his favorite restaurant. Whatever the case, you’ll find that he’s far more interested in good sex after he’s had a sample of what you can give to him. 

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4. Incorporate Sexy Lingerie

Remember what I said about a Taurus appreciating finery and nice objects? Well, a Taurus will not only appreciate the objects he has but he’ll have opinions about what you wear too. My advice? Make the best of this tendency that he has and put on something sexy in the bedroom.

Taurus is one sign that will love a woman who has a great sense of style in and out of the bedroom. My advice is to prime him by wearing an outfit that you know he loves to see you wear and then later on take off the outfit to reveal something deliciously sexy underneath. You might have to pick his jaw up off the floor, but it will be totally worth it for the reaction! 

You should consider some body-flattering lingerie in natural colors, since this is typically what Taurus likes best. Flashy isn’t his thing, so put the frou-frou bells and whistles away and stick to something classically stunning like a neutral toned garter and push up bra. 

Are you in a long-term relationship with a Taurus man? What do you do to keep the fire burning? How do you entice him in the bedroom? You have to share with us all in the comments below!  

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe, 

Anna Kovach

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