How To Make Up With A Taurus Man After A Fight

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
If your Taurus man is ignoring you after a fight, you have come to the right place. Here's how to make up with a Taurus man after a fight.

Hello, my lovelies! I am sure you have heard time and time again that Taurus men are incredibly stubborn, which is very true. This may have led you to question how to make up with a Taurus man after a fight.

A very valid question indeed, as Taurus men are relentless at holding grudges. This is probably why I get so many questions from my clients asking things such as “A Taurus man is ignoring me after a fight” and “Will a Taurus man come back to me after a fight?”

Luckily, I know Taurus men very well, seeing as my husband Frank happens to be a Taurus man. I definitely know all the tips and tricks about Taurus men and what they need, but especially how they operate after a fight.

So are you currently dealing with a mad Taurus man? Then you have definitely come to the right place. Keep on reading to find out all the ways to make up with a Taurus man after a fight.

Arguing With a Taurus Man Is Never Easy… But Will He Come Back After A Fight?

A Taurus man may be stubborn, and he can keep up the charade of ignoring you for a while. But this isn’t a man who loves easily, and when he does love, he tends to be very committed and loyal.

So even though it seems like all hope is lost and that your Taurus man will never speak to you ever again, this is unlikely to be true, as chances are very good that he actually really misses you. He just wants you to suffer a bit.

You just need to really apologize to him and show him that you are sincere in saying that you are sorry. He is soft and gentle, and he will eventually forgive you for whatever may have happened between the two of you.

Taurus Man Ignoring Me After A Fight, Should I Do The Same?

When you and your Taurus man have had a fight, it can be easy for both of you to want to ignore each other to see how things break first. Unless you are a Taurus woman, I can tell you with certainty that he can keep up the charade a lot longer than anyone else.

I think it is important that you apologize and say sorry for your part in the argument. But you may notice him being a little apprehensive about getting warm again, and that is okay; he is taking the time to process.

I wouldn’t say that ignoring him is the best approach; however, there is nothing wrong with stepping back once you have said your part and giving him the time to reflect on what happened and the space to move on from what happened.

How To Make Up With A Taurus Man After A Fight

The first step toward harmony with a Taurus man is, oddly enough, to accept that he’s a man who likes his peace and quiet, so fights can be quite tough for him. This is why it is difficult for him to forgive, as something has upset his harmony. However, he does like to be right, and this can make matters complicated.

One of the best ways to bring more harmony into your relationship is to patiently teach your Taurus man that arguing and ignoring each other is not the only way to communicate.

Accept that he will lose his temper; it takes a lot for him to lose his cool, so if he does, don’t lose yours, but do stand your ground. Lower your defenses, be calm, and wait for him to cool down. Remember, Taurus is very stubborn, and he can hold on to a grudge and be relentless in his quest to win the argument. You’re going to have to be tough.

Lastly, if any argument gets abusive in any way—physically or emotionally—know that you absolutely should not put up with it. There’s a line between argument and abuse, and you should never let him cross it.

Like the vast majority of Taurus men, he has a good heart. He wants to do his best for you, so help him overcome this obstacle in your relationship—and look at it as a learning opportunity for you, too.

Work on your communication and argument styles as well, and grow together. Your relationship is worth it!

How To Make A Taurus Man Feel Guilty For Ignoring You

A Taurus man has a really good heart, and the only reason he resorts to ignoring people is when he feels really hurt; it is the only way he thinks he can protect himself from this happening again. He wants to show you how badly you made him feel.

This is why I wouldn’t really suggest you actively try to make your Taurus man feel guilty for ignoring you, as this is just perpetuating the same cycle, and the two of you are just going to end up going in circles with each other.

All you should really be interested in doing once the fight has stopped is to apologize and try to move past what happened between the two of you. Don’t try to make him feel guilty; instead, take the approach of trying to understand why he does ignore people when things go pear-shaped in his relationships.

Your relationship should be about growth and learning to love and deal with each other in a healthy manner. Anything other than that is simply toxic.

FAQs On Arguing With A Taurus Man

Does No Contact With A Taurus Work?

Taurus men aren’t lotharios or casanovas; they can just be with almost anyone. These guys really take their time when it comes to love, and they don’t fall in love with every woman they meet.

When a Taurus man loves, he does so deeply, and the relationship will forever be etched in his heart. This is why I would say that a Taurus man will really struggle to forget about you. He will always be nostalgic about the relationship he had with you.

This means that the chances of him coming back to you are very high. A Taurus man would rather go back to love and relationships he knows and is comfortable with than be with someone new.

If he is used to you, then you were a part of his routine once upon a time, and this means that you are definitely significant to him. This is the type of man who struggles to let go, so a part of him will always hope that you will come back to him.

How To Make A Taurus Man Regret Ignoring You?

If you want to make a Taurus man regret ignoring you, then you simply need to focus on yourself and do all the fun things you do to make yourself happy. If he sees that you aren’t moping around missing him, then he’ll quickly start to regret his decision.

The Taurus man wants to be the center of your Universe because it makes him feel safe and secure in his relationships with people. So when that safety blanket seems to disappear, it can be a little difficult for him to cope with, and he will quickly realize he is being childish and immature. He’ll definitely regret ignoring you!

Will A Taurus Man Feel Bad For Hurting You?

Taurus men have sensitive and gentle souls. It is really important for them to be reliable, loyal, and dependable. So it can be pretty difficult for them to know that they may have hurt someone that they love and care about. It isn’t difficult for them to feel bad.

No More Sleepless Nights About Your Taurus Man

It can be SO painful to worry about how to make things work with a Taurus man who won’t commit.

I know. I’ve been there. I remember crying myself to sleep worried about whether my man would EVER commit to me.

And there were a TON of nights when I just couldn’t sleep at all. I lost hours of time from work and doing things I loved… All because I couldn’t figure out how to capture his heart…

How to get him to see what a catch I am… And to finally commit to me.

It made me feel incredibly insecure… And I’m an extremely confident woman. I’d never had a man not fall for me quickly. EVER.

But… I KNEW how good he was for me, so I didn’t want to give up.

All my friends kept telling me to just move on. They couldn’t see what I saw… That he was the most INCREDIBLE man I’d ever met.

How could I just give up on that???

I couldn’t!

And now, looking back, I’m SO grateful that I DIDN’T listen to my friends.

He is the most wonderful man I’ve ever met. And now we’re happily married.

But it wasn’t easy. 

It took a LOT of work.

I had to learn how to speak a different language… Taurus man’s love language <<

And it worked!! 

So if you are ready to sleep like a baby… Knowing your Taurus man is MADLY in love with you… And never feel anxious about him again…

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Anna Kovach

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23 thoughts on “How To Make Up With A Taurus Man After A Fight

  1. I’ve been dating a Taurus man for almost 2 years (I am a Taurus, as well). He finally made it official about 2 months ago and its been great.
    4 days ago through text, I mentioned I felt he needed to have boundaries with his ex wife, whom he still lives with (And 2 children). They live together because of financial difficulties. There is no structure and basically he schedule revolves around her.
    He became very upset and said he doesn’t follow the norms and does not like anyone dictating his interaction with am ex.
    The following day, I apologized. Not for my thinking, but because I should have kept my opinion about the situation to myself.
    He did not respond. I sent a message this morning saying I keep thinking about him and nothing.
    What should I do? How much time do i give him? Then what do I do?
    Please help

    1. So yes two years of dating seem way too long .He is Taurus so he should be able to make you his long time ago.You was right to tell how you felt about his living status with ex and anyone that’s smart and cares would say that anyways.
      I must say he will not change his living conditions as he is family man and whether he hates his wife or not he will sacrifice for the family.
      If he truly Ioves ,he would be willing to listen to your opinions and not get mad and shut off.That looks like red flag to me as he seem upset after you point out what you did not like.Taurus males like to run the show and if he puts you through not responding much he doesn’t seem to care that much .I am also in relationship with Taurus and I have been exclusive with him after 8 months of dating.He is divorced has 3 kids and full custody and we have been 2 years now and I never met his kids or parents.He tells me how much he loves me and so on but look I never met his kids after 2 years being his girlfriend.I find it odd that he would do this to me .

  2. Hi I have recently started dating a Taurus man that I honestly adore. For the first time since we’ve started dating we had a very heated argument. I was provoked by his alpha demeanor and rude way of speaking to me one day and I went off on him with some pretty harsh/ insulting words. He obviously was not ok with that and ever since then he has tried to make it a point to not see my feelings on the situation and just his. He is a very petty spiteful person and this is the one and only quality out of his MANY good ones that I despise. He knows he is super petty but makes excuses for it instead of acknowledging how it makes me feel. After our argument we made up, apologized and even went on a date that he suggested and had a great night. I thought we were making an effort but the following day he again started bringing up random things that I didn’t even know he was bothered by and creating tension between us. To make a long story short I decided to send him a lengthy note about how much I cared about him, how much I valued him and how minor/stupid this was and that I didn’t want to loose what we had because of this.i apologized multiple times as well for my part played in the situation. He responded saying that he read my message thinks I’m a good girl and needs to work on himself. He is now saying that he isn’t in the mental place to be in a relationship until he works on himself and that he isn’t ready. Being that I didn’t mention anything in my note about a relationship I was confused and asked him to clarify what he meant. I also was confused because before our argument he seemed wide open to the idea of being in a relationship if it ever went to that. He has since not responded to my messages. And he turned off his read receipts which he once had on. I am just so exhausted. I’m not a petty person and I’m very surprised that out of all the good we have this 1 thing can ruin it. I know he likes me he has expressed it multiple ways I just don’t know if I should consider this done or just give him space in hope of him giving me another chance.

    1. Hi Shay!

      It sounds like your guy felt things were getting too intense and he couldn’t handle it since he knows he needs to work on himself. That’s a very honest thing to tell you and yes, giving him time may be the key. He’s not really giving you much of a choice in the matter so all you can do is go along with it and maybe when he does get his head in a better place, he’ll come back around. You should focus on what makes you happy in the meantime instead of worrying about what you cannot control. Your life to a place where you’re bringing yourself much joy. There may still be a chance later so why worry now? You’ve got this!

  3. Hey,
    I’m seeing a Taurus guy, we’re friends and benefits for 1 and half years, and we had a huge argument the other day. He said he wants to break things off because of the hurtful stuff I said to him about him putting on weight etc. He said it’s been a constant cycle of us arguing and that he can no longer put up with it. He says the only reason he did put up with it is because he valued me and saw the good in me but now he can’t be around this bad energy. He deleted me of snapchat ( social media) and I messaged him and said sorry. He said he’s forgotten about it and that everything’s cool and that I’ve still got his number if I want to talk. When I try to message him now he forgets to reply, but I think he’s ignoring me. I said why are you ignoring me and he said he’s not ignoring me and that he forgot to reply, so I replied and it’s been 3 days and he hasn’t replied? He said he doesn’t like the way I just think of him as sex because it’s degrading and he doesn’t like me asking him for sex after we’ve argued. I don’t know if this is the ending ?? Is he ignoring me because he’s cut me off, or do I just need to give him time?

    1. Also he doesn’t like the fact that I view him as a player and that I think he has sex with everyone and he said that’s why he’s letting me go

    2. Hi Clarissa!

      Ok, Taurus men suck with texts messages. If he doesn’t reply, don’t freak out and say something about it. He feels pressured about it when you do and it makes him feel bad about himself. This will backfire on you and make him not want to talk to you at all anymore so be careful. Take sex off the table if he doesn’t feel comfortable about it. Tell him you’d like to start over and see where things lead. Get answer from him honey. Until you do, you won’t truly know what’s up with him. If you need more help, check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

  4. Hi Anna,

    I happen to be in a serious relationship with a Taurus man for 2 years now. I am an Aries so get to be impulsive and do things without much thought.

    We are having some serious fight and I honestly don’t know what to do. He is 30 years and I’m 24, this is my first real relationship.

    Last Nov, I happen to check his phone which I don’t usually do and have seen that he had some chat exchanges with a previous fling before us. She has been completing how beautiful she is, her eyes and requesting for them to meet.

    I approached him about it and I cried my heart out saying what happen and if I was not enough. He told me it was nothing, and he had to do it before because he was empty inside. He said he’s sorry about it and will never happen again.

    Things went smoothly, but then I went nuts and gotten to overthink things. I have felt that since he had done it once he can definitely do it again. What triggered is when he couldn’t manage to remember our anniversary so, I said things and requested for a break up.

    After a while, I knew it was a mistake to ask for it. So I said my sincerest sorry, and try my earnest effort to fix things but he just keep saying to give him time. He rarely reply to any of text or chats.

    I felt as if I am begging for update and attention so, I did what I had to do. Without any word, I block him off social media, and wishing that the no contact rule would work.

    I am really lost here, and I honestly don’t know if I am making the right choices. I wanted to give him time but I honestly don’t know long I can take.

    1. Hi Veronica!

      No contact rule doesn’t always work with Taurus men. Sometimes they think if you aren’t reaching out and giving them attention that you don’t like them or have moved on and so they just let go and move on themselves. You need to be 100% up front with what you want from him. Let him tell you if he wants that or not. If he doesn’t then you can let go and go forward. If he does want to be with you, he will find a way to make it work and drop anyone else he’s talking to. Find out more by reading my series “Taurus Man Secrets”.

      1. Anna – I don’t know of he is just really hurt or what but he no longer respond to my calls or chats. I’ve been giving him time to think but I am just lost as to what could he possible be thinking right now. He finally read and seen my chats in messenger,sadly I still don’t get any reply. Is this time for me to just move on? I am not just comfortable ending things without closure. I really love him so much.

      2. Hi Anna,

        I’ve been in a relationship with my Taurus for over 4 years now. We’ve had our ups and downs and are now at a place where we can both be real with each other, or so I thought. I’m a libra and one day, I was just being my usual self and was mimicking a cartoon character in a Voice mail I sent him and he responded with a request for me to voice mail him in my normal voice. I did and asked why all of the sudden he asked me to do that when I thought he enjoyed my fun side and he said he wants to be with a mature woman.

        This hurt me deeply as I am usually joking around and for a long time he’s told me he loves that about me. I texted him telling him how his statement really hurt me and he just ignored it. I texted again the same day explaining exactly why what he said hurt and still, he chose to ignore me. It’s now the next day and I would like to resolve the issue but with him ignoring me, it just feels worse like how I feel is not important enough to even acknowledge for him.

        1. Hi Sarah!

          Oh boy, I think he reacted to that because he was in a crabby mood. Wait until he’s in a better frame of mind and ask him if the voices really annoy him that much. If he still says yes then you’ll know but if he says no, he’ll likely tell you he was having a bad day. Try not to get too hurt honey. He probably thought you got overly emotional about it which annoyed him further. Give him a few days and ask him if you two can talk on the phone or in person. I don’t think that he’d throw it away after 4 years over something so silly. Simple miscommunication and pissy attitude on his part. If you need more insight, check out my books on Taurus Man Secrets. Blessings!

  5. I am very angry at my Taurus boyfriend. i lost my grandma and after that day, he called and gave me his condolences because he lives very far from me (we are in a kind of distance relationship). So, the next day, he never bothered to call me even though he knew i was in pain.

    Little did i know that he called my mom instead of calling me to check on me when he knew that the previous day, i was in Severe pain and sorrow..

    So, i called him after that day to check if he was actually ok and i found out he was perfectly fine.
    Since then, u refuse to call him, and i refuse to text him. On valentine’s day, he made a picture of i and him, his profile picture and i also posted him on my WhatsApp status. But still we weren’t talking to each other.

    It’s a week today and i he haven’t called me. And i have decided not to talk to him until he calls me.
    But today i logged on my WhatsApp and saw that he changed his profile picture to a picture of me even when he isn’t bothering to call me and ask how am doing..

    Note: he’s done this before.. and instead of apologizing, he will rather stay and i will be the one to call but back then, it lasted for just two days. This is the longest duration of i not talking with him.

    BTW we have been together for 1 yr as a couple but 4 years as friends and he 33 and i am 20.

    Now my question is;
    should i call him or not?
    If i call him won’t he make it a habit to not apologize whenever he is wrong?
    Is he sorry and doesn’t know how to apologize because of pride?

    Pls help me

    1. Hi Favourite 17!

      I think that the reason he didn’t reach out directly to you is because he knew that you were probably an emotional wreck due to your loss. He didn’t know what to say to you to comfort you and so he reached out to your mother instead. It was an indirect way of checking on you. If he hadn’t reached out to your mother then I’d say forget him but the fact is, he did. He does care. He just didn’t know what to say to you at that time. Now this other stuff with WhatsApp is puzzling. I would definitely call him and ask him why he hasn’t been reaching out for you. Maybe he thought you needed space due to your loss. Call him and find out what’s going on. I be he will apologize and explain. I wish you all the best of luck sweetheart!

  6. Hi Anna,
    I’m libra and I met a Taurus man 3 years back. He had 3 daughters and had issues with his wife. His wife was involved with one of his friends. They thought that they are divorced but haven’t disclosed this to their families and we’re living together. He approached me and was very very enthusiastic and eager to marry me. Being Afraid of my earlier experience I gave him cold shoulder most of the time but still he tried to stay with me. I agreed to marry him and he proposed me. He was afraid of his wife though. After that I kept asking him to tell when he is gonna marry me. His unclear response frustrates me and one day I disclosed his issue with his wife to his family in anger. Being annoyed he cut off with me. I tried to make him listen me but he completely shut down. I used to call him, visit his office often to reconcile. Eventually he agreed and without a promising future he agreed to reconcile with a condition that he will try his best. Almost a month he was again the same man happy caring eager but again I don’t know what happened I went his office where his wife had to come after sone minutes he burst at me with anger. Even though he met once afterwards but his behavior changed drastically. I went again to his office to ask him the reason but he became angry that I asked u to not to come to my office and rudely said that obviously I had to go to my wife and kids. On hearing this that his matter is settled with his wife I overreacted and tried to commit suicide on which he became very angry. I again went that evening to him and asked him to meet or else I will comit suicide. He sent his father and friend to talk to me. After that we haven’t contacted each other. His friend asked me to give him some space and told me that he is angry that I overreact at times and he can’t control me which might affect his children if he marry me. Please tell what should I do? I don’t know how to make him understand that when he increases distance between us I can’t tolerate this and become emotional. Please guide me and help me. I tried purchasing your book but in my country I can’t buy it online. Thanks

    1. Hi Desparate!

      You shouldn’t ever consider suicide as a tactic honey. That will freak any guy out not to mention family. NO man is worth suicide, trust me on this. You need to put yourself first instead of depending on someone else for your happiness. With that said, it sounds like you DO need to take a break and stop talking to him for awhile. Let him get himself together while you work on yourself at the same time. Don’t let your emotions be the end of you honey. Go talk to someone or try meditation to help you start working on healing so that you don’t feel so extreme. I wish you health and happiness all the days of your life sweetheart.

  7. Hi Anna
    I got into a huge misunderstanding with my Taurus man some weeks back
    The previous night the both of us were drunk his phone rang at mid night and I saw a text so I replied her saying am with my boyfriend… and I read few chats that popped up saying same thing these chats I deleted them on his phone
    The next morning I left his house and went home on getting home he called to tell me want I did that they made a screenshot and sent it to him he was not mad but was so cold on me and in the evening that same day he called me furiously and told me his cousin called and said I video called her and told her to leave my boyfriend alone… and truthfully I didn’t know when I did all that..
    He promised to go extra length until I pay for what I did and when I apologized told him I didn’t know when I did it that I was sorry… he said we would discuss the issue in two weeks time… it’s past two weeks now … I keep apologizing on WhatsApp and he doesn’t respond to it … call few days and he changed the sim on his phone I even had a friend help me apologize…the last apology I made he put the sim back on when I called I told him good morning he didn’t respond and then ended the call on me… I don’t know if I should still call him back…

  8. I am destroyed. Ending things with a Taurus is hell. We are both Taurean so it wasn’t easy. I was thinking to end it 3 months after dating because he didn’t walked his talk and he got a very different culture than I have which he follows strictly.
    So no good signs to start a relationship,but my venus in Aries and his venus in Aries probably both refused to give up.
    The relationship was heaven when it was good and absolute hell when not,and most of the time it was hell. It was a war. Very toxic war.
    I have lost my confidence and trust.
    I feel as if I’m never able to trust again.
    I had break ups with Scorpio and Gemini but nothing was as stressful and devastating as this.

    I can’t even find the right words.

    I feel defeated. As if he took my soul with him.

    He hasn’t been able,ever,to resolve things with me,he was punishing me with silence until i gave in,not knowing how unhappy it made me. But i did it go with it.My ego didn’t wanted to let go. Or my love for him. He was the first man i did truly love. Now he left me again to punish me or maybe it’s completely done,since he hates me now because I’m finally fighting back.
    He is like an iceberg now.
    He said things to me i never thought he would.
    Taurus sometimes hide everything until the last moment and then they tell you the truth about how they feel about you. I was wrong for believing he loved me truly. He said I’m his dream woman and he wanted to marry me. And now this. I’m not perfect either i did my part but i did it in the end when i was tired of doing it his way and him believing that he is always right and doesn’t need to apologize. He doesn’t see any fault in his actions. I think 4 years of a relationship it’s impossible that I’m the only bad one. I never used the silent treatment on him or threaten him to leave,i tried to be a good woman. Never again will I love anyone again I’m so sure about it. I’m deeply broken. I’m just happy if i can survive this.

    Since Taurus men also just do what they like and he only liked to stay home, food and sex and was jealous whenever I had a good time (i love sports and traveling) Somehow the fights always started at those moments.
    He was very very very selfish. And that was my point which I didn’t like about him at all. Even in bed he was selfish. Finished and turned over.I felt less of a woman and less of a human. He was criticising me daily. He teased me and said it’s only a joke and I’m sensitive. Whenever i fought back he then left the place and stayed over at his friends place,blocked my number and everything and said i need to understand I can’t treat him that way,not one word about how he treats me and how he made me feel.
    Having conversations were mostly about him(aries mercury too, I have taurus mercury) and his mars in taurus as well and my mars is in gemini. Me,Leo moon and his moon in gemini.
    I ask myself hard why i let him do this to me until nothings left of me anymore.
    One time,after a huge fight and weeks of him punishing me,he said to me outside that I’m walking as if my soul has left me,i said nothing but inside I agreed because doesn’t he understand what he’s doing to me? I will never understand how he can treat me so and then the moment he is ready for a good time he wants me to be all perfect again and act like nothing happened. Maybe I’m lucky he broke it off. It hurts a lot now because soon is his birthday and mine too and he wanted to marry me and i have my wedding dress already. Ugh….
    So taurus men,no. Calculative,cold,one way or highway,boring if he only likes couch and food, because he won’t change. This man,in 4 years he only joined me one time to the ocean after i begged him. And he made the moment as miserable as it could get. I think he never like me. I wish he had the balls to say it but he is giving me the silent treatment. Sorry for chaotic writing I’m feeling like a wreck now

  9. My first and his first love was the two of us at 14. We lived in separate towns and I broke his heart at 17.
    We reconnected so many years later. That’s a long grudge for a young relationship. Five years ago we met at a park after many, many years and he didn’t have to tell me, but he did, that he has loved me all these years. Doesn’t mean it has been easy. Taurus men build walls. moats and all their heartaches rest on you. I have spent the past 5 years nurturing his trust, with painful non responses, non verbal I love you’s, playing second to work, weeks and yes longer without hearing from him. Slow is not a LOUD enough word in the process of breaking through to a wounded and hard working Taurus man.
    I have seconded guessed my love and devotion to him many times, but only for a few minutes. It can be a lonely road, but if you really love someone after that many years you know you can’t let go.
    i have read so many of Anna’s books, posts and advice columns and yes, it has kept me going. It’s up to your dedication and it is not easy. There is hope, growth and understanding in her literature.
    We are in good space now. Honestly can call each other great friends, and that is trust. Love each other and that is trust.
    Trust is what creates stability and security for him and that girlfriend is the barrier that you have to break down and I can only wish you luck,

  10. Re: the ‘…sleepless nights…”section: your description of you sounds EXACTLY like me. I literally slept on the couch last night saying this exact same stuff to myself.

    The other points is the article sound like him too. BUT, I feel like I deserve to be upset sometimes too. I’m tired of always being the bigger person, cowering to his stubbornness just to keep our peace, not knowing for sure if he even likes me even though he comes home to me every night and does (eyeroll) make my life better and more fun.

    I’ve only said 5 words to him today – I counted. I’m ignoring him. I want him to understand the he hurt my feelings. But he probably won’t and his Taurus self will just wait patiently until I’m not mad anymore and start talking to him again.

    This drives me crazy.

    1. Dear Tami,

      Yes, you are right. He is probably waiting for you to reach out to him. Honesty is important. The more honest you are with him, the more chance he’ll give it another try. If he isn’t interested in doing so, he will probably tell you that he isn’t and will give you the reason why as well.
      Don’t be afraid to reach out and tell him exactly what you’re feeling. If you don’t take the risk then you may not win the rewards. Rewards come from when you’re willing to stick your neck out. Best of luck to you!

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