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My Taurus Man Is Ignoring Me After A Huge Fight. What To Do?

One of my lovely readers had a huge fight with a Taurus guy she recently started dating, so she decided to turn to me for help. Here’s how I helped her approach her Taurus guy again and make things right between them.


Hi Anna,

I’ve been seeing my Taurus man for about 4 months and last week I impulsively suggested we take a break from our relationship after hurtful words were exchanged between the both of us. I’m an Aries woman, so I tend to be quite feisty when arguing with people.

After a day of space and thinking everything through, I realized that taking a break was a mistake so I apologized and tried to reconcile. However, it seems that I’ve lost him forever because now he won’t even look at me. He even said that a break was a good idea.

To give a little more insight on our relationship, we work together. I’ve known him for over a year, but we started seeing each other romantically four months ago. He is three years older than me, divorced, and has a son with his ex-wife. I’ve never been married.

This is our first real “fight” and I’ve already made three attempts to show him that I am sorry and that I still care, but he has already closed himself off from me. I want to make things right and fix things between us, but I don’t know how. How should I approach him from now on?

Thank you!



Hi Catherine!

Thank you for writing in and sharing your story with me! It sounds like you wounded his pride in some way. Whatever words were exchanged prior to the suggestion of taking a break is probably the key to what really happened here.

Suggesting a break wouldn’t be a point of “ending it all”. If you think back to what was said, that was probably more telling than anything else.

Even once you wound a Taurus or make him angry, he will get past it. He won’t do it quickly, however. He has to process everything that happened, if you’ve apologized then he’ll have to SEE that you’re not going to hurt him again, and there has to be time between you two.

So since you suggested a break; he’s not expecting to handle it any other way right now. The best thing you can do is give him time and space so that he can calm down and think things over. If you try to push him; he may permanently close off.

Since you work together; you won’t completely be apart. Therefore he’s forced to think about it even when he doesn’t want to. This is good for you as he cannot just completely freeze you out.

Right now he’s trying his best to do that as he’s trying to hurt you for having hurt him. So the best you can do is apologize, explain your side and then let time elapse so that he can figure out his feelings. I know that isn’t easy but it’s the only thing you can really do. Give it time.

I hope this helps you, sweetheart. You’ll be in my thoughts! Click here for more details on him!

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12 thoughts on “My Taurus Man Is Ignoring Me After A Huge Fight. What To Do?

  1. I’ve been dating a Taurus man for almost 2 years (I am a Taurus, as well). He finally made it official about 2 months ago and its been great.
    4 days ago through text, I mentioned I felt he needed to have boundaries with his ex wife, whom he still lives with (And 2 children). They live together because of financial difficulties. There is no structure and basically he schedule revolves around her.
    He became very upset and said he doesn’t follow the norms and does not like anyone dictating his interaction with am ex.
    The following day, I apologized. Not for my thinking, but because I should have kept my opinion about the situation to myself.
    He did not respond. I sent a message this morning saying I keep thinking about him and nothing.
    What should I do? How much time do i give him? Then what do I do?
    Please help

    1. So yes two years of dating seem way too long .He is Taurus so he should be able to make you his long time ago.You was right to tell how you felt about his living status with ex and anyone that’s smart and cares would say that anyways.
      I must say he will not change his living conditions as he is family man and whether he hates his wife or not he will sacrifice for the family.
      If he truly Ioves ,he would be willing to listen to your opinions and not get mad and shut off.That looks like red flag to me as he seem upset after you point out what you did not like.Taurus males like to run the show and if he puts you through not responding much he doesn’t seem to care that much .I am also in relationship with Taurus and I have been exclusive with him after 8 months of dating.He is divorced has 3 kids and full custody and we have been 2 years now and I never met his kids or parents.He tells me how much he loves me and so on but look I never met his kids after 2 years being his girlfriend.I find it odd that he would do this to me .

  2. Hi I have recently started dating a Taurus man that I honestly adore. For the first time since we’ve started dating we had a very heated argument. I was provoked by his alpha demeanor and rude way of speaking to me one day and I went off on him with some pretty harsh/ insulting words. He obviously was not ok with that and ever since then he has tried to make it a point to not see my feelings on the situation and just his. He is a very petty spiteful person and this is the one and only quality out of his MANY good ones that I despise. He knows he is super petty but makes excuses for it instead of acknowledging how it makes me feel. After our argument we made up, apologized and even went on a date that he suggested and had a great night. I thought we were making an effort but the following day he again started bringing up random things that I didn’t even know he was bothered by and creating tension between us. To make a long story short I decided to send him a lengthy note about how much I cared about him, how much I valued him and how minor/stupid this was and that I didn’t want to loose what we had because of this.i apologized multiple times as well for my part played in the situation. He responded saying that he read my message thinks I’m a good girl and needs to work on himself. He is now saying that he isn’t in the mental place to be in a relationship until he works on himself and that he isn’t ready. Being that I didn’t mention anything in my note about a relationship I was confused and asked him to clarify what he meant. I also was confused because before our argument he seemed wide open to the idea of being in a relationship if it ever went to that. He has since not responded to my messages. And he turned off his read receipts which he once had on. I am just so exhausted. I’m not a petty person and I’m very surprised that out of all the good we have this 1 thing can ruin it. I know he likes me he has expressed it multiple ways I just don’t know if I should consider this done or just give him space in hope of him giving me another chance.

    1. Hi Shay!

      It sounds like your guy felt things were getting too intense and he couldn’t handle it since he knows he needs to work on himself. That’s a very honest thing to tell you and yes, giving him time may be the key. He’s not really giving you much of a choice in the matter so all you can do is go along with it and maybe when he does get his head in a better place, he’ll come back around. You should focus on what makes you happy in the meantime instead of worrying about what you cannot control. Your life to a place where you’re bringing yourself much joy. There may still be a chance later so why worry now? You’ve got this!

  3. Hey,
    I’m seeing a Taurus guy, we’re friends and benefits for 1 and half years, and we had a huge argument the other day. He said he wants to break things off because of the hurtful stuff I said to him about him putting on weight etc. He said it’s been a constant cycle of us arguing and that he can no longer put up with it. He says the only reason he did put up with it is because he valued me and saw the good in me but now he can’t be around this bad energy. He deleted me of snapchat ( social media) and I messaged him and said sorry. He said he’s forgotten about it and that everything’s cool and that I’ve still got his number if I want to talk. When I try to message him now he forgets to reply, but I think he’s ignoring me. I said why are you ignoring me and he said he’s not ignoring me and that he forgot to reply, so I replied and it’s been 3 days and he hasn’t replied? He said he doesn’t like the way I just think of him as sex because it’s degrading and he doesn’t like me asking him for sex after we’ve argued. I don’t know if this is the ending ?? Is he ignoring me because he’s cut me off, or do I just need to give him time?

    1. Also he doesn’t like the fact that I view him as a player and that I think he has sex with everyone and he said that’s why he’s letting me go

    2. Hi Clarissa!

      Ok, Taurus men suck with texts messages. If he doesn’t reply, don’t freak out and say something about it. He feels pressured about it when you do and it makes him feel bad about himself. This will backfire on you and make him not want to talk to you at all anymore so be careful. Take sex off the table if he doesn’t feel comfortable about it. Tell him you’d like to start over and see where things lead. Get answer from him honey. Until you do, you won’t truly know what’s up with him. If you need more help, check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

  4. Hi Anna,

    I happen to be in a serious relationship with a Taurus man for 2 years now. I am an Aries so get to be impulsive and do things without much thought.

    We are having some serious fight and I honestly don’t know what to do. He is 30 years and I’m 24, this is my first real relationship.

    Last Nov, I happen to check his phone which I don’t usually do and have seen that he had some chat exchanges with a previous fling before us. She has been completing how beautiful she is, her eyes and requesting for them to meet.

    I approached him about it and I cried my heart out saying what happen and if I was not enough. He told me it was nothing, and he had to do it before because he was empty inside. He said he’s sorry about it and will never happen again.

    Things went smoothly, but then I went nuts and gotten to overthink things. I have felt that since he had done it once he can definitely do it again. What triggered is when he couldn’t manage to remember our anniversary so, I said things and requested for a break up.

    After a while, I knew it was a mistake to ask for it. So I said my sincerest sorry, and try my earnest effort to fix things but he just keep saying to give him time. He rarely reply to any of text or chats.

    I felt as if I am begging for update and attention so, I did what I had to do. Without any word, I block him off social media, and wishing that the no contact rule would work.

    I am really lost here, and I honestly don’t know if I am making the right choices. I wanted to give him time but I honestly don’t know long I can take.

    1. Hi Veronica!

      No contact rule doesn’t always work with Taurus men. Sometimes they think if you aren’t reaching out and giving them attention that you don’t like them or have moved on and so they just let go and move on themselves. You need to be 100% up front with what you want from him. Let him tell you if he wants that or not. If he doesn’t then you can let go and go forward. If he does want to be with you, he will find a way to make it work and drop anyone else he’s talking to. Find out more by reading my series “Taurus Man Secrets”.

      1. Anna – I don’t know of he is just really hurt or what but he no longer respond to my calls or chats. I’ve been giving him time to think but I am just lost as to what could he possible be thinking right now. He finally read and seen my chats in messenger,sadly I still don’t get any reply. Is this time for me to just move on? I am not just comfortable ending things without closure. I really love him so much.

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