What To Gift A Taurus Man? 15 Best Gifts For A Taurus Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Amazing gift ideas a Taurus man will carry around and remind himself how much he loves you (gifts for a Taurus man that he'll never be able to forget.)

Looking for the perfect gift for your Taurus man isn’t always the easiest task. These guys are so multifaceted and like so many different things that it can be difficult to know what the best gifts for a Taurus man might be.

The Taurus man is born under a feminine earth sign which makes him strong and stubborn, fierce and gentle. Ruled by Venus, your Taurus man really appreciates luxuries of all kinds.

Any thoughtful gift that shows you understand his taste for the finer things is bound to be appreciated and make him feel loved.

The bottom line when shopping for a Taurus man is to spend more time thinking about what he needs than the money you spend on the actual gift. He is a sensitive soul who will appreciate the thoughtfulness behind the smallest gift if it was chosen especially for him.

I am here to help you with all your concerns and to get you just the best gift for a Taurus man. If you’re feeling stressed out and worried, don’t fret, just keep reading and I know you’ll find the perfect gift for your Taurus man.

Getting Your Taurus Man A Gift — How To Surprise Him

When giving a gift to a Taurus man, you need to be spontaneous. He loves being surprised and having an unexpected surprise happen in his life. This gives him life and excitement.

He is always looking for the most fun and exhilarating adventures. So if you can find a way to think outside the box to give him a gift, you’re definitely going to earn some points. Make a spectacle about it and make sure that he is the center of attention. He might pretend like he doesn’t like it, but secretly he loves knowing that the world is watching him.

Make up some elaborate story to have him come meet you somewhere; sound stressed and like you need his help. He loves a damsel in distress. And then, when he arrives, just tell him that you wanted to treat him to something special. Trust me, this works every time!

Do Taurus Men Like Getting Gifts?

A Taurus man is a materialistic sign like Leo or Libra. He definitely likes to be treated well and knows that someone cares about him enough to give him special attention.

Taurus men like to be the best. This is their firestarter in life and something that keeps them excited. They want to constantly feel like they have won a prize! 

When you treat a Taurus man with a gift, the gesture goes a very long way. It is more about the act than the actual content of the gift that makes a Taurus man happy.

So, Taurus men definitely enjoy gifts, but the thing that makes him feel most loved and desired is definitely strong words of affirmation. A Taurus man needs to know how special he is by often hearing how much you love, adore, and respect him. Taurus men have a very unique love language.

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What To Get A Taurus Man For His Birthday? 5 Birthday Gifts For Taurus Man

1. Home Cooked Meal And Nice Wine

Your Taurus man is a great appreciator of fine food and drink, so he’ll be thrilled if you make him dinner for his birthday. He’ll be just as charmed if you put on an apron, play his favorite music and cook him a special meal at home.

Spoil him with a luxury weekend on an organic wine farm where his earthy aesthetics will be charmed. He loves luxury and quality but this doesn’t mean he is swayed by status or expense, so go for quality and originality over quantity and expense and you cannot go wrong.

Whatever you decide to buy for him, go for the classics and not the trendy “designer” brands, as he loves any statement of enduring value. Anything that is made by an artisan, from beer to bread, will please him more than a mass produced item, no matter how expensive it is.

2. Artwork And Music Recording

If you know what kind of music your Taurus man likes, a collectible recording will thrill him to bits. If you don’t have much money then make him a personalized mixed-tape of songs you love and want to share with him. He will notice the effort and treasure your gift.

Also, other gift ideas for a Taurus man could include artworks or anything else he loves to collect will always go down well, but the danger here is misreading his taste. He will be too polite to say anything so if you want to play it safe, give him a gift voucher for any store that sells fine or handmade goods.

3. Spa Day To Make Him Feel Relaxed

As the sensual, demonstrative lover of the zodiac, a birthday gift for a Taurus man could include anything that smells delicious or feels luxurious. He loves being pampered and he delights in earthy luxuries so you cannot go wrong with a gourmet gift of fine wine, chocolate, cheese or any exotic delicacy he loves.

A Taurus will also love a plant as a gift, and an olive or lemon tree in a handsome ceramic pot will make your bull feel especially loved and understood. He will also be charmed with an outing to a day spa that overloads his senses with luxurious natural scents. 

4. Practical Gifts

It may not seem very romantic to you, but a Taurus man is a practical creature at heart and he loves any gift that acknowledges his practical drive to succeed. You may think these items are boring but a leather bound diary, a fine new wallet or a handmade belt, as well as a luxury pen, stylish briefcase or elegant umbrella will actually go down very well.

Your Taurus man is somebody who loves being comfortable and secure. He likes natural fabrics like silk, cashmere or wool. You can give him fine cotton sheets, a luxurious monogrammed bathrobe or a pair of sheepskin slippers. 

5. An Outdoor Gear

Most Taurus men enjoy spending time outdoors. They often go hiking, go climbing or do some other physical activity. This means that their clothes and gear are always getting worn out. When deciding to give him a present involving outdoor activities, you have to be careful to choose a high-quality gear in terms of performance and durability.

Be sure he will use it until it falls apart. Check out their hiking shoes, or their mountain bikes. If he is new to camping, consider something beginner-friendly.

If you can’t think of what to get, you can get him a camping hammock or a durable backpack. Alternatively, you can give him a voucher for his favorite sports store and pick something he likes. This is very much the equivalent of telling a child they can go ahead and buy any sweets they want. 

What To Get A Taurus Man For Valentine’s Day Or Anniversary?

6. Cookbook Or Chef’s Apron 

Taurus men enjoy cooking. Being ruled by Venus, the planet of love, Taurus men love to please! There is nothing more romantic than to be served a nice meal from your very own Taurus man. They love to experiment in the kitchen, trying new tastes and spices.

He would be delighted with this gift that can enhance his cooking skills and make him even more knowledgeable in the coolinary world and such a gift can get you off the hook in not having to cook yourself. Ladies, it is a win-win!

7. Restaurant Reservations 

If you choose not to give him a cookbook then it may be a good idea to make some reservations at a new place that you’ve been looking into but hadn’t gone yet. He would love to be taken out for Valentine’s day or as a gift for any other occasion really. 

Your thoughtfulness will be highly appreciated. He will know how much you care for him and understand his desires.

Taurus men are easy to love. There is no second guessing when it comes to Taurus men. You will know how he wants you to take care of him, so instructions will be included in the package.

He’s a very passionate and intense man, sensitive, and sensual, so you’ll need to show him the stability he craves. Taking him out for a meal might just get you there!

8. A Weekend Getaway

A Taurus man loves adventure. He is really into traveling and seeing the world. He loves lived experiences and would much rather do something than receive any old gift. 

If you really want to impress your Taurus man, then a good idea would plan a weekend away for him. Rent a cozy cabin in some scenic location and enjoy some peace and quiet with your Taurus man. Take a ride through the countryside or mountains. Make it an adventure.

It really doesn’t have to be something luxurious or abroad. Explore some places nearby, a couple of hours’ drive away from your location. Your Taurus man is gonna love this!

9. Selfcare Set Or A Grooming Kit

Although Taurus is symbolized by a masculine bull, this Venus-ruled feminine sign is all girls. The insecure, comfort-loving Taurus man is very aware of what people expect of him as a man, so he often hides his soft side under a macho, thick skin.

With this in mind, a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day would be products for maintaining his physical appearance, such as an electric shaver or razor, deodorant, trimmer, body wash, or soap.

If you buy a Taurus man a perfume or cologne that is something special and unique, he is definitely going to appreciate this. 

He is going to think of you when he smells it. And smell is a very powerful tool when it comes to memories. It can evoke different emotions, and this is exactly what we want!

10. Handmade Chocolate

This is a wonderful and thoughtful gift for any occasion. Choose some high-quality ingredients to make a perfect taste and your Tarus is going to adore you for this precious gift. He will know you’ve made an effort to give him something unique in which he will fully enjoy.

Presentation is the key, so use attractive packaging such as gift boxes or decorative tins, add a ribbon and a tag with a special note, a personal touch to thank him for being in your life.

A memorable and delicious handmade chocolate gift is something he will appreciate greatly as a gift for Valentine’s day.

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What To Gift A Taurus Man For Christmas — 5 Best Gift Ideas

11. A Stylish Watch

The Taurus man loves luxury, comfort and beauty. He wants classic and timeless things, so you can’t go wrong with giving him a watch for a Christmas gift. This is also a very fashionable and practical gift. It is also showing appreciation for fine craftsmanship. 

He’ll love it! It’ll remind him of you because giving a watch is your personal expression. It is a declaration that you are with him every second of the day.

Pay attention to the things he likes and you’ll be able to get something appropriate or a gift certificate for his favorite store.

12. A Great Book

Taurus man enjoys reading, so giving him something enjoyable is something he would like to receive as a gift. A non-fictional story to begin with, especially a book you consider worth reading for. This way he will be more acquainted with your interests and tastes.  

Furthermore, a great book would cheer him up when he is sad. Practically, you can’t miss it. If you give him a shirt, you might miss his size and you both may feel uncomfortable, but if you give him a book he can’t get hurt!

You can write a special message and add a personal touch. You can be sure that this gift will be treasured by your Taurus man.

13. PlayStation Or Other Gaming Toys

Taurus man is a kid at heart, and he loves nothing more than to play. He is into gaming consoles, games, handheld consoles, or other types of toys that adults can play with. I am sure you have realized that he is a man that likes to win.

Just as you have the opportunity to directly give him a digital game, you can also consider purchasing a subscription gaming service.

Some men still use their computers for gaming also so if you’re on a stricter budget, you can try getting him a computer game  that he would really enjoy. Just pay attention to what he already plays for a good idea. I’m sure you can figure out what he likes best.

14. A Gym Membership 

This is an amazing gift that could give him a kickstart on his fitness journey. If he has everything he needs concerning his favorite sports, then getting him a gym membership is a jackpot! Whether he’s tried it before or not, go out on a limb and get something you think he’d like.

This is you caring about his healthy habits, and this gesture will not go unnoticed.

You can consider giving him a two-month pass to a new gym in town or, depending on what’s available around you. While you’re at it, why don’t you join him? He will love having a partner who he can get hot and sweaty with!

15. Tool Box

Many Taurus men like to fix things around the house or at least want to have the tools for it in case he needs to.

So start building a tool collection such as hammers, safety goggles, pliers, earplugs, gloves, etc. If he already has a tool box, he can easily replace the one he has with the one you will get him. Afterall, practical tools and a necessity all men should have in their house.

If you aren’t sure what that may be, you can hit up a tool store and ask the people that work there. They’ll be happy to sell you a kit or help you put one together, especially for him.

Alternatively, you can think about buying him tools for his car. Taurus men love their cars and often do repair work on their own. That being said, you should find out what he has or doesn’t have and get it for him.

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    Then I will no longer contact him. I will wait.

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