Your Match: Taurus Man and Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Taurus man and Aquarius woman can have quite an interesting relationship. Here's all you need to know about your compatibility and how to bring him closer.

When you mix conservative Taurus and unconventional Aquarius, you get an oil and water situation. These two signs can co-exist but they struggle to form a deep or lasting bond.

Passionate but simple, a Taurus man loves staying home, and he needs security and comfort to thrive.  By contrast, the Aquarius woman lives more in her mind.

She values openness, and self-expression and she prefers long walks on windy beaches to cuddling on the sofa. Everything about how compatible are Taurus man and Aquarius woman is right here.

This may seem like a completely odd couple! And, you may be here because you have a lot of doubts about is behavior, Aquarius. I don’t blame you!

Of course, the sparks more than likely just flew around you when you first met. This is very normal and can often bring about a very intense, magnetic attraction. The passion between the two of you is absolutely undeniable!

The Taurus man personality

You probably already know that he’s very stable, very traditional and a pragmatic sort of man. He is pretty clear on what he wants out of life and he knows that he can get it.

What he wants, ultimately, is a wife, a home, and a family (though, he may act in ways that seem totally counter to that). The thing of it is, he wants a woman who will utterly dedicate her energy to that life with him. And, he will certainly take his time to figure out if that’s you.

Although earthy Taurus is symbolized by a masculine bull, this Venus-ruled feminine sign is all girl. Insecure, comfort-loving Taurus men are very aware of what people expect of them as men, so they often hide their soft, suspicious, girly side under a macho, thick skin.

A high-minded Aquarian woman needs to handle the selfish bull’s antics with consummate skill. The trick to bringing out the honest, loving and gentle nature of a Taurus man, is to treat him the way you would treat a fragile, female friend.

Shower him with compliments, reassure and appreciate him, without ever letting on that you see right through his bravado or think he is silly.

When the Taurus man feels loved and secure you have a patient, compassionate and loyal lover who will honor and adore his abstract, idealistic mate.

If he trusts his aloof Aquarius lover he will allow your wild winds to blow his cobwebs away. But, if he feels used, insulted or unappreciated, he can form a deep and complex grudge that will make your life hell.

The Aquarius woman personality

Aquarius Woman

On the other hand, you, as an Aquarius woman, are a bit less stodgy with things, usually. You enjoy your social life on your terms, you’re compassionate and you tend to really be kind of a people person.

Also, you might have either read something about Taurus men being commitment minded, or perhaps you just sensed that about him. So, it can be quite confusing when you think that it’s time to take the next step and he suddenly distances himself!

You might also be concerned because his possessive, jealous behavior can be very stifling and can hurt your feelings. His black and white thinking can sometimes be very hard for you to get your head around.

The idealistic Aquarian woman is a thoroughly modern soul who wants a better world and is able to use new technology and abstract ideas with ease.

You are not heartless or frigid. But, uncontrolled emotions and the non-intellectual demands of intimacy make you uncomfortable enough to get in the way of true love.

Fairness and freedom turn on your airy spirit. But, your tendency to value thought over feeling can appear strange, even fanatical, to a Taurus man.

Your natural allergy to selfishness is in conflict with his need for sensuality and comfort. You want to work through problems logically.This makes you seem cruel while his pragmatism strikes you as materialistic and old-fashioned.

If you stick around for long enough you can learn a lot by exploring the Taurus man’s traditional, touchy-feely world. But you will always struggle to respect his considered style of thinking. His possessiveness and illogical tantrums, when he feels ignored or disrespected, will have you running for the door.

How can their relationship work?

So what happens when a Fixed Air sign and a Fixed Earth start a relationship? Well, that’s what’s at play here. This is certainly a very big case of opposites attracting though. In that, it can be full of chemistry and the two of you can certainly complement each other very well. Unfortunately, you may idealize this a little bit more than he does. But, you can turn things around fairly easily if that’s the case.

When you’re together, the two of you are probably extremely loving and affectionate. The two of you are very sensitive to a partner’s needs and incredibly attentive. The way that you see things can certainly broaden his mind. But, it’s going to take some patience and understanding to get that to happen.

Celebrity Taurus man – Aquarius woman couples

Ryan O Neill and Farrah Fawcett

  • Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley
  • Harry and Bess Truman
  • Ryan O’Neill and Farrah Fawcett

Whatever you do, don’t push him!

You desire an incredible amount of transparency and this is not a bad thing, Aquarius. But, a Taurus man is very, very uncomfortable with exposing his innermost thoughts and feelings. Doing so makes him feel vulnerable. It makes him afraid. If you do come at him with an abundance of feeling early on he may run or build walls up pretty quickly.

You have to be very careful that you don’t allow yourself to throw so much emotion at him, early on. Allow yourself to enjoy the experience as it builds. You’ll find this works out a lot better than over the top declarations of your feelings.

It can be hard for you as an Aquarius woman because you’re all about letting people know just how you feel. The relationship with him thus far may be so intense.

How an Aquarius woman can learn to take it slow with a Taurus man

couple kissing outdoor

Of course, every relationship starts out so wonderfully. It’s easy for an Aquarius woman to get caught up in intense, romantic, butterflies in the stomach feelings with a Taurus man! Unfortunately, these new relationship vibes can dwindle pretty swiftly as things progress. Which, when things move too quickly can be a disaster!

It is very important to take a step back and really think on this one- before you push that Taurus guy away for good. That is why I always recommend my clients to first read my FREE guide called 30 dirty little secrets about Taurus man. It will definitely help you understand that Taurus man better and it can be your as well completely FREE. Just click HERE.

Taureans tend to take certain parts of a relationship very quickly: sex, romance, and fun stuff. Emotions, however, take a bit more time and if he feels as though you’re emotionally progressing too fast for his tastes: you may not hear a whole lot from him.

It is very easy and understandable, for an Aquarius woman to get excited and caught up in someone with similar interests, especially when you’re so attracted to them. However, it’s absolutely vital that you take things slowly on that front with a Taurus. This is your time and your attention and it’s worth having that returned.

For you, it’s essential to understand that while it’s wonderful and even intoxicating at times to have someone who has that kind of chemistry- there are other things that make a guy worth your time!

With a Taurus man, the best thing to think is that “The slower I go, the faster it’ll get to where I want it to be”. Things which seem too good to be true, usually are. That can be said for your Taurus fella as well.

Taurus men who are really ready for a relationship, who are mature and have some self-awareness tend to go slowly and they also tend to be VERY worth waiting for. Realistic expectations will get you a very long way with the pragmatic bull.

So, how can you ground yourself and take it as slowly as he needs?

1. Take the time for yourself

Often, making sure that you have some “me time” and engaging in healthy self-care will help you to feel a bit more confident about waiting. Also, it will help you in making sure someone else is treating the way you deserve to be treated.

If you find yourself in these intense relationships where you spend all your time together, only to burn out or have the relationship fall apart: this is often the problem.

Giving yourself time often helps you to be able to keep the relationship in perspective and will also help you to avoid any red flags that may come up.

2. Spend time with friends, double dating, and group dating

Being able to have him around your friends or loved ones is a great way to not only build trust but it helps you to see the way you two are as a couple. This allows for spending time together without the pressure of one on one dates, and it also helps foster a much stronger connection.

3. Honesty, always

For a Taurus man, playing hard to get is an almost instant dealbreaker, whereas pushing too hard is, too. You have to find the balance and being honest both with yourself and with him about what you’re looking for can help keep that balance going strong while the relationship actually develops.

4. Wait for the sex

Because Taurus men are naturally sexual and sensual men, sex is often confusing to their partners. They may seem to show their love by doing it. But, the truth is, while at some point that’s true: a Taurus man can amp up the chemistry with someone he cannot stand if the sex is good.

They’re a bit indulgent like that and often, this gets misread as “passionate love” when it’s simply “passionate sex”. You can, however, get to the passionate love part. But, you’ll need to hold off on the sex for a little while and grow the emotional bond, first.

5. Make sure you’re having fun together

Stop thinking so much about where it’s going and stop analyzing every little thing. Actively participate and engage, really experience the relationship as it builds. You’ll find that it grows much more quickly than taking everything so seriously, constantly.

Communication between an Aquarius Woman and a Taurus Man

Closeup side view of a couple looking at each other wrapped in blanket on beach

This one’s a bit trickier than other zodiac combinations. Often, you may find yourself feeling like you either need to be going at warp speed, or playing hard to get. Now, I mentioned already that hard to get is really no way to get a Taurus, but there’s more to it.

I know how hard it can be when you want to send another text on top of the ones you’ve sent- because he’s just not responding. There are, however, some ways that you can communicate with him that has a balance between the two- which he will respond to much better.

Three Steps To Talking With Taurus Men

1) Allow him some room to actually initiate conversations

Usually, you can find out within a couple of months how things are going to go in a relationship. These few weeks are the most important when it comes to learning to communicate with a Taurus man. Because you’ll find out pretty quickly if he’s in it for the long haul or just a long night.

If you have been sending him tons of messages- well, when does he have the chance to even try to impress you? He doesn’t have to work for your attention because you’re already giving him so much of it. These men are notorious for becoming spoiled and lazy- especially when it comes to emotional things, so this is best to be avoided.

2) Touch base when it’s actually relevant

I think we all have this tendency to want to send the occasional cutesy text message or try to make plans with someone we’re dating- but there’s a fine line here. If you take a step back and question your motivations for reaching out, it will help.

But, if he’s already reached out or you two have been on a couple of great dates that he set up, it’s probably okay to go ahead and try to set up a date on your own with him.

If you knew he had some things going on that he was worried about, so you check in to see how it all shook out, again, that’s nice. However, if you’re trying to get his attention and he just hasn’t responded: you should wait. Pushing will only make you look far, far too aggressive.

3) Use your instincts

There is a difference between your instinct and your insecurities. You’ll figure it out relatively fast if he’s actually into being with you. Because, while they are well known for being out of touch so they can figure things out, Taurus men won’t leave you twisting in your own insecurity. They’re not in touch at all if they’re interested, particularly early on.

Aquarius woman and Taurus man – The biggest issue

One of the biggest issues with an Aquarius woman and a Taurus man is that you two really do have a lot of differences. You may want very different things out of life- but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

You do, however, experience your emotions in very different ways, your family lives tend to be different and your approaches to how you spend money may not be quite the same. Though you disagree on quite a bit, though- compromise and understanding can change quite a bit in terms of how this works out.

You tend to be a lot more independent than he actually is- he will tend to be more traditionalist, and likely a bit conservative about things. He also probably won’t be all that confrontational but you, well, if something bothers you, you tend to have very little trouble broaching that subject.

Additionally, you may have a tendency towards playing things by ear and your Taurus man simply doesn’t like going there. He likes to have a plan and he likes to know what he’s doing. His way of doing things can get a bit boring and stale to you at times. This is something to understand and work within balance.

Though from an astrological standpoint, this is a very unlikely pairing. That does not mean it cannot work at all. As a matter of fact, quite the contrary. If both of you are very deeply in love with one another and both of you are invested in making things work, it certainly can. It helps a lot to understand where he’s coming from. It will help him to understand where you are coming from as well.

Candid image of young couple smiling in a coffee shop

Finding ways to communicate better is key. Sometimes, it can seem like you two speak completely different languages! He may really harp on something for a long time which baffles you a bit. If you pull away during this, he may actually get angry about that. Using the tips above can help. But also bear in mind the way the two of you communicate differs and the way you feel about things does as well really is the key, here.

Because of your unique astrological makeup, you tend to be intrigued by Taurus’s almost mysterious nature. Because he seems as that deep pool where what you see is just a taste of what you actually get. He can be someone that you are drawn to only to find out that, no, what you see is pretty much what you get, for the most part.

You will find out quickly, however, that doesn’t apply to his emotions. The Taurus man can be one of the most repressed, pent-up types of people around. And, well, there are very few signs more capable of uncorking that genie than you, Aquarius! However, you want to be very careful in terms of how you coax out his emotions and take your time with it.

The best way is to employ that open mind of yours and make sure that you are showing what you want to see: in a balance. If you just continue to give, give, give, he will continue to take, take, take.

Again, it’s that sort of inherent gluttony they have. But, he may not mean to behave so selfishly. If you approach the subject with sensitivity and gentleness, he will work to change that pattern of behavior. Be patient with him as he does. He’s been locked into that pattern for a while, possibly his entire life. Because they also tend to get stuck in these ruts even when they know they’re hurting themselves with them.

It can seem to an Aquarius woman that the harder you work to get through, the more they try to avoid you. They are getting defensive, maybe invalidating your concerns or they just don’t even talk at all!

I know that all you really want for him to do is to hear what you’re saying- and respond. However, you may find that he just shuts down whenever you try. So, you go on and maybe you push more, you try to get through harder. Maybe you even get louder and more intense as your passion rises up and you get frustrated. But…the more you do this, the more he seems to block you off.

The best first step is to calm down. Taurus man does not respond well to dramatic expressions of anything, really. They shut down and yes, that can hurt and make it even worse. But, to him, this is a very scary approach and this is why it doesn’t work. It intimidates him and he doesn’t like to feel like that. So, BAM! Brick wall.

It is often hard for him to approach people who seem to be over the top. It’s even harder still for him to feel comfortable opening up when things are expressed this way. Instead, try appealing to something deeper and go BENEATH your anger with what you express.

Deeply connect with what is under your anger- which is usually fear or hurt feelings. When you are able to express being lonely, rather than being mad that he’s out of touch. When you’re able to express feeling hurt because he’s done something insensitive, you have a much, much better chance of him actually responding.

You can overcome differences in taste and thinking, but you may never “get” one another. He simply won’t respect your need for time alone, and you will never understand his need for constant reassurance.

If he pushes for a commitment too early or either of you tries to make the other change, things could get ugly. Your different approaches to ethics, emotion and conflict resolution make for a nasty, prolonged and difficult break-up that could leave both of you traumatized.

To conclude…

Attractive young couple lovely walking in the city and looking each other

Both earthy Taurus and airy Aquarius prize loyalty and seek a meaningful life. But, you are both fixed signs so neither is likely to compromise or change for the sake of harmony. When conflict arises it can be like a punishing, gritty dust storm that leaves a barren romantic landscape behind.

This relationship can work but hard work is needed by both partners for any chance of success. The Taurus man will have to overcome his inclination to jealousy and give his Aquarian woman both privacy and space. You will have to overcome your irritation at his pragmatic mindset and meet his need for physical closeness with affectionate gestures that make him feel appreciated and safe.

A Taurus man and Aquarius woman can have a wonderful, healthy friendship or business partnership if you agree to disagree. A marriage could work very well as long as it’s based on practical issues of cooperation and not romance alone.

Inject intimacy and love into the equation and the differences you find attractive become fundamental disagreements that make you both miserable and bring out the worst in both of you.

This is a really interesting combination for all of those who think that opposites DO attract!

Who am I and how can I help you better understand your Taurus man?

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Using astrology to figure someone out is not a new concept. In fact, it’s one of the most common ways of better understanding someone from the jump. Of course, you can’t look into a whole lot beneath the surface using just a Sun or Zodiac sign.

Examining the full birth charts of any given person or couple will help to see all the strengths and weaknesses that a person or partnership has. This can help to determine the most likely outcome of a number of different situations.

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