Taurus Man And Leo Woman Breakup

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you a Leo woman about to face a break up with a Taurus man? Maybe you want to initiate a split? Everything about Taurus man and Leo woman breakup.

Are you a Leo woman about to face a break up with a Taurus man? Maybe you want to initiate a split? Here are some things you may want to know about this possible break up.

Mulling it over…

The Leo woman and Taurus man is not the best match to start with. They have the capability to work on it but they’d both have to bend to extents that neither are comfortable with.

They are both strong willed and ego driven. The Leo woman will want to be the dominant one which will set Taurus off balance. This isn’t a good feeling for the Taurus man at all.

He wants to be the man and not the other way around. He also likes having a nice routine which could become very boring for the Leo woman. She wants to be more spontaneous and fancy free.

The Leo woman wants to feel excitement in her life while the Taurus is happy to remain on track and heading forward.

This match can actually work but it would take a whole lot of putting in time, patience, and working it through. Whether or not the Leo woman or Taurus man is able to do this; it will not be easy.

Both of these signs are fixed which means neither of them likes to change for anyone. That also means they aren’t very flexible when it comes to getting along with their partner.

These two are very dominant and probably do not understand each other very well which makes for a good bit of friction in the not so fun way.  At first the Leo woman will try to be playful but her Taurus man will not see it that way.

He will see it as her being aggressive and trying to take control. The Taurus man will not like this at all. It will make him thrust his chest outward to remind her who wears the pants in the relationship.

Getting on with it

Couple at cafe during lunch - Taurus Man And Leo Woman Breakup

There is no easy way for these two to break it off. They very likely will be upfront and verbally offensive. If they’ve reached the point of no return, the Leo lady will swipe at the Taurus man and he will respond with his horns.

These two have no way to find tenderness once they’ve decided to possibly part ways. The Leo woman will most likely be the one that takes control in the break up as well. She will realize he’s not for her and want to move on.

She will break it off and when she does, she’ll do it in what she believes is a graceful way but the Taurus man will take it badly. He may lash out and say some things that are not very nice.

Finding friendship afterward isn’t likely with these two. Taurus will see the break up as a failure and will likely blame her for it. He’s good at pointing the finger as to why it happened at all.

The Leo woman will see that she deserves more passion and excitement in life thus easily letting go of the bull. She knows that it wasn’t meant to be and isn’t the best match.

Still if they ever did get along, they will harbor feelings for one another for the rest of their lives even if they can’t admit it. This is one they will keep under wraps for the rest of their days.

Life Challenges…

The Leo woman and Taurus man break up will likely not be an easy one. It will rattle them both and trying to do it the nice way will probably not work. As such, these two may carry some baggage.

Whatever they went through together will be something they will both have to work on after they have parted ways. Leo’s pride may be a little wounded if the Taurus broke it off with her.

The Taurus man will feel like a victim if the Leo woman broke it off with him. So either way you look at it, there will be some damage that comes from a break with these two.

They can work past this of course but it will take time. Taurus will take time to re-collect himself and will figure out what he wants going forward. Leo woman will take time to lick her wounds before she takes another step.

It’s very unlikely that these two would ever reunite in a relationship. They had a hard relationship and a hard break up which causes them both to leave each other in the dust.

The memories will always remain but the desire to be around each other will fade with time. Neither will want to go backwards and try again.

The Bottom Line

Leo woman looking away and a boy going away at the background - Taurus Man And Leo Woman Breakup

In all honesty this isn’t the best match and can be quite difficult to deal with. It can also be brutal if a break up occurs. However, there is ALWAYS a light at the end of the tunnel.

There are the rare few that can learn in advance what they’re partner may be like in order to work around it. If the Leo woman can learn all about what a Taurus man could be, how he may react, and what he expects; she can learn to figure out compromises.

In fact, by taking the time to truly get to understand the Taurus man, the Leo woman could very much learn how he wishes to be treated and could live happily ever after.

If she understands how he can be inflexible at times but be quite loving and stable when she needs him; they could explore a long lasting love that could endure through the hard times.

It’s not all doom and gloom. There are always exceptions to the rules when it comes to love; especially if the moon signs are better fitting for one another. There are different facets that can play out very differently.

Not all Taurus men are the same and not all Leo women are the same. Keep that in mind when you’re seeking out a partner. Love can happen anywhere.

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16 thoughts on “Taurus Man And Leo Woman Breakup

  1. having trust issues with my taurus man. i think we might call it quits. i don’t know how to trust after he slept with somone last year and our wedding was called of… i have tried my best to overcome it but i found that he had another phone and wouldnt let me see in it… why cant he just tell me the truth so i can go? so frustrating hes denying it…. i love this man and i know he loves me but i feel so hurt and just well…. done. I am leo.. i have let him take the lead in everything.. sigh.. help?

    1. I have trust issues with my man too. He was flirting with girls through the internet with his other facebook account and when I found out and almost left him he asked for another chance and right now I know he’s trying his best to regain my trust but we, lioness, will never forget.

    2. My Taurus man cheat on me and I got really upset and told him it’s over,but I really love him do you think I must give him a call?

      1. Hi Shackira!

        Unless you know for sure that he will not cheat on you then that might not be a gamble you should take. You’d have to make him prove to you that he can be trusted. Otherwise you may end up getting hurt again. Take your time and make him work for it if you do decide to let him come back. Be careful!

  2. Them Taurus don’t have a good rep lmao My now ex boyfriend said he loved me would show me adoration and i would do the same in return he started on and off ghosting me i assumed he was busy with school and work but no he was flirting getting high , drunk . His friend told me about what he had been doing on campus . He stood me up at an important event then i broke things off.. he wanted a friendship so i tried but he ended out kissing me the day we hung out after a while i told him stop and he continued i told him about my concerns that i don’t trust him our relationship would be long distance now i ended out taking him back after him convincing me otherwise. He broke it off this’s time saying he needed to find himself that he missed being able to cuddle me, hug me and we should take a break a week later he was saying i should wait for him and even down the road he asked for a third chance. I told him about how i didn’t necessarily think it was healthy for me anymore and how i do love him. Gave me space told me he loved me and when i told him i still was hesitating because i was hurt he fucked this girl and now they are dating. I gave him money , my time, my love, basically he even told me he messed up i was a good friend and girlfriend to him and repeatedly told me he fucked up. Just don’t bother most Taurus Ik have cheated on their spouse

    1. Hi Pizza! Thank you for sharing your difficult experience with Taurus. In your case, I think you may have been dealing with an immature Taurus guy. When they mature they do not act like this typically. An adult Taurus man doesn’t seek out other women when he’s 100% committed to someone. When he does, it’s because in his mind he isn’t 100% committed and that makes it totally different for him. I’m not saying it’s right but I think you encountered an immature one that didn’t know what he wanted and isn’t fully ready to commit to someone. He’s irresponsible and needs to grow up. Don’t write off all Taurus men because of this immature dude. Check out all the good things about the mature Taurus man by reading my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

  3. I’m dealing with a Taurus man that is very inconsistent and stubborn. He is very closed in and don’t show his feelings towards me . I am very confused because we have great talks and great sex . But I feel like emotionally he is not there like I need him . Even though he initially started this relationship, I feel like I hold it together. I see him put in a little effort but just enough so I’ll stay .

    1. Hi Niya!

      Inconsistent and stubborn. Yes those are negative sides to a Taurus man. You’re going to have to give him some more time for him to open up to you. He has to feel totally comfortable and at ease with the relationship. You can try asking him for more too. Don’t give up yet! If you need more information about Taurus man, please check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

      1. I’m a double Leo with Taurus rising , my Taurean husband of nearly 20 years with an aries moon and pisces rising is mean, selfish and penny pinching , he uses money to try to control me , cutting what he pays into the house repeatedly, everything is about money with him , even begrudging what our dog costs, it has not been a happy marriage and now on it’s knees , I know the divorce will be a battle over finances, I will try to hang onto the house I have lived in for 35 years , my saving grace is our beautiful 18 year old daughter.

        1. Hi Vicki!

          The mixture of what your husband is, yes… he’s bound to be the way you described. He’s also probably very susceptible to insult. In other words, he takes things personally. Now… something else… he sounds like a Narcissist. They tend to blame the other person for everything, try to control them, and try to basically snuff out their soul so that they are empty shells he can do his bidding with. It’s a good thing you two are getting a divorce. I am very sorry to hear you’ve gone through this experience. Please take care of yourself and maybe get some help for PTSD from having been with a Narcissist for so many years. I wish you all the very best sweetheart.

  4. Am dating a Taurus man,am Leo,he is caring and honest,all you need is to be submissive and let him know you love him by been committed

    1. Hi Victoria!

      Submissive is good but so is being open and honest. Communication is very important and so many women don’t understand that when Taurus confuses them, they need to ask about it and be a little assertive where that’s concerned so they get what they want. If you need more information about Taurus man, please check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

  5. I am a taurus woman, who currently has broken it off with her leo boyfriend. It was exactly what the article called it to be a “bad break up”. Granted we are both in our early 20’s and have barely experienced life. He is a undergrad in college and I am in my first year of grad school. We kept making mistakes on one another but stayed together because the love was so strong there but this final time we decided that we can not keep continuing the toxic cycle without change. I have hope that it is just right person, wrong timing. He still wants to be close and be friends because in his eyes he feels that once school is over next year, we can truly try to focus on one another but I have been asking myself if this is the right thing to do? I can’t seem to cut him off completely, and he can’t seem to do the same with me. We still do converse, and we just set boundaries with one another this time around so we can try to navigate a healthy relationship without falling into old patterns and hindering each other’s growth. I truly love him and just want some advice on how i should continue to approach this situation ????

    1. Dear Daisy,
      Leo men and Taurus women can be a great match, and there are lots of areas where you can really connect! Yes, your stubbornness can be your downfall, but your enduring love for each other overcomes this quality.
      Make romance the foundation of your relationship, as well as physical affection and commitment, and you’ll find that your relationship really can stand the test of time!
      If you have decided to take a break, that is OK as well. You are too young to commit to one another, and if he really loves you, he will make an effort to be with you.
      Let him show you he cares and take baby steps to build a strong foundation, because, truly, this is an amazing match!
      Best of luck!

  6. I am a Leo woman who was with a Taurus man who treated me like crap , you a good woman but not good enough for me, always talking about my kids and grand kids nothing good to say. Or I’m tired of you and your big mouth. Not forgetting that he cheated and I was there for him when he had nothing his house caught on fire still there doing stuff that a person should help him in so many ways but none. I broke it off bc I was tired of being his sucker . When his grand daughter came over I was not allowed at his house. I don’t want that drunk back at all. Happy and relieved .

    1. Dear Happy times,

      I am so proud of you for ending your relationship with such an abusive man!
      You need to appreciate and love yourself so much to the point that your energy rejects anyone who doesn’t know your worth.
      Always remember, you deserve to be loved and respected.
      I truly believe that there is someone else out there who will be everything you ever hoped for.
      Sending Love to you!

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