Your Match: Taurus Man and Pisces Woman Love Compatibility

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
If you're a Pisces woman interested in a Taurus man, here's all you need to know about how your signs are compatible and how you can bring him closer.

Mystical, moody Pisces and practical, calm Taurus make one of the best long-term love matches in the Zodiac.

The Taurus man’s practical materialism may be off-putting to the ethereal Pisces soul at first, but Taurus is the bedrock that can keep Pisces from drifting out to sea on a tide of fantasy and indecision.

How can a Pisces woman get it together with a Taurus man?

You are both essentially easy going and harmony loving people, which can make the relationship a very good one. He may find your gentle nature to be a good thing and in return, you probably feel like there’s a stability in him that appeals a great deal.

But, for the Pisces woman dating a Taurus man, it can be a little difficult when it comes to getting the relationship going. Why is it, that two signs which are reputed to be so perfect for one another, have a hard time?

Your Taurus man really likes to keep things simple whereas you’re just a bit more complex than that. He’s actually less of a mystery than you might imagine.

But, he wants to see some concrete evidence of the things he’s after actually panning out. You’re a bit more abstract than that and may seem to feel more than he does at times. He’s not one for vagueness, yet, sometimes, you just don’t know how to explain the things that you feel.

The two of you are actually complementary signs, which is an excellent thing. You’re very sensitive, creative and tend more towards being emotional, sympathetic.

He’s also very sensitive and creative at times, and he can be a very understanding person. So, you’d think that this pairing would have all smooth sailing. But, sometimes, it just doesn’t work out that way.

Why don’t the Pisces woman and the Taurus Man connect well?

Attractive young couple lovely walking in the city and looking each other

Actually, they do. The problem is certainly not in the connection or the chemistry. Both things I am sure you have noticed you two seem to do very well. It comes in how those things are expressed.

To you, at times, he may seem downright emotionally lazy. Whereas, to him, you may seem to take some things far, far, too seriously. Funny part is, you’ve also probably heard him say that to you a time or two, as well: “Why do you take everything so seriously?!”

It’s definitely an interesting blend and the number of things you two have in common, is probably much more than you think.

Taurus man

A Taurus man can be an attentive and devoted partner when he finds a receptive and appreciative Pisces mate. In the nurturing fluid space of a healing love affair, the conservative bull is capable of great tenderness and magical flights of fancy. He may pretend to be a macho man, but surround him with scented candles and fine natural fabrics, and his softness is revealed.

Your sensitivity can bring out the kindest aspects of your Taurus man, but he has a dark side, so nip his destructive aspects in the bud, or your dream lover could become the controlling, jealous and manipulative bully you dread.

Shower Taurus with love and affection and he will turn on his charm and protect you from the harsh world outside. You, in turn, help him freely express his deep emotions and give him that sense of usefulness and higher purpose he craves. Together you can form a solid bond that allows you both to thrive.

Pisces woman

Ruled by Neptune, the sign of Pisces presides over a fluid, magical realm of dreams and nightmares. Others find you hard to pin down but you are primarily motivated by love. When you find a safe refuge to express your caring self, you transform from a wishy-washy shadow into a creative powerhouse.

Your fluidity and complexity, as well as your wide-ranging esoteric beliefs, can make a Taurus man doubt your intellectual capacity. Even so, he’ll be entranced by the mystery and wonder you add to his mundane routine.

Your ability to see all points of view and imagine all outcomes makes it hard for you chose a path or stick with it, but you can rely on your intuition to know for sure when you find the love of your life.

You are a romantic sensualist at heart, and a Taurus man can feed your amorous ambitions, giving you a safe space to explore the sacred sexual experience you seek.

The only danger for you in the bullring is that you could end up being dominated and controlled. If you give in completely to your stubborn Taurus man, you may innocently encourage his dark jealous side, which could end up suffocating you and your shared love.

Taurus men and conflict, Pisces women and conflict

Pisces zodiac sign

Here is where the problem emerges- now, you may think that not wanting any conflict, wanting to keep things peaceful and harmonious is an excellent thing: and it can be.

The problem happens when both partners do not want to rock the boat so much. If you avoid the problems or the discussions of where things are going- well, it can often seem that things just do not go anywhere at all or that problems just stick around!

This can often lead to a great deal of confusion and resentment that can be avoided. The first, and most important thing both partners need to do: learn to address issues as they come up.

6 tips to help a Pisces woman get things on track with her Taurus man

1. You have to define the problem and the solution to it

When we are upset, it’s fairly easy for an argument to go off the rails and go all over the place. With a Taurus man, though: he likes solving problems, but more than that- he likes things to be simple. Clearly defining the problem is the first step and it is such an important one.

However, when a Pisces woman gets upset, there are often all sorts of variables that can cloud the actual issue. Say he’s your long-term partner and he’s out buying new golf clubs each week.

This bothers you, but why? Is it because he’s spending money and not telling you about it? Or is it because he spends way, way too much time out at the golf course which leaves you feeling you’re not doing things together?

Figure out why whatever it is that upsets you- clearly why, not just in vague, general terms. From there, you’re going to need to do more than let him know what bothers you. Tell him what you want directly yet on positive terms.

Be specific. If the thing that bothers you is that he isn’t being considerate of the budget, ask if he’d perhaps limit his purchases to once per month.

If it’s because he isn’t spending time with you, ask directly if you can have a couple of days out of the month just for the two of you- and make sure you specify which days.

2. Make the time to talk to each other

There are good times to talk to a Taurus man and there are bad times to talk to him. When you’re out for drinks- not a great time. When he’s just come home from work? Also, not a great time. Not on your way to run errands or otherwise.

You need to choose a time when you can both be open to listening to what the other has to say. For instance, after you’ve said what the problem is and what you’re solution would be, you should ask if the two of you can sit down to talk it out later- and then, book it like an appointment. “Can we talk about this maybe on Monday night?”

3. How to have the discussion

Of course, the first thing you need to do when you have the discussion is to again, outline the problem- but also, try a more positive approach to expressing your perspective on it. “I realize that I probably flipped out a little about your new golf clubs, but, I realized that this made me think about..” and so on- of course, your issue may not be golf clubs, but, whatever the problem with your Taurus man is, you can approach it this way and he’ll be more inclined to listen.

The great thing about this approach is it sets the stage for you to work with “I” statements rather than “you”- which will help him to not feel on the defensive. If the entire conversation is all “you” statements, ala: “You always spend too much money!” he will feel he’s being attacked and will probably respond accordingly.

If either of you begins to get defensive or angry- you know what I mean, “Well, what about what YOU do, didn’t you…” you stop the conversation. Be quiet. You might feel inclined to rationalize or defend yourself if it goes there but don’t do that.

This is what I like to call an emotional tire fire- and you’ll want to put it out, but if you do, he’s already defensive, he’s already angry and it’s just going to be adding more fuel to it.

Listen to what he’s saying, without response, and when he’s done expressing it, let him know that his problems are important, too and if he’d like to discuss them further: you’d be happy to after the two of you sort out the issue you brought up. Taurus men are notorious for trying to deflect an argument which can often be infuriating- even to a Pisces woman, so, stay calm and don’t take his bait.

4. Decide what to do

Once you have both come to a point where you’ve discussed the issue- talk about what you can do to correct it. Keep this very specific and make sure there are clear time limits on it.

Say, he says that he will only buy so much gear a month or that you two will start going out in the afternoons on Saturday. Try to find a middle ground, as well: often there is one that we just do not see when we’re upset.

5. Be honest with each other about the results. Once you have put things into motion in terms of change- take a step back and be honest about how it went. If he’s not happy with it, or you aren’t happy with it, you’ll need to change the plan again.

Make sure you keep things specific and clear, though and as simple as possible. This approach will appeal so much better for the Taurus man and you’d be surprised at how well it helps you to take charge of things when you’re usually not used to that.

6. Keep up with positive reinforcement

This is one thing that is absolutely key in dealing with …well, both of you for that matter- but, it’s a big thing with Taurus men. They need to know they’re doing a good job: though you might not see it on the surface, that is one FRAIL ego under there.

Psychological research backs this one on all fronts- regardless of the sign: if you are supportive and encouraging in your relationship, the key ratio to criticism is for every problem you talk about- make sure you’ve got at least four times the compliments! No one likes to be nagged all the time- and you know how that feels.

The truth is, there just aren’t ever enough positive, loving things to say about a partner- or, there shouldn’t be. Dwelling on the problems alone doesn’t work, but, if you can give compliments, affirmations, and positive reinforcement: you’ll find that instantly, there’s a change in how he reacts to what you’ve got to say. Over time, that just grows. For instance, if you do sit down to have the discussion, thank him for listening to you.

Understanding that all too often, Taurus man are locked into behavioral patterns they deep down KNOW are bad- and working with that, rather than against it can help. Think about it like learning any new thing: it takes time and it can often be intimidating or overwhelming. He may not show it, but learning to adjust to being with someone is difficult for him.

What if my Taurus man gets too angry?

Romantic couple in love kissing in bed

Though Taurus men and Pisces women are notoriously slow to anger, when they do: it can be explosive. If this happens, it may be time to take a step back. If it’s you that is getting too angry- you need to figure out exactly what it is that’s eating at you.

You know it’s not just that he doesn’t text you back right away! That’s small stuff- but what truly upsets you is what the small stuff hits at. Are you feeling a bit insecure? Are you unsure of where you stand with him?

If he is the one that is getting heated, it may be time to calm down on your end. Again, go quiet and do not allow the conversation to continue to escalate that way. Instead, perhaps take a timeout, but don’t just walk away “Leave me alone!” Instead, offer to discuss it further when you are both less upset and make sure that you do so.

Dealing with the victim mentality

One of the biggest challenges- and the thing that will make or break a Taurus man, Pisces woman relationship is when resentment builds. Because if it’s building in one person- the other person may also be becoming resentful or angry, as well. This is a difficult thing to deal with, but it’s not impossible.

If you or your partner is stifling resentment you may actually have a bigger problem than the ones in the relationship. Stop and think- do you feel like the world just isn’t fair?

Do you feel angry or upset that everyone seems to forget that you have needs, too? If this is the case, or if you know that this is the case with him- you may find that any attempt to sort a problem comes across as an unfair expectation: and that has got to change.

When being angry is its own reward

This is a big issue with the Taurus man and one he likely doesn’t even realize he’s got. Taurus man- and Pisces women, for that matter, tend to veer towards indulging in things. You may not think that you do: but, being as your ruling planet is Neptune, often, escaping the pain or conflict is what you indulge in- just like your Taurus indulges in food.

That said, this one’s more common in Taurus than it is in you- resentment and anger that are held on to actually work in a similar way to certain drugs in the brain.

Ever notice how much energy you have when you get mad? It’s easier for a Taurus man to feel that than it is to feel how hurt he actually is. It’s also easier to blame other people- and situations for his uncomfortable emotions: which is very detrimental to any relationship.

Use your biggest strengths to stop these problems in their tracks, Pisces!

When we want our partners to change hurtful behaviors, as I mentioned before: the way we come across is key. Unless you can come to a point where you understand that your Taurus needs to learn compassion- rather than thinking about it in more negative terms: that may be hard to accomplish.

HOW you say it is nearly as important as WHAT you say. Understanding that you deserve better is important- and, you need to recognize that he isn’t your enemy but rather, someone to help you get those good things you deserve. If you can both come to a place where you understand that in not giving your all, you are only hurting yourselves: that’s a huge step in the right direction.

The key is in understanding- which is something that you, as a Pisces woman have a huge advantage over Taurus in. You can take a step back and see how internalized anger is nothing more than a ticking time bomb that will destroy the relationship!

Unfortunately, all resentment and victim mentality do is hurt the person holding onto it, and eventually, it all starts to sort of eek out in your day to day interactions and life. This holds particularly true in Taurus, who has been almost conditioned since birth that expressing strong emotions may seem “weak” or “soft”!

Whenever anyone hurts him- whether that be on purpose or accidentally: he has a stronger tendency than you to deny that he feels them.

He may say that he’s going to deal with it later on but later on never comes and he just continues to avoid the issue- which is something that you do, also, to a certain degree as you’d really prefer to avoid conflict. In you, it’s a desire for peace, in him: it’s a fear of seeming emotionally vulnerable.

What makes Taurus men distance themselves?

taurus and pisces love zodiac signs

Usually, they have been trying to deny themselves the ability to feel all of their emotions long before they even met you! So, whenever someone brings those feelings to the front- they may feel resentful and angry about it and rather than keep it going: they may distance themselves very quickly.

Of course, you might not think love is an emotion they’d do this with- but for them, feeling attached, particularly feeling attached too quickly is uncomfortable and it’s scary. So, they may distance themselves.

What Taurus needs then, is to feel safe, to feel comfortable expressing his feelings.

When you act as a mirror that allows him to feel his emotions- you free him in a very real, emotional sense to express himself freely. In addition to that, though when we express our emotions it helps us to more or less purge the negativity we hold onto.

Take the famous Taurus possessiveness- now, negatively expressed, it’s jealousy and we often think of this as one of the “bad” feelings to express. However, if you get to the heart of that- insecurity, fear, and lack of trust are underneath. Those are the uncomfortable emotions that no one wants to face, yet: they must, because that’s where the hurt really lies.

Understanding that it takes a lot of courage to be able to convey the pain or even the love we feel helps a great deal. This is because when you, as a Pisces woman, allow yourself to expose that part of you that is most vulnerable: he sees that it’s okay. When you allow him to express himself freely as well, within healthy boundaries of not getting too heated, he will also further feel like he can open up.

Always express yourself, and always do so from a very calm, very grounded place- your words are going to have much more meaning for him than you realize- and far more than simply expressing what you’ve got going on. They form the basis for which he can feel safe in the future opening up and allowing his own vulnerability to show through.

Once that happens, though- you have to let go of whatever it was that hurt. If you forgive him, it’s more for you than it is for him- however, it will help him to understand that even if he makes a mistake: he’s safe in taking a risk. Risk-taking just is not something that Taurus men do very well- especially in love, so this is a huge step in helping him feel like he can do that without fear that he’ll be rejected.

Pisces and Taurus can enjoy a lifetime of spiritually sensual love, but you should both try to inject some boundaries and reason into the dreamy love state, now and then. As a couple, you can share many simple pleasures together and you will travel through a universe of shared experience without ever leaving home.

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