Your Match: Taurus Man and Sagittarius Woman Love Compatibility

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
If you're a Sagittarius woman interested in a Taurus man, here's all you need to know about how your signs are compatible and how you can bring him closer.

Restless, fiery Sagittarius and tactile, earth-bound Taurus can ignite a hot and heady physical bond, stimulated by your different approaches to expressing, and making love.

Your friends might consider you an odd couple because your Taurus man is cynical, practical and very polite, while you are optimistic, somewhat reckless and painfully blunt.

How can you get your Taurus man to open up in the ways you want him to?

Oh boy.

Trust me, Sagittarius, I know exactly why you’re here. Prince Charming Taurus man turned out to be distant, shut off sort of fuddy-duddy, didn’t he?

One day, he’s the most passionate lover you’ve ever known- and then, he vanishes, sometimes for days at a time, leaving you wondering what’s going on.

While it’s frustrating, at the same time, it’s also just so intoxicating- there’s something about this man that has your curiosity on high alert: but, what do you do?

You might be wondering if your chemistry is lying to you. You two seem to hit it off really well but now..things have gotten just a bit weird. But, you’re a Sagittarius woman and weird really is kind of your thing, isn’t it?

I’m not going to lie to you- this is going to be hard work. Worth it, yes, but hard work nonetheless. Still, if you really want to make things work with this Taurus man, you certainly can and I am going to tell you how!

You have an open mind and you’re going to need it with this man


Your ruling element is Fire- whereas his is Earth. You like nothing more than to go exploring, seek out the new and unusual and take risks. Unfortunately, Taurus really isn’t into that and he’d rather stay in- which can get a bit dull for you as time goes on.

He’s really looking for that once in a lifetime mate that will help him to build a home and a life. This sounds nice to you on the surface but…there’s still that restlessness within you.

Of course, the way you two talk, you can tell that there’s “something” there, but what is it? You can definitely entertain one another and you could probably talk to him for days at a time.

The thing of it is, though- even though you’re the one who isn’t all that inclined to commit if we’re going by Sun signs: he’s distant. Something seems to be off, so what can you do to solidify the relationship and make the most of your differences rather than have them hinder you, here?

Three Tips To Get a Taurus Man To Commit To You

1. You have to be the best version of you that you can be

I am not saying pretend to be someone else- at all. Taurus men will see right through that one.

But, you know that sometimes in relationships- we start to take people for granted a bit, particularly when there’s a sort of restless desire for affection and he’s just not giving it.

Take care of yourself, and when you show up: really show up. He will notice the efforts you make- even if he hardly says anything about it.

2. Make sure he knows that you support him

And this one’s gonna be a long one because this is so vital to being able to blend the two very conflicting energies of your signs in a synergistic way. He needs to know that you’re on his side and that you connect with him.

Even if you aren’t the type to settle down, when you’re with him, be sure that he knows that you see what he’s trying to do- and you see the potential in him and you know he can succeed.

Trust is a big deal with Taurus men and as a Sagittarius woman, sometimes, your friendliness may intimidate him a bit: always fearful he’ll lose the one he cares for. You can help this by making sure he’s reassured that you’re not going anywhere- well, without him, of course.

3. Talk. A lot.

One of the very best ways to get a Taurus man to open up- particularly for you, Sagittarius: communication. You must show him that he can be vulnerable by being vulnerable with him first. Authenticity is never a problem for you, so this step, though crucial- might be the easiest one of all!

What I have learned in working with Sagittarius Women and Taurus Men

Horoscope Zodiac Sagittarius Astrology Concept

I’ve been working with a lot of clients over the years and the key thing that I have discovered about why Taurus men, in particular, pull away- is so simple.

Of course, Taurus is a very simple kinda guy, so this makes a lot of sense. However…it’s easy to win the heart of this man if you understand why it is he’d suddenly bolt.

Taurus men are actually just a bit afraid of love. They’re really scared to have that one person in their life with that much power over them.

These stubborn men are also prone to getting stuck in ruts and there is no rut quite like bachelor life. Ever see one of their apartments? Gross!
(Though, the Taurus man tends to be a bit on the neater side- so his place might not be so iffy.)

What happens to a Taurus man when he thinks a woman wants a relationship?

His defenses go right on up. This is the one thing he wants more than anything- and yet, he is going to shoot himself right in the foot! You, well, you’re a Sagittarius woman and there are very few signs that are as adaptable as you- like I said, keep an open mind. You’ll find yourself amazed at the results.

Taurus men respond to a woman wanting a relationship one of two ways. Either they get very freaked out by the whole idea- never really showing it, of course, merely shutting down or going silent or..they really go all in. Sometimes, it’s a combination of both that is SO confusing but, I promise you- you’ll make it through this.

When he does pull away, when he goes silent- he’s got his guard up and he may emotionally withdraw from you. It may be a little bit on the weird side as before that, he seemed to be extremely into you.

But, this is a defense mechanism many Taurus men have, particularly if they have been hurt in the past. This can cause a great deal of anxiety for you- because you worry that he isn’t wanting the same thing, or you may feel as though you’ve got to be the one doing all the pursuing!

The other type will see you as that special once in a lifetime love- and you’ll find him pursuing you with gusto. He may see you as his better half and suddenly: he’s possessive. His jealousy gets pretty serious and he may even distance himself because of that.

It’s not all that hard to make a Taurus man jealous- but it’s a really bad idea to do it deliberately. He will backpedal so ferociously, you might think you’ve got rocks kicked in your face from his running away!

But, the chemistry is just so good!

Of course, the two of you do have a very strong physical side to the relationship. If you’re just talking online or you haven’t gone “there” yet- you probably can already sense that chemistry, it’s like a magnetic draw.

He is actually one of the most sensual signs of the zodiac- and you enjoy being spoiled by his attention when you get them. Taurus actually finds the fact that you are free-spirited to be very attractive!

He may seem to want to hinder that at times, but in reality, he is a lot like one of those cowboys after the wild mustang with you- he loves to watch you go but he wants you all to himself.

The Taurus Man Yo-Yo Effect And How To Stop It


Whether you two are just now dating or you’ve been dating him a while, you know how quickly the Taurus man/Sagittarius woman combination can go from amazing to…not so much. He’s probably gone back and forth a few times- and if he hasn’t done that yet: consider yourself warned. This is what he does.

Even if you just started seeing him, you might find him pulling away a little bit and wonder why.

It’s also possible that you’ve seen this time and time again- women who hook up with Taurus men are usually pretty much professionals and the Yo-Yo Effect but over time, this becomes a real problem.

You may wonder- why is he doing this? What on earth is going on in his head?

The good news is, this is a pattern of behavior that you can stop. First of all, it’s absolutely key that you understand exactly why that Taurus is pulling away. You have to remember that a lot of the time, it may not even be about you.

When these men get stressed they have a tendency to withdraw, they aren’t ready to open up about what they feel and he will shift his focus to whatever it is that has been stressing him out. Unfortunately, this can come across as really cold- and the very best thing you can do is something you are adept

at, Sagittarius! You just let him pull away- you might be surprised to learn that a little time to process is often all it takes for a Taurus man to get his head right. However, if you’re texting or sending him messages over and over- he will feel this is just more stress on top of what he’s dealing with!

Though this often feels like he is rejecting you, you have to understand that it really isn’t. If you were to be able to look inside his head, you would know: that couldn’t be further from the truth!
He isn’t like you- avoid projecting at all costs!

You have to understand that a Taurus man really is nothing like a Sagittarius woman

You speak your mind fairly freely so if you get a bit intimidated by someone: you don’t have much trouble talking about it.  He gets intimidated and he pulls away- and yes, this is a very hurtful thing but he’s not thinking about how awful you are. As a matter of fact, it is likely just the opposite.

He will be thinking about his life and how it could change, wondering if this could work out with you- and not sure he’s ready for that kind of commitment: even if you haven’t discussed it, this sort of thing is always on a Taurus man’s mind.

He will be questioning himself- and yes, to some degree, thinking about you. Wondering if you really could be the one- and thinking about how intense the chemistry really was. And it scares him silly!

This may sound totally counter-intuitive, but the closer you get- the more he may pull away. You have to work at building the trust with him in the time you do have together, and that will end the Yo-Yo Effect for good.

There are several reasons why Taurus men pull away beyond this

Illustration representing Taurus the bull star or birth sign

The biggest reason is, this is the way that men are sort of groomed in our society. Men are supposed to be strong and stoic- and, well, he is a Taurus and they are just about the most traditional men you will find.

They base how they feel about themselves on the risks they may take, the life they build and the way they conduct themselves in relationships.

It seems a little weird, considering he is the one that’s supposed to want to settle down- and, you’ve probably read all about how you’re not: but, the two of you can have an incredibly balanced commitment that lasts.

There are two steps you can take in getting him to calm down and stop going back and forth- it will take a little time and patience, but:

● First, you have to get that foundation of trust build

● You also need to let him know how much you enjoy being around him and that you are there for him.

Generally speaking, positive reinforcement works best with Taurus men. Instead of picking at him or criticizing: you praise him when he does things well.

So, how can you trust that he’s just retreating to collect himself and not completely shutting down?

Typically, when a Taurus man pulls away there’s a strong question: “Do I even matter?” The answer, then, is found in digging deeper and recognizing why we feel insecure.

Have you been hurt in the past by someone? This often colors the way we interact going forward. However, there are a couple of ways you can tell if this is just his way of making sure he’s doing the right thing.

● If this is totally new behavior and he has been trustworthy in the past. Put your mind at ease, this is normal Taurus man behavior- though you, as a Sagittarius woman may have a hard time getting your head around it!

● Has he shown that he truly cares about you before? Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean good sex- while a Taurus is down to commit, there’s no question he also enjoys sex for just sex’s sake.

Has he done other things with you? Has he spent the time to engage and listen? If so, odds are he just needs some space- and you should honor that so that he can come back to connect even deeper!

Now, going back to what you can do about this- so you’ve taken the above advice on board and you’re still freaking out just a bit because he is not responding!

Well, you need to just let him do his thing. While that may not seem like you’re getting what you want- you will be shocked to find that he actually responds SO much more positively to this than anything else- you are showing him that you are secure in yourself and that yes, you’re into him but, you respect his need for space.

You can do just the same thing he does- you know, I have seen so many clients who thought if they didn’t push if they didn’t continue to be at the guy: that he’d get away. Ultimately, they kept going after him- and well, he got away.

This doesn’t have to happen to you. Trust me when I say that he will note what you’re doing- this will get much more attention than a text he’s reading going, “I just can’t respond to this right now!” and he may start to wonder…why’s she not freaking out? Because, frankly, a lot of women do that- and this will perk his curiosity right back up with respect to you.

The best thing to do is be nice, tell him you respect that he needs a little time- or just give him the time. You’ll see, he will be back and as you continue to work with him: he’ll soon enough be back and stay put!

When the Taurus man comes back

Taurus men really aren’t great with feelings. They aren’t excited about getting deep into them and they’d really rather just keep things simple. Emotions are not simple, and so, he may seem to be very aloof- except when you’re in bed.

He will likely try avoiding the subjects that bring up emotions and the best thing you can do is to just be as solid as you can be with him. Your candor and your upfront way of expressing yourself is a powerful weapon in your arsenal for building trust.

As I mentioned before, trust means everything to him. You don’t need to have him reporting into you every second and this is good: though Taurus men can be a bit possessive, you’ll often find that what’s good for him- well, he doesn’t care much for it in you. A little jealousy is cute to him- but too much and he’ll shut down.

He wants someone who communicates with him and you want to be heard- if you boil things down to the very basics, that makes things so much easier.

You, as a Sagittarius woman are so good at just out and out showing how much you care- and if you keep those emotional explosions to the positive, show him appreciation: he’ll respond by coming closer and closer every time!

This is also the best way to make sure he repeats those things you like- because once he knows how to please you, he’ll do that again and again.
In this, he really isn’t that different from you. You want to feel good- and so does he.

You are also notorious for being fun and flirty: something he cannot resist in a woman. Keep going once you two are serious- never, ever let that spark fizzle out.

One of the key Taurus desires- is to be desired! Don’t go too over the top with it- but, one of the things he wants the most is to be seen around with the prettiest woman in the room: so, dress for success when you go out.

Remember- the key to keeping this relationship alive is understanding how it is that you make him feel. You, as a Sagittarius woman, can keep that spark going and keep him from falling into a rut- which is a powerful thing. In return, you will find him to be a stable and loyal lover who will spoil you for years to come.

Famous Couples

  • George Clooney and Sarah Larson
  • Bing Crosby and Kathryn Grant

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