Taurus Man & Scorpio Woman Breakup: Can You Reverse It?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
re you a Scorpio woman who is on the verge of a break up with her Taurus man? Here is everything about Taurus man and Scorpio woman breakup.

Are you a Scorpio woman who is on the verge of a break up with her Taurus man? Maybe you’re weighing your options to figure out if you should work it out or not. I hope these words of wisdom help you in your decision-making.

Troubled Water?

With Scorpio’s water element; she’s likely feeling a ripple coming from her bull that could be calling her to possibly end things. Scorpio women are emotional naturally and probably more so than their male counterpart.

Though both Taurus and Scorpio can be jealous people; Scorpio women will be much more overcome by it and thus become a bit of a train wreck if she thinks her Taurus man is cheating or flirting with another.

The Taurus man is more passive and laid back and doesn’t understand why she should get so upset. That’s rich coming from him since he’s jealous and possessive.

They make quite a pair. The Scorpio woman will want to express herself accordingly while her Taurus man will hold it in and wait until he’s had enough build up then explode at the wrong time.

The Taurus man isn’t good at realizing what is going on unless the Scorpio woman speaks up. In other words, be straight with him. You don’t need to be vicious; just tell him exactly what is on your mind.

If something is wrong between you and you’re jumping straight to wanting to break up; you may want to reconsider. Talking to your Taurus honestly and in a calm manner may be the better route to take.

Troubled water is disconcerting yes; it can be fixed in many situations though if you’re willing to give it a try.

Pushing Through It

Beautiful mature woman looking upset after fighting and arguing with her husband - Taurus Man and Scorpio Woman Breakup

Taurus men are just as guilty of holding stuff back. If you feel he is pulling away from you; it’s best to ask him. Don’t wait until he finally decides to let the buildup rule him and he breaks it off.

He isn’t likely to break it off quickly. Taurus man is methodical in getting it done just like he was in getting the relationship moving. He will do it at a steady pace. It’s best to avoid him even thinking about break up.

If he gets it in his mind that maybe a break up is a good idea; he may stick with it and make sure to see it through. Then it would be hard to change his mind. So jump the train and work it through.

The Scorpio lady may feel as though her Taurus man isn’t sharing his feelings enough and this could become taxing over time. She likes to open up and talk about what she feels.

Taurus men will shut down and close people out when they get too close. Taurus men do not like to reveal everything about themselves as this would make them weak and transparent.

One thing is certain though; if you intend on trying to make it work; you’re going to have to truly communicate with him better Scorpio. He depends on open candor and frankness.

You don’t need to be hurtful when you open up and tell him what is lacking, how you feel, and where you’d like things to go. Be soft and gentle. He will appreciate the consideration and will return the favor.

Another Chance?

There is still a chance for these two to work it out. However, it takes a whole lot of communication and opening up with one another. That is where the decision has to be made.

If the two cannot see eye to eye or cannot open up every chance they get; they could both keep things in and find themselves becoming resentful of one another.

It’s best to avoid the break up in the first place by doing whatever they can to salvage it. Both Scorpio woman and the Taurus man will have to let their guard down and expose themselves emotionally.

That’s a scary thing for them both but if they can lay it all bare; they may have a chance of sticking it out and making it work. They could reverse what maybe has been set in motion.

Breakup Woes
Young couple in quarrel at home - Taurus Man and Scorpio Woman Breakup

If the Scorpio woman and/or the Taurus man decide breakup is the on route to take; that’s what will happen. These are both fixed signs and so they both are either solid in staying together or solid in choosing to part ways.

The Scorpio woman may not be very nice if she’s the one breaking it off. She is more emotional of the two and this could cause her to sting her Taurus man. Sticking it to him and pointing out his flaws is likely.

If he’s the one that does the breaking up; he will have thought it over for a very long time first so that he can replay over and over what he’s going to say. His delivery no matter how much he sugar coats it; will still feel as though he’s shoved his horns up your rear.

The breakup between these two will not likely be a pleasant thing. It also means that when they part ways; they’re not likely to remain on the best terms with one another either.

Once they have decided to call it quits; they are literally done for the duration. No rekindling, no making up, no staying friends. They will harden up and walk away from each other.

Make Sure!

If a breakup is what you are looking at Scorpio; you may want to think it over again and be sure it’s what you truly think is best. If you get it initiated, he will do nothing to stop it.

The last thing you want to do is let him go then decide it wasn’t the best thing. You will have an extremely difficult time getting him back. Nothing is impossible but it would be hard.

The best thing you can do is try to salvage it first. Talk to him, open up and ask him to do the same. You could save the both of you a lot of heartaches.

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13 thoughts on “Taurus Man & Scorpio Woman Breakup: Can You Reverse It?

  1. hi anna

    im a cancer and ive been into relationship with a taurus man for almost 3 years..we been in a sweet and progressive relationship even we always fight but make up together and back in each others arms for 4times break ups…recently we have a fight he is always busy and i keep on asking quality time from him he says yes but later end up for a few moments and i keep on arguing why cant give me more time..that was he decided to break up with me and say he cant give more than he is giving.,he cant find me as his future wife and its only me who keeps on holding on..i love him so much and i know he do as well because he did all the effort for our relationship.,what to do we broke up 2 weeks ago and no speak and recently i txted him and he replied quickly

    1. As a Taurus female I will tell you that he isn’t interested in a relationship with you. If anything he’s just lonely and wants to be intimate with someone. Don’t lose your self respect just because you miss him because it sends him the wrong message about who you are as a person.

  2. Can a Taurus male and a Scorpio female become friends months after their breakup? My Taurus ex just texted me talking about how it’s awkward not talking and how he hates not being in my life when I’m so close to his life through our friends, but I’m kinda confused as too if I should or not. Right now I’m kinda talking to someone (another male Taurus) and my life is going supper great. I also don’t feel that he deserves to have me in his life after breaking up with me but idk I think that just my negative Scorpio traits talking lol.

    1. Taurus men and women both have a hard time letting go completely. It takes us a while to completely develop a bond with someone and we hate to see it go. Also it kinda seems like he’s testing the waters in this situation to see if you’re still interested. If you broke up for sound reasons and you want to see where things go with this new guy you might want to avoid talking since you might get roped back in.

  3. I’m a female Scorpio in a relationship with a male Taurus for almost 9 years now not steady it’s been an on again and off again type deal. We were engaged, obviously it didn’t happen. We have a child together as well.
    Im in love and care about this man very deeply and I’m sure he loves me…but not IN love with me anymore…
    I’m commenting on here for a couple reasons one is that “gut” feeling (Scorpio) keeps going off, and it’s bothering the crap outta me, he tells me EXACTLY what I need/want to here but from the past memories/experiences, my guards up, it’s very conflicting bc something feels off or since my guards up I’m just making it up/waiting for something to happen….I just don’t know what it is so I sound crazy and feel even crazier. In the past my “gut” feeling would go off and EVERY time either something was off, like he wasn’t being faithful or he was about to end it with me. I’ve ignored that gut feeling for years with him..but literally every time within a couple days or weeks, my “gut”was right. I’m extremely beside myself as to if he’s just using me again till he get what he needs and cuts things off Or, should be self explanatory, it’s actually different this time. I’ve tried moving on many times, yet he (Taurus) always seems to back around. I’m very optimistic, hope that’s the right word lol, especially with this man, like if it’s not set in stone or you KNOW for sure what’s gonna happen,I’m very stubborn, I like to find things out for myself bc to me instead of listening to what other people think/say at least I know I did everything I could’ve done to try and make things work…sorry about the book lol just was looking for a professional outsiders opinion. Can’t wait to hear back from you 🙂

  4. Hi, I’m a Taurus male. I was in a serious relationship with a Scorpio. I made a lot of mistakes that I regret. To the point where I lost her trust for a while. I also didn’t show much affection and love that I did in the end of the relationship. She said that was what she wanted and now it feel stale. She broke up with me saying she’s sorry she had to do it. She told me that she wants me, likes me, and loves me. She said that when we both mature more then we can possibly give it another shot. The thing is, I don’t know how long this will be. I feel like I know my mistakes, and I know how I want to be now. It was honestly just some miscommunications and the mistakes I made in the relationship. It’s been 2 weeks and I’ve talk a little with her, but only about normal stuff. How do I get her to realize that I’m willing to compromise and give her what she wants because I want to give it to her. Also what do I do to get her trust fully back?

    1. Dear Aaron,
      We have the same problem, the difference is I’m a Scorpio female and he’s a Taurus man. I was realy nasty to him when I was in a “mood”, I suffer from bipolar disorder and it’s really hard. I love him so much. He was really kind, gentle, patient and supportive. I never wanted to hurt him, all the spiteful things I’ve said, I don’t mean it, but I hurted him really bad. And he knows it. I was doing fine for a period of time because I got proffesional help, then suddenly we kinda switched positions and he started to act worse than me and to push me away when all I wanted to do was to show him love, attention, affection and support he needs. He started to go out with his best friend’s girlfriend and confide to her, instead of talking to me. We were perfect for a few months then he suddenly snapped. He left me and said that I don’t deserve him. After a while he texted me that it hurts so much and do I want us to see each other and talk. Also during that time he started to push me away and avoid everything, he started to be extremely jelaous and possessive. Please do you have any idea what is happening? From your perspective. Also what happened with your girl, please tell me you got back together and are happy?

      1. Hi Anna,

        Im currently going through shit, I’m a Taurus man and was dating a Scorpio for 4 years and at times we had abusive incidents and last week was the last one because it ended with her getting arrested for domestic violence, I called the cops because i was so mad she scratched me and pushed me and we mentioned were going to be nice and gentle to each other in our last fight. Pretty much the incident started with her not getting help in the kitchen and I told her i was busy working, she didnt understand and had not patience and then she kept escalating it by insulting me and yelling at and me by shutting down and she was intrusive I even said to her to stop and give me my space. end of the story she went to jail i didnt press charges and her family bailed her out and i moved out.

        now present, I miss her, I feel like she hates me all our families go to know this issue so its embarrasing.
        I do stand by what i did because she wouldnt stop and Idk if shes accountable for her actions in the past she mentioned i started it so its my fault. I obviously still love her and we have texted about our lease very short and decent but thats about it but is she going to hate me forever? Did she finally give up?

        Im curious on whats running through her mind…..

        1. Hi EG!

          I’m afraid the only way you’re going to know for sure what is running through her mind is by asking her. She is being amicable but that really doesn’t tell you much. Scorpios are hot tempered for sure but for her to react to you that way is toxic and shows she needs to learn how to get her temper under control better. If you still love her then you can talk to her and see how she feels then can decide from there if there is a chance but please be careful! Next time it might be worse. Abuse is never alright.

      2. Omg Anna the same thing I’m a Scorpio female was dating my Taurus man for 2 years he has my initial tatted and this was the man I thought i was gonna marry I kept ignoring him and finally gave him a chance we hit it off but, I was very toxic and mean to him in the beginning I admit, I started dating him a month after my abusive relationship that ended by force my ex went to jail I started dating my Taurus to fill voids, I loved him but wasn’t in love with him.. until maybe 5/6 months in after a lot of hurt I put him through He stood by me the first boy my parents liked. then the tables turned he started cheating being very sneaky befriended a girl I fought etc , so we decided to go on a break but not a real break we still spoke everyday seen eachother etc but , on the break I slept with someone else I told him immediately he told me he never physically cheated and I knew that and felt extra bad I regretted it we still seen eachother after he weirdly still told me he loved me even after that but he was hurt he cried to me in person and I knew he was hurt. We‘’dated’’ still after, but I could tell he was becoming distant, he was changing I knew something was coming, I knew the end was near I just didn’t know how or when after a bad fight at his best friends
        New Years party Maybe ..two weeks later he had just disappeared a weekend but at this time things were rocky we were communicating a lot less. He had a girl that I didn’t know message me obviously they were speaking about me prior to her texting me she knew everything that was going on.. On top of telling me to leave him alone they were together we argued and she told me I was crazy like he said lmao and weirdly said they weren’t sleeping together At the time. Still it crushed me a week later I got in contact with him and he told me he was dating her and she didn’t want us speaking to stop texting him he blocked me i couldn’t believe it.. I kept messaging him he kept blocking every page I had my friends message him, and he answered finally we were texting and he agreed to meet up with me and hang out the only thing was he wasn’t their it was the same girl who texted me and her friend HE SET ME UP I’m so naive but I couldn’t believe he could do this to me the same man who’s put his life on the line for me at a point it’ was crazy I did not see it coming at all later that night his gf apologized, she basically fought me over a guy she was dating for a couple of weeks at the time.. but I haven’t spoke to him since it was so weird literally a week later I seen him after telling my mom let me do my makeup extra cute Incase I seen him (physic power idk) lol , a couple hours I did see him on my way to a doctors appointment He was with a guy friend I knew we walked past eachother but I went into a block and peeked around the corner to see if he would turn back or keep walking he did turn back looking confused to see where I disappeared to that fast for about 15 secs I was proud of myself for not stopping him.. we frequent the same places and live only 5 mins away from eachother it’s been about 4 months I miss him, he watched my story from a backup page he followed me on While together on top of the other weird accs ,, I messaged a constant page watching asking who it was someone replied asking if the page ever texted me I said no but your watching my stuff the acc blocked me right after lol I wanna say it was maybe his gf¿ his sister still follows me from her finest/span page, not her real one I blocked his whole family after he set me up , eh idk from the looks of it he’s happy he posts happy posts and things with her I’m refraining on lurking.. I want to move on but honestly don’t know what I’d do if I seen him again and he spoke( we have mutual friends) or if he texted me ahhh I’ll update if that ever happens

        1. Hi Citygirl0976!

          Yikes, you’ve been through it with this guy. I’m sorry things didn’t work out. If he’s happy with another woman though then there isn’t much you can do right now even if you did run into him or talk to him. Unless he becomes single again and seeks you out, all you can be is friends at most. You’re going to have to focus on you, your life, your path, and your happiness. Do things for yourself that make you feel amazing! You can do it!

  5. I’m a Scorpio woman with a Taurus man and we’ve been on and off for 3 years. I’m currently pregnant and he’s been going out, not being supportive at all, doesn’t call me or text me anymore. He will stalk me and know where I’m at so that’s confusing. Is he just being a jerk because he doesn’t want to deal with the responsibility and have fun until the baby is here or does he just not care and going to continue this when our son arrives?

  6. I’m so lost! I am a Scorpio woman that just fell head over heels for a Taurus man. I’ve never dated one before and instantly he felt like my soulmate. Some of his ex-girlfriends things were still in his house, so I’ve had my guard up since the beginning. She is a Sagittarius. She moved out and got into another relationship, but continues to text and pop in and out of his life. Recently she was experiencing a death in her family and he took her right in. All my fears came true. All we have been doing is fighting because all I want to do is love him, trust him and be together – but clearly I can’t trust him while she’s still playing with him. I went to check on his house to see if he was lying about her not being there and she was. He got mad at me for busting him as a liar and I blocked him from all contact. Usually when I do something drastic like this, I’m done! However, my heart doesn’t feel that way. Help! I can’t be disrespected… if I did this to him he would lose his mind!

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