Taurus Man Erogenous Zones: Tricks to Make Him HOT!

by Anna-Kovach, relationship astrologer
The most sensitive area for the Taurus man is his neck and ear areas. Find out what your Taurus man erogenous zones are and how to turn him on.

Are you dating or seeing a Taurus man that you are ready to take the bedroom plunge with? Perhaps you’re just seeing one and wonder what it’s like to get into a horizontal mambo with him. Keep on reading to find out what your Taurus man erogenous zones are and how to turn him on to the max.

Neck Nibble

The most sensitive area for the Taurus man is his neck and ear areas. It can only make sense that you’d spend lots of time focused on those areas to get him really purring for you.

Start with simple making out and then gently move to his earlobe. Gently suck on it a little and then nibble a little with your teeth. Don’t act like you’re trying to eat it like a burger ladies… be gentle.

You’re looking for sensuality. He’d probably be scared if you were aggressive with the biting so try not to go for it too hard; at first. There is a reason I say at first and I’ll get to that in a minute.

So you’re starting with his earlobe and being gentle. You can even ever so slight blow into his ear. He’ll be in heaven and probably hard by now. If he isn’t then he may have some sort of issue mentally not allowing him to get aroused.

I’ll approach problems in a little bit. For now, you’ve spent some time on his ear, now spend some time kissing and nibbling around his neck area. You can also use your nails to scratch the back of his neck or play with his hair.

This man won’t know what to do with himself once you get this started. He’s going to be totally excited and may lose control for a moment but don’t let him. Put his hands down and continue with what you’re doing.

The idea is getting him so far along into the process that at some point he aggressively grabs you and wants to give you pleasure so that he can finish with his at the same time.

Harder Biting

taurus man erogenous zones

Once you’ve been with him and can find out his threshold of pain or even if he likes to be bit harder on his neck, ear, or even shoulder area; then you can experiment on what that might be like with him.

Some Taurus men really like to be bit. I don’t mean make him bleed but heck; there are some that may actually be into it. It’s all in talking to him and toying around to see what he’s comfortable with.

He can be a little kinky when it comes to biting. If you like to be bit anywhere in particular; you may want to let him know so that when it’s your turn; he’ll reciprocate with passion.

Taurus man is a passionate one. Whatever he does to you will be so filled with pleasurable energy that you cannot help but enjoy yourself. He may be the best you’ve ever had or will have.

Taurus men are typically very gifted when it comes to intimacy and sex. He seems to just know what to do and if he doesn’t; he’ll ask you to tell him what you want so that he can please you.

When He Cannot Perform

The thing about Taurus men is much like Virgo and Libra men. They are heavy thinkers and if their head isn’t in the right place or they’re too emotional; their lower region responds and makes it difficult for him to achieve a hard-on.

When he’s experiencing these issues; you’ll simply need to reassure him that you’re there for the right reasons and that you only want to be happy with him. If he thinks he’s not giving you enough; reassure him.

Ultimately he has to feel secure with himself to also feel secure in his manhood and sexuality. Giving him encouraging words and letting him know how much you care for him may help him to “get back up”.

You may try giving him oral sex to get things up and moving. Once you get that going then you can probably work at the other things at the same time. Perhaps you can bite him while he’s penetrating you. That will help stimulate him more.

Without Hands on Him

taurus man erogenous zones

Something else you can do without even touching him is for you to masturbate in front of him. He will be in awe and likely want to stick his face down there to watch what you’re doing.

You showing him that you’re comfortable enough with him to do this with him watching will not only turn him on but it will make him feel safe with you sexually. He may even start playing with himself at the same time.

It’s also possible he may want to penetrate you when you’re done or getting close to having an orgasm. He will be truly dazzled by your sex appeal. He’ll love to hear your breathing, your noises, and watching your every move.

This helps show him what you like. If he decides to participate orally, you absolutely should direct him to the spot you want him to reach because he wants to know so that he can give you the ultimate pleasure.

Taurus man isn’t squeamish about being told where the right spot is, how fast, how slow, or which direction to go in. He’ll do whatever it is you want him to. He loves having pleasure given by you but he also wants pleasure by giving you the very same.

Taurus men are very giving typically. Unless he’s doing the whole “friends with benefits” thing in which case he’ll just do you and get off not worrying about what you’re getting out of it.

Naturally, if you feel he is this way; you may not have the bond you thought you had with him. He shouldn’t be selfish. Not to say he doesn’t have moods but if he’s always leaving you last or leaving you unsatisfied; it’s time to re-examine what you have with him.

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