Bedroom Compatibility: Taurus Man In Bed With A Sagittarius Woman

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Things you should know if you're looking for how compatible is Taurus man in bed with a Sagittarius woman. Discover how your planets work together.

Are you a freedom loving Sagittarius woman attracted to a steady Taurus man? Here are some things you should know about sexual compatibility among other things.

Initial Appeal

The Sagittarius woman sees a Taurus man as a possible new adventure. He’s attractive and a little mysterious. This makes him an exciting possible conquest or match depending on the nature of their meeting.

The Taurus man will see her as alluring as well due to her air of mystery. Though he feels a little worried; he’s still turned on because Sagittarius women know how to appeal to men.

She’s eloquent with the way she talks and can get a man to do just about anything she wishes. She simply finds out what he likes and goes from there. Upon seeing each other for the first time, there will be a spark.

The Taurus man will find the Sagittarius’ ability to speak the truth refreshing. He appreciates being told the truth and being able to be upfront. He also is turned on by a woman that knows what she wants.

The Sagittarius woman feels at first that maybe this guy could be the stability and longevity she seeks. This brings the two of them together. Sagittarius women are adventurous in life and in bed.

She will appeal to the Taurus man who is open minded and can have some really steamy sexual encounters. Whether or not this is something that can built into more will depend on how well they can get along outside the bed.

Next level possibility

Couple hugging by the river and looking in to water - Taurus Man In Bed With A Sagittarius Woman

Can these two survive outside of the bedroom? That’s a difficult question. These two are in some ways very different. Sagittarius is sadly portrayed by many websites to be some flighty, non committal type of person.

This is where the moon signs and possibly ascendant sign are important. Not all Sagittarian women are flaky or flighty. Some actually do want true love and a soul mate type of match.

Sometimes when these two argue about things, it seems she’s being flaky in the Taurus’ mind because she doesn’t want to deal with his intensity at that time. She also doesn’t do well with his silent treatment methods.

While the Sagittarius woman may see this man as someone who she can rely on for the long term; she starts to get twitchy when she realizes that he’s a bit on the jealous/possessive side.

She will always want to be “free” in a way and a Taurus man may want to clip her wings. This will not sit well with her. Unless he is the type of Taurus that will allow her to do her thing; she may end up leaving.

Where they can bond is when she tells him how she feels. She’s good at being honest and can share with him what works for her and what doesn’t. If he truly cares for her or loves her; he will understand.

He’s a pillar of strength for her and she is sweet, consoling, and full of life. These are things that compliment each other’s lives. If they can work through it; they may make a great match.

Is she ready?

Whether or not this will work is if the Sagittarius woman is really ready. She’s always ready for adventure and a great time in the bedroom. Is she ready to commit her heart though?

If she is, she will have to learn that Taurus men do like to spend more time at home then out being social. Sagittarius women are mutable so they can either be very social or they can be very anti-social. It depends on their mood.

They can very easily find happiness and joy curled up in their Taurus man’s arms for the day. However; they can also find great joy in getting out with friends and doing something really fun whether he goes or not.

Is the Taurus man the one that will make her want to stay home more for or will she decide that her freedom is more important? These are things that she has to think about in order to make the right choice.

The Taurus man will want to take it slow and her lack of patience could cause a problem for them to be able to grow at a healthy rate. Sagittarius often jumps into things without fully thinking it through.

She may find herself disappointed with how her Taurus man really is. She’ll possibly find him boring or too routine for her taste. She likes to be stimulated and enjoys doing fun things

The truth is; the Taurus man may not be able to keep up with the energized Sagittarius woman. She always wants to live life and do all she can. He is content to sit on the couch.

Sex to commitment

Romantic Young Couple Relaxing On Beach - Taurus Man In Bed With A Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius women tend to be free thinkers and like to have fun. The Taurus man is more serious and likes to take it nice and slow when they begin. That doesn’t mean she cannot convince him to play in the bedroom.

Where most Taurus men will shy away from one night stands, there are always exceptions and Sagittarius women can influence just about anyone into what she wants including the strong Taurus.

So they fall into bed and have a mad passionate experience that both of them will remember always. However; whether or not they make it outside of the bedroom would mean lots of compromise.

The Taurus would have to let his Sagittarius have her personal freedom while committed. How? Well he’d have to let her go have fun with her friends and not worry about whether she’s flirting with other men.

Sounds easy right? Taurus man isn’t going to find that at all easy. If he’s not with her; he’ll worry about what she’s doing and with whom. This will make the Sagittarius feel trapped.

Taurus doesn’t like being trapped so he should understand this feeling but with Taurus men; it’s their way or the highway.

These two could make it but it would take much more effort than either of them are probably willing to put in. The sex should still be enjoyable but probably not long lasting love.

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