Bedroom Compatibility: Taurus Man In Bed With Cancer Woman

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
If you wonder how compatible is Taurus man in bed with Cancer woman then this article can help give you insight. Here is everything about two of you.

Are you a Cancer woman who is interested in a Taurus man? If you’re curious as to how things may add up when it comes time to being cozy in the bed; perhaps this article can help give you insight.

Natural match

Out of the gate; these two are a really good match for each other. They’re darned near ideal, actually. They can easily work well. The Taurus man wants stability and security and so does the Cancer woman.

Already this seems to be a hit with the two of them when they get to talking. This will bring a very natural attraction between the two of them. Taurus is fantastic in taking care of his Cancer woman.

He will be able to give her that security and soul mate match she’s always wanted. Then she will be able to give him all the attention and tender loving care he’s always craving.

Taurus men love being taken care of like a King and the Cancer woman is great at doing this. In return, he will treat her like his Queen. How more story book romance can you get?

There is also an unspoken language between them that seems to emerge once they become in tune with one another. Somehow they are intuitively able to sense what the other needs without anyone saying anything.

If anyone is spiritually aligned it’s the Taurus man and Cancer woman. I wouldn’t be surprised if they can communicate telepathically somehow.

Pleasure center

Sensual young couple kissing and making love in bed at home - Taurus Man In Bed With Cancer Woman

Due to the fact that these two can easily communicate with one another and make things work magically; you can expect the bedroom is going to be explosive. I mean that in a good way!

These two are so in tune that they know what the other needs without having to utter a single sentence. He will naturally know what she needs and she’ll be able to sense what he may enjoy.

This makes for an ultimately pleasurable experience between the two of them time and time again. Both of them are experts of both giving to one another as well as receiving. This makes them balanced sexually.

The both of them want to make sure that their partner is in ecstasy as much as possible. So they will go through great lengths to make that happen. Their lovemaking may be marathon like.

These two darned near worship each other in the bedroom and if you could be a fly on the wall of their steamy scene, you’d probably need a clean up on aisle 3. Seriously though, these two are hot.

Lasting Magic

This couple is an ideal match for each other in life and in the bedroom. They are not at all afraid to experiment and try new things as long as it’s with each other. They make take in some naughty flicks or use toys.

Whatever it is that either of them craves, they will be met with enthusiasm and hot passion. This combination should work really well together.

These two enjoy the best of everything. That being said, they will romanticize one another with extravagant dates or outings. Going to the best restaurants or bars in town will be something they will savor together.

These two are unstoppable as a pair and will do everything it takes to make their relationship last. Just keep in mind that there is always a caveat to this.


beautiful couple lying together on the bed - Taurus Man In Bed With Cancer Woman

While their sun signs are amazing together; their moon sign or ascendant sign may be opposing which would make them a bit different than the norm. It would also mean that they aren’t sounding like what I’ve described to you.

If they do not, it’s most likely their moon or ascendant sign playing a role. Then you have to look at what those are and why they aren’t adding up. However, the main thing here is; these two can likely work out whatever issues they may have.

However, anyone can carry baggage that they have a hard time getting rid of. Remember that Taurus can hold a grudge and Cancers can close themselves off in their shell.

If the two of them have these sorts of problems, it IS possible they can find their way back to each other or find a way forward. It may take counseling to help but there is always hope between these two.

Sexually speaking, their chemistry will still be there even if other parts of their lives may need some work. Feeling some stress? Go release some in the bedroom. It works for both of them.

When it gets down to the nitty gritty; the Cancer woman will ultimately be more emotional than her somewhat stoic Taurus man. He is stable but at times this could make her frustrated that he doesn’t understand some of her feelings.

Lasting lust?

These two will likely be able to keep the passion going in the bedroom since they’re both open minded and like to play a lot with each other. Again, no matter what may be going on outside of the bedroom, they should find common ground.

In fact, some of the stress between them may very well be solved via a nice long lovemaking session. The will feel refreshed, calm, and able to discuss their feelings. That would help them to work at healing.

Communication may be a little bit of an issue but more often than not, these two find a way to be able to share with each other and get through any rough patch they may have.

If the Taurus man commits himself fully to a Cancer woman, he will be happy throughout his relationship with her. If she commits to him; she’ll have a safe secure man to last through time.

They both have something to gain here between them. They can have the best of both worlds.  While every relationship has some ups and downs, this one should have more ups than anything else and sexually speaking; there should be major chemistry here. Is he the right match for you in bed? To find your current compatibility score, use my calculator.

Cancer woman, if you’re really interested in a Taurus man, you may want to check out my book on them. In the 27 Dirty Phrases That Turn Taurus On; you may be able to see the wildest sexual fantasies of each and every Bull, condensed into words that you can use to make him go completely crazy for you.

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Anna Kovach

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20 thoughts on “Bedroom Compatibility: Taurus Man In Bed With Cancer Woman

  1. I don’t think Cancer woman and Taurus Man are soulmates it’s written everywhere that taurus man soulmate is virgo woman.
    I’m in love with Taurus man being a cancer and my heart is broken. I hate my life

    1. Hi EsorM!

      I want to point out that a soulmate is someone that we choose to be “the one”. There is no one specific sign that is for another sign. It’s free will and choice. We decide who we want to play that role. So if you and your guy are good together then you choose each other and it doesn’t matter what you read about Virgo. Make sense? I’m sorry you’re brokenhearted honey. I hope you find what you’re looking for in love!

  2. I am a cancer woman and my husband is a Taurus we have had a 20 year relationship filled with love, lust and happiness. All of this is true for us. I hope we have 50 more years. I could not have asked for more from anyone else.

    1. Hi M Miller!

      Thank you so much for sharing your feedback. I’m thrilled that things are working so well with your Taurus guy. You’re right with what you describe and is how I see my own Taurus husband. Keep doing the footwork and you’ll have a lifetime together. Blessings!

  3. I am a cancer woman in love with a Taurus man, and yes he’s very rich money is his priority and family as well. I am emotional and he is stubborn I cant see my life without him, somehow I feel we are soulmates at first he didn’t understand me and I didn’t understand him but now I can safely say he is the best thing ever happened to me,

  4. I’m in a nearly 2 month relationship with my Taurus man. He makes me feel so special and loved.

  5. I’ve been dating a Taurus man for over 15 years
    And in the beginning ;I seen the good side of my bull
    We broke up and he came back for me
    Now I see the bad side
    The stubbornness the control factors
    The stability never left
    He will always provide
    But my feelings he can careless
    About he embarrasses me anywhere and makes me feel non Existence
    Especially with this social media now a days however he want leave as I am in my shell for now
    But some how he’s steering me out

    1. Hi Michele!

      It sounds like there is a lack of communication between you and your Taurus man. You feel you cannot talk to him about your feelings because he doesn’t seem to care. I think that you should tell him exactly that. Tell him you’d like to be totally honest with him and tell him how you feel but you think he doesn’t care which discourages you. I don’t think he means to be this way and if you don’t point it out, he won’t change it. You need to let him now. Communication will make or break your relationship. I hope the best for you!

      1. Being a Taurus man. I read the comments. The biggest thing about us is how we are approached. It might sound off of not nessesary but if you push us we will fight. If you fight us we will fight to the death
        If you gently ask us nicly to come with you. We are lab dogs in your lap
        All we want is to give up the fight.
        And cuddle
        But unfortunately we just don’t know how. We need you to help

        1. Hi Marty!

          Wait fight to the death? I’m sure that’s the not the message you want to convey to women. That may actually frighten them. My Taurus husband does say it’s all in how you communicate. We have both found that approaching each other with a rational mind helps more than anything else. Also, when you struggle with anything such as impatience or anger, these are things that need to be handled by oneself, not by asking another to do it for them. Thank you for your input Marty. I appreciate your plug in about having a rational mind. Be well!

    1. Hi Williaminnia Barnes!

      Thank you for writing in! You might want to check out my blog article about Taurus man with Virgo woman compatibility as there is more information for you. This article is about Cancer woman.

  6. cancer in love with a Taurus man , he is possessive and very romantic and territorial , he gives me love and makes me secure, at times it feels like it`s just me and him existing alone in this world ,I definitely found my soulmate although I had to kiss several frogs but I`m content now

    1. Hi itumeleng!

      Unconditional love is wonderful isn’t it? So many people give Taurus man a hard time for his personal flaws. The thing is, everyone has flaws and we have to accept them if we are to really love them. You’ve decided that him being possessive is alright with you. It was a choice of acceptance you made and is why it’s working so well for you. Well done!

  7. So here’s my little story baby why don’t you settle up on your stool and make yourself a little drink.
    Me I’m a Taurus man she she’s a Cancer woman and we we’re pretty f****** hot. Yeah. So drippingly hot. Go us. Rhymes with taurus. Oh Buffy. I mean rachel.

    1. Hi Dusty!

      Haha! What a story it is my friend. That’s fantastic to hear that you two are sizzling together. Congratulations you found someone worth all the effort and energy. Enjoy yourself and thank you so much for sharing. I really appreciate stories like this.

  8. I’m a cancer woman with a Taurus man. I’m. 65 he’s 74 been together 25 years … ROCKY would describe our relationship, he’s stubborn and controlling and yet very generous and charismatic .., but can’t show affection. As a woman who craves and needs attention. It makes me very insecure. He flirts with other women and I’m not a jealous woman but it makes me feel bad and I’m often lonely bc he doesn’t show me the attention I feel I deserve specially after I cater to his every wish and whim. He can be very short and dismissive of me at times and that’s hurtful. I love him and can’t seem to know what’s eating him. Why does he not know how to love me!?

    1. Hi Victoria Smith!

      Taurus men can seem kind of harsh to a Cancer who is sensitive. Cancer can sometimes be too emotional toward a Taurus. So yes, conflict can and will happen. It’s really how you overcome it that counts. He is a strong silent type of guy and it’s just who he is. You cannot change him. You can however, change yourself and working to relieve yourself off the insecurities. I would try meditation to help release fears and insecurities. Do it daily for at least 30 days and you might notice a huge change. You’ve got this!

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