Sexual Compatibility: Taurus Man In Bed With Scorpio Woman

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you a Scorpio woman that is just drawn in by the sexy Taurus man? Learn sexually compatible the Taurus man is in bed with Scorpio woman.

Are you a Scorpio woman that is just drawn in by the sexy Taurus man? Perhaps you’d like to test him out and see what he’s like? This article will explain to you what to expect from Taurus man in bed with Scorpio woman situation.

Steamy Sensations

These two are both fixed signs which means that neither is willing to bend; at least not easily. However, there is some magical allure between them that cause them to be attracted to one another.

They are not that different from each other as they’re both stubborn and both jealous as well as suspicious. This would normally make a formidable match. However; they’re drawn to each other like flies to honey.

While they may argue and find differences to gawk at in each other; they will undoubtedly have a very steamy love affair. Sex is something they’re both good at.

As such, they will provoke the naughty side of each other quite easily. This would be one of those matches where if they fight, they will go work the frustration out in the bedroom.

Though it may not resolve the actual problem; it will calm them both down and help them to temporarily put away the issues for a few moments of intense pleasure.

More than sex?

Sexy couple and old car - Taurus Man In Bed With Scorpio Woman

While these two are fantastic at passionate lovemaking; they aren’t that great with love as a relationship. If they intend on making it more than a casual situation between two adults; they will have much to think about.

The Taurus man wants a stable relationship. The Scorpio woman wants passion yet devotion. While that may not seem like such an issue; both of them are very jealous and possessive.

This could cause conflict if they both keep suspecting each other of doing things they shouldn’t be with other people. This may be a back and forth thing between them unless they can find a way to work it out.

The Taurus man is slow to anger but Scorpio has a way of quickly stinging him and getting him to react. Scorpio is a bit quicker fused. These two may spend much time feeling anger and resentment toward each other.

Taking it to the mat

Again, these two may get angry with one another or jealous. It will in many cases cause them to try to work it out in the bedroom. They will both be so upset that they take it out in a sexual way.

For some, this may not work but for them, there seems to be an edge it gives them both for being able to figure out their problems later. It relaxes them and makes them easier to talk to each other.

Though you would think these two may not make in a relationship; there is a level of compatibility that is still quite there. They just have to learn to trust each other as well as themselves.

The lack of trust is what kills the relationship if they let it. If they resist, they can get to know each other enough to work past their suspicions. The Scorpio woman can love that her Taurus man is loyal once committed.

Therein lies the key though; he must be committed 100%. There are some Scorpio women that have wondered why their Taurus isn’t loyal. Then they mention he is seeing someone else.

That means he wasn’t committed. If he commits to any woman, he will remain loyal. He’ll see it as unjust or unfathomable to be with anyone else. There are exceptions but most of them are this way.

The Scorpio woman is a flirt at times and naturally, has sex appeal. This causes suspicion by her Taurus who is fearful that he could lose his lady anytime due to her cheating or her leaving him for someone else.

Taurus men may seem very stable, but they also have insecurities and need to feel rock solid. If he doesn’t feel the relationship is that way, he himself may decide to cheat or he will leave.

Do they have a chance?

Sensual couple in bed - Taurus Man In Bed With Scorpio Woman

They absolutely can find a way if they want it to. It will take time and patience which neither of them is particularly good at. You CAN work it out though. They certainly can use the key to the bedroom as a source.

They can go have some hot passionate sex, calm themselves, and then discuss what they can agree in terms of what they are trying to fix. Sex is always going to be their “go to” for stress relief.

That’s a good thing for both of them as long as they remain loyal to one another. Going elsewhere will not help; it will hurt and further complicate things.

When the Taurus man pulls his silent treatment; he may deeply hurt his Scorpio woman. This could cause the conflict that they can’t easily resolve. Communication being done properly is something they need to work on.

Being honest with one another is something that they both truly need if they want to have more than just a fling. Each couple will be different but the fundamentals are roughly the same.

There is no issue regarding sex between them. It should always be hot and amazing. There could be some differences but most of the time; it should be rather satisfying for them both.

If all they want is a sexy affair; then this would be an incredible match. However, if they want to form a bond and become a couple; they will need to talk and talk some more.

Opening up to each other is the only way they can make it last. Learning who each other is and what they have to offer will be incredibly important. Taking the time to properly work and plan things out will save them both a lot of trouble.

Perhaps taking it slow would help them to make sure this is something they both want. Taurus men move slowly anyway and will want to build their relationship if that’s what they both want.

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2 thoughts on “Sexual Compatibility: Taurus Man In Bed With Scorpio Woman

  1. Thank you so much! Im a taurus man and my gal n i are trying so hardbto get to know eachother before we have sex. You nailed it.her n i just have aconnectuon neither of us can explain. Hard for me to be patient, but i tell her all the time shes worth it for me.

    1. Dear Ezekiel,

      A Taurus man is very sensual at all times so she knows from the outset that sex is something that is very important to you and something that you pay a lot of attention to.
      She’ll be fortunate to have you in bed. In fact, sex with a Taurus man is something she’ll never forget. It’s heated, it’s passionate, and it’s something to crave after having it.
      Taurus men are attentive and dedicated in bed. They will always care about their partner’s physical and emotional needs. A Taurus man will bend over backward to ensure that his approach is exactly what you want all the time. I hope all goes well for you and your woman!

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