Taurus Man Pisces Woman Love at First Sight: How to Tell for Sure?

by Anna-Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you a Pisces woman that felt love at first sight with a Taurus man? Read on to find out more about Taurus man and Pisces woman love at first sight.

You are a Pisces woman that felt love at first sight with a Taurus man? But is it really love? Perhaps I can help you out. Keep reading about the Taurus man with Pisces woman love at first sight is possible and if so, what you need to look for.

Taurus Man Pisces Woman Love at First Sight – Things to Know

1. Rare but Possible

Taurus man is someone who has to cultivate time and trust before he can fully admit that he’s in love with someone. He first has to admit it to himself which can take some time as well.

When he’s younger, he may instantly fall in love but could dive in too quickly then regretting it later. He himself doesn’t typically believe in love at first sight as a general rule but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. It can happen!

If a Taurus man falls in love instantly with a  Pisces woman, he will wait before he tells her because he has to make sure that what he is feeling is genuine and not just a crush or lust.

Naturally he’ll be extremely attracted to her without fully know the reason why. This is what causes him to second guess himself and try to take things slowly so he can fortify what he’s feeling.

When you think of “love at first sight” you think in terms of meeting someone for the first time and an instant connection is there. That doesn’t mean he’s going to see her across a room and be in love instantly without talking to her.

Now that we have that established, let’s look further into what signs you can look for as far as the Taurus man being quickly in love with the Pisces woman who is totally irritable.

2. The Look in His Eyes

If you are a Pisces woman, you’ll likely empathically pick up on what this man feels for you right out of the gate. Is it real though or is it just a “beginner’s crush”, that’s what you need to know.

One of the ways you can figure him out is by looking in his eyes when he’s around you or talking to you. He will be very shy and probably will have a hard time even making eye contact.

For some, that would mean he isn’t interested or isn’t trying to form a connection However, with a Taurus man, when he dodges looking you into your eyes is because he’s nervous and shy.

When he really likes you or is in love with you, he will be like a school boy who has fallen in love for the first time which makes him awkward. He may even stumble on his words when he talks to you.

In the event you can get him to look you in the eyes, he’s probably going to look much like a puppy dog pining for his owner to give him a treat. I know that’s a silly comparison but that’s the best description I can give you.

He looks like he’s waiting on his next treat and cannot get enough of spending time with you. Truly, the look or “non look” in a Taurus man’s eyes is a dead giveaway when it comes to his feelings for you.

3. Inner Circle Fast!

For a Taurus man, he tends to not invite a woman to meet his friends or family at first. He doesn’t want the woman to be included in his inner circle unless he’s sure he’s in love with her.

If you find that your Taurus man actually has very quickly introduced you to his friends and perhaps even family, this means that he has thrown caution to the wind and is crazy about you.

This could backfire though if he learns you’re not at all what he thought. If you are exactly what he thought then naturally, you both win and love is a “many splendored thing”.

If he’s in love, he may move quicker than he normally would. The trouble is, if the love he feels is the real deal or if it’s a crush. Only time will reveal the answer to that mystery for you Pisces woman.

Just know that if he lets you into his private world, he clearly thinks that he IS in love with you and wants to speed things up. As a Pisces woman, you are empathic enough to know if he’s being authentic or not.

Meeting his friends, co-workers, or family is a very big deal for him. It means he wants you to be part of his world and not just for a short while. He thinks there is a future there between you two.

4. Oh How His Touch Feels

When a Taurus man is in love, he’s very gentle, methodical, and romantic. When he’s in love, this feeling is something that any woman can pick up on whether they are psychic or not.

Pisces lady, you’ll be able to tell immediately by this man’s touch whether or not he’s in love with you or if he’s just into you for other purposes. Trust what your intuition tells you.

There are cases where a Taurus man will want to sleep with a Pisces woman but not get serious because she’s just so yummy to him. However, in speaking of love at first sight, you will know when he grabs your hand what his intention is.

Again, look in his eyes, listen to how he talks to you, wait to see if he introduces you to the people closest to him, and allow your intuition to guide you. His touch is one of no other and is what makes women want to do anything for him.

However, only the woman he loves will be able to feel this energy that emanates from the Taurus man in love. Your knees will buckle and you’ll be willing to do anything he asks.

You feel instantly safe and secure with the Taurus man. He will ensure you feel this if he’s in love with you. If you feel any of these things then it is entirely possible that the Taurus man has fallen in love with you at first sight.

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Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

Anna Kovach

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10 thoughts on “Taurus Man Pisces Woman Love at First Sight: How to Tell for Sure?

  1. How to make Taurus man love me?
    How to get marriage proposal from Taurus man?
    How to get Taurus man msgs call?
    How to get love, care, affection, time, marriage proposal from Taurus man?

    I’m an Piscean woman and I love my guy lot he is Taurus, I want to be married to him but he is stick to word friendship.. however things between us are way more ahead then friendship. I want him to love me n get married too..

    1. Hi Anonymous!

      Taurus men are in no hurry to put a label on what they feel or on their relationship. He’s trying to take it slow and be a friend until he’s sure of what he wants. There is a lot to be said about Taurus men and honestly if you want those questions answered, I highly suggest to you to read my book “Taurus Man Secrets” as there are some pretty informative answers there sweetheart.

  2. actually, i’m a teen, and a pisces too, the guy i crush over is a taurus
    and i’m hella confused if he has a crush on me or not as we never talk to each other.
    but what made me suspect him is, the way he stares at me.
    from years, i’ve been trying to start a convo with him, but he just looks down with a low voice
    so, why doesn’t he talked to me for years and just stare at me deeply?
    does this mean, he likes me or not?

    1. Hi nidhi!

      Taurus men are afraid to approach a girl they like honey. You have to flirt with him and give him the thumbs up and you like him looks. Staring at you could indicate that he is secretly into you but if neither of you speak up about it then you’ll never know for sure. Test it out by flirting or letting him know you would be alright with him liking you. I wish you all the luck of the stars!

  3. I am a tuarus man and have meet a pisces woman. I’m so head over hills for her i can’t belive it. I just don’t know how she feels but we have a very strong conection. So despite my better judgement i’m goinging to tell her how i feel way sooner than i ever would normally. I can’t fight the pull of it.

    1. Hi Kevin!

      It sounds like you’ve met an amazing connection that you should explore. If you cannot fight it then go with it! I think it’s wonderful for you to be open and honest with her so that she knows where you stand. The strong connection means something and I wish you all the luck of the stars Kevin! Blessings to you two!

  4. Hii! It’s me again. Being a pisces, I feel free to talk it out about my taurus crush to you.
    So, it’s been moths since I posted a comment here, saying, “Whenever I try to initiate a convo with him, he doesn’t responds or ignores me.” and now, I’m kind of losing all hopes with him and thinking its better if I move on.However, no matter how hard I try, something keeps me encouring to not to give up.
    I’m totally confused about I should move on from him or not. Also, it feels like he is playing hard to get and there’s me who keeps day dreaming about us being in a relationship.
    Ig we both may have commitment issues and that’s what is stoping us being in a relationship.
    But I would love to listen to your thoughts on this and also, I can tell that, you can help me out through this, since you’re an astrologer.

    1. Hi Nidhi!

      Thank you for sharing your story with me. If you aren’t getting any response out of him then the best thing to do is go ahead and focus on yourself and your path ahead. If he really cares for you then he’ll come back around. You deserve to have communication and a partner who cares enough to talk to you. I don’t think he’s playing hard to get because I’ve yet to hear of a Taurus playing head games like that. They’re pretty straight forward. It would be very rare for him to be doing that. Let go with no contact for a couple months and see what happens. If he doesn’t reach out to you at all then you will know it’s time to move on. I wish you all the best!

  5. I’m a Pisces. I dated this Taurus male. He was with his kids mom for 10 years but he says they don’t get alone that she doesn’t meet all his needs. When he’s around me he says he feels free. He always wants to see me or be in my presence. He’s left home in the middle of the night kids and their mom to be with me but I feel like it’s lust. He recently moved out and split but says they’re not in a relationship but still fucking around. I just feel like I’m getting mixed signals. When he’s around we both are like we feel like we’re dreaming he’s expressed some of his feeling. He told me that he talked to his male friends about me but I just don’t want to let my guards down if he may be still in love with his kids mom. Advice please

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