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How Can A Relationship Between A Libra Woman And Taurus Man Work

Are you a lucky Libra lady who has managed to get a Taurus man’s attention? Maybe you’re just interested in one and wondering what you can do to get his eyes on you. Perhaps this article will help you figure out what may be possible and how you can make your relationship with a Taurus man work.

On the surface

The Libra woman is likely to capture the attention of the Taurus man with her sense of style or selection of cuisine. He may see her out at a top notch restaurant and eyeball her from across the room.

Then again, he may meet her at work or the latest hot club. Wherever they meet or see one another, he will be captivated by her similar interests. If they get the chance to talk, he will also love her intellect.

The Libra lady is intelligent and loves to have really enriching conversations. The Taurus man loves the same and the two should hit it off fairly well when they decide to take the step toward talking.

The Libra woman will be very flirty and so it shouldn’t be too much of a mystery when she becomes interested in the Taurus man. Taurus men do not like to make the first move.

This is great because the Libra woman will easily flirt with him and get him to understand very quickly that she’s interested in him. This breaks the ice and will help them to start moving forward.

What’s brewing underneath

A nice Couple in the autumn park - what does a taurus man like in a libra woman

Aside from being attracted to one another for what they can see on the surface, they will start to get to know each other. Once this happens, there is some magic that is likely to occur.

Getting to playing the “get to know you” game; they find that they likely have many things in common. They are witty, intelligent, romantic, and share a lust for good things in life.

These are the things that make them feel that love is possible between them and will give them hope for a future together. While this is fantastic; there are other things they will need to learn.

Taurus takes a long time to cultivate a relationship. The Libra lady may also take her time but only because she’s indecisive. So while this is something in common, it could be something that could be a problem later on.

If neither of them can make a choice, there could be a standstill when they have arguments. This could make them both a little flaky toward one another as well. They will have to work on communication.

Possible lasting connection?

Once the Taurus man and Libra woman truly start seeing each other for who they are; they will see differences that they will need to work on if they want it to last for the long term.

While they are both indecisive; Taurus will go brood or want quiet time to reflect on what he wants, what he should do, and what action he will take. The Libra woman on the other hand; will be almost opposite.

The Libra woman will want to discuss everything and lay all the options out on the table. While that’s a good thing to do, her bull may not want to discuss it until he’s wrapped his head around it first.

The Libra woman will need to let him have some time first before they sit down and discuss it. The Taurus man will need to learn that the Libra woman needs to talk about it and be comfortable.

The Libra woman is a sociable lady. While it’s something the Taurus man was attracted to initially; he may start to wear down and not want her to want to go out quite so often.

Taurus is very stubborn and Libra can be as well. Though in this matchup, it would take the both of them to bend a bit and learn how to compromise. If they do not; they will find that they cannot keep it going for too long.

In the end…

young couple lying in bed together - what does a taurus man like in a libra woman

If the Libra woman fully learns her Taurus man and figures out ways she can bend or compromise; she may find that he’s very loyal and makes for an excellent soul mate.

The Libra is always looking for their long lost soul mate and will settle for nothing less. The Taurus man is willing to give her stability, love, and a solid home with him.

The two of them both care about humanity and nature. It wouldn’t be at all surprising if these two didn’t start up a foundation or some kind of environmental awareness group.

The Libra lady and the Taurus man are the couple you see hand in hand going on hikes, caring for many animals, and being out in nature as much as possible.

Even though the Taurus man may not be as sociable, he does enjoy outings such as camping. The Libra lady will also truly love this type of environment for time together.

These two can truly make one heck of a match if they can work out their differences. The differences could cause big problems but if they can be avoided or averted; they just may make the long haul.

The two can have a fairytale type of ending if they really work on it. They certainly enjoy each other’s company and have plenty to discuss throughout their lives. There shouldn’t be any dull moments between them.

Again, if the Libra woman can truly get to know her Taurus man; she can learn ways to get him excited about what she loves most. She can also get him to understand her better as well.

Learning to communicate effectively can help the two to work through any issues they have that creep into their lives. This can be a very strong connection. It’s not the best match for Taurus but it is a top notch possibility.

Once Taurus opens his heart up to the Libra woman; he may find a match worth keeping forever.

If you’re a Libra woman and want to learn more about the Taurus man; I highly suggest my book. When you read the Taurus Man Secrets; it could help you truly unlock the potential that the two of you can have for the future.

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2 thoughts on “How Can A Relationship Between A Libra Woman And Taurus Man Work

  1. My Taurus male and I (Libra woman) are very loving and sweet towards each other, everyday at school. We’re mostly around each other 24/7. But some days, it feels like he doesn’t want to be bothered. That’s why I question myself sometimes do I make him happy? I love him so much and I don’t want to lose him. what should I do?

    1. Taurus man needs some *me time* or in other words, personal time.

      We do ocassionally go into this kind of phase when we have problems or something bothered us; it could either be from:

      1) You trying to be too clingy

      2) Too controlling (obsessive)

      3) Too demanding (forcing us around against our will).

      4) We have other external problems bothering us (friends, family, job, studies, income, hobbies, etc), and we just don’t wanna discuss it with you.

      If it happens in the phase of courthship (not yet officially dating), then yes he might just lose interest of you either from those lists i gave above. Or he might just caught you cheat or simply flirting with other guys behind us (yes we are obssessive).

      But to know the precise reason, you need to ask him directly, since all Taurus are not exactly the same.

      (I’m born on 22nd of April but my friend’s personality which is born just 4 days later on 26th have a TOTAL OPPOSITE personalities and traits of a Taurus. Sun, Moon and even Venus signs all come into the play to determine the personality.)

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