Do You Make These Mistakes with a Taurus Guy?

by Anna, relationship astrologer
Let us see what are the key components of female behavior that can crash the chances with the Taurus man. Do you make these mistakes with a Taurus Guy?

Let’s admit, nobody is perfect, at least all of the time. And there are some things that can easily ruin any relationship, but let us see what are the key components of female behavior that can crash the chances with the Taurus man.

Taurus guys are well known for their stability, reliability, and focus. Yes, they also love to see the perfect body, and even more, the perfect face on a woman, her sense of classy style and her ability to manage the money and her affairs in a reasonable manner.

But, there are some things you should be careful about if you want the win the heart of your Taurus man and keep it like that. 

Drama Queen

More than anything else, Taurus men love their peace. If a Taurus guy has to fight for his position, incomes or social status, he will run away from any sort of fight or drama going on in his private life for sure. His privacy and his relaxing moments are sacred things in his mind.

This is directly related to the sign of Leo which makes a tense aspect toward the sign of Taurus. So basically, some negative Leo’s traits will annoy a Taurus guy very much. The major one is the acting talent. This will show as heightened emotions and reactions toward any event you are going through.

If you are going to experience a nervous breakdown every time your cooking isn’t perfect, your nail broke or there are no more chocolates in the pantry, you will be making some grandiose mistakes because he might turn out toward a calmer woman instead.

Cheap Thrills

Mistakes with a Taurus Guy

The sign of Taurus is the essence of wealth, properties and economy. And, this is the sign of a pure class, too. Anything cheap will turn him away for sure. But wait a minute, don’t be so fast. “Being cheap” is not really being cheap in the monetary sense.

This is not strictly related to money per se. You can have a humble second-hand dress and cheap, but a nice pair of shoes, and he will be delighted to spend his time with you and even show you off to the world.

On the other side, you can have the latest horribly expensive branded clothes with the piles of gold and precious stone’s jewelry and yet, you could be the real embarrassment for him.

Your class and your style are the things that count in the eyes of the Taurus man. How you use your resources and how you show your beauty in this world is all that matters to him. Everything is better if it’s expensive in the mind of one Taurus. But on the other side, everything is just perfect if it looks extremely expensive when it’s not.

And the same applies to your manners. You need to be a lady if you want him to respect you. On any sign of clumsy, rude, insolent or malapert behavior, he will be affected the most and he will surely start to think about how to pull back from your life.

Law and Order Every Day

Please leave your social battles for the outside world. Yes, we all know that animals are heaving the hard times on the North Pole, that third world economy turned out into slavery, that this group of people is oppressed.

And, it’s very nice if you are trying to help those in need or to fix some problems, but if you want to keep your Taurus guy closer, don’t bring out those issues when you two are alone or with the intimate circle of friends, because this is exceptionally tiring to him.

In any case, don’t play the “law and order” theme in front of him regarding any subject. If it’s something truly important like selling the company or acquiring the property, he will do that consulting with his lawyers and other members of the stuff.

If it’s something trivial, trivial in his mind, like organizing a big celebration, your shopping list, the choice of wallpapers, do those things alone and don’t bother him at all.

Fake Spirituality

Mistakes with a Taurus Guy

Taurus is the “down to earth” sign, don’t forget that and as such, from an early age, Taurus guy had to fight for his place in this world and for his possessions.

Everything he had learned and everything he’s got came from the” real” world and belongs to this real world.  In the same sense, Taurus man expects from you to be real.

Too much philosophy, too much-complicated terms, and ideas will be confusing to him initially, and later on, he will just become bored. So instead of talking about multidimensional Universe and concept of karma, try with the Sunday’s roast recipe and he will be head over heels how lucky he was to find such a lovely and “real” woman.

Rude Party Girl

Don’t get this thing wrong. Taurus guy just loves to have the fabulous woman by his side. She can look like a sugar baby, matter of fact is, she should look like a sugar baby, highly maintained and expensive, but she should be classy too, to repeat this again.

However, the woman of his dreams will never be drunk, at least not in public, nor she will behave slutty or rude. Maybe some public manners changed over the last few decades, but Taurus is a conservative type of a guy.

If you want him to notice you first and then to stay with you forever, you shouldn’t show your “modern” demeanor, no matter what your friends are doing.

In the same way, choose your friends wisely, because you might be attractive to him in the beginning, but if your social circle acts in a disgusting or rude way, he will never ever think about you later on.

Can I have your thoughts and comments regarding female mistakes with a Taurus guy? Did something similar happen to you? 

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Do you make these mistakes with a Taurus Guy?

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

Anna Kovach

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15 thoughts on “Do You Make These Mistakes with a Taurus Guy?

  1. My Taurus man (now ex) was extremely crude and crass. His behavior, language, and sense of humor was anything but classy and frankly quite embarrassing to me. His sexual appetites were perverse and unrelenting. He would actually criticize me for not cursing enough and wanted me to grab his privates in public. Your description of a Taurus as a man who wants his lady to behave like a well bred lady is completely foreign to my experience.

  2. I’m a 61yr old cancer woman and the Taurus man I met is 53.At first our relationship went very well, we got along good.As our relationship progressed little things he said to me made me think he was pulling away from me and that made me upset, so on one Friday night I had an attitude with him and you can say I brought some drama to him, well I said something to him that he took out of contexts and now I don’t know if we will get back together, I have told him that I’m sorry for what I said, he still talks to me but not as much, I really don’t know what to do I really want to be with him but I don’t know if he still wants to be with me. Please help me.

    1. HI Carol Basnett!

      With time, things will heal and he’ll start to open up again. Taurus men get butt hurt and when they do, they tend to hold a grudge for a bit until they get over it, if they do. When it’s something not that big of a deal, they come back around in a decent amount of time. If it was something really bad, they hold a grudge for life. I don’t think your ordeal was that big. Talk to him and ask him straight out if he still wants to be with you. Trust the answer he gives you!

  3. I did something really bad to my taurus who I love very much…weve been friends since we were 12/13 and hes always loved me and I have loved him.
    He had a gf and one night I got drunk and so mad bc for hours he ignored me. I winded up sending his gf his nude pics and screenshots of his text where he would talk bad about her. He told me it was really messed up and not to talk fo him anymore. I apologized and told him how sorry I was for doing that and how much I love him. He blocked me on messenger so now I can’t communicate with him. He watched me beg for 3 days prior to blocking him. Does he hate me? We had deep chemistry and love I’ve never experienced before. He would tell me he couldn’t live without me and he needed me in his life. Will he come back? I’ve been sooooo devastated and crying and hurting everyday since. It’s been a week today. Help? I hate I did that I love him. I don’t wanna lose him.

    1. Hi Joy!

      For one thing, he had/has a girlfriend. He cannot give you what you want anyway because he’s emotionally unavailable for you. Your actions were awful yes but he probably also realized he cannot keep carrying on with you if he wants to stay with his girlfriend. I don’t know if he hates you but he doesn’t want to take the chance of you causing him problems again so he’s probably let go at this point. All you can do is apologize for having done something stupid while drunk and then give him time to mull it over in his mind to see if he can forgive this and move on. Otherwise, he may be done. Sorry sweetheart.

  4. Hi,
    I am a Gemini dating a Taurus man for 3 years on and off . I am now 53 and he is 56 we are both divorced . He is very successful and still works . I love him so much but he always goes cold on me a lot of times and that annoys me very much . I tried talking to him to be open and honest . I am a Gemini and the only language I understand is communication , when you avoid me or ignore me , I get so mad.
    He knows I can be very blunt , I dint beat about the bush. I have recently find out that he is cheating . So when he wants to be busy with his other girlfriends he will have excuses to see me and just turn cold . One of his girlfriends called him while I was with him , to tell him she was coming and he told her that he was with the boys ,she must not come cause she will be bored. I was so hurt cause I never thought he was really cheating , I just had this feeling . when I ask , he said its just some lady that’s throwing herself to him. He took me home and he never came back to me for a month. Taurus are liars and cheaters with big egos and very territorial with their things . but they can make you fall in love with them . I want to let go but its hard . He keeps coming back .

    1. Hi Cathy!

      Yikes. Yep sounds like his coldness came from the fact that he was cheating. That’s not good. Your intuition was absolutely screaming at you. It’s time to start listening to it. When you have those “feelings” it means something and it’s crucial. Not all Taurus men are liars and cheaters. I am a Gemini woman and my husband is Taurus. He is very good to me and we worked through our issues. It sounds like if you two still keep coming back together then maybe it might be worth it to work on it. Taurus Man Secrets can help you!

  5. Don’t let him treat you like that!!! Take a deep breath and tell him you’re aware that
    he’s not being honest with you and say “Maybe we should cool it for awhile” and
    don’t call him. Communication is important and you have to make it clear that
    you want to be treated with respect and when he’s ready to treat you that way,
    tell him “give me a call”. I’m telling you this will work. If it doesn’t, then he’s
    not worth your time. You need to respect yourself and lose your self-esteem

    1. Hi Janet!

      Taurus men don’t take well to being ignored. There is a lot more about the Taurus than one would believe. I agree with you that she shouldn’t let him treat her that way but going silent doesn’t normally work very well. If he comes back, he needs to work for it and earn back her trust. Reading Taurus Man Secrets will reveal a whole lot!

      1. Taurus men can definitely be cheaters, egotistic, some times cheap oh and very stubborn! I am a Pisces and we are actually highly compatible so I’ve dealt with a few. Patience is definitely required but it’s really more of a being unbothered. Taurus men are naturally ladies man so it’s easy to think they like you and you will like them but the whole time they really waiting on the perfect woman they feel will come around and I will say this unless you’re “that woman they really feel is different, hold them accountable and make them want to change, communicate more then don’t waste your time. They are actually really picky on who they actually settle down with. It can definitely be a waiting game so keep yourself busy and unbothered cause trust me once you got him, you have him for life! Don’t act like every other female, you really have to be calm and don’t say words you don’t mean. Overall, I still love Taurus but I wouldn’t deal with them if I didn’t have the experience cause you could literally drive yourself crazy.

  6. Im a cancer 25 and hes a taurus 24.
    I feel like i ruined our chances because i kept trying to be patient but i was too afraid he would hurt me. he was so cold all the time. but he would always deflect or say i do talk as a response to him being so uninterested. then i would call him out on things and he would say thats not what i meant, basically always justifying himself. Even though i told him how i felt about everything he never felt he was wrong. But ultimately i ended it and said to stop messaging. But i feel like i was too rash and i miss him. Do you think he will ever accept his wrongful ways and come around or should i just let this it go for good?

    1. Hi Cristy,

      He was likely cold to you because he could sense that you were afraid. He probably didn’t want to push being together knowing you were uncomfortable. Taurus man was a woman who trusts him and will be loving. It does also sound as though he has problems of his own he needs to work on. I highly recommend doing meditation to work on your insecurity to you can be confident. If he’s acting like a jerk then he may not be worth your effort. He needs to work on himself and learn not to be so ego oriented. He actually sounds a bit narcissistic. Be carful. I wish you well!

  7. I am cancer woman who met a taurus guy that I am sooooo attracted to. I feel like he is the one for me and he says that he kinda likes me too but he said that he doesn’t know me well enough to have a relationship. I don’t know how to talk and grab his attention and trust. If you could give any advise on this topic, that would be amazing.

    1. Hi Gopika!

      Ok so you need to let him get to know you. Taurus men are slow movers sweetheart. You cannot pressure them to move any faster than what they are comfortable with. Talk to him about things he likes or ask him what he likes. Find out his hobbies, what his dreams or goals are in his life. Asking questions allows you to get to know him. After you ask him the questions then you can volunteer your answers as well. That’s how you rope him into getting to know you better. Ask him to go grab a coffee or something. Let him know you want more and you’re willing to be patient about it. Learn more about Taurus man by reading my books on Taurus Man Secrets.

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