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4 Taurus Man Personality Traits Help You Better Understand His Behavior

Born under a fixed earth sign, Taurus men are a delightful combination of the sensible and sensitive. On the surface, Taurus men are practical and solid, but beneath their calm surface is a romantic dreamer who longs to be understood and appreciated.

Taurus is calm, affectionate, patient, stable, determined and practical, stubborn, and highly resistant to change. At first appearance, Taurus men can seem very manly and macho, but don’t be fooled as Taurus is a feminine sign and he is an emotional creature at heart.

Taurus is the sign of property and money so Taurus men like collecting things and they are known to cling to their possessions in unhealthy ways. If their sense of safety is threatened you will get a taste of their stubborn and possessive streak that can – under extreme provocation – become destructive, even violent.

Dependable and Stubborn

Handsome young Taurus man in eyeglasses keeping arms crossed and looking at camera

In a crisis, the one person you can really count on is your Taurus man. He will persevere where others give up and he will be calm where others lose their nerve. This stubborn ability is often what lies behind their success, as their positive traits include a practical and pragmatic drive for success and material security.

Your Taurus man may be stubborn to a fault and he will hate any change to his daily routine, but this is precisely what gives him the drive and determination to chart new territory and break new ground. His greatest strength is being able to stick things through with a bullish sense of purpose and need to achieve.

Being a fixed sign means Taurus is allergic to change – introduce a change or a threat and he becomes uneasy and anxious. Why fix what isn’t broken your Taurus man will ask. Try not to rush him into anything as his thinking style is slow and steady, but treat him right and he’ll be your rock and your greatest supporter when you need him most.

Patient and calm (but watch for that temper).

Just because you rarely see it in all its glorious anger, do not doubt that your Taurus man has a fearsome temper lurking under his serene, immovable, calm disposition. Generally, he is patient and difficult to rumble and only extreme opposition can make him change his ways.

The mistake many women make with their Taurus man is to push him from his comfort zone because you assume he doesn’t mind anything. These men note everything you do to annoy them and they never forget. After seeming to stay calm under any provocation, your bull can suddenly charge and present you with a list of transgressions and hurts they have been nursing quietly for years.

If he isn’t roused to anger your Taurus man is a generous, caring soul, capable of kind romantic gestures and heart-warming affection. Remember you are dealing with a bull who may seem implacable and sweet when he’s left alone to quietly graze on his pasture, but if you disturb him or wave a red flag in his face, he can be roused to a frightening anger to become a destructive, tyrannical force of nature.

An elegant lover of all things beautiful

Close up of satisfied smiling Taurus guy looking at camera at home

Your Taurus man is ruled by Venus, planet of love and beauty and all things to do with value. This makes him an intricate soul who is emotionally mature, at least when it comes to love, but can also give him an unhealthy need to cling to possessions and control his material world.

A Taurus man is highly sensitive to color and design, and his supremely elegant soul is inspired by art and music. He is likely to favor quality over quantity and he will forgo essentials to invest in luxuries. His spending patterns will be difficult to decipher unless you get that his motto is “never economize on luxuries.”

Your Taurus man collects money, people, and possessions and he’ll never get enough of any of these. Threaten his material world and you will see the calm bull roused to anger. At best, which he strives to always be, a Taurus man is a responsible, sensitive person with a serious appreciation for all the finer things in life.

A possessive lover who needs to feel secure.

Two areas where Taurus men can be roused to extreme anger are threats to their love-life or their money. They have a legendary tendency to be stubborn and possessive and this is the root of all conflict in their lives.

What you need to understand is that this stubborn, irrational behavior is all about feeling insecure. You will not be able to change him without an almighty struggle where he will probably wear you out. The trick is to accept their weaknesses as a given and make sure you don’t provoke him.

Even if your eye doesn’t wander, he may imagine that you do want someone stronger, richer or more handsome than him, so you need to constantly reassure him with affection, small gifts, and compliments. Tell your Taurus man, over and over, that he’s the only one for you and the most handsome, cleverest man in the world, and you will have a solid partner and a loving sweetheart for life.

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5 thoughts on “4 Taurus Man Personality Traits Help You Better Understand His Behavior

  1. Taurus guys are fool of games, he is also very self centered like a narcissist, they play with your feelings and leave you hanging, they always looking around for younger women, its a lie that they slow paced coz they usually want sex the first day, the only thing they slow in is telling u they love u if at all, they love one night stands believe me,

  2. how best to deal with one who says hes told you something in detail yet he hasnt uttered a word about what he swears hes told you? we are just roomates…kinda with a TWIST and i feel drained when he show anger thats compleatly undeserved and si i back down alot am am afraid to speak….what do you guys sugest?

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