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How To Get A Taurus Man To Stop Ignoring You

Has your Taurus man decided to give you the silent treatment? Perhaps he’s gone just quiet enough to make you wonder what he’s up to. Here are some clues as to what you can do to get him to talk to you.

1. Give him time

As hard as it may be for you; patience is the only way you’ll ever get things to work with your Taurus. When or if Taurus becomes pissed off, hurt, or has a lot on his mind; he will become quiet and icy.

Sometimes it has nothing to do with you but without him telling you; it leaves you clueless and wondering what you maybe did wrong.

Taurus is notorious for the silent treatment. It’s probably better though to deal with this than to deal with his fury which is far harder to cope with. It takes a lot to push him that far but if you do, watch out.

This man likes to have time to himself to think and figure out what he will do next. He will also calm down enough to make sense of what he wants to say to you. He would prefer to talk to you as an adult.

If his quiet has nothing to do with you then he will appreciate the time and space to sort out whatever it is. If he wants to tell you what it was about; he will. If not, don’t hold it against him.

2. Gently initiate conversation

Affectionate young couple relaxing at home sitting on the sofa smiling into each others eyes - How To Get A Taurus Man To Stop Ignoring You

If you go at a Taurus in a fury or in a panic, he will see this as some form of attacking him or trying to tie him down. He will not respond well to this at all so being aggressive isn’t the right way.

In fact, the best way to get his attention and get him to talk is by being sweet to him. Giving him a dose of your “honey” will help him feel calm and perhaps he’ll be able to open up to you.

However; if he is angry with you, you will have to wait for him to calm down. He will not talk to you most of the time if he is angry because he knows that he will not be able to listen to you talk and remain objective.

You could perhaps try to talk to him about mundane things that keep his mind off of what he’s really upset about. Perhaps offer to cook him his favorite meal or go to his favorite eatery.

Do things that will indicate that you truly care and you’re there for him no matter what the issue may be. This is no guarantee though because it truly does depend on what he’s upset about.

3. Suggest time apart

I know what you’re thinking. “No way, that would be really hard”. You’re right; it would be very difficult but sometimes this guy needs some drastic space and time to think. If it’s something that really messed him up, he needs it.

Either you can suggest he go visit friends out of state, a mini vacation or just a weekend away without you. He’ll appreciate the effort and suggestion. He’ll see this as you caring enough to let him go have time to himself.

Taurus men are brooding men. Showing him consideration will get you further. If he cannot get away or does not want to; perhaps you can suggest that you can go stay at a friend’s for the weekend or something of the like.

Again, showing him some understanding and giving him space may help him to snap out of his funk. It will certainly give him time to mull things over and figure out his next course of action.

If you’ve been really sweet and considerate; he may stay with you and work on things. It’s hard to stay mad or walk away from someone who cares so much.

However; there are always the hardnosed Taurus men. These are the ones that no matter how nice you are to them, they will hold you responsible for their anger and will not accept their role in it.

These are also the type that will ice you out and not allow for recovery time at all. They will cut you completely off and tell you to lose their digits. These are the extreme Taurus men and not all of them are like this.

It really will depend on which type of Taurus you have on your hands as far as how closed off he may be and for how long. Patience is the only proper response to them.

If time rolls by and he doesn’t come forward; you’ll realize what type of Taurus he is and perhaps isn’t worth your time anymore. You’ll have to decide for sure if that’s something you can do.

4. Do not force him

Beautiful young couple is having a quarrel while sitting on sofa at home - How To Get A Taurus Man To Stop Ignoring You

The worst possible scenario for you would be to try to force him to talk to you. This may provoke a violent response which isn’t good for either of you. Taurus wants to protect you, not hurt you.

While not all Taurus men are abusive, they can become that way temporarily if they are sent overboard anger wise. It’s best to learn their triggers before you get involved too much with them.

If you know ahead of time what may piss them off; you’ll be better off and avoid a catastrophe. If your Taurus is ignoring you, he has his reasons and until he’s ready to talk about it with you, you’re just going to have to wait.

I’ve given you a few suggestions here but the thing that remains constant is being patient and calm. If you’re the one that caused him to be in this mood; you’ll need to allow him to work things out in himself.

It may have been something else or someone else that pissed him off but still; he needs time to recover and work it out with himself. If you can do that, he may soon be talking to you again.

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7 thoughts on “How To Get A Taurus Man To Stop Ignoring You

  1. Right now the guy I like has become a hardnosed man because I kept texting him. My friend informed me that he felt like he was being harassed today, which i can understand why because I did text him a lot more. My friend told me something I ended up calling him a dick, then on top of that, he saw me walking with one of my guy friends he doesn’t like. Later on that day at school, he told off my friend about me in not so nice ways. Each time something got intense between us he wouldn’t come to school the next day, I feel it’s because he desperately wants space, doesn’t want to hurt me and feels guilty for his actions. Which is what my intuition says. I am not mad at him at this point I completely understand why he is reacting the way he is.
    Just to note I have a really not so good home life and things aren’t good and he’s aware.
    My other guy friend told me to give him space. But my gut tells me I should go to him and hug him and talk. But he said he’s moved on and now I should. But my friend claims that’s a lie cause she felt he was just saying it to get me off his ass to which I agree.
    At this point, I just want to talk to him because I understand why he’s hurting so much more now and I feel like a terrible person. But the problem is he doesn’t like me talking about him to friends, but I find it hard not too cause he’s always on my mind, but I know I need to change that.
    Since I’ve been back at school ( I was gone for mainly two weeks again family issues) I found out he’s been acting really cold toward people and hasn’t been in school much and has been missing a lot of days.
    I just feel like I should be doing something because I know I’ve hurt him badly. I get scared to come in to school because my temptation to see how he’s doing is mad high and I just want to help his pain. But it only gets him pissier.
    Please help.

  2. Good points here. Some men commit too fast and others like this Taurus won’t commit in a timely fashion so to speak. Silent treatment they do but not very well. It’s important not to neglect other’s feelings since they exist and shouldn’t be trampled on. This makes it seem like the only thing they’ll get along with is a literal rock. They tend to end up paying more than they bargained for wanting parental like relationships so good point there. I’ve seen them pay financially and struggle way too long with the emotional aftermath. Yes, good point about tending their ‘field’… it’s a bit cruel to invite someone in and expect them to be the man and woman in a union while Mr or Ms Taurus goes munching around like you don’t exist. Then when they come back it’s blame city.. why didn’t you this and that argument. If they have more enlightened aspects about themselves I’d call them grounded but honestly I’d save the mothering for my kids not a grown-up. Temper tantrums aren’t my thing so when I see silent treatment following a vindictive lashing over their ‘standards’, it’s a no gloves match. This is especially important to me because they don’t make anything clear and most if not all of the time they don’t ask nicely themselves. If you do something nice for them make sure it’s really simple because their appreciation only goes so far..Bedroom wise..meh. it’s awkward to say the least, I think a die hard Virgo is more suitable in this dept. Touchy feely in a way that makes you not want to be touched lol. Many will watch TV or look elsewhere period while they’re having sex. Overall they make many people feel like servants who deserve nothing but should greatly appreciate their ‘protection’. All in all a Taurus is probably best suited to Virgo or Pisces.

  3. I just found out few days that my boyfriend is a Taurus and I’m a Virgo
    Sometimes he doesn’t pick my calls or respond to my texts…I had to read more about Taurus and i got to find out that he needs time…I really wanted to be there for him and help him
    But he prefers to do it own thing
    At first i asked him…If i wronged him, he said No and told me I’m always loved
    I believe he will get over his problem and talk to me like our old days i miss him so much and want to talk to him
    But right now i can’t, he texted me from time to time, but still yet i want more from him
    But i have learnt to be patient with my Taurus lover and give him so space and Yes i can wait…Because he is all i wanna be with

  4. I fell madly in love with a Taurus man and he with me (Aries). We had a very strong connection emotionally and physically. This went on for months. I am a blatantly honest person, I sugar coat nothing. Often to the point of being called mean. I thought he was the same. I later found out he lied to me about his living arrangements. He told me that him and his ex were split for 5 yrs., he lived with the kids and she was in and out the their lives, as well as being a drunk. As time went on I got a gut feeling something was not right and asked him several times if there was something he was not telling me and he would say no. So to protect myself, on several occasions I tried to push him away, but he would always reel me back in. I was never invited to his home, we always were a my place, he would never talk to me on the phone when he was home and I never was invited to meet his kids, even after we dedicated ourselves to each other. He would never stay at my house over the weekend unless he made arrangements for his kids (17 & 15 yrs old) and that only happened twice in 6 months. I ended up being transferred 2 hrs. away and he helped me move. He stayed over night and went back home. The next day he called me and as usual said he had to go, but did not hang up the phone. I listened as in walked into his house and I heard his supposed ex. Then i heard the text message he was reading that he sent to her ….he told her he was working blah blah blah and last thing said was “love ya babe”. I went into a fit of rage. He said he lied to avoid losing me because he felt that if I knew the truth I would leave and tells her he loves her to save face. Needless to say, I’m a stupid person and accepted his explanation but told him he needed to tell to fix the situation. I questioned his love for me and his intentions. He said he was willing to move to be with me, but my gut again called BS. I didn’t believe anything he said anymore and he swore never to lie to me, he said we were meant to be together. He said he would give up everything for me and that the ex knows he “is talking to someone”…. I took matters into my own hands again and told the supposed ex that we were sleeping together since he refused to tell her. Well that went over like a fart in church., but why if she knew something? I guess I was wrong, again for believing him. He got mad when I called him a liar, he swears he isn’t, says he is loyal, to who? I just got frustrated to the point I told him I don’t want to be with him anymore. He last words to me were…I HATE YOU. I have since lost 15 lbs., I am so depressed because I have never felt for a man as I do him. I wrote a letter, no reply, and I send texts maybe once or twice a week. No answer. I know I am not blocked and i want to be with him. I apologized to saying something I did not mean, but seriously I have NEVER lied or cheated or anything. So why can he not forgive me as I forgave, but didn’t forget, him?

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