How To Have A Healthy Relationship With A Taurus Man

by Anna-Kovach, relationship astrologer
Here are some points to consider if you want to know how to have a healthy relationship with a Taurus man. Continue reading to find out more.

Taurus men, such interesting characters. They are unlike anyone you have ever met or been with — that is for sure. And luckily for you, ladies, these men are quite generous with their love and romance. They are probably some of the least toxic men when it comes to love.

So, it is pretty easy to have a healthy and satisfying relationship with these men. Sure, they have their negative points like their love of control and being stubborn like no one else, but they are also incredibly kind, generous, and very loyal.

It is such a pleasure being in a relationship with one of these men, trust me, I know because I married one. It really isn’t too difficult to sustain a healthy and happy relationship with a Taurus man, but let me show you how.

Here are some points to consider if you want to know how to have a healthy relationship with a Taurus man. Continue reading if you would like to find out more:

Never Rush Your Taurus Man

Any Taurus, be it a man or a woman, has their own sense of timing. They can viscerally feel when something is good or bad for them. It is one of the unique skills that come with being an Earth sign. On a gut level, they know exactly the meaning of the term “divine timing.”

A Taurus man refused to be rushed into anything, the stronger someone tries to push them into a corner the deeper they will stick in their heels and stay solid. He’s an immovable force and needs to go with his own inner clock or he may feel like he is betraying himself on some level.

If you want to have a healthy relationship with your Taurus man, then you are going to have to accept the fact that you can’t rush him into anything and that he needs to come around in his own time.

Allow him to be in the present moment and make his own decisions. The thing with a Taurus man is that they hate it when other people tell them what to do. It makes them feel inferior and like they aren’t in control of themselves in some way.

Never make your Taurus man feel like he isn’t capable because you will definitely regret it.

Indulge In Pleasure With Your Taurus Man As Often As Possible

A Taurus man loves to feel pleasure. His sign is, after all, ruled by the planet of Venus, which means he really knows how to indulge and have a good time. He is extremely sensual and his senses are so sensitive.

He experiences life through all five of them, but taste and touch have to be his favorite. A Taurus man loves to eat and being in a relationship with him means that you definitely need to know how to cook or enjoy going out to eat.

He wants a partner with whom he can share his delight, not someone who is turned off by the idea of eating. To have a healthy relationship with a Taurus man, you need to have a healthy appetite and recognize how important food is to him.

However, you are probably going to have to get a gym membership to work off all the extra calories. But don’t fret too much because like I said, a Taurus man also appreciates touch which means that sex is really important to him as well.

He needs a physical relationship with his partner to feel truly connected to her, so sex is very high on his priorities.

Understand His Need For Balance

Ways To Have A Healthy Relationship With A Taurus Man

It might really surprise you when you first start dating a Taurus man how simultaneously hardworking and driven he is, while still being incredibly lazy and indulgent. In fact, it is quite confusing at first.

But as you get to know him, you will probably come to recognize why he is the way he is. A Taurus man loves beautiful things and feels comfortable in his physical world. This is just short for him being kind of materialistic.

However, to have the lifestyle he is looking for, he knows that he really needs to put in the time and the effort into his job to earn a steady income so that he can afford the life he desires. A Taurus man is always willing to put in blood, sweat, and tears if it means being able to live and have the luxury.

But after a week of hard work, discipline, and determination, he often just wants to lay on the couch and chill. He’s tired and needs his comfortable surroundings to regroup and re-energize for the week ahead.

He definitely knows how to work hard, but he also knows how to be lazy and relax. He needs this balance and a partner who can understand this about him. Let your Taurus take the lead and show you which mood he is in.

Make Him Believe He Is In Control Of You

A Taurus man might not be as obvious as, say, a Scorpio or a Capricorn when it comes to needing to feel powerful or in control, but trust me, it is there, motivating him with every move he makes.

He has a deep desire to control and have ownership over his partner. However, this doesn’t come from a malicious and evil place at all. He is just very into feeling safety and stability in his relationships, and that is why he tries to control the person he is with.

You probably give him a sense of security in his life and this is why he will go out of his way to ensure nothing ever changes in the relationship. Of course, this is totally impossible because life is constantly in motion and changing, so your Taurus man will inevitably be disappointed.

However, you can always do little things to make him understand that you are truly his. Much like a bull or a cow, a Taurus man has a thing for branding and ownership. So, getting matching tattoos with him could make him feel really certain about how you feel for him.

Although, if that is a little too extreme for you, then why not get him to collar you during sex and make him understand that he is completely in control of your body for that moment. Of course, you need to be completely comfortable with that.

So come up with something that makes him feel that he has some type of “ownership” over you. This will make him feel more at ease and that you are completely devoted to him in the relationship.

Trust And Respect Need To Come First

How To Have A Healthy Relationship With Taurus Man

There is a side to any Taurus man that actually feels insecure and scared in this world. This may make him quite jealous and possessive in the relationship at times, especially if he feels like you haven’t been completely loyal to him.

His suspiciousness might come out of nowhere but for him, they feel really real and can be totally consumed in his mind. It is really important that in a relationship with a Taurus man, that communication becomes very clear and that the two of you work really hard on the feelings of trust and respect in the relationship.

If a Taurus man feels betrayed in any way, then he can get quite upset and it can feel like his whole world is falling apart because it feels like he has lost control completely. This is really hard for him to deal with as you can probably imagine.

A Taurus wants to trust and be trusted by his partner and he will go out of his way to ensure that this happens. Trust and respect are everything to him in a relationship, but this is something you both need to actively work on for this relationship to continue working in a healthy manner.

Don’t give him reason to be suspicious and you will be fine!

Think Long-Term Commitment With Your Taurus Man

One of the best parts of being in a relationship with a Taurus man is probably knowing that they aren’t here to mess you around or waste your time. These guys mean serious business when it comes to love and relationships.

When a Taurus man commits, he hopes it is for life. He is 100% the guy who wants to settle down and get married to that special someone and he wants to be with a woman who feels the exact same way about him.

Commitment is extremely important for this guy and if he feels like a woman is wavering about him just a little then he will probably move on because he isn’t interested in investing his time with someone who isn’t as serious about him as he is of her.

Stability and security are seriously the most important things for any Taurus, be that a man or a woman. If they don’t have this feeling of steadiness in their life, it can feel pretty terrible to them and make them feel extremely miserable and unhappy.

So, if you want to have a happy and healthy relationship with your Taurus man, then be sure you know how you feel about him and if you want to get really serious with him, otherwise, you are just wasting his time and your time.

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My Final Thoughts

Thanks for your time, ladies! I tried to list some of the ways you can have a healthy relationship with a Taurus man that isn’t often spoken about online. These are some of the most crucial but often kept secret ways to keep a Taurus man happy.

And keeping a Taurus man happy is definitely something you want to create in your life because when a Taurus man is happy, you will be happy. These gentlemen know a thing or two about what it means to love someone and how to make them happy.

This sign is one of the most romantic and relationship-orientated signs in the Zodiac. This guy wants to be in a relationship; he wants to love and be loved.

All you truly want is to be in your happy place with your Taurus man.

But you never know which mood you are going to find him in.

The Taurus man can be really amazing, he has such a sweet character and gives so much love to the people he cares about.

He can also be spaced out at times, and so worried about things like money and what the future will bring.

If you are a strong woman who can stand up for herself and still be patient with him, then you will have a rewarding relationship with your Taurus man.

A Taurus partner is very caring with his loved ones and will do what he has to in order to make them happy.

He isn’t typically a go-getter, but he does know what he wants, but sometimes he will only accomplish his dreams if a partner will inspire him.

As his girlfriend or wife, you will be his queen, his baby mama, and the woman he turns to when he needs to talk or even to cry.

You’ll be his rock and reason for fighting.

But how do you reach this point?

How do you make him see you as his queen?

Is there anything specific you can do to always put yourself as number one?

Fortunately, I always have a couple of tricks up my sleeve…

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Be a fearless leader who shows her Taurus lover the way, and you’ll have a worshiper for life.

Be his guiding light and help him move through the world with grace and love.

Don’t be afraid to take the plunge and build this beautiful life together.

The two of you can do anything because you are together.

Enjoy your time with your Taurus man! This is a relationship meant for the record books!

But it is up to you to make it happen…

If you truly want to make a breakthrough and make this relationship successful, then you are

going to have to work for it…

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Don’t be disheartened if he doesn’t commit or show his feelings right away.

Taurus men need to be sure they’re not being played, they need to be completely sure about the woman they are committing to because for a Taurus man, any relationship is for life and he needs to know 100% that you are in it with him.

Show him that you are serious, but just be patient because this may take a while.

Wishing you all the luck of the Universe.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

Anna Kovach

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2 thoughts on “How To Have A Healthy Relationship With A Taurus Man

  1. Thank you Anna
    I’m Rossa from Tanzania ..A Scorpion woman .. I am in long distance relationship with Taurus man living in Netherlands..
    We met Online.. he sent me a message”Hi Rossa how are you doing.. I would like to keep in touch with you this is my number”
    I asked him” why did you give me your number earlier?”do you trust me? He said” yes I do trust you if you don’t trust and interested in me I will understand you because there are many fakers online”

    I came looking for him on WhatsApp..we still communicate well but takes time to reply..I thought he is not interested in me..I asked him about it ..he said” it’s not that I am not interested hun,I can’t reply message immediately”
    I asked him to be my normal friend that behavior hurts me because sometimes it takes more than ten hours to reply..I feel he doesn’t love me so it’s better to be normal friends not lovers.. He didn’t reply after three days he sent me a message” gonna delete your number because I am not looking for friends I am looking for a serious relationship with someone who will understand that I can’t reply message immediately”
    I told him do What you feel like doing.. because you act like you are married or living with another woman that is why you don’t reply my messages.. he didn’t reply
    After five days he sent me messages” I am not in relationship with anyone.go and judge someone else”
    I was surprised that he didn’t delete my number..Then I decided to search for Taurus man behavior then I realized that was their nature.. I understand him when he doesn’t reply immediately..
    We communicate very well!! Now he sent me naughty messages but he says sorry if you are not comfortable..
    Is it okay for naughty messages he send me or he is a player because he’s in Netherlands and I am in Tanzania..he is white and I am black woman

    1. Hi Rossa!

      Alright well to be in a relationship with a Taurus man, you have to have patience. It seems you did figure that out and I’m glad. I’m also happy for you that the communication is so good now between you. As far as if it’s ok with naughty messages well… that’s up to you. If you are comfortable then go for it. If you are not he said he’d understand. That’s entirely up to you sweetheart. I wish you all the very best in love and in life as you truly deserve!

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