How To Make A Taurus Man Fall In Love With You Based on Your Sign

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
You know how to attract a Taurus attention, but do you know how to get him to go out with you? Find out how to make a Taurus man fall in love with you.

Taurus men, the consummate lovers of the Zodiac, the man who knows how to make a woman feel loved and cared for. The steady, solitary rock that can provide stability to any woman. I mean, what more could you want from a man?

Sure, he’s a simple creature and loves his routine, but isn’t that what we all strive for in a relationship? Someone who can make us feel safe, secure, and incredibly loved? This is exactly what a Taurus man can provide for a woman.

But how can you make this exquisite man fall for you? What does he love and what does he want in a relationship with a woman? These are all the questions you might wonder when you meet a Taurus man who you have your eye on.

He’s such an interesting, yet stable person. He knows so much about art, nature, cooking, culture, etc., but then he’s also so talented at making money and is incredibly hard-working. A Taurus man is everything a woman could ever want.

So, let’s move through the steps and see how we can make your Taurus man fall in love with you!

What Makes A Taurus Man Fall In Love With You?

For a Taurus to fall in love with someone is no simple task. Everything needs to be just perfect. This guy might be laid back and down to earth, but he definitely knows what he wants from a love relationship.

He needs a woman to tick all of his boxes, from her beauty to her trustworthiness, to the way she loves him. All of this needs to be just right to make an impression on him. A Taurus man likes what he likes and is quite stubborn about it!

How To Make A Taurus Man Fall In Love With You

1. Your Beauty And Charm

A Taurus man is one of the most sensual signs in the Zodiac. This guy knows a beautiful thing when he sees it – this must be because his sign is ruled by the planet of Venus which governs everything pleasant like beauty, art, love, and romance. 

He is zoned in on finding gorgeous things. When he sees something beautiful, he is going to be really drawn in by it and this is why a Taurus man will place quite a large emphasis on his woman’s physical appearance. 

He adores being with someone beautiful, but it isn’t purely for shallow reasons only. For a Taurus man, a woman who takes pride in her appearance is quite an attractive attribute. It means that she cares deeply about the image she portrays to the world. 

And say what you will, but appearances are everything when it comes to life. People will judge you for the way you look whether you like it or not. So, putting your best foot forward isn’t gonna hurt, and your Taurus man will be extremely happy because he gets to look at and appreciate you for being so gorgeous.

2. Your Reliability

how to make a taurus man fall for you

The most interesting thing about a Taurus man is probably how insecure he can become, especially when he is in love with someone. He will go out of his way to make sure that everything stays the same between the two of you.

When the slightest thing feels off, it might make him feel quite insecure in the relationship. This is why he needs someone who is incredibly reliable and trustworthy. He wants to be with a woman who does exactly what she says she will.

Dependability is something a Taurus man finds quite sexy; he wants to know that he can rely on his partner for anything. All a Taurus man truly cares about is the stability and security of his life and if his partner is contributing to this or taking it away from him.

3. The Way You Reassure Him

He may seem calm and unflappable to you at first, but you should be aware that Mr. Taurus needs to feel secure to open up to love. He needs to know that you support him completely and will always have his back. Any sign that he cannot trust you, or any interest you show in other men, will be locked away in his vault of grudges for forever and a day.

He also appreciates a sense of knowing that you have a clear plan for your life and that you can be practical and support his plans. He can be very generous and supportive when you are in a crisis, but if his first impression is that your life is a mess, he may not stick around for long.

He is at his worst when he feels unappreciated or undervalued, and trust me, you don’t want to see how manipulative or cold he can be when he feels hurt or deceived. You need to constantly reassure this man with lots of compliments, affectionate attention, and silly little gifts that prove your love.

4. Your Sensuality


A Taurus man responds very well to old-fashioned romance, as long as you let him think or feel that he is in control. Sex is important to him, and if you let him know just how much he turns you on, he will blossom and thrive. If he is not sure of your affections, the opposite will occur and you may be left wondering if he likes you at all.

Win him over with lovely flowers, fresh sensual fragrances, massages, and candles, and make sure you give him lots of affection and pampering. He needs a constant supply of good old-fashioned romance and reassurance, and who doesn’t?

This relationship will continue to grow stronger if you focus on the sensual aspect of this union. Make each other feel good and be affectionate. Your Taurus man will love this, and so will you!

5. Making Him Feel Like A King

The key to unlocking a Taurus man’s heart is through feeding him delicious homemade meals, surrounding him with things of beauty, and playing his favorite music. He prizes quality over quantity to being thoughtful, and researching what he likes will always score you lots of points.

Showing your Taurus man that you took the extra bit of effort to put into him will definitely go a long way. He wants to be with someone who is thoughtful and goes that extra mile to make him feel satisfied.

When you notice the little things about your Taurus man, it will make him feel special and loved. He needs to know that his woman truly understands him. All a Taurus man really wants is to feel seen and understood.

Show genuine interest in his work, his goals, his interests, and his long-term plans, and resist the urge to talk only about yourself. This will get him to relax, let down his defenses, and start the process of falling completely in love.

Bonus Tip: How To Make A Taurus Man Fall In Love With You Based On Your Sign

No two signs are alike and that means that no two people love and want to be loved in the same way. Luckily, with Astrology, understanding this can become a lot simpler and more straightforward.

Continue reading if you would like to understand more on how to make a Taurus man fall in love with you based on your sign.

How To Make A Taurus Man Fall In Love With An Aries Woman

An Aries woman knows what she wants. She has a lot of passion and fire and when she sees something she likes, she goes for it – no questions asked! She’s a firecracker with quite a lot of personality, and sometimes she might be a little too intense for our calm and collected Taurus.

However, a Taurus man is secretly turned on by an Aries woman’s passion. She has an innate sensuality and she takes command of her body. This really turns the Taurus man on. He is mesmerized by her confidence and willingness to act. An Aries woman definitely knows how to push a Taurus man out of his comfort zone.

How To Make A Taurus Man Fall In Love With A Taurus Woman

Two peas in a pod! When it comes to making a Taurus man fall in love with a Taurus woman, it is simple; just be yourself! As a Taurus woman, you exemplify everything a Taurus man wants in a relationship. You are sensual, steady, reliable, passionate, and very romantic.

Just be you and your Taurus man will be attracted to your essence. But it really wouldn’t hurt if you cooked him a home-cooked meal and showed off your culinary talents. When it comes to matters of the heart, it certainly comes from the stomach with a Taurus man.

How To Make A Taurus Man Fall In Love With A Gemini Woman

The dynamic between a Taurus man and a Gemini woman is definitely interesting. The two of you are opposites attract, that is for certain. You just love in very different ways, but this means that there is just so much more potential for the two of you to learn from one another.

Gemini, you are a fascinating lady, show your Taurus your smarts and how much you know about the world, but especially make sure that you show off your skills and know-how when it comes to art and culture. Your Taurus man will find this endlessly fascinating.

How To Make A Taurus Man Fall In Love With A Cancer Woman

Cancer, you are one of the most nurturing and heart-warming women around. You know exactly what to do to make your Taurus man feel like a beloved king. The two of you just seem to speak the same kind of language, which makes it very easy to make him fall in love with you.

Show him how caring, considerate, reliable, and loving you are. All you really need to do to woo your Taurus man is to be your ultra-feminine self and make him feel like a strong man. You have a way of awakening something raw within him – so nurture that.

How To Make A Taurus Man Fall In Love With A Leo Woman

There is something quite similar between you and your Taurus man. The two of you love being treated like royalty and really enjoy being pampered and adored. If you want your Taurus man to fall in love with you, then you should put him on a pedestal and make him understand how wonderful you think he is.

Make him feel special and desired. This will reassure him of the feelings you have for him. There is nothing a Taurus man loves more than loyalty and you definitely have a way of showing it. Be there for him, and he will love you forever.

How To Make A Taurus Man Fall In Love With A Virgo Woman

When two earth signs come together, then it is something really special. You and your Taurus man speak the same language when it comes to love. Virgo, all you really need to do is be yourself, that is enough for your Taurus.

He already admires your diligence, sensuality, and pragmatism. When your Taurus man is around you, he feels safe and like he can be himself, and that is more than enough to make him happy.

How To Make A Taurus Man Fall In Love With A Libra Woman

Libra, you and your Taurus man are some of the most romantic and sensual signs in the Zodiac. What the two of you have is really special. For your Taurus man to fall in love with you, you are going to have to shower him with love and affection.

Libra, you are naturally quite flirty, so you need to temper that a bit when you are around your Taurus and other people. But just be your peaceful and beauty-loving self and your Taurus will quickly recognize the similarities between you and that you are someone who takes love very seriously.

How To Make A Taurus Man Fall In Love With A Scorpio Woman

You really need not try too hard to win over your Taurus man, Scorpio. He is in awe of you, no matter what you do. The two of you have an attraction and a spark that speaks for itself. The chemistry you have is insane.

Just be your alluring and mysterious self and your Taurus man will be smitten. He just loves the intensity and seriousness you bring to the relationship. He wants the type of devotion only you can bring.

How To Make A Taurus Man Fall In Love With A Sagittarius Woman

All the hard work can make your Taurus man a little boring, but when you enter his life, you have a profound effect on him, Sagittarius. You are meant to shake things up for him and show him that there is life beyond routine and discipline.

To make a Taurus man fall for you, you need to appeal to his love of indulgence and enjoyment. Both of you really love pleasure, so show him a good time and your Taurus man will be putty in your hands forever.

How To Make A Taurus Man Fall In Love With A Capricorn Woman

There is a natural attraction you and your Taurus man share. Both of you are hardworking and reliable individuals. In a relationship, you both want someone serious and who is thinking about the long-term.

All you really need to do to make your Taurus man fall for you is to be yourself and show how reliable and trustworthy you are as a person. He will quickly come to recognize that you are everything and more he could ever want in a relationship.

How To Make A Taurus Man Fall In Love With An Aquarius Woman

You and your Taurus man certainly make an intriguing couple. The two of you are nothing alike, but this is what makes this relationship so fascinating. There is so much you can learn from each other, but first, you are going to need to find some common ground to connect over.

Show your Taurus man how reliable and stable you are, despite being quite unique and different. You can still be a solid person, even if you are a little strange and it is about time that someone taught Taurus this lesson!

How To Make A Taurus Man Fall In Love With A Pisces Woman

This is a dream come true relationship. The potential for love is huge between you and your Taurus man. He simply loves the tender, compassionate love that you show him. No one knows quite how to love him as you do.

He adores your sensuality, your sense of romance, and the profound way you see love and relationships. He wants what you have to offer him, so just be yourself and let your Taurus man come to you of his own volition. Just be patient.


Making a Taurus man fall in love with you is pretty simple.

He is a straightforward guy.

Being with a Taurus man can be a totally new experience, he is so calm and loving.

You have never felt like this about anyone…

This man speaks to your soul, and you feel such a deep connection with him!

These men are some of the most desirable in the whole Zodiac.

He is sexy, smart, and incredibly devoted.

So, it makes a lot of sense why you are so drawn to your Taurus man.

He makes you feel like the most amazing woman in the world!

However, things seem to be going askew with the two of you…

But how can you know what went wrong?

What did you do?

There is so much to uncover when you make your Taurus man angry.

It is like he becomes a different person, totally unwilling to forgive you…

It is crucial that you understand what you need to avoid so that you don’t make your Taurus man angry.

You love him so much, and this is the last thing you wanted to happen!

It is such a pity that recently it seems like he is trying to actively avoid you…

You once thought he was in love with you, but suddenly he is acting all strange…

Whenever you reach out and try to speak to him you are met with silence or short replies…

The faster he pulls away the more it just breaks your heart…

You just can’t seem to understand why your Taurus man keeps ignoring you…

You are sure that you didn’t do something wrong!

And when you ask him, he says it is nothing…

But you know deep down in your gut that this just isn’t true…

Why can’t he just be honest with you so that you can fix it?

He is pulling away, and you know it!

If only there was something you could do to repair the relationship to its former glory…

You would do anything in the world to have your Taurus man look at you the way he once did…

You love him with all your heart and you want to fix what is broken…

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There are definitely ways that you can turn all of this around and make your Taurus man putty in your hands.

However, you need to be ready to commit to this change because once it has been made, then there is no going back!

There is so much you still have to learn about Taurus men and the way they respond to love and romance…

And you deserve to know this information because it can be invaluable in the way you show up in your relationships.

The relationship you have always wanted is at your fingertips…

It just depends on you if you are ready to reach out and grab it!

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Wishing you so much love and happiness.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

Anna Kovach

Hi, this is Anna Kovach. I am a professional Relationship Astrologer and author of dozens of bestselling books and programs. For over a decade I’ve been advising commitment-seeking women like you and helping them understand, attract and keep the man of their dreams using the astonishing power of astrology. Join over 250K subscribers on my newsletter or follow me on social media! Learn more about me and how I can help you here.

66 thoughts on “How To Make A Taurus Man Fall In Love With You Based on Your Sign

  1. Hello Anna,
    I’ve dated my Taurus man twice and he stood me up on our third date today and won’t answer my calls or messages. Our last two dates have been him taking the lead and even in the bedroom. I’m a Leo woman, but i appreciate being taken care of in the hands of a capable man. I’ve pretty much ticked the above boxes you’ve suggested even without realising it!
    I’ve bought your book to understand him bit better because i recognise a quality man when see one.
    But his behaviour today is quite rude and he’s usually good with dates/times/appointments up till today.
    Can you advise me if it’s worth pursuing him or just forget it? I’m a Leo and i suppose I’m a bit forward with my attentions? He has verbalised how much he enjoys my affectionate behaviour.
    Should i forget about my ego and ask him point blank what the heck is going on, despite your recommendation that Taurus men should take the lead?

      1. Hi Sadie!

        Compatibility relies on more factors than just sun sign alone. You must also consider moon sign, rising signs, how their charts line up and how the two of them are together. While some Leo women don’t do well with Taurus men, some do very well. It’s all in how much they care for each other and how much work they are willing to put in.

    1. Hi Gail!

      I think that if he’s been fantastic all up until this incident that you should realize he’s a human and he’s going to make mistakes sometimes. Yes, give your ego a check and weigh the pros and cons with your Taurus man. I think you’ll find far more pros than cons sweetheart. Enjoy the good about him and when he messes up, remember that everyone does. Always be honest with your needs and desires with him. Communication is important even if he’s not good at it. In time he’ll learn how to do it properly with you.

      1. Im a cancer woman and im dating a taurue man. I just want to know if we’re compatible because he’s been cold and aloof lately.

        1. Hi Michekle!

          If you look up Taurus man with Cancer woman in my blog, you should find the article that explains the compatibility between you two. I will tell you this, they are typically an excellent match up. Good luck with your Taurus man as you may find the love of your life with him.

      2. Hi Anna,
        I met this Taurus man months ago and we were getting along
        We communicate very well and talk almost every time, he wanted to see me I refused and gave excuses for like 6 months, he kept asking me when am coming to see him,. We finally met and had sex. And the communication continues, he still hangs around and he wanted to see me again which I visited the second time, no sex just cuddle and he told me that he miss me that is not about sex, that if is sef I won’t be in his house. After the second visit he started withdrawing and says he feels I like him too much and doesn’t want to hurt me because I was a little bit pushy trying to make him talk more on the friendship
        He started distancing himself ever since then.. I like this man so much pls help me am a Libra woman I want him back pls

        1. Hi Angie!

          Ok so he does care for you and likes spending time with you but when you were getting too close, he got scared and backed off. He doesn’t feel you two are on the same page at this time. In other words, he feels you have more feelings than he has for you and he’s terrified he will hurt you. I’m not sure that anything is going to help reverse this other than time and patience. You will need to slowly recover his friendship by once in a while texts telling him hi and that you hope he’s doing well. If he doesn’t respond then it may be best to let go. If he cares for you and thinks you’re the one, he’ll be back. Otherwise, you need to pull back and let him have some time and space. He’s not convinced there is a future there. Check out my books on Taurus Man Secrets to find out more about how Taurus men are.

  2. Hi Anna,
    I got stood up on my third date with a Taurus man. I’m a Leo woman.
    He wined and dined me, took me to expensive bars and restaurants; then took me as his date to his best friend’s birthday party where all his other friends were there on our second date. Held my hand the entire time we were there. Had sex (strangely for me) on the first and second date. We were unable to see each other for 3 weeks due him traveling for work and i was so excited to see him when he messaged me of his return.
    We made arrangements and he was enthusiastic to meet up. But he didn’t;t answer my calls or messages and just did not show up.
    I don’t think i did anything wrong – i tried to follow your book – I wasn’t pushy, but couldn’t resist being affectionate and kiss with him; maintained perfect personal hygiene (he verbalised how nice i smell), was dressed feminine…allowed him to take care of me, etc..
    Is that a typical Taurus male behaviour to just drop me like that? Or shall i just write him off as a horrible person? That is just rude behaviour!
    We both live in Adelaide, Australia.

    1. You slept with him far too soon. Taurus like to be men and have some fun with the chase. You gave in and there is no more chase or fun, on to the next one. That is a man thing, not just Taurus thing. Taurus also when single like to date a few women at a time. Write him off and find someone more suitable and don’t sleep with someone right away.

  3. Hey Anna, I’ve been dealing with a Taurus male for 5 years on & off now. We never were exclusive, just always felt like it. We really hit it off when we first met , but a lot of people were jealous of how happy we were and created a lot of drama between us but besides that we never argued about anything. We got along very well , we’re like the same person but he would tell me that he didn’t want to be in a relationship. He would say he wasn’t ready , he would say he thinks he’ll never be able to be in a relationship blah etc. One time after we finished having sex , he told me he loved me with tears in his eyes but he took it back and said he didn’t mean it. He told me he needed me in his life and he didn’t want me to hate him. He distance himself from me but then decided to befriend me again but I ignored him. I ignored him for a week the first time then he eventually got a gf and I didn’t talk to him for a good two months. He texted me and said it really sucks not having me around. Then we gradually started hanging after his relationship was over. Everything was going great , still no title but he began to open up to me more and he verbalized that he trust me , he wants to start a few businesses together but all of a sudden he doesn’t want to hang anymore, delaying our meetings, not showing any affection towards me ,ignoring me, responding when he feels like it and he straight up told me he doesnt want to be in a relationship with me, he doesn’t have any deep emotional feelings for me , he enjoys my sex and company that’s all. But he still wants to be friends and continue working on our businesses together. Should I just give up , something in my heart just says he’s lying I know he loves me ,but what are your thoughts? Do you think he means that?

    1. Hi Sha!

      My goodness. He sounds like a very wounded Taurus man who is terrified to commit. He’s afraid that he’ll hurt you and that he’ll get hurt so he keeps pushing you away every time he gets too close. I think you may be right in that he loves you. It sounds like he does. It also sounds like he needs to really work oh himself and figure out why he doesn’t want a relationship. There is something holding him back and he’s not telling you what it is. Perhaps you should try asking him so that you’ll finally know if there is any hope between you two or not. If he’s too jaded or wounded then you may need to move on. However, if there is a reason that seems valid and you know he can work past it then perhaps you can hang in there. Check it out!

  4. well im a 24th oct scorpio n most of the guys i have been on a date with or in a srs relationship with were always aries, leo, majority of the time taureans…. n i hate all 3 to the core! im srry to my experience taurus men r same as leo n aries. they don’t f*cking know what they want!!!! they will pretend that they support u but next min the male ego bar shoots up!!!! if u don’t want to marry someone then Don’t date them with wedding bells in mind!!!!! SO DONE with this SH*T!!!! don’t cheat me, don’t treat me like an idiot, don’t take my sincerity for granted!!!!

    1. Hi Zak Zak!

      I’m so very sorry to hear of your sour experiences with Taurus men. Since you’re a Scorpio you might try to search for a fellow water sign or air sign. Perhaps they’d be better suited to you. However, you can also do well with a Taurus man who has a water or air sign in their chart that helps balance them out better. Next time you meet one, ask them what their Moon sign or Rising sign is. If it turns out they have Air or Water strongly in their chart, they may be very different than the ones you’ve come across before. Just a thought if you’d like to try something new!

    2. i met a Taurus men 1 year back in starting he is loving and caring… talking whole day was crazy to call n meet…meeting were also good at first once he shares me personal issues abt money and i thought he is looking for luxury girl so i cleared and things started falling worst from them and he distant with me and not ready to talk from then again things goes well n again fight appens and were not talking for few months and again came together but he list started talking n always think im taking him wrongly.. on n off is there but he never give me to break things n come back but gets hurts quickly on small things and never apologies even he is wrong…wen met he hold hand i can feel strongly he likes me but wont understand how to handle him.. bcz wont understand when he gets angry.. pls suggest how to make him feel secure and happy and openup with me or loves me…im sagitarrius women.

      1. Hi nivedita!

        If he is getting upset over small stuff then he has a huge problem within himself. It’s not normal at all for a Taurus man to react that way. Normally they keep things under wraps and over time you get to him but not over small stuff as you mention. Perhaps he has a Moon sign that makes him more emotionally inclined like a water sign (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio) otherwise something is wrong within him and he needs to work on it before he is stable in a relationship. I would advise sending him uplifting memes. If you overload him with positive, he will likely feel inspired and start to make changes for himself in a good way. I wish you all the best!

  5. Dear Anna, Need to know if Taurus and Pisces are a match, we seem to have lots in common our time together seems to be great. But he seems to be withdrawn..should i spend the time and effort into something if we aren’t compatible.

  6. Hi Anna ,
    So I am a scorpio and I made friends with this taurian guy. I’ve tried to befriend him and we were barely friends for 2 weeks and he started sexting me and what-not. I very gently pushed him away and showed him that I wasn’t really interested in hook-ups. I need a serious relationship and I may have a tiny crush on him. We still talk and he’s still trying to just hook up with me , he has a reputation of being a playboy. He says that I really attract his attention. how do I get him to be serious about us ?

    1. Hi Anna!

      If he’s made it clear to you that he’s only into friends with benefits then you may not be able to get him to be serious about you. He’s probably in a time in his life where he isn’t ready for a relationship and until he is, there is much you can say or do to change that. What you can do is tell him you’re really into him and would like to get closer but you don’t want to be “friends with benefits”. He should tell you right then and there if he’s willing to try or if he’s not interested in a relationship. Better to know than not!

  7. Hi Anna. Im with my long distance taurus partner for 1 year now. Im an aries woman and we are so different creature but we appreciate each other. My life is actually a mess and my Mr. Taurus has been supporting me since i dont have job. We are in a long distance relationship for 1 year. He is from California and im from philippines. He visited twice here already. January we broke up cause he told me that he dont know wheh he can come back due to money issue plus he want to save up cause he want a new house. He told me he dont want to waste my time waiting on him. Then i cried like a kid cause of how hurt it was for me. He cried too, I was suprised seeing him cry for the 1st time. He shows me affection telling me how amazing i am and how i make him emotional since he isnt like that cause he was a marine for 5 yrs and has a strong personality. So yeah, we broke up but still it hurts for me.

    I wanna know more how to get him back. I want him so bad. I need him in my life. He makes me happy always
    Help me anna

    1. Hi Carmi!

      I’m so sorry to hear of your heartbreak with a Taurus man. It sounds like that it’s too difficult for him to maintain the relationship. He feels it’s too much for what he’s trying to accomplish in his life. While he may care for you a lot, he isn’t willing to do all the work that would have to be done to have the love with you. All you can really do is remain friends with him and maybe in time things will line up better for the two of you to try again but until then, you’ll have to try moving on in your own life or focusing on making yourself happy.

  8. I haven’t slept with my Taurus mam yet its been six months. This is solry because I don’t know where he stands with his constant Hot n cold.
    So recently I told him I was ready for sex and he said he believes I want sex because I want to please him .
    Anna help me

    1. Hi Ivie!

      If you don’t know where you stand with your Taurus man, you’ve got to be really open and honest about how you feel and what you want. He won’t know unless you tell him. Trust me when I tell you he’s oblivious about your desires and needs in the relationship unless you actually tell him. So open up and have a good talk explaining to him how you feel about him, what you want, and what you need. I think you’ll find better success that way.

  9. Hi Anna. I’m a Taurus woman and my ex is also a Taurus we just broke up 2 weeks ago.. because he fell out of love in our relationship.. and he told me that he feel unhappy.. but until now I’m still in love with him and I’m doing the no contact rule. But unfortunately our boss (we work on the same company ) assigned me to work with my ex.

    What should I do??

    1. Hi Lovely!

      Wow that is a strange and awkward position to be in. Well, all you can really do is be professional when you’re around each other but otherwise move on. Make it clear to him that you’re not sitting around mulling about him or crying. Perhaps when he sees you’re doing well and moving forward, he’ll miss you and want you back. If he doesn’t, it’s alright though, you keep doing you and you’ll find the happiness you deserve sweetie!

    1. Hi Eva!

      You absolutely can win a Taurus man as a Sagittarius woman! Appeal to his desires in life. Find out what he likes and then work toward showing him you’re up for a spontaneous adventure. Show him interest, give him compliments, and tell him how cool he is. He’ll appreciate the flirting and he just may show interest in you. Give it a shot, you may have a very good chance.

    1. Hi Tiffany! Thank you for writing in with your question. Never write off any possibility due to what you read on the internet. Gemini is a go with the flow type of person and can adapt to just about any type of partner. Taurus man is fixed and tends to know what he wants and is unwilling to compromise. However, if you seem to meet up with the type of woman he wants then yes, it can work. Don’t write someone off just because of their sign. Everyone has each sign in their chart in different places that makes for different quirks, desires, and goals. Therefore it’s really important you get to know the Taurus guy better. In fact, I think that my book may actually help you with that. Read it and then you can decide if it’s a possibility you want to explore. Pick up a copy of my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

  10. Anna,

    So, I’m a Virgo and he is a Taurus. When we first met, it was an easy and instant connection. We have been hanging out for 2 months. He loves taking me out to eat or for drinks and paying. We always have a great time. I have spent the night with him several times. No sex because I don’t believe in casual hookups. He is very touchy feely and flirty.

    Seems to know just what to say to pique my interest. We played board games, card games, and other games. I’ve met several of his friends, his kids, and some of his other family. But he also does the hot cold thing. I like my space so I give him space. I didn’t hear from him for an entire day after spending 2 nights with him. I also didn’t contact him either. The next day, he was constantly texting me all day long. It was great. So the other night, it felt right and I slipped up and slept with him. Greatest sex ever btw and he didn’t want me to leave the next morning but I had to. Now he is cold again. No texts/calls. I hope I didn’t ruin it. His son told me he talks about me, in a good way, when I am not around. And his son says he likes me a lot. I can’t tell because he doesn’t tell me straight up how he feels. I want a relationship right now. He says he wants a relationship too but has enjoyed being single for a year after being married for many years and has enjoyed the way things have been going. We’ve splurged on each other. Giving gifts and paying each other’s way. It’s been perfect other than the hot cold business. What is a girl to do?

    1. Hi Jessica!

      Well, it would seem that when he goes quiet, he’s trying to recharge himself and think things through. Sometimes they need a little “me” time and if they feel they aren’t getting it, they’ll take it. When they get cold, it’s because something is going on with them and they may not really want to talk about it. It may have nothing at all to do with you. If he is dealing with other things in his life, he’s prioritizing and putting love on the back burner until he can handle it again basically. All you can do at this point since he’s seemingly slowing down is be patient with him. He has to feel ready to be fully committed. He’s not there yet but clearly cares for you. Hang in there!

  11. Hi Anna I am a 31 year old libra woman and I have been dating and living with my Taurus man for almost a year and half he is my first love from childhood and I am his first sexual partner from adolescence I know I had no businees being active at a younger age. Btw we’ve always been somewhat friends and have hooked up a couple different times throughout life. Anyways we’ve now been together for almost a year and half we have a son together. I love him to death and can’t imagine life without him but sometimes Idk if I’m tje same for him that he is for me. I’m doing my best to learn everything about him and to make him happy. I get nerveous because weve had some bad fights only over trust issues. He has them and I do as well still working really hard to correct them. I tell him it would help if he complimented me more and I felt wanted. He says he’s in love with me I’m all he wants but I need to stop my crazy shit cause he’s not spending his life like that. Tbh though he is 10x more crazier than I am. Hes been through a lot so he’s very damaged and has even said that. He’s self esteem is also very low. I tell him all the time what he means to me how sexy he is, and how much I love him. He barely shows affection he’s says he doesn’t know how to because he’s socially awkward and he’s sorry he doesn’t express his love the way I want him too. Tonight I accused him slightly and he made the comment when I was trying to make up for doing it haven’t I ever heard of falling out of love but he got mad when I said your falling out of love with me and said no how do you even get that he basically ment that he will if I don’t stop causing him stress. Again I love this man to death. He likes a lot of alone time and his communication is horrible. I just want to know does he really love me or is he just staying with me because he’s settling? Its hard feeling this way and I can’t say anything to him because it upsets him and he just calls me crazy because of how I’m talking. Is there more I can do to bring him closer and be completely in love with me. I feel like I’m bending over backwards and feeling this way and unable to say anything please help me!

    1. Hi Lisa!

      It sounds like the two of you need some much needed one on one time to specifically communicate. Start checking in with each other at least once a week. Ask him how he’s doing and feeling. Then you share how you’re doing and feeling. This is extremely important. If you two do not effectively talk, you may need a counselor. Don’t let things get worse!

  12. Hi Anna, there’s a Taurus guy interested in me but he’s in a relationship and he’s girlfriend is always around, what should I do

    1. Hi Emmanuella!

      You probably shouldn’t chase after a guy who has a girlfriend. You’d be his “second choice” and always waiting for him to have time for you. Even worse is if he were to ever leave her for you, he might do the same thing to you later. I’d just be friends and keep moving on. Maybe later if he becomes single then you two may have a chance otherwise, I’d leave it alone.

  13. Dear Anna
    Need to know if Taurus and Aries are a match. I’m aries lady and i love him trully. Weve been together for 5 yrs.the problem he started to change over me he become cold and distant.He told me that im not serious and played with his feelings which is not true.Hes 35 yrs.old while im 40 i am.Maybe he thinks i really cant commit because i am a working full time.We are both happy i always make him relax and laugh stress free i dont like drama at alll.I dont know know maybe he found someone younger than me.The issue before was hed like to have a baby with me but i am not ready and i admit that to myself.
    Now everything change and i want him back.Please help.

    1. Hi Marge Evangelista!

      This is a decent match up. It’s not perfect but the flaw can be hard to overcome at times if you two don’t communicate properly. That’s one of the things you two have to learn to do in order to get the proper feelings out instead of building up feelings and exploding later. In your case, it sounds like he made an excuse to exit. I think you should reach out to him and tell him how you feel and that you care for him. Ask him how he feels and what he wants so that you can find out if you two are on the same page or if you can ever get there again. I wish you all the best but you should try reading “Taurus Man Secrets” as it just may help.

  14. Hi Anna,

    I’m a Pisces woman and he is a Taurus man. We met in social media and we are located very far away from each other. He said, he has never been in a relationship with anyone and he likes me. He seems very stable, perfect and mature. I seem to be childish, sweet and also indecisive. I heard that, Taurus man loves girl who dress up well but I don’t dress up well also I don’t like to apply makeup. And he is working in a very prestigious government organization while I’m unemployed! Will he able to accept me the way I’m in terms of my appearance and my financial status in a long run? I’m confused about it. Can you please clarify my doubts?

    1. Hi Adarsha!

      It’s hard to say what the future holds with you two. Taurus men usually love a woman who actually is working to take care of herself. While he does appreciate a woman dressing up, it’s not a requirement as long as you are clean and tidy with your appearance. It really comes down to how he feels about you and what he wants for his future. This is something you should talk to him about so you can find out if he’s up for that or not. He’s the only one that can clarify your doubts. Though if you would like more tips, you can find them in my “Taurus Man Secrets” book.

  15. Hi Anna,
    I bought a couple of your books, but still have not figured out this Taurus guy. We met online and have been talking for 3 months. We have scheduled several times to meet in person, but it always gets cancelled. He lives about 2 hours away (which is actually a different state, but right on the border).
    He is not like any man I have ever dated, but I think we could be a great match. Our values line up perfectly, but not so much on how we do things. I am an Aries, but I am willing to compromise and slow down at my age (56 and he is 59). We both want to buy a camper and tour the country. We both believe in helping people. I just don’t know how to get him to show up for the date instead of “rescheduling” it.

    1. Hi Laura!

      Sounds like he’s shy about meeting in person. I think you need to tell him exactly what you just said to me about what you want and what you’re willing to do. Tell him you’re not in any hurry but it is important you two see each other in person so you can see what type of chemistry you have. If he keeps blowing you off he’s either afraid of he isn’t interested in pursuing you, just talking. Check out my series for more information “Taurus Man Secrets”.

  16. hello i have a good friendship with a male taurus but i would love to get closer he’s very physical hugging me holding my arms gently at my side and putting his hand on my head .sometimes he will stand chest to chest when he messes/teases me because i’m short i don’t know if hes just a good friend or if hes trying to show me that he loves me . i want to make a move but i get shy and submissive around him as a capricorn woman what should i do to get him to fall for me?

    1. Hi makaela!

      It sounds like your Taurus friend feels chemistry with you if he’s hugging you like that. He may not be ready to admit that but it is a sign of a Taurus man being interested. Teasing you is a very school boy type of thing to do and another sign he likes you. I think you should admit to him how you feel and let him take the reigns on what happens next. Why not?! Give it a shot and see what happens. If you need more help, please check out my books.

      1. For those posters whose online love interests never seem to be able to meet them in person, beware of “catfishing.” You must be sure that the man is who and what he says he is. Many women have fallen victim to fraudsters. The average, well adjusted man is eager and available to meet an online match that he thinks will be a good one.

  17. Am a virgo and I want to date a tauras but sometimes am confused by his actions whether he is the one for me as sometimes he sends me his personal videos and all but sometimes he doesn’t read my messages I like him but am sure about his side . We are on a long distance but when we had met he used to give me attention for 24×7 but now it’s not happening. Please suggest some ideas

    1. Hi Samaira!

      If he isn’t reading your messages then you should ask him why. He’s not going to approach it unless you do. Ask him questions. It’s perfectly fine! You’ll get the answers you’re seeking from him. Then you can decide whether or not it’s worth it. Tell him you miss the way it was and would like to have that again with him. If you need more tips, check out my books on Taurus Man Secrets.

  18. Hello , my name is Rose, I’m a Scorpio. I’ve been knowing my Taurus crush for many many years now. We dated in my early 20’s and now I’m almost 40. Our relationship was beautiful but then he turned cold and it ended terribly. I went years without hearing from him until the day I say him, years later ,I missed him but hated him at the same time. We ended up apologizing to each other and started talking again. He was so sweet then after many months he turned cold again. And again we didn’t talk for a while. Then he came back into my life but this time we spent almost everyday together with him staying the night at my house and us experiencing almost a soul connection. He’s said he would like a relationship with me but he needs to get his life in order before he can. Well it ended when he moved 6 hours away to be closer to his son. Flip the days to today I finally went to go visit him after not seeing him for 6 months. I’ve been dealing with so much my body hasn’t been the same cause of stress. (With weight gain and anxiety among other things)And I know he’s been going through some things himself. (With working more hours and baby mama issues )So seeing him bought me comfort but something just felt different between us. The vibe we use to carry that was so strong was off. Im not sure if it was my stress and his stress that didn’t allow us to click or if he was just not feeling me at all.I mean I could see he was happy to see me and he was very talkative. But our sexual connection was just off not as fire as we typically are. He agreed our vibe was off and He told me not to make a big deal about it that we were just both off and that’s okay. But I can’t help but think are fizz is gone. I love this man and want to be with him now more than ever. But how??

    1. Hi Rose!

      It does sound like the years have brought change between you and it may not be meant for you two to happen at this phase of your life. It could be that you both are meant to be with others. Finding passion and fire are difficult to find again if the natural spark is gone. You can try to experiment and try new things but if that doesn’t work then you may need to re-examine your relationship and see if it’s something you still really want mutually. You can also seek sex therapy counseling for couples. Perhaps there is something they might suggest that can help aid you both. There are reasons passions fade but I can tell you that age, weight gain, and stress are definitely contributors. Learn more about Taurus by checking out my books on Taurus Man Secrets.

      1. Thank you so much for your feedback! I know we def have spark and when we saw each last we did have stress on us. I can’t stop thinking about him now that I’m back home. He’s told me more than once he doesn’t know what he wants and sometimes he does want to be in a relationship and sometimes he loves his freedom. That he won’t ask me to wait cause it would be unfair to ask. But I told him I would wait because how strong my feelings are for him and our history. Are Taurus really upfront as they say ? I mean if he really didn’t want anything with me wouldn’t he tell me?? I know they can take a long time to decide but right now at this very moment I will wait

  19. Hi Anna, how are you?

    I just have a confusion with my taurus man. I am a virgo woman and currently dating a taurus man. I met him in dating site. We never see each other in person yet but we are 5 months dating now. I’m just a little confuse why he cant video call me even a little time. Well, we always exchange messages everyday but Im wondering for 5 months of dating he just called me twice in all. Then, I noticed he still in the dating app and other dating app. I just see it through the screen of photos he sent that he didnt noticed that I’m observing because of its logo when it notifies him. I feel like he still open for others.
    What should I do? Please help me.

    1. Hi Maria!

      Yikes. I hate to say it but online isn’t a real relationship. If he refuses to video call you then he’s not telling you the full truth. He’s hiding something and that is also not a relationship. It would seem he’s somewhat leading you on. If you feel he’s still open for others then he probably is. Trust that voice coming from your gut honey. It’s always right! Ask him for the truth and if he cannot stand up and give you video chatting at the very least then you cannot trust him. That’s how it is. If you want more information on what a Taurus man is really like, check out my books on “Taurus Man Secrets”.

  20. Hi Anna..

    I meet this great Taurus man..we have great time..everything is great.but..right now he wants to be freinds with beneffits with me ..i like him very much..can he with time commit with me..

    1. Hi PETRA!

      Oh boy! I hate to say it but most friends with benefits relationships do not turn into committed relationships. The reason is because they’re getting it all without the commitment so why would they ever change that? They get in that routine and they’re totally fine with it but the other person ends up getting hurt because they want more. If I were you, I would only stick to the friendship but without the benefits and tell him that you like him too much and don’t want to be hurt. I wish you nothing but the best sweetheart!

  21. Hi . I’m arbie. I’m friends with this taurus guy. We have sex n he’s always sweet bt i love him. What next i’m taurus

    1. Hi Arbie!

      Well if you’re having sex already with him then you need to figure out if you’re only friends with benefits or if you want more. Was this something you two discussed? If so then you’re going to have a hard time convincing him to be more as he’s already getting what he wants minus the commitment. If you two haven’t talked about it then you need to be bold and tell him that you’d like to try more with him. You need to let him know so that he can figure out if it’s something he also wants or if he wants to continue being “just friends”. Only then will you know if you two stand a chance. If you need more Taurus man tips, check out my guides on Taurus Man Secrets. I wish you all the best!

  22. Hi, i meat a Taurus man online last year we do not leave in the same country, but we’ve been talking off and on but this year we got to talk a lot, so he says he wants to come, funny this is what he side, i want us to live together and i would like to get you pregnant and make a family Normal I don’t do relationship temporary, and the thing is i already love him i asked if he loves me and he side Love is not a condition before relationship it can come after, pls what am i to make of all this, Thank you,

  23. Hi Anna hoping your alright,

    its Maryam i forgot to meniton I’m a scorpio woman and i have a daughter and he love kids and he wants me and my daughter to leave with him and start a family together, but he won’t say he loves me just yet, so am a bit worried he dose’nt reply my text quickly even tho hes a busy man, but when he dose he has the right words to say, am i wrong in wanting to go with the idea? Thank you!!

    1. Hi Maryam!

      If he isn’t telling you he loves you then something isn’t right. Why uproot and run off with someone who cannot admit he loves you? I’d be really careful sweetheart since it does include your daughter. The right words means he has a way of telling women what they want to hear. Please trust your intuition. I don’t want you or your daughter getting hurt. This is especially true if you have not met him in person. Be very careful with you and your sweet girl. I wish you all the very best!

  24. Hi Anna. I have purchased the whole guide and as a Gemini, it’s very hard for me to understand my Taurus man.
    We’ve been on and off and on again for five years now. He disappears, I freak out and then we’re done. After a couple of months I seek out for him again and we rekindle our relationship. He swears it doesn’t have anything to do with other women. What is bothering me now is that he’s too closed off. He came in strong in the beginning, he was sweet and affectionate, he would tell me he loved me every five minutes and he was very clingy, meeting every couple of days, calling three times a day and texting almost all day long. He couldn’t get enough of me, it was like he was drunk in love.
    In all these years, he has slowly become less sweet and romantic. I know he still does some things to make me happy, like bringing me flowers every once in a while, but it’s like I have to force this gestures out of him. I have asked him if he still loves me and he has said he does, but he hasn’t said it once spontaneously, he hasn’t said “I love you”, he just points out that I am honest and loyal and trustworthy, but not in an affectionate way, more like a rational way. We have been vack together just for a couple of months and I know he’s slow in action, but I can’t stop thinking about that drunk in love man I met and how he has changed so much over time. Does this mean that he doesn’t really love me anymore or that our relationship has evolved?

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