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4 Signs A Taurus Man Is Going To Leave His Wife For You

If you’ve entered into a taboo tryst with a Taurus man in recent times then I’m glad that you’ve found your way here. It’s obvious why you’d become enchanted by the Taurus man since he’s one of the most handsome in the Zodiac! Despite this, happily ever after is always a long process when a Taurus is involved. 

There are a few basics that you should know when gauging if a Taurus man will leave his wife. Tauruses are not fast movers, so any thought of this happening quickly can be put away, my friend. And if you need more effort than you’re getting from him, that’s too darn bad as far as he’s concerned! 

Not that all hope is lost, it’s just likely going to be a different ride than you expected. Either way, I can present to you the four signs that a Taurus wants to leave his wife for you and one warning overall that may assist you in going into this with a clear head. 

4 Signs That A Taurus Man Is Going To Leave His Wife For You

1. He’s With You In The First Place

Signs That A Taurus Man Is Going To Leave His Wife

Think back to physics class and see if you remember the word inertia. They never told you, but they were talking about a Taurus back then! They remain unchanged and unmoved unless something radical changes that. A Taurus who is happy in all regards won’t be straying far from his loving home. Period. 

It is only they feel threatened for a prolonged that they even consider moving from their current lifestyle. Anything that requires effort is something that a Taurus needs to think long and hard about before executing. 

Considering that carrying on two whole relationships at the same time is a fair amount of effort, it’s safe to say that being with you at all required him to make changes and put in work. If he was agreeable to that, then it’s a sure sign that it’s because there is something unbearable at home. 

So, as it turns out, you may have already won if you’re with the right Taurus! Despite this, it’s important to remember that there is more effort that he’ll have to put in to fully detach himself and it can be difficult to motivate a Taurus to put in any extra effort if what he’s doing is already satisfying his needs. 

2. He’s Been Thinking About Leaving For A Long Time

Taurus Man Thinking About Leaving His Wife For You

Now, your one saving grace when attempting to make a Taurus implement changes and get a move on is if he has been slowly reaching the end of his rope for a long time. If you caught him at the end of his contemplation cycle, then there is a little more hope! 

If he’s been on the fence for a long while and then you show up and act as that external force that can give him a shove in the right direction, then he might just surprise you by actually leaving his wife! 

You can help him process this decision faster by bringing up his reasons for being with you and why he got with you in the first place. Sometimes externally processing with someone is going to be helpful to the Taurus man, since he isn’t a natural over-analyzer on his own. 

3. He’s Feeling Critiqued At Home

Taurus Man Feeling Critiqued At Home

If you know anything about Astrology you know that the Taurus man is the type that has no interest in making long term changes! This is one thing that can be both his greatest strength and biggest weakness. 

The Taurus man is going to feel backed into a corner when he is asked to make changes of any variety. He’s never going to respond well to being forced to do anything. As a result, he can feel threatened by critiques that others have for him.

When the Taurus man’s wife is constantly criticizing him and asking for changes, this feels like a lot of pressure for a Taurus man. He isn’t going to appreciate feeling budged into doing things he doesn’t want to do. 

The Taurus man is like an immoveable wall and even though other could sling arrows at his fortress, he won’t be making big moves for anyone but himself. However, he might think about moving away from the one commanding the attack on him! 

If his wife is not being understanding and is attempting to force changes, the Taurus will try to deal with it for a long time. He has a lot of patience and his will takes a lot of chipping away at to make a dent. Over time, he may just find that he’s had enough and make the big decision to leave her.

4. Not Enough Physical Affection

Taurus is ruled by the planet of love, affection, and sensuality Venus. Venus appreciates the feel-good things in life that make you all warm and fuzzy. This means that Taurus needs healthy doses of cuddles, gifts, and overall pampering. 

A Taurus deprived of physical affection will feel totally unappreciated and unloved. They have a highly physical love language, after all. They need tangible gifts and tenderness from their partner. In fact, a lack of affection is enough to trigger them to look elsewhere for it. 

Taurus has true resilience, and so he can last a long time in any situation if he puts his mind to it. To you this is wildly frustrating, since it means he is often not in a rush to leave. Even if he has intentions of leaving his wife, it might just continually be stuck on the back burner. 

So even though the Taurus is languishing in a loveless relationship, he’s likely going to be cool with this for a while since it’s what he knows. Settle in girl, because he may still have some himming and hawing to do. 

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A Word Of Caution

Even though I love to keep things light and fluffy so that we all can have a good time, I think that it’s important to be straight up about somethings. Of all the signs, Taurus is one of the least likely to actually leave his partner. He just becomes too comfy where he is and outside influences don’t always mean a lot to him. 

Of course, him being with you at all is a good sign there is a chance. But girl, don’t stay on the line for years while he bides his time with you! Give him some fair chances to choose you and hit the road if he can’t come through for you. 

Has a Taurus man ever left his wife for you? How did he know that it was time to do the deed? Let me know in the comments! 

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe, 

Anna Kovach

6 thoughts on “4 Signs A Taurus Man Is Going To Leave His Wife For You

  1. Hi Anna,
    I have been with a Taurus man for a little more then a year and a half but also in a very unhappy common law relationship and has two kids. His wife made the ultimate decision to end it officially in December 2020 but my Taurus man has come to terms with these changes but struggled quite a bit initially (because of the kids). during this transitional period for him. I am older then him by 10 years and our relationship has progressed over the time together but especially recently as his relationship ended. We worked together and that is how we initially met and started our relationship. Although a private man initially, he has over time come to confide in me a great deal and has opened up immensely. He tells me he trusts me. Yes I have struggled with reading his true feelings along the way, what he needs and his expectations (which are not bad). Your books/ wisdom have helped immensely with helping understand this man.
    I still remain afraid in some ways because of how our relationship started, I am an Aquarius woman, have had my share of relationship issues, and I have had to learn emotional maturity real quick and some new ways to operate when it comes to this man. He is serious about relationships and what he expects. I am drawn to this man and I believe he is to me too. Although we are compatible in many ways, we can be different too and sometimes our differences causes some issues.
    When issues arise he communicates his perspective, sometimes with some drama of how I messed up but it also makes me feel he wants it to work with me. He has also told me he loves me.

    So this is my experience with a Taurus man who was in a common law relationship, myself was ending a marriage ( not due to Taurus man). Still together and getting stronger

    1. Hi Milla!

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience with a Taurus man. I think you highlighted it quite well. It’s wonderful you two found the perfect formula to use with each other. I absolutely love when it works simply from proper communication. I wish you all the very best sweetheart. If you ever want to know more about Taurus men, you can check out my book Taurus Man Secrets. Blessings!

  2. I hope one day you bring up the topic “single taurusman in love with married woman”…For 8 years this man had å crush on me. And you can touch and feel the connection when we meet. We are neighbours you could say, so its inevitable.. I am decent and have no opportunity to end with my husband. Even though I quite in love myself, but I don’t show/say it. Why does not the Taurus man give up?

    1. Hi Elise!

      Oh wow… I hadn’t thought of that so thank you for the suggestions. I will put it in my list of future things to write. It sounds like your Taurus guy finds you safe because you’re already married and so he doesn’t have to commit to you fully. Is that what you would want for the long run though? You really need to find a way out of your marriage if you’re unhappy. Taurus me don’t typically commit to someone unless they can 100% be with them. He can be in love with you but he may find someone else to settle down with if you are still unavailable. Learn more about how Taurus men think by reading my books “Taurus Man Secrets”. Again, thank you for the suggestion. I really appreciate it!

  3. Hi,
    Thank you for posting this. It really resonated with my current situation. I’m Libra (f) and he’s a Taurus. I don’t even know how best to describe our relationship, he made me his girlfriend at one point… that was such a wonderful moment for me…

    He’s given me zero reasons not to trust him since the day we met. We built up a solid foundation of respect, trust, honesty, and loyalty. I was surprised by all of this since he rejected all my sexual advances, which is more natural for me. He courted me until he and his wife agreed to divorce, at which point he started interacting more romantically with me. He maintains that he’s old school like that haha. Then after his wife called me his girlfriend, he decided to make it official and asked me to be his girlfriend. Of course I was elated and said yes! Communication was open and forthright amongst all parties.

    The love we built up together was unparalleled in my experience and it’s given me the strength to carry on currently because we ended up being separated by distance…

    While we have been apart, his wife started guilt tripping him and making him feel like a terrible human being. I have been nothing but open, honest and supportive towards him, so there was nothing I could do to change his mind when he called one day saying “I feel like I have disrespected my family. I’m still going to divorce while in Florida but I’m not ready for a relationship right now. I’m not sure if I ever will be and I don’t want you to wait for me. I love you.”

    He asked for space and I have given him that for one month so far. (Don’t worry, I told him my wants and desires too, respectfully. He heard me quite clearly. He knows how loyal I am too…)

    A few days ago, I sent him a message to check in and see if he still needs more space? His wife responded for him – she texted me saying I have no right to text him. (She’s a Scorpio) Then I got a message from his phone at 11:30pm his time asking me to please not contact him. That he is trying to fix things with his wife and save his family.

    Now I’m left confused… he always said he struggled with how domineering and aggressive she can be. She also spied on his call logs and had many emotional outbursts while we all lived in the same state.

    Any thoughts?? My first thoughts and the feeling in my gut tells me to trust him and to give him time. Besides, he already has my whole heart, mind, body and soul. I was single for two years before him and I’m happy to be an independent lady in the meantime. Not to mention I’m loyal to a fault :/ and I really don’t know how to change my heart even if I wanted to. My plans are to move to Florida to offer him a greater chance to break free of her. But i won’t reach out to him directly at first. If it’s meant to be, we will run into each other naturally!

    Do you think she might be holding him emotionally hostage? I’ve heard this is a common Scorpio trait. But more importantly, does a Taurus man ever forget true love? Would he really rather stick with tradition than be at peace with himself?

    1. Hi Laurelei!

      Ok so he tells you that he’s trying to fix his relationship and family. You have to take him at his word. There is no confusion there sweetheart. It doesn’t matter if he decided or he is doing it for her the part that’s hard for you to accept is that he’s doing it either way. I am so sorry this has left you the way it has but it’s probably best to let him go honey. Find someone who doesn’t have to fight to be free and is already open to you alone. You’re right though… maybe one day he’ll break free and then be able to totally be with you. He might seek you out and only be with you. You cannot rely on it though right now. Do what you need to do to push yourself forward. You’ve got this!

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