Taurus Man With A Libra Moon: What Makes Him Unique?

by Anna-Kovach, relationship astrologer
What makes a Taurus man with a Libra Moon unique? In the following article, I’m going to give you all the reasons why a Taurus Man Libra Moon is special.

Your Dream Guy In The Making

Now that I have your attention; do you realize what an amazing guy this one is? He’s definitely the type of guy you want to keep forever. Once you find him, you won’t let go! 

You’ve hit the jackpot when you find a Taurus man with Libra Moon. Why? Well, in the following article, I’m going to give you all the delicious reasons the Taurus Man Libra Moon is the best find. 

The Creative Taurus Man & Libra Moon

The Taurus man is considered to be rather serious, routine oriented, and not inclined to be spontaneous. However, when he has a Libra Moon, his creativity and spontaneity shine through.

While it’s true that typically Libra is a stickler for schedules, when it’s his Moon placement, he’s a bit different. That being said, a Libra Moon is tied to empathy and emotions. 

A Taurus man with Libra Moon is more likely to tune into you spiritually. He will be excited about life, he will want to treat you like a queen, and he will be your best friend.

He may not be as jealous at the typical Taurus man. He will tune in with you and know whether or not he can trust you. Both signs are slow to make decisions but with a Libra Moon, he’s going to see how he feels to choose.

Libra Moons love to write, sing, play an instrument, act, or do things that help him share his talents with others. Taurus is a bit of a homebody, while Libra Moons will want to socialize more often.

Can you imagine a strong and loyal guy that will also understand where you are coming from or at the very least wants to? I mean how perfect this guy is! I mean, yes, he has flaws like every other person, but he’s unique. 

The Beautiful Taurus Man With A Libra Moon

Beautiful Taurus Sun Libra Moon Man

The Taurus man is typically very attractive. It must also be said that when a Taurus man has a Libra Moon, he is that much more beautiful to look at. There is a reason people like to be around him.

Not only is he gorgeous but he also loves beauty in women and in life. This is why he’s a bit choosy. He wants to have the best of the best. Once he has you, he will bend over backwards to keep you. 

I don’t just mean beauty as in your looks either. He looks deep within to see what you have inside of you. Are you a tender heart that hides your feelings? He’ll sniff you out.

Talking to him, his sweet and warm approach lures you in. You can’t seem to help it! You want to run into his arms and be forever his. Treat him right and you’ll be able to secure him for life! 

When you are finally blessed enough to live with him, you’ll see how he likes to decorate at home. He loves aesthetically pleasing environments. He may have one room full of African motif and then another room dedicated to his travels in Japan. 

He really has an open mind and each room may be different just like his taste in adventure or animals. He is likely to have pets as well. 

The Intellectual Taurus Man With A Libra Moon

Taurus Man With A Libra Moon

Both signs are intelligent, but when Taurus man has Libra Moon, he becomes more intellectually inclined. He is well read and speaks with such eloquence. You would think he was a scholar from ancient times.

Truly when a man speaks this way, he sounds poetic and all you want to do is listen to him. He makes you feel like a woman in all ways. You appreciate him and grow with him.

Know that when you’re around him, you’ll want to talk about things that are appealing and educational. Talking about adventure, places, or travel will perk him right up.

Taurus doesn’t often care for travel too much. Libra man on the other hand loves to venture out somewhere interesting. This makes him more open to your ideas of things to do together. 

If you need advice on something, he’s your guy! He’s often pretty good at making sound judgment on various topics. Even if he’s not the best at making a decision for himself, he’s excellent at helping you choose.

He’s the guy that will sit around with you now and again to read books simultaneously or discuss them. He’s really fun! He especially loves going to libraries or book stores for enjoyment. 

He’s A Solid Romantic In And Out Of Bed

Romantic Taurus Sun Libra Moon Man

A relationship with a Taurus man is quite a passionate one when he has the Libra Moon to give him nostalgic thoughts about love. A Taurus man with Libra Moon is quite an amazing lover. 

While the Taurus is typically the type that wants to be “the man,” the Libra Moon makes him a bit more flexible and understanding. He knows a woman needs to be treated very well. 

In the bedroom, he will be more willing to please, because a Libra Moon wants to see you get off so that he can feel more satisfied. He is open to try new things and experiment. 

A Taurus man with a Libra Moon is more likely to bring you flowers, adorn you with beautiful words, and empathize with your feelings. I mean what woman isn’t turned on by this? 

The perfect man for bedroom magic is the Taurus man with a Libra Moon. You can openly express what you’d like to do with him sexually and he’ll be all too happy to see to it that you get it!

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The Flip Side

The Taurus man with a Libra Moon does sound pretty amazing – but he’s not perfect. He has unique quirks also. He has a tough time making choices and tends to procrastinate. He may also change his mind a lot more than your standard Taurus man. 

This mixture can also cause a Taurus man to be rather emotional at times. He could have mood swings. The good news is that he’ll still be fairly patient and not quick to react.

They do tend to shut down or pull back when they are feeling stress out with life. Being overwhelmed, they try to figure out what they can do to make it better but it also means putting love on the back burner.

Their focus may shift but when he loves you, he will make you priority again once he’s back on track. Have patience with your Taurus man with a Libra Moon. He needs it. 

Your Taurus guy is likely good with money but when he has a Libra Moon, he may over indulge sometimes that causes him to have to cut back later on to make up for it. 

He may also sometimes be insecure, worried, and stubborn. However, he’s also giving, loving, stable, loyal, and will listen to your ideas. He is a big flirt but when he commits, he puts a lid on the extent of his flirty ways. 

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Have you met a Taurus man with Libra Moon? Tell me about your experience! 

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Wishing you all the luck of the Universe.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

Anna Kovach

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2 thoughts on “Taurus Man With A Libra Moon: What Makes Him Unique?

  1. I’m a woman with a Taurus Sun Libra Moon. Do these same traits apply to me? The man I’m crushing on hard is a Libra Sun with a Taurus Moon. We both have mars and venus in fire signs. Thoughts on this connection because I can’t stop thinking about him. How best can our charts work together for each other’s good and the greater service of all?

    1. Hi Joy!

      For the most part, it will be similar. The thing that makes you stand apart from the male aspects is that you’re a woman and hormones actually do play a role in the differences between Taurus man and Taurus woman. That’s interesting that your guy is the flip flop of the signs. This does help you two understand each other though which is very nice. Venus is the type of woman you are as a lover and Mars is the type of guy you are best with. For him it’s the other way around. Venus is the type of woman he’s best with and Mars is the type of man he is as a lover. I hope this makes sense. If you need more information about your Libra sun man, you should check out my book on “Libra Man Secrets”. I wish you all the best!

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