Taurus Man & Pisces Woman Breakup: Can You Reverse It?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you a Pisces woman about to break it off with her Taurus guy? Here is everything about Taurus man and Pisces woman breakup.

Are you a Pisces woman and wondering what it might be like if you break up with your Taurus man? Perhaps you’ve gotten near a breakup and are wondering what you can do to avoid it. Here are some helpful tips for you to be able to figure out what you can about this tricky situation.

Perfect Match Went Awry

The thought of these two parting ways is hard to imagine. They’re so good for each other. When they get together, magic happens between them. These two were initially attracted to each other for the right reasons.

If things are starting to fall apart or feel like they aren’t working the way they should. It’s probably time to examine things and figure out what perhaps either needs working on or figure out if it really is time to let go.

These two will likely rarely fight unless it’s something extreme like infidelity, lying, or addiction issues. The Pisces woman is flexible and able to go with the flow but if there is unhealthy behavior going on then this would negate the flexibility.

Pisces women could give way to depression and thus develop addictions of some kind. The Taurus man may not cope with losing his partner to something like this.

Again, these are extremes that the two would have to experience to even want to break up. If one of them isn’t fully committed and cheats; this could be another ground for dismissal.

If there are just some problems that need to be worked out; the two of them need to learn how to communicate better. Otherwise, they end up at the point of no return.

Avoiding Collision

Young couple having a quarrel - Taurus Man and Pisces Woman Breakup

The Pisces woman is great at keeping the peace much of the time. However; she is more emotional than her Taurus man and that means when she talks, he sometimes isn’t sensitive enough.

Taurus men are often rough around the edges and aren’t good with feelings. They are great at giving advice but not so much at giving you a hug and telling you everything will be alright.

For a Pisces woman, this could be hurtful. If she wants to share her feelings to the extent that makes her feel better; he’d need to learn how to cope with it and be more sensitive or she’d have to confide in her best friend instead.

These two could easily work things out though if they truly want to stay together. Without something going horribly wrong, these two should be able to get through whatever problems come their way.

They can avoid breakup if they haven’t reached that point yet. All they really need to do is talk to each other and do it with affectivity. Sharing with one another what they want and where they see things going will save them some trouble.

Are You Positive?

The Pisces woman and Taurus man need to review and make sure that a break up would actually be best for them. To fully know whether or not they should; they’ll have to open up.

So now I’ve said they have to open up to save it. However; they also have to open up to figure out whether or not they should stay together. Either way, they’re going to have to get it all out and then take it from there.

Taurus and Pisces mix is one of the best! It’s stable, loving, long lasting, satisfying, and makes for near perfection. If they can remember the reason they fell in love in the first place; they may be able to salvage what they still have left.

The Taurus man can provide stability for the two while the Pisces woman can provide the sensual tenderness. These two could bring a lifetime of love together if they can find a way.

One of the most successful mixes in the zodiac; they should be able to work through any issues that may pop up. Counseling or mediation may work well for getting them to effectively open up to each other.

I wouldn’t normally advocate two signs staying together if they weren’t so great for each other. Truly this is a mix made in heaven.

If They Really Do Part Ways

Taurus man and Pisces woman in disagreement - Taurus Man and Pisces Woman Breakup

If these two decide it’s just not going to happen; it will likely be the Pisces woman that calls it off. She will want to pull back and be alone. Though she doesn’t like confrontation and may try to get the Taurus man to do the break.

Taurus doesn’t like breaking up either and so this could be an issue as far as who will get it done. It really will depend on the nature of the situation and how best they think it needs to be done.

This is one of those mixes that even if they part ways, they will likely still have the love for one another. Their bond at some point in time was very strong otherwise; they would not have gotten together in the first place.

That being said, they can remain friends or stay cordial. In fact, even though Pisces doesn’t normally revisit an ex nor does a Taurus; they may make an exception for each other.

If there is growth that has taken place for them both and they find they could give it a try again; they’ll happily give it another whirl. They will still be cautious but they will also be hopeful.

These two cannot possibly generate hate between each other unless it’s one of the extremes I mentioned. If they are fully committed though; love can conquer all.

It’s not just a saying; it’s the real deal. If you are a Pisces woman and considering breaking it off with your Taurus; you may want to analyze it a little bit further.

Is he worth giving up? Is he worth trying to work on it? Weigh all your options because the Taurus man is hard to get over. Unless things are really bad, perhaps you can give it another shot.

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11 thoughts on “Taurus Man & Pisces Woman Breakup: Can You Reverse It?

  1. My Taurus man said he didn’t want to talk to me for a while. What does this mean? A breakup?
    I am in a long distance with my Taurus man. We have been together for 3 months. Everything has been superb and headed towards the right direction (marriage). I have met his whole family. We have discussed marriage and our lives together. Everything has been smooth. And then I told him I wanted to talk to him about something. He asked me to text it but I insisted on talking it out. Then he said he wasn’t ready for mind games, which I clearly wasn’t doing, and Then he called me and said he doesn’t want to talk to me for a while and will reach out whenever he feels like talking again. This came as a shock to me as I don’t know what triggered that reaction. We have had talks before. It’s been 4 days now and I still haven’t heard from him. I have been trying to figure out what went wrong. Is this a break up or does he just need time off. Is he likely to come back or not?

    1. He think on anather issue which pressurized him. He think on that & you disturb him. He said that write your problem,not speak i.e he will give right solution when you write a problem. If you tell the problem late or wrong time, obviously his anger fired. Don”t ask for immediate solution. He will give answer right time. Candle light dinner at moonlight in home & massage is right way to discuss but first understand his pressured issue in his mind. Pressured issue means any harrassment, any difficult thing which not understand etc.

  2. As a Taurus man 10 years since kissed a girl, I found this article because I am chasing after a Pisces woman who I feel strongly about.

    I have talked to some girls, some came close to what I consider relationship/marriage in my life. A bad habit as a Taurus man I have made so many times and what I read in comments what Taurus men do: go missing-in-action from all crowds, scenes and even family because of an unrelated issue like work and no one had my back I’ll put up walls, my landlord gave me a hard time I’ll totally shut down, if I see my Pisces crush even comment another guy’s haircut:/I’m so insecure I’ll go into hiding until I planned next move to perfection.

    On that note my life is different like all o us, Taurus or otherwise. But I noticed I have a bad habit of becoming a hermit to my boss when my cousin might have said something offensive. My personal problem is insecurity. The Pisces woman is teaching me to open up and its someone I don’t want to hurt, if I ever disagree I feel I can turn to her and talk it out before i shun the whole world in every aspect…

    Something I learned as a Taurus man, hope it helps. Forgive me…

  3. So i am a taurus man who was married to a pisces woman
    I actual had to call the cops on her for manipulation and violence

    What i came to realise is a pisces woman always lives in dream land and wants everything their way or according of their dreams however when reality kicks in always want to run away because its not according to their plans
    All the pisces woman had an issue of being secretive and control but they are very seductive at first it was amazing till the mask came off

    As a taurus when we love we love a 100% and we give everything to our marriage or relationship

    Pisces woman when they get angry for the smallest thing its like the end of the world and will do anything to hurt the other

    Now i know not all pisces woman are like this because i do have friends however relationship wise it is the best connection but even as stubborn as a taurus is, we dont have a problem of saying sorry when we are wrong or not

    My perspective is that pisces is the most caring and loving as well as the most narcassistic sign of the zodiac because they can never leave the dream world and learn it is not only about them

    There is no I in team

    1. Hi Mak!

      So sorry to hear that you went through this experience with a Pisces woman. It sounds she has some real trouble dealing with her emotions. Most Pisces do in some form as many end up depressed and sometimes on medication. As far as her temper goes well, she’s throwing a tantrum like a child. She needs to see someone for that issue. I’m glad you got out at the right time but again, I’m sorry you went through that. I hope you find your happiness sweetheart. I wish you all the best!

    2. As a Pisces woman who’s had the exact (and I mean this in all honesty) EXACT same personality as your ex, I can 100% agree with everything you said. I do live in a fantasy sometimes and I rarely even notice I’m doing it until either called out or told otherwise and I always have a strong negative reaction. I’m so sweet and loving and caring as long as my “dream world” stays my dream world. The moment it is challenged at all I feel as though I’m in a nightmare and I become very cruel. It’s a beautiful yet toxic trait I think a lot of us have and I don’t even really believe in astrology. But the point of fantasy in us is something I cannot deny.

      Though I’ve never had a man call the cops on me, the Taurus man who was my last boyfriend and an almost identical situation except I called the cops on him for something so petty. This relationship ended a year ago and I’m still in disbelief that it’s over. I don’t feel like I love him as I feel far too betrayed by him but I can’t get over the fact that we had an extremely strong connection, chemistry and bond. I fell in love very quickly with him. I have no idea why that level of love got a hold of me the way it did but I’m mostly frightened that I’ll never find it again.

      A lot of why it initially ended was my fault, I can admit that. I’m challenging to say the least. It’s easy to fall in love with me but hard to stay in love with me so I’ve been told. But we were in the “trying to work it out stage”, everything that went awry was his doing. I feel like he was trying to get back at me for things I was accused of (cheating) but never did (which he did).

      You Taurus are something else. I couldn’t imagine ever being with this person ever again but I also can’t imagine being without that kind of love ever again. And since he’s the man that I feel gave me the most powerful relationship love I ever felt I’m overly worried that if it doesn’t come from him I’ll never find it. The twisted knot in my mind id literally exhausting. I regret alot of what I did and how it ended. So sorry you went through that. Now that’s I’m working on being honest to myself and taking accountability I totally understand the position you were in and how you must’ve felt coming from the other side.

      1. Hi Aly!

        Taurus gives amazing love but they need someone who understands them and won’t present drama in their lives. They can create it enough on their own sometimes. Their temper gets the better of them thus saying mean things. Not all Taurus men are the same. That would be quite impossible. Everyone has all 12 zodiac signs in their charts. Everyone has different aspects and that makes it so that every person on this planet has differences no matter what their sun sign. I hope you don’t write off the whole entire sign because of a bad egg. I truly wish you all the very best sweetheart.

      2. Omg so true I just went through all of this. …the deceit and betrayal from a Taurus man .they can’t never come to terms with self it’s like a tif for tab……they go tell the world everything and secretly pursue other women ….this was a beautiful nightmare for me ….I’m pisces and big upon loyalty but don’t turn my fish to a shark……it. was to much for me it felt like I needed him my feelings are hurt. The mind manipulation like honestly I wish I never met him. ..now I’m in a situation where I need him an he knows it. Like he strings me. .. …. I just wat to completely move on how all my thing burned down lost everything he the one with the jobs helping me. Using one of his macho techniques given me moneyb/c he feels to be needed…just rubbing everything in my face hurting me ……uts like once a pisces in love we love an it’s kinda hard to take that away I just want everything to stop …..I’ve said bad things yo him out of catching him in many lies 6 yrs living together he say it was a mistake we took it to far ….that crushed me …….so I don’t know I feel he set the house on fire just to see me with nothing …..I feel stupid keep reaching out an for him to act the way he act already pursuing other women been sexually active …… like damn just broken I don’t know just reading the simular …I’m more so hurting not even wanting him I feel like I need him an he knows it he don’t call me I reach out to him ….

        1. Hi Angrilyupset!

          I am so sorry you also had a bad experience with a Taurus man. They do act quite badly when they are angry or their pride is hurt. It’s not right but sometimes they just react in a childish manner. I can honestly tell you that not all of them are this way and plenty of them grow out of it with life experience as well as age. My husband for example, is warm, honest, and sincere. When he was younger, he was a hot head. Now that he’s matured, he’s not like that. He may get upset but he will talk to me about it and we come up with middle ground. A lot can be determined about your guy via his birth chart. There is so much information in there you wouldn’t believe it! I will tell you this… you need to now give yourself time, love yourself, heal, and move forward. Stop contacting him. If he really does love you, he will adjust his behavior. You deserve ALL the best and nothing less. I wish it for you!

  4. Hi sorry the comment might be quite long and I would love your opinion or thoughts if you have any to share but I mostly wanted to vent. I’m very introverted but at this current time I am no longer talking to old friends for reasons nothing to serious we just grew apart and my mom and siblings are aware of the situation and they understand and was glad that my now ex decided to get help. I have clinical diagnosed sister with depression and anxiety and I know those things manifest differently for everyone. I don’t want to be that annoying, ranting person always talking about my ex to my family so I haven’t but they have asked about updates on him which is sweet, they did like him thankfully. I recently wrote a letter expressing myself and feelings about the whole situation to get it out my system so to speak and that helped.

    I ‘m writing this as another form of that. I guess. Thank you so much for your time.

    I’m a Pisces woman and me and Taurus man broke up in June 2022 because he was finally overwhelmed with his depression and wanted to get help. he finally told me this and I never knew how high level he depression was he and mentioned it briefly once or twice. I would always vent to him and when something came up he would vent to me. We shared our problems and ways to fix or work through them. We were a very passionate couple and he even won my heart while I dating someone else and ended the previous relationship for me. So when he confused to me that it had become to much, I was proud of him for sharing I could sense something was wrong and I knew he would share when he was ready, I also sensed he wanted to breakup so asked he said no and a few days, he said he did. He said he didn’t want to say or do anything to hurt me because his depression made him more irrational and he knew he do or say something that would hurt me. I understood especially in the sense that if said or did something that hurt me I might be able to forgive it or I would resent or hate him for it if we were still together at the time. Even though I didn’t want to I did go through with the break to allow him space to seek help, heal and whatever else he needed. We didn’t talk for a few months and I had to express myself so I told him that I still cared and wanted him to at least update me on things once a month, he agreed and told me not to wait for him and that if I moved on he would understand. I hadn’t thought of this and expressed that to him I had no desire to move on so fast after the breakup. He understood, a month went by and he did update me and confessed he was scared and nervous to do so because he thought I hated him. I told him I don’t because I don’t and that anytime he wanted to message me he could. He informed me that he was talking to a specialist and that they informed him less time with phone, on social media was a good place to start and I agreed. So we again went a while without speaking, and he messaged first to check on me and my family because at the time a random guy was close to our area just killing innocent people. We gave each other quick updates and that was that. Around November 2022 he was updating me anymore so I started just messaging him to do a check in. This was the second check in, once November came around. By December I was starting to panic and think the worst possible outcome but he did send a message saying he was fine and sorry but he hadn’t been keeping his phone on me and for me that fact completely escaped my mind. We are in the new year it’s the beginning days of February 2023 and he hasn’t responded to my monthly check ins and it makes me a little sad but I’m always hoping he’s making good progress and that his family is doing ok in all of this too which is what pretty much all of the messages have said along with the fact that I don’t hate him and I’ll respond anytime he does decided to message me. Only once did I mention I still love him in January 2023 because I realized I don’t think I could love anyway the way I love him. That part was not in the message but I know we will be together again I can feel in my bones and soul just like I knew we would have the breakup. I’m honestly total okay with waiting for him but how long would be to long and can I even ask that when someone who is healing doesn’t have a timeframe. Just like anyone being in love or married waits for sick partner/spouse to recover or come out of a coma.

    That being said, I am completely okay with doing my check ins and waiting at least for now. Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy your day.

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