Taurus Man & Cancer Woman: Is This a Perfect Fit?

by Anna-Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you a Cancer woman who is in love with a Taurus man but not sure if the Taurus man Cancer woman soulmates match is correct? Keep reading to find out.

Are you a Cancer woman who is deeply in love with a Taurus man but not sure if the Taurus man Cancer woman soul mates match is correct? Do you have some doubts because of his behavior? Keep reading for what this duo is really like together.

Outlook of This Love

This is actually a great match up. The Taurus man provides the security and stability that the Cancer woman craves. He’s a great partner, husband, and soul mate union.

The Cancer woman gives the Taurus man deep care, love, and passion that he craves from someone he feels he can trust on a deep emotional level. He’s hard on the outside but very soft and gentle on the inside.

Cancer woman wears her heart on her sleeve and never makes her Taurus man wonder whether or not she loves him. Taurus man isn’t one to be too empathic yet when he’s in a relationship with a Cancer woman, he CAN feel her.

These two have almost a psychic bond that helps them to know what to do to please each other. Sexually speaking, these two are hot and heavy as well. They both seem to know what each other needs and are able to fulfill each other’s desires.

Taurus Man Cancer Woman Love

Highly Compatible Force

I’ve got to admit, this is a near perfect match. No couple is 100% perfect as everyone is different and there will be issues that must be addressed to make it work. However with these two, the problems may be few and far between.

They have much going for them is favorable enough to make this the type of union that can and may last a lifetime if it’s what they both want. They get along with communication, they understand each other, and they both want stability.

They can give each other exactly what each other needs and they’re able to share activities to keep either one of them from boredom. Neither needs to go out all the time to have a good time.

These two would rather spend a quality evening together at home than to go out to noisy places with a bunch of people. Don’t get me wrong, they will like to go out sometimes as well but they’ll find much of their joy at home.

This a very strong match provided Cancer woman can keep her emotional mood swings from becoming too dramatic. Taurus man cringes at the idea of drama but if it’s something small, he will let it go.

There is always a way for the Taurus man to work around Cancer woman’s mood swings once he knows her routine. Likewise, Cancer woman will learn when she can or cannot cry to him about her problems.

Taurus man is tremendous at being a caretaker as is the Cancer woman. That being said, they will absolutely take care of each other both with life and with love.

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Trusting and Values

Many couple struggle with finding middle ground when it comes to core values and standards. However, these two will easily find a way. Cancer woman wants to marry and have a family.

Taurus man for the most part wants the same thing and it’s likely that Taurus man will be the dominant man who makes sure all is in order where Cancer woman will be the feminine nurturing energy.

They balance each other quite well. If they don’t agree on some life values, they will compromise and find a way to still make it go quite well. The trust between them is quite amazing as well.

Cancer women can be shaky when it comes to not making her man jealous. She is a very kind soul and sometimes men mistake her kindness for flirting or hitting on them.

The thing is, when she’s secure in love with her Taurus man, there IS no other man for her. She won’t have any qualms with clearing up any misunderstandings and let men know she’s well taken. He heart belongs to her strong man.

Taurus Man Trusting

Building Each Other Up

Taurus man always seems so tough and impenetrable. However, he’s not as tough as he seems. He’s secretly somewhat insecure. He struggles with self worth and sometimes thinks he’s not good enough when he finds a good woman.

The thing is, the Cancer woman will take such amazing care of her Taurus man that he will feel secure, he will feel good about himself, and things will flow. Cancer woman will also feel as though nothing can break the two of them.

She needs someone to make her feel needed, loved, and valuable. Just as she gives these qualities to her Taurus guy, he will give those right back to her. This helps them balance in a way that makes them both very fulfilled.

Both are at their very best when they are together. Neither of them feels they need to look elsewhere for love, understanding, compassion, or passion. They’re both full with each other.

Cancer woman makes her Taurus man feel strong and able to do just about anything which is inspiring for him when he’s working on his career or financial set up. The same thing goes with the Taurus man uplifting his Cancer lady.

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Taurus Man Cancer Woman Soulmates – What’s Their Score?

As I mentioned, I cannot say that they are 100% perfect because as human beings, they’re going to have some differences that they will have to discuss and work out. However, they’re going to be able to do that relatively easy.

If I did have to score them on a scale of 1 to 10, I definitely give them a 9! That’s the highest score which makes them darned near perfect with some flaws that require a bit of work.

These two really and genuinely love each other. They shouldn’t have too much trouble making their way in the world together and will likely make a beautiful family that is well rounded.

They are a great mixture of discipline, values, and great love. How more perfect can you get really?

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