Bedroom Compatibility: Taurus Man In Bed With Taurus Woman

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
What is it like when two bulls get in bed together? How compatible is Taurus man in bed with Taurus woman? Here is some helpful information for you.

What is it like when two bulls get in bed together? Passionate tryst or do they bump heads? Here is some helpful information on how these two may get along in the bedroom.

Twice the Temptation

These two know each other better than any other sign so it stands to reason that a Taurus man and a Taurus woman will go together very well. They both know what their needs are and are able to understand one another.

These two can take their time and enjoy each other the way that both of them would like to. No quarrels with trying to hurry or get things into motion too quickly.

However, these two will gravitate toward each other so they could surprise themselves and move quicker than they normally would. It’s natural for them because they just know each other on a deeper level.

Each of them knows what they want and somehow the other is able to pick up on it and already get it. Therefore they know how to please each other. They know exactly how to do it and do it well.

Marathon sex

After Bedroom Fun - Taurus Man In Bed With Taurus Woman

Because these two will take their time savoring every single second; they will possibly have bouts of marathon sex. This is just one of those mixes that could keep the heat going all night long.

Not everyone has the stamina to keep going for several hours but these two have what it takes and will take advantage of that if they’re given the opportunity to do so.

These two don’t likely need to discuss what they like or what they want. It comes naturally to them and they move together fluidly. For them, this will be not just a physical and emotional experience but also a spiritual one.

Taurus with Taurus should be able to click on a much deeper level than any other sign out there. They’re both stable and reliable for each other. It’s unlikely either of them will ever cheat on one another.

Why would they? They have exactly what they need in each other. This could cause some turmoil down the line as far as being a bit too much alike at times but most of the time they should be able to “get” each other quite well.

Long-term Passion

These two both have staying power and due to the fact that can effectively communicate with one another; they’ll likely not become bored with each other. They will still need to make sure that they try new things.

If they both do the same moves every single time; after awhile one or both will become bored. They will need to do a bit of research to see what types of new things they can try together.

It may be fun for them to look online together to see what they may enjoy. This in itself may be a bit of a turn on for them and would lead them to a new bedroom experience.

These two likely trust each other very well and this will take them into being able to experiment with different types of lovemaking. They could role play, integrate use of food, sweets, or different flavored gels.

There is also the handcuffing and spanking that could possibly occur because of their trust for one another. No one else may be able to do this with them as they never fully feel secure.

However with each other; they can feel safe enough to let each other in and become a united front in the bedroom; or whatever other room in the house they feel like being frisky in.

There will likely never be any sort of “signal” between the two of them as they already can look at one another and just “know” it’s time to get it on.

The sex will be such an experience that it could actually cause them to go long term with the rest of their relationship. Who better to know a Taurus man than a Taurus woman? Who better to be with for the long haul?

One of the best matches

Tender young couple lying and hugging on couch at home - Taurus Man In Bed With Taurus Woman

Both in and out of bed the Taurus on Taurus is an excellent match. Typically two of the same sign can get along well as they understand each other very well. These two create stability for each other which is what they crave.

Once stability and security has been secured; these two will probably spend a great deal of time in the bedroom. Though they may not be all about quantity so much as they are about quality.

There are exceptions to every rule but in either situation, the two Taurus’ going head to head should be quite an event when it comes to sexual endeavors. Guessing games? Not with these two.

Again, they should try to avoid being predictable though as it could become drab if they aren’t careful. One may decide that it’s getting old and start seeking elsewhere to fuel their desire.

To avoid such situations arising, a new sex act should be included every so often to mix things up and make it more exciting and erotic. These two would probably not be the type to have an “open” relationship but that’s ok with the both.

Taurus is far too jealous and possessive. However, if they did both agree to have an open relationship it would be because they truly trust each other and know that even if they had sex with others, it wouldn’t diminish what they have.

It takes all kinds and this couple can certainly do whatever they please behind closed doors. They’ll certainly have a good time doing it too. If they’ve never explored it; they may try outdoor sex.

Both are likely into nature or going outside often. Outdoor sex is very free and makes you feel that much more connected to the earth as well as to each other. Taurus people should eat this up with a spoon. It’s likely they’ll love this idea!

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