What To Text A Taurus Man After A Breakup

by Anna-Kovach, relationship astrologer
How to text a Taurus ex after a break up? Read all the way through to find out exactly what to text a Taurus man after a breakup. 

What can you possibly say to a Taurus man after a break up? Did you break it off with him or did he dump you? I will give you information for both scenarios to help you do the right thing.

It’s never easy to break up with a Taurus Man. When it does happen, you need to know exactly what steps to take and how to approach and talk to him! Read all the way through to find out exactly what to text a Taurus man after a breakup. 

Don’t Wait Too Long To Text A Taurus

If you expect to try to get your Taurus guy back or even want to continue a friendship with him, then you need to be on the ball. Text your Taurus ex a day or two after the break has occurred.

This will let him know that there are no hard feelings there. It doesn’t matter who did the breaking – this works really well either way. Taurus men don’t mind staying friends if the vibe between you is good. 

The other thing you have to remember is that Taurus men typically do not reach out to someone once a break has been made. He has pride and is rather stubborn (as I’m sure you know by now).

Actually, he could be thinking about you, but you really won’t know unless you reach out to him. He wants to show you that he’s a man and standing his ground. This is even truer when he’s the one that broke it off.

In the case that it was you, he will have wounded pride which makes him cold as ice. It really will depend on what happened before you broke up and why you broke up.

When you first reach out to him after the break up, be friendly, be kind, and if there is an apology needed on your part, then go ahead and say it. 

This sounds a bit odd, but if you show Taurus that you’re alright and you’re going to move forward, it’s the best thing you can do. If you display wallowing in pain, he will shut down. 

Texting After You Broke Up With Your Taurus Man

How To Text A Taurus Man After A Breakup

Clearly, Taurus’ manly pride is an issue here. He will still likely be upset with you if you broke it off, unless it was a mutually agreed situation. 

If you ended the relationship but you feel like you messed up, then you’re going to have to do some sucking up with him because he will require it, even if he doesn’t tell you that.

Send a text apologizing for the way things ended. Explain yourself for the reason you did it and why it may not have made sense. Ask him to forgive you with time.

A Taurus won’t do it any faster, trust me on this one! 

He will drag it out and make sure that you’re telling him the truth. Taurus has to know that you’re not going to do it again and the only thing that lets him see that is time and consistency.

Taurus is one that doesn’t believe unless there is repeatability in anything including your love and loyalty. 

Texting After Your Taurus Man Broke Up With You

Texting Taurus Ex

Texting with your Taurus after he broke it off with you may prove to be quite difficult. He may not answer right away – if he even answers at all.

If he’s made the decision to end it, he’s going to stand by that decision unless he really loves you.

When there is true love there, then he may wonder if he’s made a mistake and if he should try again with you. He won’t reach out to you first though so you’re going to need to do that.

How though? I mean… he’s so sure of his decision, isn’t he?

Taurus can make mistakes just like anyone else. If you know for sure he loved you then you should reach out to him and say: “I miss you and hope you’re doing alright.” 

Expressing your care for him even though he ended will actually touch his heart, believe it or not. 

Basically, you’re getting to him with kindness and care. It will stand out to him that you’re even open to it after he’s hurt you by breaking up. 

The Hard Part With Texting Your Taurus Ex

Alright, so the hard part here with your Taurus ex is that you cannot continue to text him as though nothing has happened. If he’s not into you anymore then it will just annoy him and push him away further. 

Taurus being a fixed sign, makes their communication slightly more rigid compared to other signs. So it’s no wonder a Taurus man’s texting habits might be a bit more strict when it comes to texting after breaking up.

If your Taurus guy broke it off with you, it won’t sit well with him for you to keep reaching out. That said, you have to pull the plug.

Tell him what you want and need to say then go quiet. You have to show him you’re not sitting around waiting on him. When you’re busy and not reaching out, he’ll start to think.

His care may surface more when you’re no longer connecting with him on a daily basis. Take it down to maybe once a week, or once every two weeks. 

Despite your hurt, you’re independent and fierce. You do NOT need a man to complete you! Well, at least that’s what you have to show him. It will actually attract him. 

Yep, truly strange, I get it. Taurus needs time and space to work through everything that happened in his head. 

You can simply send very short and sweet messages such as: “hope you’re doing well,” or “have a great week and enjoy yourself!”

The positive energy will surprise him for sure. The thing is, the Taurus man will wonder if you really can do without him then he’ll start to think about if he can do without you.

Once he’s gotten past all his crazy thoughts, he just may realize he lost the best woman he could ever have. He will miss all your texts and conversations. If he really cares, he’ll be back. 

I would give yourself a time limit on how long you will wait to see if he ever comes around and then adhere to it. However long you decide, when that time comes, cut all communication. 

Ultimately, you’ve got to do what is best for you, but I am just letting you know that it does take time to get a Taurus man back if he does still care enough to do so. 

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More Ideas To Text Your Taurus After A Breakup

Have you tried some of the ways I’ve suggested but were met with coldness or lack of response?

I’ve got to tell you that there is definitely a right way to text him and a wrong way. I want to make sure you’re doing all the right things.

There still may be a chance with the Taurus man you love… 

It’s a chance you need to take if you really care for your bull-headed guy.

Truly there is no easy way to handle him, but I’ve got some info for you!

It’s up to you whether you choose to take my help or keep wondering if he will come back on his own…

Maybe you keep texting him until he decides he wants nothing to do with you, or you make a mistake in something you say to him.

Taurus men are a lot more complicated and easily wounded than one would realize…

Fortunately for you, I have some tricks of the trade that can help you warm that icy Taurus up.

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You need to decide if you want to take a step forward toward him or be pushed away by his stubborn demeanor. 

Think of all the things you loved about being with him and trying to recapture it.

One more thing…

Taurus men hate texting. They are totally fine with receiving texts but to text back or discuss important things that way, they’re turned off.

They are old school and need special care if you’re going to reach him via texts. 

Get to a place with him where he will actually talk to you and maybe even work things out.

Until you take action, you won’t know if he will come back or he won’t. 

A client of mine told me that her Taurus guy was so hard to reach. She kept trying and was always met with silence or short replies.

He was just so cold and final. She thought there was no way he would ever return to her after they broke up. 

I gave her this information that absolutely opened her Taurus guy back up and just by saying the right things via text. 

If she can do it, so can you! 

If you truly want to make a break through with Taurus then you need to dive in!

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Don’t wait too long to do the right thing or he may put you in deep freeze for life! Take the right road now! 

I wish you all the luck in the Universe!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach 

Anna Kovach

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