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How Does A Taurus Man Fall In Love? Get a Taurus Man to Love You

Taurus men are some of the loveliest guys around, trust me, I know, I married one! There is just something special about the sensual way they know how to love a woman. They just tick all of the boxes and know how to make a girl feel special.

However, they do take their time to fall in love. They want to be 100% sure that they are making the right decision because when it comes to love and a Taurus man, they are all in and fully committed.

When they love, they love hard, and they also want to love forever. This isn’t the type of guy who wastes his time dating around casually. He takes his relationships really seriously and wants it to work out in the long term.

It may be hard to land a Taurus man but if you know what he likes, you could very well have an amazing chance with a very solid, protective, loving man. Here are some ways the Taurus man can be lured to love.

Taurus Men And Falling In Love – What Does Love Mean For Them And When Do They Fall In Love?

Taurus men are lovely to be around, they are easy-going and have very pleasant personalities. They take love very seriously, and part of their charm is how steady, solid, and sensual they are as a partner.

Love means the world to them. They want to have a partner who can stand by their side through thick and thin, and this is why they take so long to love someone because they would hate to have made a bad decision.

A Taurus man will take his time, determining if a woman is a safe choice for him. He just isn’t the type of guy who will jump into a casual fling and leave the girl hanging. He is very respectful and wants to be with someone with whom he can see a future.

But when he is in love, he is generous, affectionate, and extremely supportive, and these are some of the qualities he is looking for in a woman as well. He wants to get what he puts out; he needs his relationships to feel equal in the effort, or else he may feel resentful.

A Taurus man will fall in love when a woman shows him her worth and how serious she is about the connection with him. But any lady who takes her chances on a Taurus man is going to have to be patient and resilient because it does take a while for a Taurus man to open up his heart to a relationship.

He is the type of guy who seriously wants love, but there is a big part of him that is scared and hesitant about opening his heart up to love. This is why he takes things slow and steady.

Do Taurus Men Fall In Love Fast?

Generally speaking, a Taurus man does not fall in love that fast, and this is because he is so careful about putting his heart on the line. Stability and security are the two things that make him feel most content in life, and love has a way of destabilizing everything.

Of course, this is generally truer when a Taurus man has his Venus in Taurus as well. Did you know a man’s Venus, Mars, and Moon sign can really change the way he approaches love?

A man with all of his planets in Taurus is going to be super traditional and conservative when it comes to love. He is going to take things especially slow, by the time he knows he has fallen in love with you, you might not be interested anymore. That’s how slowly he takes relationships.

While a Taurus man with Venus in Aries is a lot more likely to fall in love at first sight and be completely smitten from the get-go. This is really a tug of war for him, on the one hand, he really wants the stability and security he craves, but on the other hand, he may become really bored really quickly when it comes to his relationships.

A Taurus man with Venus in Aries is always going to seek out that extra excitement because he is passionate and very warm-blooded and needs someone who can stoke that fire under his belly.

The same can be said for a Taurus man with Venus in Gemini, who needs a lot of mental stimulation to feel truly connected to someone. He isn’t as likely to fall in love as quickly as a Taurus man with Venus in Aries because he may find an attraction with multiple people at the same time.

Whoever is most interesting at that moment may take his fancy, but he is probably the most non-committal out of the three options. This just shows you how important the Venus sign is when it comes to love and relationships. It has such a major influence on the men you date.

How Long Does A Taurus Man Take To Fall In Love?

From all the information I mentioned above, you have probably figured out that a Taurus man isn’t one to get swept up in romances and fall in love at first sight. His approach is much slower as he sees romance as a lifelong commitment.

He is the type of guy who will first be attracted to a woman because of her looks. His sign is ruled by Venus, remember, so beauty and appearances are extremely important to him. He loves to look at pretty things, and he needs his woman to be an absolute babe.

If he likes the look of a lady, he’ll definitely slowly make his way to approach her, but that doesn’t mean he’s smitten with her from the get-go. He needs more substance than that. He needs to be able to see if she would make a worthy commitment for him.

This is why he much prefers to take things slow, and see what can develop over time. What he wants is a woman who is stable, loyal, and devoted to the relationship. This takes a lot of trust, and when it comes to trust, it can only be built slowly over time.

What Age Does A Taurus Man Fall In Love?

Well, this question isn’t that simple because every Taurus man is unique and has his own perspective when it comes to love and relationships. Some Taurus men find the love of their life when they are super young and commit to her immediately, while other Taurus men may have been with someone, fallen in love, and then had their heartbroken.

These Taurus men usually are very careful to approach love again because they are so fearful of being hurt again. Heartbreak for a Taurus man can be quite disastrous and really knock their confidence for many years to come.

So, it all really depends on the individual, when it comes to the older Taurus gentleman it may take quite a lot of hard work and patience from your side to get him to trust you to fall in love with you. But I promise you, your Taurus man is worth the extra effort.

A Taurus Man’s Behavior In Love

When a Taurus man is in love with a woman, he is so loyal and devoted. He makes the perfect doting partner and will shower his woman with all the love and care in the world. He just adores being in a relationship and giving his woman all of his attention.

He will be extremely affectionate, tender, and supportive of you. He’s the type of guy to shower you with gifts, make scrumptious meals for you, and provide a lovely home for the two of you to live in.

You can expect sweet kisses, lots of hugs, and physical affirmation of how he feels about you. He is the type of guy who will want to walk side by side with you and take your hand to show the world that you belong to him.

A Taurus man will go out of his way to support you and take care of you in whatever way you need. He is super practical and pragmatic and loves to do little tasks like help you fix a lightbulb or help you set up a budget.

Being a damsel in distress can really get him going, so don’t be shy to ask him if you ever need anything. These are just some of the signs a Taurus man is falling for you, if you want to see more signs a Taurus man is falling for you then check this out.

How A Taurus Man Treats His Woman

It is pretty clear to see that Taurus men make wonderful lovers. They go all out and give their everything to the woman they are with. No wonder a Taurus man is so desirable for so many of my readers.

He will always treat his lady with so much love and respect. Here are just some of the ways a Taurus man loves his lady and how he treats her.

Visual Stimulation

Taurus men love beauty in all forms. They want the woman they fall in love with and make a future with to be beautiful. Their idea of beauty can vary though.

Some Taurus men like their women all dolled up and ready for a night on the town. Then some of them prefer a woman who is into nature and doesn’t wear much makeup at all, if any.

There are also some Taurus men that really love having a woman that is versatile. One night she can class it up and then another night she can dress down in jeans and a t-shirt, ready to go exploring the outdoors.

The Taurus man’s Moon sign may play a bigger role as far as what type of woman they’re attracted to. If you’re lucky enough to get their birth information you may be able to figure out what their Moon is.

Either way, Taurus men love beautiful women. It does probably tell a tale if you can figure out which type your Taurus of interest may be. If he expresses interest in nature then you know he may like a relaxed beauty.

If he talks about nightclubs and places like that then he may like a woman that will dress up and wear makeup paying close attention to her eyes and nails. Taurus men love pretty eyes!

Physical Attraction

do taurus males fall in love easily

I mentioned the beauty that they like but there is also the physical aspect. You can typically tell what is going on if he touches you in some way. He will let you know for sure if he’s attracted to you.

This man will talk to you very sweetly and put his hand on your shoulder or make some sort of gesture that allows him to break the physical barrier. This is his way of saying “hello, I’m definitely into you”.

When he starts to fall in love though, he really digs in and starts to follow you around the house grabbing your bottom. Taurus men seem to have a weakness for a full round rear end.

Though he may be attracted from the get-go, he will still likely take his time to make sure that you’re the one. Love isn’t something he takes for granted and will want to make the situation more secure.

While you’re dating, he will be very physical but when he falls in love and is ready to settle down, he will show you a level of physical love you’ve never experienced before.

Talking A Lot

Taurus men love to talk to the woman they are into. If you’re dating one, you’ll know that he spends a great deal of time texting, emailing, or calling you. When he starts to fall in love, it will increase.

He will become your best friend and make sure that you don’t need anyone else. They can be a bit possessive and this does increase when they fall in love. However; it’s just a front to show their care.

Falling in love is no quick matter for a Taurus man. He drags his feet as he wants to be totally positive that you’re going to give him what he needs. If you find that he’s increasing his communication; he may be falling for you.

Ruled By Tasty Cuisine

do taurus man fall in love easily

The Taurus man is easily wooed by his stomach. I know this sounds really weird but he truly enjoys food. When he starts to fall in love, you’ll notice he is eating very well.

In fact, if you’re the one cooking, it will be his delight and passion. His heart can be won by his stomach. If he’s in love, he may start to gain weight as he doesn’t hold back from eating his favorite things.

Romancing him may be easily done by cooking him his favorite meal or just by making something really delicious that has him coming back for more. Just as he is led by physical, he’s also led by his internal cravings.

Find out what he loves to eat and work at making it happen. He prefers home-cooked meals but he doesn’t turn his nose up at wonderful restaurants. Remember; he will always want the best.

When he’s in love, he will share this with you. He will make sure to take you to the most amazing places you’ve ever been to. He’ll make sure your palate is delighted with edible wonders.

Being Successful

Among all his other qualities, this man wants to achieve success in whatever he does. This will also mean he wants a woman who is just as driven as he is. If he finds you’re more of the laid-back type, he may not find you irresistible.

He wants to see a woman that truly lives for her passion like there is no other reason to live. He will fall in love with the fact that you have this burning desire inside of you to do your best at all times.

This is what would help you be his best match. He will also try his best to help you achieve your best so that you can both always get ahead in life. He will always look for ways to improve.

This is a man who will spend hours doing research on whatever his latest fascination is and trying to figure out how he can make money doing it. He wants to provide for you but he wants you to also bring your own to the table.

He wants to know you’re his partner; body, soul, and life. If you notice he tries to push you to take that new job or to try something new; it’s because he cares and is possibly falling for you.

How A Taurus Man Expresses His Love

Every Taurus man has a very similar way of expressing their love for a woman. He’ll be extremely loyal and put her first in every situation. He’ll shower her in gifts, but also make her feel special with his tender touch.

This guy is super sensual and likes to show his love in very practical ways, like by cooking food, or by giving a massage. He knows how to make his woman feel good and appreciated. So, when you feel how devoted he is to you, you will know how much you mean to him.

Check out here to learn more about how a Taurus man shows his love for you. I am sure there is a lot more you can learn about him.


I love Taurus men. They are amazing and know exactly how to make a woman feel like a queen. They make fantastic long-term partners and it is really cool how to see a man be able to embrace his masculine and feminine sides. No wonder you are so smitten, you are a lucky girl!

All you truly want is to be in your happy place with your Taurus man.

But you never know which mood you are going to find him in.

The Taurus man can be really amazing, he has such a sweet character and gives so much love to the people he cares about.

He can also be spaced out at times and so worried about things like money and what the future will bring…

If you are a strong woman who can stand up for herself and still be patient with him, then you will have a rewarding relationship with your Taurus man!

A Taurus partner is very caring with his loved ones and will do what he has to in order to make them happy.

He isn’t typically a go-getter, but he does know what he wants, but sometimes he will only accomplish his dreams if a partner will inspire him.

As his girlfriend or wife, you will be his queen, his baby mama, and the woman he turns to when he needs to talk or even to cry.

You’ll be his rock and reason for fighting.

But how do you reach this point?

How do you make him see you as his queen?

Is there anything specific you can do to always put yourself as number one?

Fortunately, I always have a couple of tricks up my sleeve…

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Be a fearless leader who shows her Taurus lover the way, and you’ll have a worshiper for life.

Be his guiding light and help him move through the world with grace and love.

Don’t be afraid to take the plunge and build this beautiful life together.

The two of you can do anything because you are together.

Enjoy your time with your Taurus man! This is a relationship meant for the record books!

But it is up to you to make it happen…

If you truly want to make a breakthrough and make this relationship a success, then you are

going to have to work for it…

< — Check this out for more information on how to soften your Taurus man and to get him to want a relationship with you

Don’t be disheartened if he doesn’t commit or show his feelings right away.

Taurus men need to be sure they’re not being played, they need to be completely sure about the woman they are committing to because for a Taurus man, any relationship is for life and he needs to know 100% that you are in it with him

Show him that you are serious, but just be patient because this may take a while.

Wishing you all the luck of the Universe.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

11 thoughts on “How Does A Taurus Man Fall In Love? Get a Taurus Man to Love You

  1. Hi I’m in love with a Taurus man who acts like he wants me one day and the next he acts like I don’t exist.
    His birthday was last week n I gave him an awesome gift and we were all happy chappy till Sunday. But I have been calling(I do ALL the calling) and texting since Monday and he hasn’t even replied once.
    What did I do wrong now?

    1. I don’t think u did anything wrong maybe he is isn’t happy anymore or he doesn’t want anything to do with anyone. That is usually the first sign when they stop replying back to texts and phone calls and etc.

      1. Damn i have the same situation my Taurus man act same after spending 2 days eacheder the next day he start acting like nothing happen like no more love

  2. He does follow me around the house but he never grabs my butt or anything so does that mean he still loves me? Inam with a Taurus man and he is amazing

  3. I have been in an unconventional loving relationship with a Taurus man for 3 years now, and I’ve never been attracted to a Taurus before, especially being that I am a Taurus myself. In the past 3 years, I discovered a lot about not just him, but also in myself. Understanding him more meant understanding myself more in many ways. Hot and cold behaviors are common, but in some cases do NOT mean what they seem. There are many triggers that affect the hot/cold behaviors, and the triggers depend on those who do this and what their motivations are. Taurus often hide their emotions, and some can and do for years. He and I have been playing hide and seek with our personal feelings for each other for longer than we have been “together”. I say together in quotes because being “together” with exclusivity and restrictions is what he and I fear the most. He and I do not place any restrictions on each other and we are happier for it. Relationships feel like miserable traps for a lot of people. Take great care with yourself and your significant other that your relationship is based on reality and liberty. The sooner someone starts saying that they don’t want you to do this or that, is when people should RUN from that person. Relationships aren’t limitations, they should be viewed as limitless potentials.

    If you aren’t a “slow and steady wins the race” kind of person, then Taurus lovers especially at their purest are not for you. Taurus are known less for their patience than they are about known for being stubborn. It shouldn’t be this way, because patience is what can and does make us stubborn. Patience is the vehicle that goes to the place where stubbornness begins.

    1. Hi Lisa! Thank you for sharing your Taurus man experience with everyone. Taurus men always seem so tough and strong to everyone. While they are an Earth sign, they happen to be a bit more vulnerable than one would ever imagine. That being said, once someone starts to see their flaws, the more uncomfortable they become. This is absolutely normal for a Taurus. The other thing is, they are NOT the most patient though it is hard to piss them off. They are steady and in control much of the time but they are not impervious. They are set in their ways and what they believe. That is true. There is so much one can learn about Taurus that is highly invaluable. In fact, perhaps you may learn that much more by taking a look at my book “Taurus Man Secrets” as it gives a great deal more information than my blog.

  4. Hi Anna!
    I’m a Scorpio and I’m interested in this taurus guy. We shared a group of friends a few years ago but we didn’t talk for two years. Last week, out of nowhere, he followed me on instagram and dm me that “we should hang out”, I was on a trip at that time but I said, ok, sure!” And that was the end. Now I’m back and I’m really interested in him. I come from a messy long aquarius-scorpio relationship and I feel very insecure about myself, I cant even remember how to flirt! Because you can’t look desperate with an aquarius, I learned to ignore this kind of messages.
    Anyways, what about Taurus? Is he serious? Is he really interested? or he was just trying to being nice..
    Sorry if this question is kinda silly but I’ve never met a Taurus before. Thank you!!

    1. Hi Nazaret!

      Reach out to him and find out if he’s still interested in getting together. Sitting back and waiting for him to reach out isn’t going to win the prize. He needs to know you’re into it and you want to get to know him. When he is sure of that, he will do more with you and start forming more of a bond. Give it a try!

  5. Hi Anna,

    I have the longest crush on a Taurus man, we hanged out a few times because we share the same group of friends. We never really chat or when we do we always have awkward talks and simultaneously stare at each other when we see each other.

    He does Dm me sometimes commenting on something funny i posted or wishes me on successes and birthdays but don’t pursue long convo’s.

    Sometimes I get the vibe that he likes me, but sometimes just feels he not interested cause he doesn’t make effort to show he likes me?

    Also… he is Acquainted with my ex… they not close but also share the same group of friends.

    I really really like him and never felt so attracted to someone (i’m an Aries btw) so being the person I am i usually go for what I want… however i’m afraid it will scare him off completely.

    It bugs me not knowing if he likes me or not how will i know if he does like me at all?

    1. Hi Catherine!

      It sounds like you two have somewhat of a friendship if he’s messaging you or commenting. If you are into him then you need to let him know. Taurus men do not chase after a woman unless he knows she’s into it and wants him to. He doesn’t want to be rejected and waste his time. Tell him you like him, flirt with him, tell him you’d like to get to know him better. He should take the lead after you do. If you need more info, please check out my book “Taurus Men Secrets”.

  6. Hello Anna

    I will start by thanking you on each and every one of your articles about the Taurus Man; they have been very helpful and interesting to read and apply !
    I’m a Gemini woman who loves communication, adventures, flirting, witty talks and romantic love/ care
    I am liking a Taurus man, we work in the same company but we don’t see each other often at work; we’ve been flirting for months by text and we are both very attracted to each other ever since we first met but when we talked openly about what we’re looking for, I said I was looking for something serious whereas he said he was not looking to be in a relationship right now since he had just got out of one which was pretty consuming so it was a bit awkward but we continued talking from time to time both still standing for what each wants but still flirting and caring. He asked me out once but we didnt actually go out or specify a date to not get into something that one of us does not want (as I understood from him), so we decided to go with the flow and take it easy and find a middle ground. Problem is he is being a bit hot and cold by not initiating the conversation himself but when we talk it’s amazing and fun and he showed care and compliments me on many things so what should I do to keep the conversation going and actually reach somewhere? I’m not sure if he will really find a middle ground or stay as he is or just wants to be friends with Benefits. Should I give up on all of it or give ourselves a chance because I really do not want to get into a relationship that’s not serious or which will hurt me. And should I be the one initiating the communication even though I don’t like to do that?
    Thank you for your help!

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