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Does The Taurus Man Like To Be Chased Or To Chase?

Have you found a Taurus man and are now wondering if you should chase him or if he’ll chase you? Perhaps my suggestions will help you figure out what it is you can do to get his attention.

Delicious Temptation

Sometimes the Taurus man can play hard to get. It’s not that they don’t like you; it’s that they want you to show them how you feel about them. If you like him, he wants you to prove it.

With that being said; it makes him seem as though he’s a forbidden fruit of some kind. This can also make for confusion if you don’t know much about the way Taurus operates when it comes to dating.

What he really wants

Couple With Cowboy Hat - Does The Taurus Man Like To Be Chased

The Taurus man doesn’t like to waste his precious time. So if he is interested in someone and they do not step forward; he will go ahead and assume they don’t like him. He doesn’t bother to ask.

This also means that he is the type of guy that will encourage you to chase him a bit but only to an extent. He wants you to make the first move or let you know you want him.

However if you chase him a little too much; he’ll see this as you being clingy or smothering. He doesn’t like those two feelings much at all. It’s up to you to find that line and walk it smoothly.

If you want to draw him in then you may as well go for it. Tell him you like him or ask him out on the first date. He’ll love it. Just make sure once you secure him that you let him take the lead.

The Taurus male still very much enjoys being the man in the relationship. You’ll need to gracefully take a step back and allow him to come forward at that point. The hardest part is that first initial contact.

Balancing Act

As I mentioned; the Taurus man wants you to make the first move. The main reason is because he wants to know if you like him or not. He doesn’t like putting his heart out there to get rejected.

Once he knows for sure that you are interested, he will take it from there and be able to move forward with you with him being the one doing the work of pursuit. If you haven’t gotten there yet, you need to try to initiate the first contact.

This is very much a balancing act and has to be done carefully. The last thing you would want is for him to think you’re trying too hard to chase him. This will freak him out and he’ll back away.

Taurus men like to have a bit of personal space and freedom. If he feels as though he doesn’t have that with you; he’ll find ways to be alone. If he doesn’t then it will build up and later he will just leave.

To get and keep a Taurus man, you will need to just go ahead and somehow let him know you like him very carefully. After you do; simply let him do the work and fortify what he’s comfortable with.

Realize that this will typically not be a quick process. He likes taking his time to make sure that you are the right one and that you’re the one he wants to take care of for life.

If he doesn’t pursue you

Beautiful man and woman flirting in a cafe - Does the Taurus man like to be chased

Know that even after you’ve let him know that you like him; he doesn’t pursue you, either he isn’t into you or he isn’t ready for you.

Taurus men can actually have feelings for someone fairly quickly. It’s not common but when it does happen, they become confused and get these weird guilt complexes.

They want to be absolute sure that getting involved with you what it will mean. This makes them go back and for emotionally and sadly can sometimes lead to miscommunication with the person they’re with.

There are a few Taurus men out there who do want you to do all the pursuing but it really does seem to depend on what their moon sign is as far as what type of man they are with this scenario.

If you’re getting clear signs that he isn’t going to pursue you; you may want to just forget it and move on. Taurus can at times be very complicated with their feelings and what they want.

Let it unfold

If you are interested in a Taurus and you’ve sort of hinted to him that you would like to be more than friends; wait a bit to see what he does with it.

Many Taurus men need time to think things over, figure out what they want, and decide how to proceed with you or how to let you go. I know this sounds really daunting but if you know he’s worth it; you may as well wait.

I wouldn’t wait forever mind you; but I would at least give him some time to figure out what he wants to do because the only way it’s going to work is if he truly believes that it’s his decision and his idea.

No matter if you’re in control in the relationship or not; he has to feel as though he’s the one in control. If you let him believe it and subtly do what you need to in the background; he’ll appreciate it.

Most Taurus men do not realize when their partner is in control as he’s drawn to women that are strong and intellectual. That also means these women have a way of being able to convince the Taurus that it was his idea.

It sounds really funny but it is actually true. As long as he feels secure, he’s good to go. So again, try to find that middle line where you can let him know how you feel but allow him to be the one that calls the shots.

Taurus can really be a conundrum at times. However, you can get a heads up by checking out my book on this stern yet loving creature. Taurus Man Secrets holds some treasures that may help you cash in your chips and settle down with one of the most stable of signs in the zodiac.

Got questions? Ask/share your story in the comment section below!

36 thoughts on “Does The Taurus Man Like To Be Chased Or To Chase?

  1. Very well said … Been with my best friend/ buddy for almost two years now … Almost , if not, all what you’ve written are exactly matching his.. Thank you.. Very helpful.. How to purchase the book?

    1. Hi Gemma! That’s great! I’m glad you found my article to be useful. As per your request, you can purchase my book “Taurus Man Secrets”. I look forward to you reading the books and perhaps talking to your further as a client. Blessings!

  2. I am definitely going to take your advise on the Taurus man. My boo is a Taurus, May 3rd. He confuses me a lot. One min he so in love with me and the next I won’t see him for two weeks at a time. He says we’re fine but as a Gemini, I am not used to having my man stay away from me so long. I did notice that he likes to be in control and move on his time. I’m trying so hard to be patient and not so emotional. All I do is cry, try to figure out what I am doing wrong. I love this man so much!

    1. Girl! I have “friend” I am trying to figure it out to. I am trying to just relax and fall back and let him lead. He likes me and makes grand gestures then says he busy. They are so hard to read.

    2. Hi Latisha! I’m sorry to hear that your Taurus man is making you cry. The do this hot and cold thing because they move slowly and they don’t want to get hurt nor do they want to purposefully hurt someone else. They get confused and thus act like they are confused. If you want things to get better then yes, patience is required but so is effective communication. Talk to him about how you feel and what you’d like to see happen. Be positive “I really love it when you do this and I miss it when it doesn’t happen” type of thing. Please consider reading my book “Taurus Man Secrets” as I think it will help you that much more.

  3. I don’t know what to do with my taurus man. Should I chase him or just let him go. We’ve been together for a year now.

    My Taurus bf and I planned to see each other after his work hours are over. At almost 7pm, he texted that he’s about to leave work soon so I said “ok, drive safely”. An hour later, I texted him asking what his status is. He replied saying “believe it or not baby, I’m still here coz 2 staff called in sick” so I asked if he’ll still be able to make it. He replied saying “I’m really trying baby to get out of here. I really am baby” and so I waited for him. After another hour, I texted saying “I guess he will no longer come coz its past 9pm (he still has work the next day and I’m an hour drive away plus traffic). He didn’t respond at all. He’s gone silent. The next day I texted him saying that “I wanted to understand what happened last night” still he didn’t reply.
    Two days after I sent him this text: “I’m not mad at you but I’m surely hurt for feeling abandoned and ignored. I understand that your work’s been crazy lately and that there’s a lot of things going on your life right now. I got the idea that you might not be able to come but i was waiting for your final word so i could leave and go home. I’ve always trusted you when you cancels or resched knowing that its for valid reasons. But you’ve gone silent since you stood me up which is so not you. What I think doesn’t matter and I wanted to know what you feel about this. I’ll be here when youre ready. I want you to be happy and I wish you all the best.
    He never replied up to this moment. It’s been almost 3 weeks. So I really don’t know. Please enlighten me. Are we done? I felt dumped but he’s usually very upfront and honest with me so I really don’t understand.If he has changed his mind about me, I can respect that, but I don’t know coz he’s not talking to me. I havent sent him any text since then coz I want to give him space. But the wait is truly killing me inside, I miss him so much.

    1. the truth could be that he was with another girl, and showing you how much he values you. Taurus men cannot invest on what they do not value, I have had the very same experience being a Taurus myself. Taurus men are very pompous, and to him….you are a toy that he will put in a shelf and play with when he wants to play. and another thing, you have made yourself too available for him. so for now, leave him….and even when you see him, greet and pass don’t expect any long convos coz he will weigh you from your first word and once he softens your heart, trust me, you will be his play ground. they are charming, smooth talkers….the sight of him will make you forget that you were angry with him to begin with…once you fall for that….he has you eating on the palm of his hand.

    2. Hi Sheila! I think something must have happened to him and he doesn’t want to talk to you about it yet. If something bad happened in his life during this time frame, he’ll pull back and put love on the back burner. Also the texts you sent him to sound like you’re trying to make him feel bad, guilty, or pressured. I know that’s not what you meant by it but he probably took it that way. When you talk to Taurus man, it has to be positive, supportive, and sound like your understanding. Something like “I don’t know what happened, I miss you, and I’m here for you if something happened and you need to talk”.. he’s more likely to respond to something like that because it’s something that’s to the point but doesn’t make him feel bad. Taurus men have low self-esteem sometimes and it makes them take things too personally. Learn more about Taurus men by reading my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

  4. Dating a taurus male for almost 3 years and been going through the silent acts since the beginning n only stayed thru it cause i loved him, but for me the only thing that works n makes him stop is when he comes back, because he will, i also remain silent n for even longer than he did. And then when i feel like it i then communicate, he will respect u. Unfortunately they play with your feelings if u act clingy, love him but from a distant..he must never know your true feelings, otherwise he will emotionally abuse u. I am a capricorn n i learnt the hardway, but now i am in control. N i love him very much that wont change.

    1. Hi Noni!

      Thank you for writing in. I’m so sorry you had a rough experience with a Taurus man. They actually are not all that bad. Yours may have issues but while Taurus takes his time building trust and openness, he can seem cold or withdrawn. They get comfortable with someone then slack off in communication. They have to be told there is a problem or they don’t notice. They do actually need to know how you feel, what you want, and what is not acceptable. Don’t rule out all Taurus men because of one bad egg.

  5. I am happy to have stumbled upon this page.

    I was dating a Taurus male, May 13th, for three months(not including the 2 month texting before the official meeting). Our first date was days before his birthday but on his actual birthday I wined and dined and bought him $900 in gifts. The first two months were great; we spent a lot of time together, we were intimate, and the communication was on point (text, calls, emails) daily. During the second month he went on a planned international vacation with friends (communication still on point). Before the trip I took him out for a nice dinner and dropped him off to the airport and picked him up once he returned. We had a week in between his trip and a vacation that I had planned. I stayed at his house 2 nights prior to my departure for QT, during which we booked our reservation for our first trip together. While on vacay we spoke often and shared how much we missed one another.

    Once I returned I noticed a sudden change in him. Our second sexual encounter after my return was off and he began to seem distant. The month to follow didn’t get any better. I would constantly ask him what was going on, bring up the fact that I feel the change, and constantly request time to see him because at this point we were no longer having face to face time.

    I had a birthday, July 15th, to which I thought I wouldn’t see him due to a conflict with his work schedule but he managed to meet with me for dinner. I felt sad at the date because he was still being distant. It was as if I didn’t know this new person. I had put so much effort into his birthday, took him to breakfast and upscale dinner in addition to the pricey gift, but for me he took me to a restaurant that was attached to a mall and handed me a card (just a card). I never complained or mentioned the gift difference. The dinner was 1 1/2 hours and then we went out separate ways for the night. On my birthday. Granted I knew he was attending a local conference but come on.

    After my birthday we had zero plans to see one another before our schedule international trip on August 5th. We would talk often but mainly about the trip. I’d try to slip in questions about us but I could sense that he didn’t want to talk about that. I found it odd that he didn’t even want to have sex anymore. I later wondered if that was due to me asking him, upon my return from my trip, if we had become friends with benefits to which he answered that he’d never want me to feel that was the case. But then the sex stopped.

    The next time I’d see him was for the ride in to the airport. Our first (and maybe last) vacation had many highs and lows. He had told me during our time apart that he needed that time alone for himself and to focus on work (he has two full time jobs and I knew there were major issues going on at the second job) and that I’d have him all to myself on this trip That wasn’t the case. He stayed glued to his phone to the point that I assumed that perhaps he might be talking to someone else. During the trip he had a drunken night to which he called me by another name. It could have been a mistake but i don’t know. Out of the 4 days and three nights we only had sex once, on day one, and that was because I initiated it. On day two he told me he was too tired. On day three I told him that he needed to do whatever he needed to do to prepare himself for sex later in the evening. And then Mother Nature hit me very expectantly and he seems happy and relieved. On the night of day three, while at dinner I put all of my cards on the table. What are we doing? Are you in or are you out. He stuttered his reply but managed to say he couldn’t give me a commitment because of everything he got going on and that I should leave him alone. I ran off crying. Later that night we had an extensive convo to which he replied to my question of whether he see more of a short or long term deal with us. His answer was he see a long term friendship. I asked “you’re putting me in the friend zone”???? He said that’s not at all what he mean but for now there’s no solid relationship.

    We returned home on good terms but a week later after calling him with follow up questions regarding that drunken night, where I was called another name, we ended the call with him saying once again that with school approaching and with his work schedule he’d only have one day a week for down time. I could feel what that meant and I asked him if he was trying to push me away. He said to me that he just wanted to be left alone.

    Okay maybe I’m confused but if someone tell you that they want to be left alone coupled with everything else that’s been going on, that’s a breakup, right??? I said to him “well, it was nice to have met you”, trying my hardest not to cry (again). He became upset with my response. Like seriously, what do you want from me. Do you want to be left alone for now or for good. What do you mean????? After the call he sent me a BS text saying that he think it’s best if we work on the friendship first.

    Two days later I called him emotional about the whole thing. He tried to explain that he had been making an attempt to slow things down. I told him people don’t go from having a romantic relationship to being friends. I don’t know if the word romantic is unnerving for him but he quickly make up an excuse to get back to work. He never called me back to finish the convo and it’s been a week (and a day, but who’s counting).


  6. A few supporting details; it’s been 8 years since him last serious relationship, on our trip after our “talk” he mentioned several times that he doesn’t know where his momentum has gone and that he needed to talk to someone for help or maybe talk to his mom, he suggested that he losing testosterone (I think that’s BS). He’s told me multiple times that he’s trying to shake back. I have no idea what that means.

    As a cancer I’m super emotional and this whole thing now has me feeling like I need to “shake back” to life. I have knots in my stomach and I’m having a difficult time handling all of this. I’m not ready to let him go. I fell for him hard and I feel like there’s a complete disregard to my feelings. I don’t know if my nurturing nature scarier him off. If I came off as being too needy.

    Should I try to move on or give him so time? I’m willing to wait but I can’t tell him that. I’m afraid that will cause him to avoid chasing me.

    1. Hi Lavinia!

      Thank you for writing in. It sounds like he’s frustrated and needs time to clear his mind and sort things out. I don’t think he meant breakup hence his being upset with your response. When a man asks to be left alone, he’s frustrated and overwhelmed. I would give it time to cool down then try to talk to him rationally while both of you are chilled out. Both of you need to tell each other what you feel and what you want. Then you can try learning to communicate with each other in a way that will help you both.

  7. I am still so confused with this Taurus guy, I’m virgo so I like to think we match.

    We met on a party and instantly had a great connection, we were really goofy and playfull with each other and he wanted the photographer to take a photo of us together, we left to go to my place and did hook up, the next day we had breakfast together and I promised him that I would drive him back home, so when we arrived at his house he invited me over. I was not dressed for that situation but he thought it’d be nice, that got me so confused because I was in my mind thinking this is a ‘one night stand’ wasn’t it? So we cuddled and talked and he asked a lot of questions showing real interest, he gave me little kisses constantly and it felt natural. However because we moved fast that day, I backed off the next one. I wanted some space to think, and now I have made up my mind and I decided that I like him and want to get to know him better. But he’s not reaching out, should I let him call the shots or just already ask him to get together someday this week? Uggggg my virgo mind is exploding.

    1. Hi Michelle!

      Taurus men are not forthcoming with communication. They’re not great with texting and communicating. They actually admit this much of the time if someone asks about it. That being said, you can totally reach out to him again. He’s probably waiting for you to so that he can know for sure that you’re still into him. I know it’s not the easiest thing in the world but if he’s worth it to you then you’ll do what you have to in order to try to work it out.

  8. Thank you for this insightful article!! I just started seeing a Taurus man and we both hit it off, on text and especially after the first date. He puts in effort to text me every day and he’ll ask how my day went. He remembered that I love disney and suggested this disney exhibition at this art science museum for our second date. I really like him and I want to express my interest in taking this a little further. Is it okay if I gave him a little kiss on the cheek at the end of the second date?

    1. Hi Alyssa!

      You’re welcome sweetheart! I’m glad it helps you. I think that you giving him a kiss on the cheek would be perfectly acceptable if you haven’t already. I wouldn’t go in for much more than that though until he indicates he would want to and please make sure that you don’t have sex unless you’ve decided that it’s going to go somewhere. Some Taurus guys establish “friends with benefits” without the woman knowing thus leaving her floored he isn’t committing. Just be careful!

  9. Libby here. Reading all these posts makes me feel somewhat better of my situation. I’ll try to make it short. Met him(taurus) in late fall of 2019. Hit it off immediately. We are both fresh out of ugly divorces. Actually mine isn’t final yet! We met through my family. He was working close to where I live and we hung out quite often. We had sex in date #3. Anyway….. after Christmas 2019 he ended up having to move about 4 hours away for work. Which is great for him. He is a very hard worker. Idk if it’s because I’m in my head or what. Before he left I got “you feel so good in my arms” “if we lived together…” etc. I recently drove to see him for a weekend. He had to work but spent as much time as he could with me. The last night he told me “ I promise I will come talk to your parents about us. You need to get your divorce final first” “trust me if we didn’t have kids you would already be living with me”. The communication has never been the best per say. Could always be better but I’m a chatter box. Just wondering your inputs whether I should let my guard down and let him in. Trust what he has said to be true. Or do I just need to move on. Any input would be great. I’m just confused at this point.

    1. Hi Libby!

      I think that trust has to be a two way street. If he opens up to you then you should open up to him. Clear communication is vital to a relationship. It will determine whether it will work or if it will not. Give it a little time and you’ll get more perspective. A wise person once said “if you don’t know what to do, don’t do anything. The answer will come to you”. If he hasn’t lied to you before then there is no reason for you to not trust him. It doesn’t surprise me he wants you to finalize your divorce. He wants you to be totally his. Hang in there and you’ll definitely figure it out sweetheart!

  10. I bought the book but still feel at a loss with my guy. He was wonderful at first. I’m sure he got scared after having such a strong connection so soon and backed off. I gave him space and reached out positively a couple of times. After 2 weeks not hearing from him he texted how sorry he was and he didn’t have an excuse to why he didn’t reach out. We sparked back up then he withdrew again and fell off again. Two weeks of silence I reached out and after a short playful convo suggested maybe just being friends. He initiated an apology for “ruining us” I remained positive and tried to talk through it to understand he just said “idk man”. He was bread crumbing me and I asked him what was going on if things between us are clicking for him? He seemed unsure so I sent a text about my feelings making it clear my wants. He didn’t respond for a couple days then texted me a cliff hanger that he had thought about what I said over the weekend so I assumed he would then share that or end things with me whatever he was planning. He didn’t. Just left me anxious stressed out waiting to be broken up with or whatever. I still haven’t heard from him. I’m an Aquarius. I am a patient woman but I won’t tolerate being used. I have played it cool thus far and he is the one to always initiate “future” plans and tells me things like “I could get used to you being around” or calling me his dogs “mom”. Seriously at a loss for words. I don’t know whether I should leave him alone or try harder. ‍♀️

    1. Hi Kay!

      It sounds like he’s really confused as to what he wants. That being said, you’re going to have to have more patience. Kay if you bought my book, you are actually entitled to a free VIP consult. Just food for thought. If you haven’t take advantage of that, you really should. Wishing you all the best in your quest to be patient and wait him out (if you choose).

  11. Hi, after going through your article I must confess it’s insightful.
    I met my Taurus man about seven years ago before he got married to another woman. We weren’t dating at that time but just kept it at friendship level though he insisted I make out with him I totally turned him down even after he got married. He’s about 10yrs older than I am.
    3yrs down, the marriage ended with 2kids and he came back again to beg me to please accept him and that we should date and I accepted.
    I really don’t see him as a type that gives though he’s caring and trustworthy. His work takes more of his time but that’s not really an issue since I understand he has to cos of his responsibilities.
    He’s tried mentioning getting married again and with me but I still have doubt he’s really mean it.
    I’m cancer and I try to be adaptable as a can whenever situations present itself.
    I feel like I’m not ready cos I’m not financially stable and academically I need to work more on myself but he doesn’t seem bothered about that and I’m really confused.

    1. Hi Peace!

      I’m glad my article was insightful for you. Taurus man is the kind that will make sure you’re fed, your car has an oil change, etc… They’re the strong men that have a hard time expressing their feelings much like Virgo or Capricorn. You have a right to doubt. Make him prove it to you over time. He needs to show you that he’s going to stick around and mean it. Keep working on yourself too sweetheart. If you need more information, please check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

  12. Hmm idk the Taurus I dealt with things were going so well den he ghosted me for 2 months I left him be . But I really did like him so I decided to call the day after Christmas and just have a conversation like normal no pressure den I was like I ain’t from you he brought up he was playing cards I said teach me he said I wlll come over . I spent a night one thing led to another he cooked me breakfast next day we spent the whole day together before I had to go to work den his text just been very dry . I now feel like I should fall back let him work a bit .

    1. Hi Deyell!

      Well I wouldn’t let him work too long because if you expect him to take the lead, he may not always do that. He sometimes wants a woman to reach out to him and let him know she’s still there and still up for him. If you disappear waiting on him to reach out, he may decide you aren’t with him anymore and will just move on. It’s really to do with which type of Taurus man he is. Some will worry and then will reach out but some do not. Be very careful. Don’t let him sit too long without “checking in”. You might want to read my book “Taurus Man Secrets” for more information.

  13. Mmmmm Pisces female working with a Taurus male. We’ve always been good friends and I’d go out drinking with him periodically and he would join in on nights out with a past colleague I’d been dating. Broke up with past colleague, but this Taurus male was always there as a friend. Went out for drinks the other night, in a group and it was fine, but we all (the group) went back to my place. Lots of drinks later and most of the group had left, he asked if the “ex” was still in the picture and when I said no, kissed me and we hooked up. And said some things about how he’d been waiting for this… But haven’t talked about it since. Should I address it? Or just chock it down to him being drunk?

    1. Hi Confused!

      Well sometimes the drunk reveal the truth of secrets they’ve been hiding. For some people it’s a truth serum. I would ask him about it. Tell him that you were wondering if he was serious about what he said and what he’d like to do. That way you’ll have some clarity. Maybe he does actually want to be more than friends. Give it a try sweetheart. Check out my Taurus man books too as it could reveal more information you find useful.

  14. Taurean men are a nightmare. I was married to one for 15 years, and I’m an Aries with my moon in Leo and Virgo ascendant. I like another one, and, as good as I’ve become at not pushing, understanding their tendencies… It is so utterly against my own behaviours that I’m left grinding my teeth.
    Nothing like a challenge, is there…

    1. Hi tassy!

      I can see why you would be grinding your teeth. The Aries sun is not the most patient. Leo isn’t patient either. Virgo on the other hand tends to be patient and reserve. So you’ve got a mixture within you that can go either way. I think it depends on the Taurus man you have as to whether you think he’s worth the wait or not. That challenge may bear great seeds of growth for you. Hang in there!!!!

  15. I went on Vacation to Mexico for 15 days and met a younger Taurus man on the second night, I am Scorpio, from the moment we met sparks were flying and spent everyday together he would always hug me, kiss me hold my hand it was very intense and he told me he loved me after the 5th day which I was shocked about but I totally felt the same way, but as my vacation came closer to the end he started to back off and cancel plans which I was shocked about, we still met up but he could barely look me in the eyes, he looked angry with me but I could see in his eyes he was having a hard time and told me he didn’t want to get attached, so when I left Mexico we said we would keep in touch and that we could plan a trip for him to come see me or vice versa, since then we have messaged here and there but the texts are really short, I have told him I miss him and that I think about him all the time and he goes quiet for days but still checks out my social media, I don’t know what I’ve done wrong or what to do as I don’t want to come off as too strong but I really do love him, any suggestions???

    1. Hi Kate!

      Sparks yews! That sounds about right with Taurus and Scorpio. He has some hang ups or he thinks he’s not good enough for you which is what caused him to pull back. The other thing is Taurus isn’t one to rush in so when they do they think about it afterward and realize they weren’t ready. That seems to be the case with your experience. He was mad at himself for diving in carelessly. He did not want you to get attached because he doesn’t want a relationship. He’s basically only answering you at this point to keep the friendship. Since he did tell you he didn’t want you to get attached but you’re still telling him that you miss him and think about him all the time makes him feel you didn’t really get what he was telling you so he pulled back again. I would back off a bit and don’t tell him you miss him and think about him all the time. It’s too much when he’s not into it right now. You have to be patient. I wish you all the best!

      1. Hi Anna if you read back on my comment it was him that said he didn’t want to get attached because he told me he was getting attached and he was upset because he knew I was leaving, yes I probably shouldn’t have said that I was thinking about him all the time but us scorpios are big on honesty and I wanted to let him know I was loyal, I find him confusing because he keeps posting on social media with a possession I gave him as a present, but I have done what you said and just backed off xx

        1. Hi Kate!

          I’m glad you’re doing what I advised and hopefully this will actually give you more information about him and what it is he really wants. He knows how you feel about him. Now he needs to figure out what it is that he feels so he can pick up the ball and run with it or leave it behind. It’s really something you deserve to know. I wish you all the luck of the universe!

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