How To Apologize To A Taurus Man When He Is Mad At You

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
If you wonder what can you do to get a Taurus man to forgive you perhaps this article will help you. Here's how to apologize to a Taurus man.

Taurus men can be very stubborn and inflexible, so you can only imagine what he is like when he is angry or upset at someone. This is why it is so important to learn how to apologize to a Taurus man and how to get a Taurus man to forgive you.

You might wonder how long does a Taurus man stay mad when he is upset with you and how you can shorten the time for him to forgive you. But like I said, these guys are stubborn so when they are mad, they like to stay mad.

Knowing what to do when a Taurus man is mad at you is very important if you want to have a successful relationship with him. He isn’t very good at compromise and sometimes he ends up spiting himself because he can never seem to let a grudge go.

But, there are a few tips and tricks you can learn to get the Taurus man to forgive you in no time. Keep on reading if you would like to learn how to apologize to a Taurus man when he is mad at you.

When A Taurus Man Is Mad At You — 3 Possible Reasons

When a Taurus man is mad at you, you definitely see him at his worst. This guy is incredibly stubborn and will hold on to every little transgression and make you feel terrible about what you have done, even if it wasn’t that serious. 

An angry Taurus man will probably ignore you and ice you out for a while, and then when that is over he will continue to bring up what you have done to make you feel bad. Although Taurus men are usually pretty chill, they can also be very hectic when they are mad. 

It is really tough for a Taurus to let go of feeling betrayed or hurt. They hold on to things far longer than they are supposed to. This is probably one of their worst traits, but little do they realize that this actually ends up hurting them a lot more. 

Here are some possible reasons why a Taurus man would get mad at you:

1. Broken Communication Between You

Whether or not a Taurus man will forgive you is really going to depend on what it is that has him so upset. Communicating correctly plays a huge role. If you’ve said something in a bad way; this could cause him to get upset but can forgive.

However; if you’ve lied to him or told him something really upsetting that will cause his life to change abruptly; he may be very pressed in forgiving you. In fact, he may not be able to.

First and foremost, Taurus always wants the truth from you even if it’s not a truth he likes. Secondly, if you make some kind of major change without talking to him; he will be non receptive.

So again, it depends on what you’ve said to him and what set him off. A lie is nearly unforgivable but even with a lie; it will depend on the severity of what the matter is you fabricated.

Be prepared for him to give you the silent treatment for a while. He will want to go cool off and think about things for a while. If it was something mild, he will return and tell you that you’ll have to prove to him you won’t do it again.

Taurus men do not like to hear “I’m sorry” because those are just words. They want to see and know that you will absolutely not take that road again. This will take time to prove but if you have the patience; it may work.

2. You Have Been Unsupportive

Taurus men require lots of security and stability in a relationship. If you aren’t able to provide this for him, he will become frustrated and possibly at times angry. However, this isn’t an unforgivable sin in his book if it’s something you can work at.

If you’re able to really talk about things and allow him to let you know what he needs from you; you may still be able to keep him. He may also forgive you for your misdeeds of not being there for him.

In the case of you not being able to be the provider of the stability he seeks, it may be a good time to fess up and move on. Otherwise, he’ll feel you’ve wasted his time and THAT is always unforgivable.

You’ll need to really think about this before you make your choice but be warned that one way could earn you forgiveness and the other may earn you a forever cast out status. It’s up to you.

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3. You Have Crossed One Of His Boundaries

It actually takes a lot to push a Taurus’ button for most things in life. He’s tolerant and has much patience with lots of things. Though he may be jealous at times and a bit controlling; he’s otherwise a rock.

As long as you’re faithful to him and tell him the truth; it’s hard to really get a Taurus man to a point that he would be so angry with you that he cannot forgive you. Think about it; it would be hard to push a huge bull over a line right?

Think about your Taurus as that huge bull that is hard to push over the wrong line. He’ll be a rock of stability for you but there are things that get to him and can hurt him in ways you cannot even imagine.

If you slight his family in some way; he may become very angry but it’s not an unforgivable sin. If you say something horrible that you cannot take back about them though; he may not be quite so ready to let it go.

He wants everyone in his family to be able to get along. Intervening in his relationship with his family would be grounds for dismissal and stone walling. This man feels deeply about his family.

Loving him; you must either accept his family or don’t say anything. That would mean you not mentioning that his family isn’t your cup of tea. Could you live with it though?

If he knew you didn’t like his family; it may hurt him deeply or disturb him to the point of re-evaluating his relationship with you. Anyone who isn’t willing to try to get along with those he loves most; may not last.

This is a man that will go above and beyond to make sure that the ones he loves are well taken care of. If you intrude on that or become a problem, you can bet he will likely let you go.

Even if a Taurus man really loves you; he will never sacrifice everyone else he loves just for you. You will need to decide if this is something that you can deal with going forward with your Taurus.

Saying something in the heat of the moment may be forgiven but if you say something to pick or hurt him; he will not be able to let it ride. He will likely shun you or let you go.

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How Long Does A Taurus Man Stay Mad?

Because your Taurus man is a Fixed sign, he tends to really know how to hold on to grudges like no one else. He can stay mad for a very, very long time. You may think he is over something, but then months later he will bring it up again. 

Forgiveness is really something he struggles with, it is probably a Taurus man’s biggest flaw as it is so easy for him to hold on for months on end and punish you unfairly. He is a lot like his sister sign Scorpio in ways. 

But, eventually, he will get over it, it just takes a lot of time. He likes to know what to expect, and when things go against his plans it can really mess with his head and sense of reality.

How To Apologize To A Taurus Man

So, when a Taurus man is mad at you, the first thing you really need to do is figure out how ticked off he really is. To do this, you will be able to tell via his actions. If he ices you out or will not speak to you at all; he’s pretty peeved.

If he talks to you but sounds a bit standoffish; he’s mad but not something he cannot overcome. So which one of these is he displaying? Taurus is pretty obvious with how they feel much of the time.

It takes an awful lot to really send them over the proverbial “line”. You’d have to really push one of his no-no buttons. Once you determine how mad he is, then you can begin to try to get him to calm down and possibly forgive you.

However, if he’s pissed off past the point of no return, he may be done with you. You’ll know if he is because he will simply break it off and there will be no going back.

Say Sorry And Give Him Time To Calm Down

The Taurus man needs time to calm himself and gather his thoughts after he’s hurt or pissed off. It will be determined by him how long that may take. He may not even truly know.

It always depends on what happened and if it’s something he can work past. If it’s not; he’ll let you know and probably break it off for good. If it’s something he can work on though; he’ll just ask you for some space.

Loving and really knowing your Taurus man; it’s a good idea to offer up time and space on your own. If you do this, he’ll appreciate that you’re being considerate. Otherwise he’s going to be candid in telling you he needs it.

It will take him time to process what happened, why, and how he feels. After he reaches a certain point, he may ask you to talk to him about why you did what you did or said what you said.

In the event it’s salvageable, be honest with him. Lying can only make it worse and could make him break it off.  He wants the truth and if he’s the one wounded; he will need to know in order to put the pieces together.

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Give Him Space By Becoming Scarce

I mentioned giving him some time but ultimately a Taurus needs to be alone to mull it all over. If he’s not too mad, he may not ask for space. However; if he’s really upset or angry; he will want the space.

It may be best to make yourself scarce by going to stay at a relative’s or friend’s house in the case that you two live together. If you do not live together then it’s wise to just wait awhile before you suggest getting together.

Taurus takes his time with everything and healing from being angry or hurt is just another facet of him that will also take some time. If he asks you to leave or he leaves; try not to be too alarmed.

Most Taurus men will calm down in due time. Unless of course you really did him dirty. If that is the case; he may not be back or he may cut you loose. Either way; he will let you know.

It really will depend on how deep his wounds go as far as how much space you should ultimately give them. He will let you know in some way what he will require of you.

If there is any hope at all for him to forgive you; you have to give him what he asks even if it seems harsh. He knows best what he has to have in order to set things right in his mind.

Allow Him To Brood

Taurus hold grudges. They also hold onto the information of what happened that hurt them or pissed them off. So even if he forgives you (or so it seems); he will not soon let it go.

He will want you to prove to him over time that you will never do it to him again. He’s one of action anyway so he’ll expect that you are able to prove yourself to him so that he knows you’re really sorry.

Honestly, most Taurus men don’t even like to hear “I’m sorry”. They want to hear “I’ll do my best to make sure that doesn’t happen again”. Sorry is like a pie crust promise or an empty word that they’d like to avoid.

This isn’t to say that you can’t say it but be prepared for him to not feel very empathetic to you uttering the words. He will look at you like you’ve just murdered his dog.

Do What You Can To Make It Up To Him

He may not tell you but he will secretly want you to work as hard as you can to be a better person, a better partner or spouse. He will want you to change the actions that led you to do whatever it is that you did.

“Proof is in the pudding” is truly the right quote for these men. Taurus will never forget a sleight or hurt. Even if you’ve done everything you can to prove you’ll never do it again; it’s still stored in their memory bank.

It may never resurface but then again; you never know. It could show up at a most inopportune time such as on your wedding day right before you say your vows.

It’s not that a Taurus wants to stick it to you so much later on after what happened. It’s just that it comes out to them when they think about committing themselves to you entirely.

How To Get A Taurus Man To Forgive You

It may feel like it is quite impossible to get a Taurus man to forgive you. It is likely that you have never met someone who is quite as hard headed as him in your life. He will hold on to a grudge forever if he could. 

But luckily, sooner or later Taurus men usually calm down and end up letting things go, but this does take him some time. All you can do is continue to apologize to him by saying sorry and that you know you have made a mistake. 

You just need to keep repeating this and showing your Taurus man that you have learned your lesson. Make it up to him in any way that you can. Your hard work and effort will absolutely end up paying off when he sees how sorry you are. 

Taurus men may be very stubborn, but they are also quite chill and down to earth. When he sees how sorry you are he will end up forgiving you, but you need to grovel a bit. He is very scared of getting hurt again and that is why he has put up a wall.

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Do Taurus Men Forgive Easily?

Taurus men find it very difficult to forgive, but they struggle even more with forgetting. They can really hold on to any transgression against them. Holding a grudge is a Taurus man’s forte. Their stubborness is quite something to observe. 

If you have hurt a Taurus man in some way, he is going to take his sweet time to forgive you. Feeling hurt and betrayed is something the Taurus man really struggles with. He really values reliability and dependability in his life. 

This is why he has such an extreme reaction to feeling hurt. He really hates feeling out of control and not knowing what to do about it. He’ll get there eventually, but it will take a lot of time and effort for this to happen.

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FAQ About Angry Taurus Man

Do Taurus Men Forgive Cheating?

If you have done the dirty deed of being unfaithful; good luck. Taurus does not respond well to this at all. He is already jealous and somewhat possessive. As such; you are his and if you break that trust; you’re gone.

He will ice you out fairly quickly and you can bet that there is no going back and fixing things. There is no second chance and no hope for him to ever get past it. This is his one area of inflexibility.

A Taurus man is loyal when he’s fully committed and expects you to be the same way. If you cannot do this then you’re with the wrong guy. A Taurus man will not accept you sleeping with anyone else or giving anyone else your love.

It doesn’t matter what your reason is; it’s unacceptable for him. He will not be forgiving you. It’s highly likely he will carry this grudge around his entire life span and think of you regretfully. This is something a Taurus man can’t forgive. 

Do Taurus Men Accept Apologies?

Accepting apologies can be quite challenging for some if not most Taurus men. They really struggle to make sense of being betrayed or hurt by their loved ones. The Taurus men who have done some work on themselves will find this a lot easier of course.

Forgiveness and accepting apologies really don’t come easily to Taurus men, but it isn’t impossible for them either. It may just take a very long time for them to get to this point. You need a lot of patience with him. 

What To Do When You Hurt A Taurus Man?

You may feel quite frustrated not knowing how to say sorry to a Taurus man when you hurt him. The best thing you can do is simply to say sorry and let him know that you’ll never do that again. You can also try your best to make it up to him by doing nice things for him. 

Just be persistent and patient with him. It will pay off eventually, but some groveling is necessary when it comes to getting your Taurus man to forgive you when you have hurt him. It isn’t impossible, but it will be difficult.

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Stop Crying Yourself To Sleep About Your Taurus Man…

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65 thoughts on “How To Apologize To A Taurus Man When He Is Mad At You

  1. Yep! And don’t forget the passive aggressiveness they have. My favorite is when you get told “totally fine”. and you know they are being passive aggressive. The best thing you can do is say “Sorry about that, won’t happen again” and then .. if they say “no worries’ or “no problem”, then respond “I understand…” and then leave the room or convo. They will come around.

  2. I recently hurt my Taurus in a fight we had after saying some harsh words, and a week later he says he can’t decide if he needs a break or a break up. I’ve apologised so many times, and even tried to explain my side, but none of this has worked. I love him so much and don’t want to loose him because of a fight. Please help Anna

    1. Hi Shashwati! I’m afraid that with a Taurus man, they need proof that you will not do what you did again. They aren’t trusting of someone’s words including apologies. It’s still necessary to say it but he wants to SEE it and that will take time. He will probably harbor this for awhile but what I advise to you is to ask him to give you time to show him that you won’t do it again. He may still ask for a break or a break up but perhaps by you asking to prove it, he may actually do that. It’s worth the risk it sounds like. There is much more you should learn about the Taurus man so that you can avoid other mistakes.

      1. Hey Anna,
        I am a Capricorn, I just broke up with a Taurean, he blocked me and said I will never hear from him again. The reason was I tried to prank him for the first time (that I am not taking a gift he gave me because it seemed like an insult). Although I got the gift earlier I was happy and thankful. He sent me two long texts, and blocked me on phone immediately before I said it was a prank. He was planing to prank me too but I did it earlier and I think I got him offguard. I drove to his place but he didn’t open the gate, no feedback on mails/ messages. I don’t have his friends contact either. How much time should I give him .. days.. months.. we had a misunderstanding only once about a year ago.

        1. Hi Gigi!

          Yikes, yes Taurus men take gift giving very seriously. To deny him of that joy will make him upset. Goodness it may take him awhile to get over this. It will take patience on your part. You may have to get through to him by writing him a letter explaining things to him better. You can tell him you didn’t mean to upset him so much and that you’d really like a chance to talk to him. I’d send it in a greeting card to his house and see if that gets his attention. Don’t contact him after that because you need to give him time to sit on it for a bit and decide if he’s willing to talk to you. I hope this helps! Check out my series “Taurus Man Secrets” as it may give you more clues.

    2. Hi I’m a Pisces woman in love with a taurus and I know we both really like each other but everyone like my cousin his bff tells me to not to think much of it but we both have this connection Everytime we see each other. He’s in jail and coming out soon my cousin had a party and I got really drunk and slept with his bff so disappointed in myself my cousin said they tell each other EVERYTHING I’m scared if he’ll talk to me still any advice?

      1. Aries woman here, was dating a Taurus man for 7 months everything going well then he started to slowly pull away, anyway he has vome back a few times but now blocked me on everything abd says his dobe he wants to be alone, only issue is he pursued the whole relationship and was quite pushy. Today i wrote a apology letter and read it to him, what are my chances of him coming back? He says i am amazing and perfect its got nothing to do with me its all him but i still know i could have done things better hence the letter.

        1. Hi Amanda!

          Wait, why are you apologizing for his outbursts? I seem to be missing that part of the story. If he was pushy then yes, it was indeed all him. To get him back, he has to want to fix what is wrong with him otherwise he won’t be good for you or anyone else for that matter. What is broken in him needs to be healed and he needs to be the one to do it. All you can do is stay on his side, be friendly, and show him that you’re there for him should he want to talk. Perhaps with time and healing, he’ll get it together and come back healthy. I wish you all the luck of the stars. You can also read my book for more help.

  3. My Taurus is most definitely a “hothead” the smallest things irritate him. And often his personality is so stand offish I can’t fully tell if something’s really bothering him or not. And so I find myself making things worse trying to figure it out. Then his small irritation turns into him being pissed. I’m a pisces and a sensitive one at that. I prefer to calmly talk things over, but the only thing that seems to really calm him down is for me to be “aggressive” back…..but I hate feeling like I’m being “mean” especially to him because of how much love I have for him.

    1. Yes so true. Sounds like you were describing my Taurus man. So hot headed and his demeanor is standoffish. He’s also really funny too but most of the time, when it seems like he’s mad about something or stressed, he’s really just in his thoughts. So when I ask him what’s wrong he’ll tell me nothing and then I ask him again and they HATE when they have to repeat themselves. I’m a Leo female, so I’m more on the emotional, dramatic side, while he’s a Taurus, more logical side. After a big fight, I want to talk about it right then and there so we clear the air and get things right, but Taurus men need to step away from the situation and gather their thoughts. They really need to process everything. The more you cling on and show them that you need them and can’t live without them, The more you’re pushing them away. They want an independent partner, who isn’t clingy & insecure. They can’t STAND insecurity, it’s like a weakness & annoyance to them. Be the diva like you are and I swear that Taurus man will see it and be attracted to it. Sometimes I catch myself trying to figure out what’s wrong with him and at times, he would really be thinking about NOTHING. Lol or if he is thinking about something, he’ll tell you when he’s ready.

      1. While I agree we Taurus men don’t like to be bothered right after an argument, I know how much I wish my girlfriend would come around a little time afterwards and see if I wanna talk. Even if I don’t the thought is still appreciated.I’m not saying being independent as a partner isn’t what we want, I most certainly feel better knowing my girl is willing to admit she needs me.

    2. Don’t forget we’re bulls, sometimes what you call being “mean” is exactly what we need to hear. We’re stubborn as all get out especially when we feel angered or hurt. Don’t be afraid to say what need to be said but at the same time try not to go too far or you’ll make things worse. We Taurus men are rather finicky like that haha

    3. Hey Anna … I’m not used to doing things like this but I’m a Leo woman in love with a Taurus man and I think I’ve upset him even though it was a miscommunication, a “friend” of mine was upset about her relationship and took my phone and texted my man her frustrations mixing with my emotions for wanting to see him more because he be busy … and I respect his busy schedule… he ft’s me and little things I adore because I’m not used to such good treatment this is the first man I’ve ever fell in love with and I’m 19 and he turns 20 in a few … He blocked me on both his phones … and I made A video expressing my love for him and sent it to him through a friends phone … and now he says he doesn’t know what to do … what do I do Anna he admitted he wanted me when he taught I was Saying mean harsh things but now I’m saddened… what do I do ?

      1. Hi Crystal!

        It sounds like you two had some miscommunication that needs to be cleared up. I would tell him you’d like to talk to him one on one to discuss everything so that the air gets cleared and you two can find you way forward from there. Unless you two can really get everything out on the table, there isn’t much room for clearance and moving on. Don’t be afraid to talk to him if you can get him to do so. It’s really important. Be very clear and logical. Try not to implement your feelings in it. You can tell him how you feel but not be emotional when you tell him. I know that may sound confusing but think about it for a minute and it will make sense. I wish you all the best!

  4. I’m a Cancer and my lover is a Taurus. One thing I can say is that they HATE repeating themselves. They don’t require much in a relationship except for an honest, ambitious, and confident partner.

    1. Hi Mina! Thank you for writing in about your Taurus man experience. You are absolutely correct. They don’t wan to repeat themselves. They want to know that you absolutely understand what they’ve told you and that you’ll do your very best. They are always after “proof” and so yes, being truthful, ambitious, and confident can help you to show him that you’ve got what it takes to maintain his trust and loyalty. There is a whole lot more that can be learned as well though. If you’d be interested, you can grab a copy of my book “Taurus Man Secrets” as it contains quite a bit about Taurus man, what to do, what not to do, and how to fix things inf they become in disarray.

  5. question! I’m also a taurus and my partner’s one too. the other day he said that he thinks we should call it quits cause ı overwhelmed him with drama and also said that of course he likes me (nothing serious just panicking about our relationship getting serious too fast). I told him he was right and explained that ı did it cause ı was panicking and asked for a second chance to redeem myself. he didn’T respond. ı know ı have to him some space to let him think about it but is there a chance that he’ll forgive me?

    1. Hi Grace! Thank you for writing in about your tense Taurus man situation. I think you probably already handled it correctly and yes, you will need to give him some time to work through it. I think that from what you’ve mentioned here, he may need to see and have you prove to him that you won’t have a dramatic episode for him to witness, but there is still hope. I don’t know how many days you’ve not heard from him but you should try to reach out every few days to check in and see if he’s doing alright. He may or may not answer. There is so much more you need to understand about Taurus man. They are a bit different than Taurus women. That being said, you should really check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets” as it may help you figure things out.

  6. My best buddy is a Taurus, and I was told by someone else that I might be overwhelming this Taurus with all my texts. I didn’t mean to, it just sort of happened. He’s been through a break up after 4 years and he doesn’t say much when I text him. Always says he’s working and such. I know they like to work stuff out on their own.
    Do you think if I continue to give him time (only texted him once in the last month, to invite him to my bday, which he didn’t remember) he’ll open up a bit and message me?

    1. Not all Taurean Men are enthusiastic texters; what about proper old fashioned communication. Invite him to your events and encourage casual dates for movies and with mutual friends. Keep the friendship going and check out his body language when you are with him. Listen to Cher’s song, “It’s in his kiss,” she is Taurus and there is wisdom in that song.

  7. Hi Anna , Thanks for shedding some light on the Taurus man.
    Maybe I can get some insight here,
    I’m in a Long distance Relationship with a Taurus man for 6mnts, I’m a Cap. We had the best time when were together and spend hours on the phone during or weekly chats when we’re apart. I know he stresses easily and his energy is mostly always depleted because he works so hard. He has been working on putting things in place to move to my state to be with me next year and has been the one to mention things about the future such as marriage, children , Travelling together. I try my best to be supportive and understanding of him but he tends to get a little cocky about being the one to make all this happen for us. He mentioned once or twice that I’m not doing anything I just have to wait on him. I wish I could do more but there isn’t much I can do right now. I would stay up way past midnight because of the time difference so we can talk but if hes tired and cranky he gets with me snippy. I do portray a bit more resilience and patience and so we balance each other. When were together theres no doubt that he cares and he does all he can to make sure our time is well spent together.
    Long story short I think I really love him (but I’ve never said it) and that we would have a wonderful future together but he wasn’t there for me when I need him. Ive seen a trend were how can I put this .. Theres Him, Then Us and then me. His feeling need to be tended to then when he’s all good we can address us, but there’s never really any mention about me and what I need.
    You see he’s done this before where he got distant and cold about something I found out about him ,he was mad about the situation and I felt the effect of it, even though I was the one who felt wronged. He sent me a message saying we need to (take a break).. keep in mind that were in a LDR. I was so surprised I didn’t know what was going on. Eventually this went on for a week and I finally called him because I didn’t know what we were doing. He received my call with such relief saying he wanted to call me but he waso many time but he didn’t know what to say to me. In the end we worked it out. And we promised to be honest about space if need be.

    Back to present day!
    He started display this cold habit again and I figured he was needing space again after being overwhelmed at work and also might not have been able to get time off in February to visit me. I had a surgery coming up so I broke the silence the day before and he responded with generic I will pray for you. He did not call me the day of the surgery or even text. I was very nervous and could have used some comforting words from him. The day after my surgery I expressed this by saying ( I had a life altering procedure and could use his support ) but He replied (what life altering situation) I was so pissed I was already miserable and in pain and to get this front he person that had my interest at heart cut me deep. So I told him off and said I was done with him. I did t really mean I was just so disappointed that he wasn’t there for me. How does he explain this. Needless to say I tried to call him 2days after to say I didn’t mean but he didn’t pick up. I texted to say I didn’t call to fight huy there has been no response for 10 days. How do you go from planning a future with me to I don’t care that your getting your eyeball.

    I’m considering calling or texting now but maybe it will be in vain. I Just don’t understand how he could give up on me so easily after making these plans. Did I maybe take it too far?

    1. Hi Abby! Thank you for sharing your complicated Taurus ma situation. It sounds to me like he may be a bit narcissistic. Not all Taurus men are this way. They can be stubborn and set in their ways but generally tend to really care about their partner when they’re in a relationship. This guy making plans with you but then not following through, making excuses, and making it all about him really does seem as though he’s doing for himself and isn’t interested in what you want. This means that he may not actually be as invested as you are. You need to talk to him on the phone and tell him exactly what you think and feel. Put it out on the table then ask him specifically what he wants. There is a whole lot more to be learned about Taurus men and their behavior and I think you may find more information handy in my book “Taurus Man Secrets” which can be purchased here. It may give you more insight you need.

  8. Hi I think that I upset my man taurus …I made a mistake by calling his work phone…I didn’t know that it was his work phone…I asked him for forgiveness but he has not yet responded …we are just friends but I’m in love with him and he doesn’t know…it has been a short time of knowing him but the first day we meet I love him .

    1. Hi Bluee! Thank you for telling me about your current difficult situation with a Taurus man. If he doesn’t know that you feel as deeply as you do then he has no reason to feel he has to justify anything. If he chooses not to talk it’s because he thinks it’s no big deal because he has no clue how you feel. He probably isn’t angry with you but rather busy or doing other things that he makes a priority. If you care for him as you do, you probably need to be really honest with him and let him know otherwise he’s not going to feel obligated to respond to you. He may even write you off. Don’t let that happen. Perhaps you should check out my book and get some more useful information through the “Taurus Man Secrets”.

  9. Hi I’m a Sagittarius female and my lover is a Taurus man. We’ve been together for 9 months now and in those 9 months we’ve had some very serious issues with both of our ex partners butting in to our relationship. Our relationship was so strong in the beginning but I messed up first and my ex confronted him about it and I lied, which I really unusual for me bc I keep a very strong moral code. His ex-fling tried to re-enter the picture two months following me covering up what I did and it made me extremely livid and I confronted him about it and we got into a big blow out argument. End of the story on her she is very delusional but he feed into it also. In December we both made an effort to cut out all the background noise and really fix us, and so we did just that. We’re also in college so we were separated by Christmas break at the time. When he came home I didn’t trust him because of things I was hearing so we started arguing for 3 weeks straight but he never left me but stated he was tired. Recently, he found out that I lied about what happened between me and my ex, and he broke up with me. I have him yin’s to cool off and went to talk to him and he stated he never said he was done with me, but he actually did break up with me. I’ve spent the night twice since it’s happened he won’t touch me and he very touchy and the communication is super dry, Hes a more sensitive Taurus but tried to act like he’s tough and doesn’t care about a lot, super bull headed, opinionated, prideful but he loves me so he’ll cave if we disagree. I love him so much and I made a mistake I don’t know if he’s more mad about the cheating or the lying when approached. I lied because I didn’t want to lose him and now I possibly could. Can it be fixed or is he done.

    1. Hi Kay!

      Your Taurus guy is being a typical Taurus. They will concede but when they get mad enough they do tend to explode and have lots of unsavory things to say that are increasingly hurtful. So while he’s being quiet and cold, don’t push him. If you do, he will explode and that will be bad. Cutting you off means he’s upset and holding a grudge at current. He may even be thinking of if he wants to stay in the relationship at all. Taurus men tend to plan things out without telling anyone else. I would talk to him about this very openly. Tell him how you feel and ask him how he feels. Both of you have to be 100% with each other or nothing gets solved and you’ll end up parting ways. Cut him off at the pass before he plans too far. Opening up with each other can really put things into perspective. I wish you the best.

  10. Same here and I’m so unhappy right now .. I miss my man.
    I have issues with mood swings each time I’m on my period or during ovulation.I can be happy now the next moment I just want my space. So he went back to his station of work and he called me to ask me why I always do it and I said nothing he said he feels there a reason why I act the way I act and I told him why and he said he believes when next we meet , we will be able to treat ourselves better . So do you think he still wants me ? He doesn’t reply my charts as should so I’m worried, so I give him time ? Hrs coming back in two weeks time what do I do to keep my man please help we’ve been together for 3 months please help me .thank you

  11. Hi.. I am an Aries woman n my boyfriend is a Taurus. For the past 3-4 days, he is mad at me because he had made it clear on the beginning that he wants to keep our relationship low-key. But, one of my male friends subtly know about my bf because he once asked me abt my bf, n instead of denying it, I had said “maybe”.. At that time, my bf warned me to repeat this mistake n I had said ok. But, recently, that male friend of mine mentioned my bf while commenting on WhatsApp on one of my pic which I posted on FB and Inna funny way, he said that he wanted to flirt with me on WhatsApp. Now, my bf is too mad at me that he says he has trust issues now because if I don’t talk to that male friend abt my bf then how can that friend mention abt me having a bf for sure. I apologized to my bf on chat saying that I wouldn’t have said “maybe” that day. I corrected my past mistake by telling my male friend that I don’t hv a boyfriend. He said he doesn’t care anymore , so I could say or do anything I wanted now. I went to his place to apologies in person however I knew that he doesn’t like surprises. He said , u r freaking me out now and asked me to leave.after that, I told him that I went there just to apologies. I said sorry and I left his place and left chocolates which I bought for him there because he likes that.. Later in the afternoon, he came to me to say hi in the office and was chatting normally. So I could see that he is not too mad. Now, although he is talking and chatting normally but he says we shouldn’t meet until my exam which is in first week of June. I really love that guy and sees a beautiful future with him. Please.. please help me how I can make things back to normal again. I want his commitment too.. I really love him.

  12. Hi.. I am an Aries woman n my boyfriend is a Taurus. For the past 3-4 days, he is mad at me because he had made it clear in the beginning that he wants to keep our relationship low-key. But, one of my male friends subtly knows about my bf because he once asked me abt my bf, n instead of denying it, I had said “maybe”.. At that time, my bf warned me not to repeat this mistake n I had said ok. But, recently, that male friend of mine mentioned abt my bf while chatting on WhatsApp regarding a pic which I had posted on FB and In a funny way, he said that he wanted to flirt with me on WhatsApp. He is a married man and just a good friend of mine. Now, my bf is too mad at me that he says he has trust issues now because if I don’t talk to that male friend abt my bf then how can that friend mention abt me having a bf for sure. I apologized to my bf on chat saying that I shouldn’t have said “maybe” about having my tauras man as my bf that day. So, when my bf got mad at me, k realised my mistake and corrected my past mistake by telling my male friend that I don’t hv a boyfriend. But my bf replied to it saying he doesn’t care anymore , so I could say or do anything I wanted now. I went to his place to apologies in person however I knew that he doesn’t like surprises. He said , u r freaking me out now and asked me to leave. After that, I told him that I went there just to apologies. I said sorry and I left his place and left chocolates there which I bought for him because he likes that.. Later in the afternoon, he came to me to say hi in the office and since then, he has been chatting normally. So I could see that he is not too mad. Now, although he is talking and chatting normally but I know his nature, j know that he ka holding grudges against me for my silly mistakes. Yday while talking on phone, he said that we shouldn’t meet until my exam which is in first week of June. Earlier we used to meet once in a Week in person. I really love that guy and sees a beautiful future with him. Please.. please help me how I can make things back to normal again. I want his commitment too.. I really love him….

  13. Hello! I annoyed my Taurus friend by saying something that I should not have accidentally. I apologised to her and she seemed to accept my apology, but her replies are still rather curt and distant. (we used to be v chummy with each other). She means a lot to me, and I really want this friendship to work. What should i do now? (p.s. help a libra out, thanks so so much!)

  14. I need help with my Taurus man I messed up with our relationship And I want him back Can I send him a song On a text To let you know I miss him And I want him back

  15. I am a Taurus dating a Taurus man. We’ve been seeing each other for 4 months. Spending quality time together is a priority of mine in a relationship, and in the first few months of our relationship, we saw each other as much as possible and always coordinated plans ahead of time. Over the last month, we haven’t been able to see each other as much due to it being a busy time of the year. I felt sensitive to the shift in our relationship and after a too many drinks, I texted him to see if we could make plans. When he didn’t answer immediately, I grew impatient and threatened to break up with him. After not talking to me for a day, he called me and explained that he was freaked out. I said I was sorry and that I didn’t mean that I really wanted to break up, but he said he wasn’t sure if he could see past it. I have only reached out twice to see if we could arrange to talk. He’s been somewhat responsive but has not given me a call. Is there any way that I can fix this?

  16. Had a 15 yr friendship with a Taurus man that turned into a love affair. Problems arose after 1 yr and we only saw each other a few times but kept in phone contact. I did a stupid thing recently and he went off on me and told me he needed a break and leave him alone, don’t call him etc. It has been a month-no contact! Anna what do I do?? I care very deeply for him and don’t want this relationship to end.

  17. Hey anna i recently upset my taurus men, it was our 1st anniversary and i wanted to take him for dinner, but he did nit want to go there then we decided some other place and then it also did work out and we went on looking for restaurants and everything failed and it was just a very very bad day. Later we ended havjng burger and most upseting part was i cried which annoyed him, how can i make it up now? Its really hurting me to upset him?

    1. Hi Sammy!

      It just sounds like a big misunderstanding. You both had a hard day and it shouldn’t have any blame on either one of you for it. I think you should just talk to him about what happened and tell him that your intention was for him to have a wonderful time with you. Ask him if you two can try again and this time pick a place that will be good to go to and that you both agree on. Don’t give up yet!

      1. Hi Anna,
        I’m a Pisces woman and my crush is a Taurus. We’ve had a big misunderstanding after I saw another girl touching his face. I don’t think he’s interested in her, but I know she likes him. He saw I had an attitude and came up to me to see what was wrong. I was so upset I told him to “gtfo my face please” He asked why and I just gave him the dirtiest look. He simply said “ook” And walked away. That was a week ago, we haven’t spoken since. My friend asked had he talked to me and he said no he was confused as to why I was so upset and he doesn’t like to deal with people that have attitudes but don’t say why. Now I feel really bad because he’s such a sweetheart and I like him a lot. I texted the same night to apologize but he never opened my message so I haven’t texted or called. I wanted to wait til we seen each other in person to properly apologize. I’m trying to work on my attitude I just didn’t want to cause a scene telling him what was wrong because I know how I can be when I’m upset with a man that I like. Idk what to do but I want us to go back to how we were. I miss him a lot.

  18. Hey anna, i’m dating a taurus still early days his friend messaged me of his phone by accident but i thought it was a female and over reacted via text i realised the same day i made a mistake and got my friend to ask him to call me as i thought i was blocked. he did an said he don’t get why i’ve actrd this way he said he would call me but didn’t. i then sent a few messages apologising he ignored for 2 days and then responsed an said he don’t like drama etc and the situation wasn’t that bad but the fall out is crazy and he just wanted space to think things through and i need to chill out, i replies bk AGAIN apologising and asking to see him to make it up to him and he ignored me and i haven’t heard anything what do i do as it was a big miscommunication an i want to fix it. should i leave him be or is he done with me please reply.

    1. Hi Naomi!

      This is going to require time and patience. He shouldn’t be willing to shut you off just because of one mistake. You’re going to have to prove to him somehow that you’re not a drama creator and that you mistakenly took things the wrong way and next time you’ll just ask him without getting upset first. You have to prove that you won’t do this again with any other situation basically and that’s going to take time. Don’t give up but don’t blow his phone up either. He needs time to process this and think it over. Be patient!

  19. I am Virgo woman and I walked away from my Taurus Man after telling him I was done and we had a argument so now we don’t talk nor text each other,do you think he will ever talk to me again??

    1. Hi Sophia Woods!

      I think that you should try to initiate contact. You might be surprised. You’ll have to take it slow though. Don’t try to dive right back into it or he’ll clam up. Reach out and try to regain friendship first and then you can try to build from there if he’s receptive to the friendship. I wouldn’t give up hope just yet unless you try to contact him multiple times without any answers. I wish you the best!

  20. Thank you so much Ana for this wonderful article. As a Virgo woman I have been non stop analyzing his behavior for the past month because we had been talking on the phone multiple times a day for 3 months or so, we both exchanged gifts and things were going great but for 3 days he suddenly acted distant and it hurt me so much but instead of asking him if there was a problem I just messaged him on the 4rd day of him being distant and ignoring my messages and I said: sorry if I did anything wrong, I can’t stand people that ignore me for no reason, do not contact me again.

    He called me and I was sounding very cold, I said, why don’t you admit you were ignoring me for the past 3 or 4 days? He started crying and then hung up saying he couldn’t talk. We talked a few hours later that day and he said what I did was next level, and that he didn’t know how long it was going to take him to recover, he said: I don’t know if it will be a week, two, three or a month… I don’t know. At that point I had no idea what that could have meant because by then I had already apologized, I cried asking for forgiveness, I was feeling so bad because I obviously love him. Anyway, it’s been a month and we have only talked on the phone like 3 times, very dry, he ignores my messages. Yesterday after 2 weeks he called me and seemed more normal but not quiet the same. He did thank me a lot for the time I’m giving him, he said he appreciated it a great deal. I wrote 3 emails, I sent him 2 gifts he loved…… I’m just trying so hard to remain quiet and give him space, it’s sooo hard.

    Anyway, do you think I still have a chance? I’m so afraid to have hope and then in a few days he tells me to forget about him.

    1. Hi Maya!

      I’m glad that you found some useful info in my article. I can imagine you’re analyzing the heck out of things as a Virgo woman. Taurus men do tend to not always want to reply. They get lazy, they think if there is no question that they don’t have to answer, and they get comfortable. I don’t think you should remain quiet. I think you should tell him what you feel and tell him “I really would like for us to be like we were before when we had better contact, I miss that””. If you do it in that way he’ll understand and may change it for you. If you need more information about Taurus man, please check out my book “Taurus Man Secrets”.

  21. Hi Ana
    Im a Virgo woman that hurt a Taurus man. I kept arguing with him ( of my own foolish selfishness wanting him to respond to my texts or call me) . I miss strewed one of his texts and took the context wrong. He even tried to explain and asked me to read it again ..He was actually complementing my sincerity which in that heated moment didn’t understand. He then asked me nicely to stop arguing for a minute and relax and look at the sky and said please stop love…… well I didn’t and his last text was ” you are trippen on me and I dont like it. ” I have not heard from him in days….. I texted my apologies for my behavior and misunderstanding and explained how i was feeling at the time…I also let him know that i understood if he needed time and space and let him know that I would do better at understanding his feeling and asked for his forgiveness …my last words to him were just always know that I love you and I don’t want to lose you. I have gotten nothing from him and I’m scared that I lost him for good!!!!!
    What should I do next? Do I send him another apology text? I’m worried!!!!!

    1. Hi Barbara!

      Alright so communication didn’t go as it should have which caused lots of frustration. You two have very different ways of communicating and unless you find some agreement that can be met, you could keep having issues. He wants time and space to sort out his feelings and figure out if you’re the one for him. It’s not uncommon for a Taurus to go silent for a bit. I would wait a week or two before you reach out to him again. When you do, be soft. Tell him that you still are sorry for what happened and you’re trying to work hard on the insecurities you have. When you tell Taurus man sorry, he wants more for you to show him you won’t do it again. So try to relax for a bit and him have the time he expressed he needs then you can reach out to let him know you’re thinking of him, you miss him, and you are working on your issues.

  22. Hey Anna,

    I would like you advice, so i was dating a turus a month the he said we should be friends i agreed but didn’t realise how much i actually liked him and have strong feelings for him untill i over reacted to him and hanging with a female friend. After that we both said e would stop talking but i was so angry i sent him more angry text and said some nasty things. I felt so bad and apologised he accepted my apology and i was trying to rebuild a friendship and trust but he was being distant and ignoring my text onlly replying after days. Then i asked him if he wants me to continue being his friend or stop communication, i was hoping he would say he needed space etc. He told me to stop talking to him and was a bit rude in the last text so i said i will and didn’t say anything, next day i was crying alone so i just said to him “i feel so ashamed and hope you don’t hate me”. I have switched my phone off and dont intend to text him untill his birthday 30th of April just saying happy birthday to see if lines of communication can be kept.
    I want to keep this guy in my life because i do have strong feelings for him and really like him as a person. I’ve always been attracted to Taurus’s. I talked about travelling and i wanted to do that with him i still want to in the future but i feel hopeless right now.
    Can you help and advice pklease?

    1. Hi Penny!

      Him telling you to stop talking to him means that he doesn’t want to be bothered. It’s unfortunate he got to that point but Taurus men tend to be very blunt when they want no contact. Sometimes you can go years and try again to reach out only to have the same response. They are stubborn and set in their ways for sure. You cannot keep someone who doesn’t want to be kept. I mean you can try again in a couple of months by saying hi and asking how he’s doing but if you get met with resistance then it means he is done. It’s hard to convince a Taurus otherwise when he’s made up his mind. They hold grudges tighter than most any sign. I am so sorry this is happening to you. Free will is a very powerful thing.

  23. Was dating a Taurus for about 5 months. He seemed like he really loved me…He would text me non stop, call me non stop, and try his best to make our long distant relationship work. We had MANY of the same exact interest it was a little creepy but i guess cool (he liked that we were able to talk about cars, comic books,vintage movies everything he liked and i knew lots about it. plus was wowoed by my body he’ll look at me like a perv n said he never been with someone on my level) He was in NYC I’m in LA he would fly to LA to visit he would Fly me to NY to visit he had his moods but I think that was bcux he was on steroids (he seemed confident with me he would take e’m infront of me) he never let me pay for anything and would always try getting me the nicest things. He’ll try to impress me with nice things for us to enjoy like nice views from our hotels, good locations, nice dinners etc.

    Anyway He dumped me for embarrassing him by requesting to follow his ex-girlfriend’s brother, brother contact ex gf saying y am i requesting him.

    Found a picture of him and this girl at a family party he went with a few days before I questioned him about it. Once questioned he first lied saying she was a family friend, then when I told him how does she have old pictures of his same dog he said he didn’t know how to tell me but it’s his ex gf and he didn’t tell me bcux he knew how i’ll react. I didnt believe him i contacted her and b4 allowing her to respond. I requested on IG a male our age with her same last name thinking if he is lying to me about her being the ex then whoever I followed will know he’s a dog n was playing us both. Ex responded and said shes the ex that they haven’t been together for a few months now and yes she was invited to the party i saw of her in the pictures and in the future she’ll appreciate if i dont try following her family member if i have any issues to contact my bf (now ex) about it and leave her and her family out of it. By the way she sounded i didn’t think he was going to make a big deal out of it and he did he said it was so embarrassing what i did and that i’m crazy for doing that n broke up with me. His exact words “wtf u got ppl family involved. For what reason? You and your friend Stop looking at my Instagram” (only found out about the other girl because his family tagged a picture of 2 teens, him and the x on his Instagram and my friend noticed same dog on both their pages honestly i didnt think nothing of it but my friends did push me to question all this)

    B4 he found out we requested (only requestd never msged) her family member (whoever that guy was) I only told him i msg the x and he was bothered by it but didn’t dump me just said not to message her anymore that he will talk to his family about not inviting her anymore after this last msg i just sent her. He said if I lived in NY I would have been at the party n it would of played out differently but bcux I’m in LA he needs to make sure things get real for a little longer before bringing me around since its different me being in LA.

    Anyway him and the ex-disappeared for like two hours and then they both responded around the same time her saying not to request her family, then he reponded furiously and dumped me for doing so.

    We haven’t spoke ever since, he blocked me in instagram that same moment he broke up w/me and made his page private.

    I had previously bought ur “30 taurus secrets” but it was rgt b4 this happened n i didnt get to read it. 🙁

    Its been 6 weeks since this happend and i want to contact him apologizing but scared if i should? Any advice?

    1. Hi Lucy!

      I think if you bought the books and haven’t asked for a refund then you should still be able to get your VIP consultation. Why don’t you reach out to my support team ( and tell them that you ordered it and didn’t get the chance to read it and would like to get your consultation with me. They should help you out and then send you to me. In the meantime, it sounds like he’s trying to cover up bad behavior on his part. He’s overreacting to something that shouldn’t have seemed like that big of a deal. Even worse, he doesn’t seem to want to forgive you. 6 weeks should have given him time to calm down and think things over. I think you should reach out to him and tell him you are still sorry for having upset the balance. See what he has to say. I hope to hear from you. Please take care of yourself.

      1. After I use his phone to message some girls including his cousin and told them to leave my boyfriend alone… I was drunk actually I didn’t do it with my clear eyes…
        After two weeks and some days of ignoring me and me apologizing
        He spoke to me again and poured out his heart he was very mean too
        He said he doesn’t know where he is right now that he hasn’t really recovered
        That he doesn’t know if he should take me back as his friend girlfriend or just no body
        I sent him another apology and told him I won’t come close to his phone anymore and he should set boundaries… he read my messages but didn’t reply it’s almost 2days since he read it

  24. Hi,

    Im an aries and Ive been in a LDR with a taurus man for 1 year and 4months. We used to talk everyday, and i cant even count how many small fights we had about something and sometimes over nothing. He used to say he wants to let me go, so that i dont need to suffer from him anymore. I am crazy whenever he is quiet, im worried what’s on his mind. Did i did something bad or what??? sometimes he gets upset because of his own thinking.. i know for sure i don’t mean anything to harm him because I love him so much, And every time he says we better quit during fight, i always says i dont like it but if he wants it, i will respect and i will never hate him. Fortunately we are still together after our countless fights. I always emphasize to him that if he is upset, i dont like him being quiet..that he can fight with me and i will listen and in the end i am the bad guy because i keep on asking and worrying too much that sometimes ill go in distant and be quiet too. I dont get it, he dont wanna talk but if i go distant ,he will go mad..I really dont know..does this mean we are not compatible? We are so intimate and very attracted to each other. We haven’t been together because of the pandemic. And we are hoping to see each other for the first time personally.

    1. Hi CK!

      Well it sounds like you need to tell him that you need clarity on what is happening because otherwise it’s not going to work out. You have to be upfront and blunt with him because he doesn’t take subtle very well. If you are always fighting that much because he doesn’t want to communicate the right way, consider if he’s really worth it. If he is then you may need a mediator or counselor to help you to find the right way to open up and talk together. I wish you all the very best!

  25. Hi,

    I’m a Capricorn woman and he’s a Taurus guy. I’m at a loss now, don’t know what to do. I lied to my guy big-time and it hurts him so much. He’s always having inconsistent attitude towards me and our relationship even though I have showed him how much i love him and the effort i put into this relationship. So i asked my guy friend to help me to send him messages and calling me and let my guy thinking that someone’s into me, chasing me. I thought this could make him love me more and give me the attention which I want.

    I have been using the same lie on-and-off for many months even though we broke up few times. Recently, I decided to tell him cos I don’t want to continue this game anymore.

    When he found out, he said he is really disappointed in me and asked him to give him time to sort his thought out since he doesn’t know how to face me or our relationship anymore.

    I apologised many times and asked him to give me a chance to amend my mistake. But thinking for his character, most likely he will break up with me.. I don’t know what to do now or how to make him change his mind anymore.. I have been trying very hard in this relationship but I’m worried that all he focus is looking at the mistakes i have made..

    1. Hi Mel!

      Ouch yeah lying to a Taurus man never turns out well at all. They see it as betrayal. When they say they are disappointed, it burns deep. He will be holding a grudge over this and even if he did forgive enough to let you in, it will always be in the back of his mind. You’re going to have to give him time to work through it in his mind. If he does still care very much for you then he will come around. It won’t be easy for him but as long as you do give him time now that you’ve apologized. I wish there was a quicker way sweetheart but there just isn’t. They are stubborn. I wish you love and happiness!

  26. Hey Anna
    I am a Sagittarius woman and my man is Taurus we decided to get married and just about to involve our families but unintentionally I broken his trust and he want to end this but i told him everything after requesting him he agreed on to wait for some time and will think about it again but he didn’t promise me if it will work
    And told me he will continually think about it in his mind and he will never be able to love me back as he was doing earlier

    I really want to save this bond

    1. Hi Ferrah!

      Yikes… Taurus doesn’t do well with broken trust. It may take some time for him to get past it and move on. Just watch his actions. He will always show you when he loves you. If he doesn’t then he’ll go quiet and you won’t hear from him. Give him a little space to he can process it and there may still be a chance. If he were to truly cut you off and not love you because of one mistake then he never was on the same page with you. Everyone makes mistakes. Be sure to forgive yourself too sweetheart. I wish you all the luck of the universe!

  27. Reading lots of your posts & about 98% spot on with my Taurus. Alarming, really. I’m a Scorpio, today ironically is his bday. He’s a combination of my perfection plus everything I always said I’d never date. It’s fun & it works. He’s a pilot, busy. I have a salaried job, busy at my own discretion. Both parents, his is 6, I have teenagers. He’s divorced twice, I was only engaged once. He’s 9 yrs older.
    He’s a flake. Throws a plan out there & I don’t hear from him. If I get mad a few days later & rant, he always does his best to redeem himself. And I apologize, so does he. He’s gotten better.
    This week, I specifically asked to see him later that night. He said he wanted to say yes but would be working late. I said to keep me posted, me too. Sent a text hours later checking in. No response. I head to his favorite hangout… he’s there. I walk in and sit down.
    He really didn’t seem bothered, until I left & went off about how I didn’t feel like a priority to him, again not the first time. I mentioned that he should treat women as he’d want his daughter to be treated & he snapped back that he was done.
    Later he said he wasn’t ignoring my next few texts, really just expressing my frustration, he said he was “processing, I’ll text you tomorrow”.
    All day went by, nothing. He really is busy at work, but home life is home to him.
    This morning I woke up, sent him a happy bday text, he thanked me, and I told him when he’s ready to talk I’m here. Nothing.
    So tonight, I let him know I had arranged childcare arrangements for mine specifically for tonight, but that I wouldn’t stop by if he didn’t want me there. Nothing.
    I want him to enjoy his day. I just left it at that. He’s got a huge heart & we both know we have baggage. But him avoiding me the other night really struck a nerve being a Scorpio. He’s seen me cut people off after I find out I’ve been backstabbed.
    Reading back at what I said, yes, I probably came off that way. But how else was I to let him know how upset I was? We live 10 min apart, our hangout is halfway. I haven’t driven by somewhere to bust someone in 8 yrs (and that Virgo was a serial cheater).
    Other then the flakiness, he’s great. He’s been divorced 5 yrs & has dated around plenty. I left my kids dad 10 yrs ago & keep winding up with men who fear commitment of any kind. He talks about he loved being married but was blindsided with his divorced (2nd) because he’s a provider and she got sick of it. He claims I’m only the 2nd girl he’s let come over & meet his daughter. He’s a hands on dad.
    Until we speak face to face, I’m on the fence of he mistook what I said & maybe there’s a narcissist hiding in there I haven’t noticed & he’s upset I finally busted him? My Virgo was textbook narcissist. It took a while to discover that.
    I don’t want to nag on him, being his bday. I was just hoping we could be adults, makeup, work together & keep doing what we do.
    It’s been 5 months… I read some of your blogs about 2 mos ago when he was away on a work trip & he freaked out because he’d missed a text of mine (6 days went by)… and I poured all my thoughts & feelings out to him like you said… he had no idea I even felt that way. He reacted perfectly & stepped up his game.
    But I made that one comment involving his daughter, because I’m a parent myself with a boy & girl, plus my dad has listened to my heartbreaks for 19 yrs. I’m very blunt and dry.
    Not too sure if he was never serious about me, or if he even has hopes to help me move forward along with him. We’ve never truly fought.

    1. Hi Stefanie!

      If you want the absolute truth out of him and how he feels… ask him. Ask him if there is a future that you two can work towards or not. Tell him you need to know. He should tell you at that point but if he doesn’t then you might chalk it up to a mistake and just start working at letting go so you can move forward. I wish you all the best!

  28. Im a Capricorn woman. My Taurus and I dated for about a year and he was as treating me pretty bad – he would ask me for money or favors from very early on which made me uncomfortable. Fast forward we kept going on and off…then I found out he was seeing someone else and I confronted him about him and then admitted that during the time him and I were seeing each other, I was also spending time with my ex-boyfriend, who was treating me well. But I was still willing to work on things with the Taurus because the truth is I don’t have feelings for my ex anymore.

    Well, the Taurus man blocked me. Didn’t wish me a happy birthday and has since been ignoring me. My thing is, I’m not apologizing because how come he gets to be mad but he was seeing someone else and didn’t tell me about it. I ended up finding out. We had a pretty bad fight and I said some really mean things.

  29. Hey,

    I have a situation with my Taurus man. One time I asked him (recently) if he is feeling fine as he cares for me and does the same too. To which he replied “Not really, lots of thoughts – not in my best mood” and I offered to listen and be there for him. All fine till there.

    Before telling what happened, I will give a brief: I have anxiety and abandonment issues (owing to past experiences). During the time we have been dating (1 month or so) – there have been 2 or 3 occasions where I got scared he will dump me because I made a small mistake (an overreaction or a silly question usually) but he didn’t leave me. Though he did get annoyed at me asking repeatedly if he still wants to be with me. I have learnt that now that they don’t like to repeat themselves.

    I was determined to not make same mistake again. I don’t enjoy self-sabotaging my relationships, especially with a great person like him who has been nothing but patient and caring.

    Coming back to present, while telling me about his dark mood and me empathising with him, he said something which didn’t really make sense – “lol we are misfitted” and that made me panic as for some reason I thought he meant we are *misfit for each other* – I asked him to clarify what he meant and he did. He was saying that as a general comment and requested me not to ask him like that again. To which I agreed.

    However, afterwards – my brain went into overdrive and I got scared at what he really meant. I suffer from overthinking sometimes and this was one of those occasions.

    I then made 2 mistakes:

    1) asked him to contact me as I wanted to talk about something important
    2) I sent him a polite email asking clarification on what he meant.

    I sent him an apology text basically explaining that I have a tendency to overthink and that I am working on it. Also requested him to ignore my silly email. ended it with saying that I hope we can keep what we have as I value it xx

    Its been around a day and still no response. I have seen him come online but it seemed like he ignored me.. 🙁

    The best possible course of action seems like giving him space and time to come around. And frankly speaking, I admit I overreacted and acted panicky which was wrong.

    But on flip side, it wasn’t a betrayal or a deal-breaker if I am being completely honest. I am willing to work on my issues. But being forgiving is part of relationship as I too have forgiven when he had an outburst or was being too rough, I don’t mind these things that much as I understand no one is perfect.

    But, can someone tell from their best judgement how likely he is to come back given the magnitude of my mistake(s) – that is provided I give him time and space he needs.

    I think from what I know about him, he will say directly if he has an issue or if he wishes to end it. but this uncertainty kills me.

    P.s we work in same place but we are on Xmas break just now.

  30. Hi,
    I’m a Scorpio woman in love with a Taurus man. We have been in love since 2006, I ended things back then, and we have found our way back to each other numerous times, back in 2013, and now in 2023. We have been seeing each other since May, and we are talking about moving in together and starting a life together. Well Friday, we had a hotel room and I had a little too much to drink, and I took something he said out of context, and it started an argument that ended badly, I took back a gift I bought him and threw it at his car, and told him a lot of hateful things. I apologized and he said he accepted my apology but he needs time. But he’s very upset w me, and I don’t know what to do. Today is our first day not talking. I’m so hurt. Please respond Anna.

  31. Me and my boyfriend been really rocky for awhile I apologize I wrote him a heartfelt letter as well an yet still nothing he setup some agreements with me about him sleeping an one room an I sleep another room until further notice when he come home we don’t talk at all at this point I don’t know what to do he said he wants a space I give him that but still how long it’s gone take him to actually come around

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