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How To Tell If A Taurus Man Likes You: 10 Signs Reveal He Is Interested

Signs a Taurus Man Likes You

Taurus men are very likeable people and they tend to like everyone they meet until they get a vibe that makes them not want to be around them.

But how can you TELL if he ACTUALLY likes you in that romantic way? Or maybe he’s just being kind of nice and friendly, but isn’t really ATTRACTED to you in that romantic sense?

Now let me tell you something…it’s worth figuring out the signs if he’s interested or not. I mean, if YOU are interested and you want him to like you, too. That’s really worth it because being loved by a Taurus is one of the best things in the world. And falling in love with a Taurus is so easy, too. They’re sweet and kind, and they’re always thinking of ways to please you.

But getting them interested requires to UNDERSTAND him on a deeper level (don’t worry we’ll talk more about that later). For now — let’s look at the 10 signs that you already caught his attention.

Just so you know,  it’s OK to be a bit confused — Taurus men usually hide their emotions unless something else is making them (maybe he already has someone or is afraid of being rejected by you since he doesn’t think YOU like him). They can be shy and hide things from people who they feel can let them down (trust and comfort are a MAJOR factor), so these signs may help you know if that Taurus guy is into you.

1. Reappearing to be around you (and see you smile)

Candid image of young couple smiling in a coffee shop

When a Taurus man just happens to show up to everything you go to, something’s in the air and it’s most likely love or infatuation.

He’ll make time for you no matter what it is that you’re doing. If you’re doing something completely boring, he might say that he’ll tag along to keep you company, or if you’re doing something really fun and exciting, he’ll say that he totally wants to go too.

If you met your Taurus at WORK, look for these signs if he tags along or stays to talk to you a bit longer than he needs to.

The points being that he wants to be there with you to make you happy and to see you happy, smile, laugh etc. Your happiness will soon turn into one of the most important things on his mind. So definitely look for proximity, if he’s around more than he needs to, that’s a good sign that he’s into you.

2. Taking his time and ignoring you could even be a good sign

If a Taurus man is falling for you, he’ll take his time in recognizing it. It won’t just be a thought of a thought to tell you how he feels, he’ll think it out and make a mental plan on how to act around you until he can tell you how he feels. And this can TAKE time. He’s cautious (unless he sees your signs of liking him back).

Taurus men aren’t ones to jump to things, especially when it comes to their feelings. He’ll take things slow and make a plan for every outcome he can think of. This may lead him to actually ignoring you for a while. The thought of you will set him off track from planning what he’ll say to you when he decided to go to you to speak first. If you see him tip-toeing around you and losing focus a bit, he may be overanalyzing things and making sure he doesn’t say something wrong around you.

3. Is he being Possessive And Protective? He probably likes you!

Attractive young couple sitting on beach kissing in summer sunset

Taurus men love to have what they think is theirs. They may become a little possessive with you and want you to only be around them, but of course, that is unrealistic for a relationship because everyone needs to be their own person and be around friends and other people.

This possessive feature of Taureans may come off sweet, so don’t be surprised when he asks to hang out just the two of you instead of going out with some friends.

If you want to date a Taurus man and be in a relationship together, a good date idea for the two of you would be running errands together. If a Taurus man really, truly likes you, he’ll be happy doing anything with you. Just look at this sign, if you see him being a little possessive and protective of you in some way…even gentlemanly (like holding the door) or picking up the tab if you grab coffee at work on a break or something, those are all very good signs.

TEST if he likes you! Throw him a “bone”… tell him someone or something is bothering you, see if he changes his attitude about this other person or gives you advice on what you could do, see if he thinks of ways to solve this problem FOR you.

4. Is he trying to be helpful?

When a Taurus man shows an interest in you, he really goes for it. He’ll offer to come over and help out around the house just to get close to you.

He may genuinely enjoy mowing your lawn because it makes you happy. If there’s something you ask him to do, he will most likely agree to your terms.

They are helpful people in general, but if a Taurus man likes you, he will go out of his way to prove to you that he’d do anything for you.

Showing you that he’ll go grocery shopping with you and help you clean up your back yard will also let you two get closer and a bond will form between the two of you. If you’re looking for a relationship with him as well, letting him help you out will benefit you both.

Of course he won’t be around your house if you’re just getting to know each other. But look for those smaller signs of “trying to be helpful”. DROP A PEN. Or have a little problem and see if he volunteers.

5. Good communication (texting and so on)? He probably likes you!

Handsome guy in coffee shop

Taurus men will go above and beyond in the communication department when they’re infatuated with you or if they’re falling in love with you.

They’ll send you a text every couple days just to check in and see how you’re doing. It’s not very hard to see when a Taurus man likes you unless he gets CONFUSED by something and then gets BLOCKED. It may be something you say or do that suddenly shocks him and turns him off or gets him confused about his feelings towards you (this usually happens a bit later, when a Taurus can begin acting hot and cold and just ignore you for days).

Regardless, the more you two speak, the more opportunities you’ll have to get to know each other and learn each other’s interests.

But then again…this reminds me how when I got dumped by my Taurus I had some trouble with texting… but it wasn’t just about text messages, it was about actually UNDERSTANDING him, when you know how to kind of “speak his language” you just know what to text him without having to think about it and you know you don’t say something that pushes him away. Actually that’s also why I created a special Taurus texting guide within my Taurus Man Secrets program, and I’m so glad it worked wonders for so many women struggling in this department. Especially when you need “trouble-shooting” to decode the true meaning behind his texts.

But just so you know — if he IS texting you (no matter the content) or calling FIRST, that’s a very, very good sign that your Taurus likes you. They’re not that straightforward, but the way they hint at it is more than obvious. Getting his texts is a CLEAR sign that he likes you, it’s just a question whether he’s actually willing to make the first move to a date and move things forward or not.

Relationships with a Taurus man might be one of the nicest experiences you’ll have in your life, so sometimes you should just go for it. They’re kind and caring, and they’ll do anything to please you once they mentally decide that you’re “The One.”

6. You feel that he’s a SOLID guy

This is a man that will go above and beyond for the woman he likes. If you want someone solid who will always be there for you, this is the guy. If he likes you, you will feel as though there is nothing you cannot tell him. He will always have a solution to any problem you may have.

He may also be someone who you can just lean on. The Taurus man is very dependable if he is committed (which is the harder part…because HE needs to decide that he actually wants to commit to you).

If you find that your Taurus isn’t quite that dependable then he may just not be committed or as interested in you, yet. This is probably one of the hardest hurdles you’ll have to pass if he DOES like you… your next question will be, does he like you ENOUGH to actually commit. Because (unless he’s in his early twenties) he IS looking for someone serious. The yin to his yang. In Taurus Man Secrets I reveal a lot about how by boosting your astrological compatibility you make him see you as the perfect match.

Otherwise, you can expect that this guy is always going to make sure everything is well in your world; if he can help it.

Who can you call when your world feels shaky? Your Taurus man! He is literally like the super heroes you watch in movies. He’s the knight and shining armor and will do his best to live up to it. If you FEEL that he’s trying to act solid and “Supermanly” around you and show his stability and strength, that’s a very good sign that he likes you.

7. Is his shyness kind of adorable? Yep, he probably likes you!

The Taurus man if interested; is likely to act awkward or shy around you. It’s absolutely adorable as you watch him blush and stumble on his words. If he manages to say something, he’ll probably laugh right after in nervousness.

While this is a very strong man, when he’s face to face with a lady of whom he finds interest; he gets very nervous. He becomes like a little boy who has a crush on his teacher.

The best thing you can do here is take his hand and be sweet to him. He will eat it up. It may put him at east as well. If not, he may get more nervous until he spends more time with you. Either way, if you see this, it’s a clear sign that he likes you.

8. Sweet Gifts

Taurus man with his girlfriend dating in restaurant

The Taurus man is very practical and as such, he likes to be pragmatic. If he knows you’re in need of something, he will go out of his way and buy it for you. He’ll show up on your next date with it (if you are at that stage of your relationship). He IS the guy that will randomly show up with flowers for no reason other than he wanted to.

If you need your car repaired, this guy will ask you if he can borrow it to take it to the store real quick and though you may be wondering why he doesn’t use his own; you’ll think Ok. He’s trustworthy so why not.

He comes back to inform you that he’s repaired your car and wants to know if you would like to take a cruise to check it out. Taurus men are excellent with their hands ladies so take notes!

Of course he WILL shower you with love and gifts once he falls IN LOVE with you. For now, look at those “little” gifts, like picking up the tab, holding the door for you or giving you a compliment and then worrying that he was too forward.

9. The Finer Things

Though it may not seem like it, the Taurus men really enjoy the finer things in life. If this guy likes you, he will take you out to the newest hot restaurant he heard about the other day. He could also take you to his favorite fine dining establishment as well. Basically, if it seems like he likes spoiling you and giving you “the best treatment” then he’s definitely interested and wants to kind of show off or show you his good taste.

When you go out on a date with him, you should always try to look your best. However, you should ask him to clarify if it’s going to be fancy or casual because if he decides to take you hiking at a big park, it will be awfully hard to do in heels.

Aside from fancy places to eat, the Taurus man likes to spend his time going to museums or other places where he can indulge in history and science while looking incredibly sexy as well as intellectual.

10. THAT Smile when he looks at you (catch his LOOK)

One thing that the Taurus man cannot hide when he is into a woman is his smile. If you really observe him, you can see how he smiles when he’s around others. When he smiles at you, your heart skips a beat and you just KNOW he wants to kiss you.

If you’re in doubt, all you really need do is look at this gorgeous man’s smile. You’ll know whether or not it’s for real. It’s hard to resist such an amazing grin like that I tell you!

Taurus men are very hard to say no to. They’re convincing, charming, good looking, intelligent and once they smile at you, it’s game over for you! In a good way though. Enjoy it and enjoy him.

These are some of the signs that a Taurus man likes you. But it can STILL be a bit confusing at time, especially as you progress deeper into your relationship…first date, second date, the first kiss and so on. Things can definitely be confusing here and you need to gain a better understanding of where he’s coming from, what’s he hiding, what’s beneath that smile.

And I have just the right thing for you…PSST… it’s FREE. My 30 Dirty Little Secrets About Your Taurus Man (works even if he’s not yours yet). Regardless of whether he already likes you or he doesn’t seem that into you…you’ll find this guide super-valuable. CLICK HERE TO GRAB YOUR FREE COPY. I promise you’ll love it!

Got questions? Share your story in the comment section below.

May the stars be on your side,

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach


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