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What To Do When A Taurus Man Stops Texting You

So, you’re trying to hold up a texting relationship with a Taurus but he’s not giving you anything to work with. You’ve sent him multiple texts with no or little response, making you fear the worst. 

You might be asking yourself, is it something that I’ve done? What can I do to get us back on track? How do I know if it’s time to give up? 

I’m Anna Kovach, a Relationship Astrologer with a passion for igniting a flame of love between partners and potential couples. I’ve seen before how heartbreaking it can be for a woman when a man ghosts them or comes close to. I want to help you find the best solution with the Taurus man.

I have five tips that I advise you tackle in order for the best results. If you’re prepared to find out the best ways to get him talking again (or to know if it’s time to back away) then keep reading to find out!

Give Him Space

Taurus is not a mysterious sign. His actions very much reflect what his desires are. Taurus may not be speedy, but he knows the best way to get what he wants. If he is not making an effort to reach out to you then you can assume that something else has taken priority at this time. 

It sucks to know that something has taken precedence over talking to you, but who knows, this thing could be very important to him. He may just need some time to work on this other priority before returning to you. 

Taurus has a strong work ethic. They’d prefer to get everything that is on their plate finished before moving on to what they enjoy. After all, it’s hard to enjoy what you love when there are looming responsibilities hanging over your head. 

Consider giving the Taurus time to himself right now. There is a reason for everything that the Taurus does, so keep that in mind before you assume the worst!

Distract Yourself

Taurus Man Stopped Texting You

While you’re waiting for the Taurus man to tie up his loose ends, you might be struggling to find a way to cope, especially if the two of you were texting fervently before he fell off. You might be consumed with thoughts of what he’s up to, driving yourself totally insane. 

This is why I must recommend that you find ways to keep your mind off of his absence. It’s difficult to do, but you won’t do yourself any favors by asking yourself over and over what went wrong. 

Take up a hobby or get lost in a new favorite book or tv show. You’ll feel accomplished for indulging in something the brings you joy while also keeping your head clear of self-defeating thoughts. 

If those forms of distraction aren’t working then call a friend or family member to vent about your frustrations. This will remind you that people are still on your side and that the Taurus man isn’t all that there is to life.

Ask If He’ll Hang Out IRL

So, you’ve been hands off for a while with your Taurus man, and you’ve still hardly heard a peep from him. It might be time to start asking if texting just isn’t his jam. There are still some people who aren’t big fans of it! Taurus is a more conservative sign who is slow to change, so if any sign would have an issue moving forward into new ways of communicating, Taurus would be it. 

It could pay to try another method. Consider asking him to hang out irl whenever you’d like to talk to him. Hanging out in person is much more on the Taurus’ level since he’d prefer tangible and real conversation. He might even be grateful that you asked first to hang out! 

Consider something low key when you first get together. Ask the Taurus what his favorite café or coffee shop is and try meeting up there. Taurus is sure to know some good spots since he’s a total foodie. 

You might find that he says yes to hanging out. Perhaps the roadblock was simply that he was uncomfortable with texting itself. In this case, the two of you still have a chance to make it work.

Ask Him Why He Stopped Texting

Texting Taurus Man

If you’ve tried everything else on this list and you’re still not getting any feedback from the Taurus man, it might be time to approach the issue head on. Taurus doesn’t mince words when they have something to say, so it’s important that you don’t either. Get to the root of why he’s not interested. 

Ask the Taurus directly why he’s not answering you. Don’t ask “was it something that I did?” or otherwise put the blame on you. This gives the Taurus an out from being totally honest with you. Instead, ask directly “Why have you stopped texting me?” This acknowledges his lack of engagement in an honest way. 

You might find out that he’s simply been very busy but he’d still like to work on things with you. Perhaps he’s not good at texting. Or maybe he needs to be honest about how much he really likes you. Either way, it’s my hope that this technique forces a needed conversation so that the two of you can move forward.

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Think About Calling It Quits

If you’ve tried everything else that I’ve listed and the Taurus man still hasn’t given you anything to work with, then it’s time to ask yourself the tough question: do I continue trying? 

I’d advise that you cut your losses and find someone who better meets your needs. A potential relationship includes two people… you can’t make it work when you’re the only one putting in effort! It’s a sad conclusion to come to, but necessary in order to spare your self-respect and dignity. 

I’d follow up your decision by texting the Taurus man one final time letting him know the decision you’ve made. This will let him know that if he tries to fire things up with you again it may not be too well received. 

You can always leave a caveat in your farewell text that says he can follow up with you if he ever gets more availability – but I wouldn’t. If he wants you then he will find time for you. If you’re not his priority now, then you probably won’t ever be.

Have you been able to keep a Taurus man texting you in the past? Let us all know what your best tips are down below in the comments.

Before you end things with your Taurus, I have a special guide that is going to work wonder for you. It has helped other women pick up texting with a Taurus man, which is why I’m confident it will work for you. My guide Taurus Text Magic is available here, and I hope that you’re willing to give it a try to save your relationship with your Taurus!

Wishing you love and light on your journey.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach 

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